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And on BBC One, we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Re-writing history - claims in a national newspaper that


tens of thousands of slave workers were killed and Alderney


was a secret base for chemical weapons are rubbished


Lack of investment means time stands still for one of Jersey's most


The attorney was the first paddle steamer to come to the island, so we


need to seek it is the beginning of foreign travel. For it to be taken


away would be tragic. Jersey Reds hold on to the Siam Cup,


but after nine winning years, new rules meant it wasn't


an easy victory. And the Liberation Day tomorrow at


think the weather would be fine and dry. Feeling warm. And some


sunshine. Controversial claims that German


occupying forces turned Alderney into a secret chemical weapons base


have been criticised Two former army officers have


written the Daily Mail stories, saying their research shows up


to 70,000 slave workers died Richard Kemp and John Weigold also


claim V1 missiles were built But, as Mike Wilkins reports,


not everyone's convinced. It was the only Nazi concentration


camp on British soil. It was one of four camps in Alderney


to house the workers building It's not clear how many


people were killed here, but they were brutally treated


by the SS. In two articles in a national


newspaper, two former military men claim that tens of thousands


of slave workers were And they go on to suggest that


Alderney could've been a base We came to the conclusion with other


factors that this was way they were cited in Albany because you could


construct and prepare V1s with nerve agent warheads on them which you


could do in total secrecy given the eunuch circumstance of Albany. There


was no possibility of discovering. But those claims are being


criticised by a local historian. It's like saying I have evidence of


fairies at the bottom of my garden. These V1 sides were easily


identifiable from the air. These tunnels are surveyed there. You


could not have got V1s there and why would they put them in there anyway?


Whether or not you agree with the claims in these articles,


they've prompted an Alderney politician to ask for top secret


"I think it would be a very opportune time "for the British


government to release all remaining wartime


"files pertaining to Alderney, and for the German


When the people of Alderney returned home at the end of the war


it was to write a new chapter, and now more than 70 years on others


Cannabis will be grown in Jersey for at least a year


after the Health Minister decided to award a one-season licence


Four varieties of the plant will be produced, to create oil for cooking


The chief pharmacist has reviewed the proposed seeds to ensure


The farm's location hasn't been revealed.


It shows disregard for our maritime history -


that's the view of a local historian on the neglect of


It was built 20 years ago and cost ?250,000,


but it's been plagued with problems ever since -


no-one wants to take responsibility for it.


The fountain has stopped, the bubbles are gone,


and the clock is wrong - on both sides.


But these problems are nothing new with Jersey's Steam Clock.


It was surrounded by controversy when it was built, and still is.


The Steam Clock was commissioned in 1996


by the Waterfront Enterprise Board - that board is now known


as the Jersey Development Company - but the land it sits on was sold


to the Ports of Jersey in October 2015, but the Ports of Jersey say


they only realised they need to maintain it six months ago.


We always knew we were assuming responsibility for the land,


but we weren't aware we were assuming responsibility


for the repair and renovation and maintenance for the Steam Clock.


That's why we've now given commitment that we will keep it


secure and we will keep it safe and we will keep it tidy.


As regard to what will happen to the Steam Clock in the longer


term, we need to commission some expertise to find out


James says advice so far suggests it s beyond economic repair.


But love it or loath it, it s here to remind us


of our maritime history, which some say needs to stay.


It's like saying should General Don stay in the Parade or George II stay


They've been put there because of their importance


Here, of course with the Steam Clock, it's


here because it's the harbour, this is where the Ariadne used


to come in and the Ariadne herself was the first paddle steamer to come


to the island, so we really have to see the Ariadne


For it to be taken away would be tragic.


But with no promise that it will be returned to working order,


the time could be up for this landmark.


You've certainly had a lot to say about this story.


"Stop spending money on stupid zebra crossings that aren't needed,


"or trips away for States members, and invest it back into the island."


Meanwhile Sarah thinks the clock suits the location,


but wants it fixed as it would draw attention


And regular visitor Avis always looks forward to seeing the clock


when they're over and wants it updated and left in the perfect


And if you've got a comment to make on that story or anything else,


you can get in contact with us by email or on Facebook.


