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Good evening, welcome to BBC channel news teams where you are.


Good evening, welcome to BBC channel islands. The headlines: After 2.5


years, the remains of a Jersey man who went missing on Christmas Eve


have been found off the west coast. Tilly everyone is shocked when that


sort of thing happens. It is quite pleasing I think for his family that


there can be some sort of closure when his remains are found.


No longer value for money - creche facilities at


And, a scheme to help Guernsey prisoners connect


with their children proves very popular.


Due to me being in prison, I can't be there for my daughter as much as


I would like to be, so I try to do anything I can while I am here.


And we certainly had a good helping of rain today but we have changes to


come over the next few days. Find out how they will play out later in


the programme. Human remains found off the coast


of Jersey have been confirmed as belonging to an islander who went


missing two and a half years ago. 61-year-old Roy Deeming disappeared


over Christmas in 2014, when his yacht was found


drifting off Corbiere. Here off the coast of Corbiere


is where the last known clues as to what happened to Roy Deeming


were found more than two years ago. And it's the sea off the west


of the island where a local diver found remains of body parts that


have now been confirmed by forensic The 61-year-old disappeared


from his St Brelade home His yacht, Desiree, was towed


to shore by Jersey Coastguard after being found empty


a mile off Corbiere. Despite searches and appeals,


Mr Deeming was never found. The news has been met


with shock in St Aubin, where he was well-known


and well-liked in the community. A keen sailor, he was


often in and out of this He was a very easy-going sort of


guy. He had done a bit of gardening, a bit of boat walk work, quite an


easy chat to get on with. He was a part of the fabric of the town over


the years and we had all got very used to him.


The police say aren't treating the death as suspicious,


but are continuing enquiries with the Deputy Viscount


about the possibility of sending out divers for further searches at sea.


They say officers are continuing to support Mr Deeming's family.


Creche facilities at Guernsey's largest leisure centre are to close


as part of moves to reduce costs and make way for


The Beau Sejour creche escaped closure four years ago


when a campaign by users forced a u-turn by the States.


But politicians now say it's no longer value for money,


It's a busy leisure centre with thousands of islanders making


But it seems fewer and fewer are using the creche,


with declining numbers making it costly to run, at a time


It is significantly loss-making, and obviously it's subsidised


To give you an indication, if we were to actually increase


the price per hour would probably be in the region of ?12 per hour and


when you look at the cost of childcare anyway,


we wouldn't be able to raise our prices that much.


Staff only found out yesterday and say they're


But the committee responsible says the space is needed for services


for people with medical conditions or recovering from other


health issues, which are, in contrast, growing in demand.


We have to try and balance what's best for the community.


We have an ageing population and the LifeFit requirement


and referrals from doctors and health and social services


to Beau Sejour to help maintain healthy lifestyle and also recover


from things like heart attacks grew 28% last year.


As medical health services begin to overlap with physical and mental


fitness and wellbeing, it's clear there's


a need for facilities like these to be expanded.


But, for the staff and users of the creche, it's another example


of where cuts in public spending are being felt by islanders.


Guernsey's government has been told the States-owned airline Aurigny


is on course to make a ?6.3 million loss if current trends continue.


Declining passenger numbers, bad weather, crew costs,


exchange rates, fuel prices, and fleet maintenance all contribute


Members heard the airline's been granted a ?6 million overdraft.


Proposals to run a passenger-only inter-island ferry service over


Guernsey's Economic Development Committee says it's been in talks


with Condor Ferries and the States of Jersey about a possible


trial to help tackle declining passenger numbers.


But the idea's now been withdrawn because it says


it wasn't prepared to subsidise the service.


The request might come, quite reasonably, from another ferry


company to subsidise another route because you would create a


president. But Condor came with good intentions and a good presentation.