Rugby now, and Jersey Reds have retained the Siam Cup


in what was a close result at the weekend.


Guernsey Raiders lost by just two points, 20-18.


While it's the ninth time in a row they've lost the Cup to Jersey,


New rules were introduced last year limiting the number


With fewer professionals on the home side, both teams and spectators knew


Guernsey were the first on the scoreboard, with three points


from this penalty from Kenny Hellier.


Less than ten minutes later they looked to do


Jersey then hit back with this try from Karl Haitaner.


In the second half Jersey went on to score another try,


Then Guernsey bounced back, securing seven points starting


with this close range try from Craine.


They then followed with this try to close the gap to just two points.


Tensions ran high as Kenny Hellier took the conversion.


He missed, depriving his side of a draw, leaving


The first one in the first half, that is the three points that would


have won the game. We were never going to get the cup with a draw but


full credit to the fellas. We looked down and out when they got that try,


we scored two of them. We are happy of that.


Jersey only had three of its professionals on the pitch


after last year's restrictions to limit the strength


It is a great contest and think it was great for the neutral. For us to


come away after the season we have had with 19 amateur players in the


game like this is fantastic and I said to the lads before the game


have no regrets and make the most of your memories because some of them


will never be here again and they have done so I am proud of them and


the youngsters who came through. With both sides happy with a close


game, could this more competitive score become a regular feature


in future Siam Cups? Football news now, and Guernsey have


announced their squad for Saturday's Muratti final


at home to Jersey. Striker Ross Allen is included


in their list of 18 players. And star midfielder Jack Boyle makes


the cut, despite coming off injured Jersey say they aren't revealing


their squad until tomorrow. It's the 70th anniversary of


the Jersey International Road Race. This was the scene


in St Helier earlier. Dozens of classic cars


gathered near the Cenotaph, and a special exhibition


was on at the Town Hall. Tomorrow is Liberation Day


in the islands, and I remember last year the heavens opened up


for much of it. David, how is tomorrow looking


for the celebrations? I think we will have the opposite to


what we had last year. It was pretty miserable. I think liberation date


this year is looking very promising. A specific forecast for that and a


second. Generally tomorrow is fine and dry but more in the way of


sunshine. Slightly more of a breeze developing which will knock the


temperatures down a bit particularly towards the east facing coast but


inland it will be pleasantly warm. Some cloud on the satellite picture


but it is swirling around to the west at the moment and it is sitting


there for much of tonight and tomorrow. Not much change in that


pattern because this high-pressure is pretty strong. It weakens through


Thursday and Wednesday. Allowing this low pressure to move towards us


to Friday and the start of the weekend. We will have some patchy


cloud tonight coming and going but dry. A bit chilly in place. Eight or


nine the minimum. Keeping the air moving. While we soon see some


sunshine tomorrow the wind increases a little bit tempering the figure is


likely in terms of temperatures. 15 or possibly 16 tonight. Quite a


lively breeze, so it might not be quite as one. For Liberation Day


commemorations it is fine and dry. It will feel warm up the wind and


some decent spells of sunshine. The UV is six or seven so take it easy.


Times of high water... For the surfers boast of the beaches two or


three feet. Coastal waters forecast, East north-easterly, 4-5, mainly


fair. Moderately good visibility. Wednesday is another nice day.


Changes start to happen at the end of the week. No real change in


temperatures but a lot more close around and potentially some sorrows


on Thursday and Friday. Have a good evening. -- some showers.


Tomorrow is Liberation Day in the islands with the official


The BBC will bring you full coverage throughout the day


on BBC Radio Jersey and Guernsey with regular travel updates


Online there'll be plenty of pictures and videos capturing


And we'll have highlights here on BBC Channel Islands News at 6:30pm.


I'll be back with an update just before 8pm and your


Cornwall councillors are in talks to establish which party will lead


the unitary authority for the next four years.


The Conservatives replaced the Liberal Democrats as the largest


group on the council after last Thursday's elections but


The Royal Horticultural Society has invested ?1.2 million


in a new building at the Rosemoor Garden in North Devon.


It'll be used for events, including concerts and it's hoped


it'll bring more visitors to the area.


People living in Plymouth will have their bins emptied every other week


today as the City Council and pose us all current weekly collections.


Recycling will be collected one week and non-recyclable waste the next.


Prince Charles was at a nature reserve near Bridport where


he spent time talking to children who were learning about wildlife.


The Prince and that pond the purrs. The royal visitor was just as keen


as the children to find what they had fished from the water and like


all good fishing trips, some exaggeration may have crept in. I


caught an alligator, a big one. It was a bit small and then I captured


a beetle. I found a rare nude. This nature reserve is also a working


farm, farmed organically, something Prince Charles is passionate about.


The animals here are grazing for us, managing the pastures, we have 280


acres of woodland with steers so they are earning their keep. The


wild flowers here though a great deal to the way these lines are


great. Four years ago the Prince founded the Coronation Meadows


Wojciech to halt the decline of wild flowers. This one is important


because we take several cuts and used their seed and hate to start


other Meadows, so his initiative has led to several Meadows all around


the county. Now, it s been an afternoon


of celebration in Plymouth as for the first time in more


than a decade Thousands of Plymouth Argyle fans


turned out to cheer the players on as they toured the city


in an open top bus. Some people have been here all day.


This is Derek Adams' second season in charge of the pilgrims and Pete


has done it, in his second season, which makes up for the


disappointment of last season when they lost in the play-off final but


its League 1 next season and that is what the fans are here to


congratulate Argyle about. These ladies are avid fans. Have you been


to all the matches? Yes, 11,700 miles with Argyle. Why do you like


them so much? Because I'm mad! What do you think of a day like today?


Very good. The music is quite loud. It's all right. We travelled on the


couch and travelled everywhere from Carlisle to Grimsby. Since August


have you been waiting for a day like this yes, got up at 5am on Saturday,


back here at 4am on Sunday. That's dedication. It's worth it. Who is


your favourite player? Luke McCormick, it's nice for Luke. They


have all done well. What you think of Derek Adams? And done a cracking


job. So professional, very focused. He doesn't take his eye off the ball


or the players. In two seasons and get that. He is there every time,


she acknowledges the fans and looks after the star. So good to see you


all. As we wait for the players, they are all thinking about League 1


next season but sunlight will be good.


What a great atmosphere in the centre of Plymouth and there may be


more celebrations before the end of the season.


Exeter City prepare for the League Two play-offs.


Their opponents over two legs will be Carlisle United,


coincidentally the team they played on Saturday.


Despite first half goals from Reuben Reid and Jordan Moore-Taylor,


Carlisle fought back to beat the Grecians 3-2 for


The first leg of the play-off semifinal is in Cumbria on Sunday.


Exeter Chiefs will face Premiership and European champions Saracens


at Sandy Park in the play-offs a week on Saturday.


Even a league record eighth consecutive bonus point win


for the Chiefs was not enough to grab top spot at the end


Exeter scored four tries to beat Gloucester 34-20.