We took to that with good intentions but we reached the conclusion that


we did. Condor Ferries says it's


disappointed Guernsey has decided not to trial a new inter-island


service, but will continue discussing options with the Minister


of Economic Development in Jersey. It's been claimed "innappropriate


pressure" was put on the people deciding which businesses should get


a loan from the controversial More than ?2 million of public


money is outstanding from the now defunct scheme


to support new business. A group of politicians reviewing


the much criticised scheme heard from the man who led


the nonexecutive directors Tim Herbert said pressure to lend


money was constant and came from political channels,


as well as those with an interest There's high demand for a scheme


which helps prisoners in Guernsey Officers say there's always


a queue of dads and mums I have been here before, but this is


the first time I have been on sentence with my little girl. It is


difficult, she is two years old, three in November. She has got a


great writer. She is very grown-up, kind of one step ahead. I am


creating a good bond with her while I am here. I am just hoping she


likes this, really. I try to do anything I can while I am here. I


thought this would be a good idea. It is an idea that has been going on


a while at the prison. Today, ten fathers are recording a bedtime


story for their children. A charity then edit it all, as sound effects


and makes a speedy. Staff here who have seen the difference it makes,


have ambitions of making DVDs one day as well, if funding can be


found. Leaping the family unit together is one of the things we


strive to do. We have got a phone system where they can phone their


children every night, but it is not quite the same when you get into bed


when you are little and cuddle up to go to sleep. For one little girl


whose mum did beat CDE, she had to have that CD in order to sleep. It


is like when you buy them something and that smile, it doesn't matter


how much it is. I am hoping this is the same. I am hoping this is the


same thing for her, really. I have got my fingers crossed it makes her


smile, or a laugh would be even better.


A project using Jersey cows to help end poverty in Rwanda is benefiting


For the past decade, Jerseys have been cross-bred with native cows


to improve milk yields, and the calves given to some


Chris Rayner has been to Rwanda to find out how the latest Jersey


Renowned for their good looks, gentle nature


and, of course, the quality of the milk they produce.


Jersey and Rwanda have been working together for some time,


cross-breeding Jerseys with native cattle to produce cows that give


It's already helped some poor farmers out of poverty.


Now, a boost of ?1 million of Jersey tax payers' money will take


100,000 units of bull semen are being sent from Jersey


with hopes it'll be the basis of a new dairy industry there.


This project is going to impact on the whole policy of Rwanda in terms


of the breeding process. Breeding selection. It is going to change


something. Go anywhere in Rwanda


and most people will know It's thought there'll be 40,000


calves born in Rwanda that are The original project of giving one


pregnant cow to one poor family has already helped thousands


out of poverty. With this new funding


from Jersey Overseas Aid, not only will ordinary people


benefit, but the Chris Rayner, BBC Channel


Islands News, Rwanda. I've been soaked twice


today and I'm sure Is your map going to be showing


us more of the same? Thankfully not, that's the good


news. We are seeing the tail end of that rain coming through at the


moment. We had 25 millimetres today, and according to the Jersey Met


Department, that makes it the wettest May 17 since records began


in 1900. A better day tomorrow with good spells of sunshine coming


through. You might catch a couple of showers, but not too many of those


and just a gentle breeze. But it will feel fresher. A great stripe of


cloud that has affected us to today, all associated with that weather


front which is gradually tracking its way into the continent. Skies


should brighten into tomorrow. Just the risk of a feud showers and it is


similar into Friday as well. Tonight, our rain and cloud


gradually clearing through. Quite cloudy initially, but that will thin


and break will stop clear skies later in the night with temperatures


down to nine or 10 degrees. A much brighter day tomorrow with good


spells of sunshine and a gentle breeze. The cloud will bubble up at


times which could lead to an isolated shower or two, but the bulk


of the day will be drier but feeling fresher.


The wind west or north-westerly with isolated showers, which could reduce


the visibility to moderate at times. And pretty good over the coming


days. Always the risk of catching a shower, but not too many of them.


For the bulk of the time it should be dry and bright. A south-westerly


wind, quite breezy on occasion, but by Sunday we pick up a southerly


which will draw in some warm air. A fresher feel until Sunday, but not


too bad over the next few days. Before we go, here's


a reminder of our top story. Human body parts found in the sea


off the coast of Jersey have been confirmed as belonging


to 61-year-old Roy Deeming who went Until then from me and the rest


of the Channel Islands team, A man from Holsworthy says has road


building company has worked on almost every road building business


in the south-west. This was spotlight 34 years ago.