If they can get past Saracens they'll meet either Wasps


We're getting to an exciting time of the year, we have the Devon County


show coming up, the sun shining and one of my favourite events of any


year is the Ten Tors challenge. The organisers of the Ten Tours


Challenge on Dartmoor have said this year's event was one of the best


ever with nearly 3000 It was the expedition's 57th


year and the 40th year Scott Bingham was at Okehampton Camp


and looks back over the weekend. At the boom of the starting guns,


thousands of young people 400 teams of six, each


facing a trek of 35, 45 or 55 miles across some


of the toughest terrain in Britain. Half an hour later and the Jubilee


Challenge for youngsters The event is celebrating


its 40th year. And minutes later, a relatively


new category called Fresh Tracks. Young people with challenging life


issues lead Dartmoor What do you get out


of walking with the pony? Responsibility because you need


to make sure they are safe This is Standon farm,


one of the checkpoints There's been about 30 teams


through so far, 4.5 hours in, Sometimes the mist has been quite


bad but with good navigating We're trying to push the crowd


and see how far we can get today. They tell us it's not


a race but a challenge, First day isn't a race


but the second day is. And just after 8am on that second


day, this team seems to agree. They can afford to slow down


and they are still first across the line in one


of the fastest times ever. We ran a lot, we ran


the whole of last night. I can't quite believe


we've got here. It was tough, it was more


like mental, you had to say to yourself, we can do this


and we will get to the next tor. The organisers say safer routes


and the weather conditions helped make this year's event one


of the best ever. Fall-out rates are low this year,


I think the lower limb injuries are lower this year so in that sense


it's been very successful. From the air, the remaining teams


stretch out across the moor, an epic challenge not just for them


but for everyone involved. Ten Tors is a training exercise


for military personnel It's also a huge logistical


challenge and down on the ground, planning for next year's event


is already under way. Congratulations to all involved. It


was a typical Dartmoor weekend in terms of weather, a bit of


everything, because on Friday night there was a newly blowing on the


moors. The key was when one of the


competitors said it was good visibility. Some welcome rain for


those who needed and the countryside is looking fantastic the moment.


Beautiful greens, the flowers out, thank you for that photo, and the


coastline looking impressive, this is the Dorset coast at sunrise this


morning. There is some road towards the end of the week so be patient if


you are desperate for rain, but tomorrow is a fine and dry day, some


pleasant sunshine, a bit more cloud but it should be fine and dry. Out


in the Atlantic there is an area of low pressure, that is getting closer


but it is taking its time to get towards us. Toward the end of the


week we will see changes, but at the moment a ridge of high pressure


extends from Iceland down across Britain, it stays there for the


middle of the day tomorrow, a sliver of high pressure gets pushed out of


the way. Wednesday is another fine day but by Thursday low-pressure


creeps up from the south and the atmosphere changes by the end of the


week, with little sign of any high-pressure and low-pressure


taking charge, so perhaps a big change in for the error comes from


at the weekend. There has been a lot of cloud to the east of us today and


some of that will creep into night across Dorset and Somerset but ahead


of that we had a glorious sunshine. In Tim Muffett earlier today our


cameraman enjoys lovely weather. -- Tynemouth. Enjoy but take it easy


and the breeze has made itself felt along the east coast of Britain. A


keen wind off the sea so our highest temperatures have been on the


western side of the South West of England, parts of Devon or West


Cornwall have seen temperatures up at 16 or 17. Not much changed in


that overnight, a bit of cloth from the east but fizzling out, so a fair


amount of clear sky and the sky will allow the heat from the lab to


radiate out into space so it will be a cold night, temperatures down to


four or five, not a widespread frost but the risk of a brief touch of


Frost here and there, most of us staying for three. Tomorrow is a


nice day, we will have patchy cloud, some sunshine but the cloud a bit


thicker than it has been in places but dry and fine and in that


sunshine it will feel quite warm. Along the south coast there is a


breeze off the seat so temperatures will get up to 11 or 12 at its


inland and along the north coast we will see some of the highest


temperatures. We got 17 today and will get 17 tomorrow, North Devon


and Somerset seeing the best temperature levels. The UV level is


seven so enjoy but be careful. A lovely day at the Isles of Scilly,


clear and breezy with a keen south-east wind. These are the times


of high water. For our surfers, it's not ready and but I have had a quick


look around at the pictures you have been sending us on the north coast,


the waves haven't been big but beautiful conditions, around two or


four feet tomorrow, smaller waves on the south coast and more of a


breeze, coming in from the east, force four but occasionally five,


there were some pays around and moderate to good visibility, the sea


temperature between 11 and 12 degrees. For those who need it,


there is some rain towards the end of the week, a lovely day on


Wednesday, Thursday has more cloud, capable of producing a few light


showers but rainfall amounts will be pretty small and on Friday we see


more frequent showers turning increasingly heavy towards the end


of the day, said the trend for the week ahead is temperatures remained


the same, slightly above average but the risk of seeing some showers and


rain as we head towards the weekend. Have a good evening.


We'll leave you tonight with the celebrations


in the sunshine for Plymouth Argyle's promotion parade.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


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