The late's guest is starting up a business. I wanted to be on the


machinery. That is where you started, really. And this is him


today. I remember the filming crew coming out and filming me driving my


first beggar. I think I had one workman at the time, so it was quite


an exciting time in those days. He says his first job was ?28. Now, has


turnover as millions. It was quite enjoyable at the time. I think it


bit me a lot of good as regards business, because a lot of people


would for Nancy besought me on television. Remember the notorious


bridge and the new bypass? She claims has company has worked on


virtually every road building operation in the south-west encoding


the new bypass. Fasten your seat belts because the day I met him, he


was running a tractor pulling funding for his company to raise


money for charity. Tractor pulling started in America. The reformers


argued over his horse could pull the most weight suddenly got a barn


door, put it on the hot horse and Sasser in the barn door to settle


the argument. That is where tractor pulling started, what one


horsepower. In today's world, some of them are 10,000 horsepower. She


says this is the world's house powered motor sport and the sledge


creates a 60 tonne drag. This is not cheap to run. It goes one milk to


the gallon. At is his favourite toy, E Hankey bought 30 years ago. The


tank is 15 tonnes. It is an armoured personnel carrier. It carries 14


trips. It is powered by a Rolls-Royce engine. I asked the


successful businessmen why she has not retired yet. I enjoy it. My work


is still my hobby. I enjoy every day. The Young enterprise spotted


all those years ago and still loving the work. He buys his peak was cheap


and renovates them. A singer from Looe in Cornwall


who was on the verge of taking the music industry by storm is now


struggling against a rare illness. Suzie Mac is one of the BBC Radio


Cornwall Introducing rising stars and had attracted interest


from record producers. But since suffering a massive


anaphylatic shock after accidentally eating peanuts she's had a series


of health problems including We'll talk to Suzie in a moment,


first here's a reminder of some of her past performances


here on Spotlight. # Didn't want to say


goodbye before I was gone. # Please, please,


please hold my hand. A wonderful singer, I don't know


when you keep apologising for being here because it is great to have you


on the sofa. It's difficult enough getting into the music industry,


without the problems you've experienced. Give us some of the


herstory. He had an anaphylactic shock. I've always had in an allergy


to peanuts. I had quite a severe reaction last year, because the


mistake was made and I was given society. Rather than having a trace,


I had a pan -- I had basically a handful of peanuts. The months after


that, I started to deteriorate. Piping collapsed last June in


hospital and the thought it was just a vitamin deficiency. I had these


injections and normal you have one celebrity to six months. In five


days a particularly heated quite a lot. Up until the previous,


recently, I've been on the week. We mentioned some of the symptoms a


moment ago, memory loss and hearing loss. How much of an impact as an


having on day-to-day life? It has been quite entertaining because in


my family we are quite comical. A good way of dealing with it. The


biggest problem was the neurological problems and symptoms I was getting,


muscle weakness, numbness, a few aches and reading difficulties for


awhile. Without these injections, I am bedbound. Reading difficulties


when you are a singer, a problem. How replacement? It's been fine


since the injections but I had an airborne reaction, which I have not


had before. That's another deterioration. So what, when you are


close to them, it is a problem? Someone visiting them in a room.


That was entertaining as well, so we have another stage and since the


deteriorated a lot more. Last week I was in for toxicology tests and they


have been phenomenal. They are not sure because it's something quite


new. What happens now? Would you go from here in terms of getting on top


of this? I did a lot of research and found that in Colorado there is


limiting specialist is linked to autoimmune trouble. I have had this


massive award-winning reaction and they have said they will take me on


if I can raise the funds to get over. So you have been raising


funds. You still have masses of interest, haven't you? You have


producers keen and wanting to start. Where are you going with that next?


It's kind of one pause at the moment. I'm not good to see an fine


and then, they have said they don't know what will happen if you die. I


know it sounds terrible, but that's how it is, the reality. I have to


find a way of getting better. That's why war this conundrum at the


moment. Thank you for coming in. We hope you're back in full health


soon. Hopefully stinging on the problem in the near future. Thank


you. Thank you for coming in. Military veterans in Devon -


who are recovering from drug and alcohol problems -


have been making some of the poppies for the massive tribute


being created at this year's The Devon Remembers memorial will be


made up of over 30 thousand hand -- The Devon Remembers memorial


will be made up of over 30,000 hand made poppies and will commemorate


those from the county who lost As Kirk England has been finding


out, those making these unique metal poppies say they're taking former


weapons of war and turning them The centrepiece of the poppy


is a percussion cap I was in the Royal


Marines for 27 years. When I left the services,


I got myself a business, a timber mill, which I lost,


was made bankrupt, and basically I was left


with the clothes I stood up in. I thought the solution would be


in the bottom of a bottle. I'm completely sober now and have


been for two and a half years. What I'm doing now, making


the poppies, is helping the Royal British Legion to help


ex-servicemen and women It really is a win-win situation,


because with the manufacture, we are supporting people in recovery


with an ex-service history, and it also generates


funding for the Legion. Soldiers use weapons


and the percussion cup from a shotgun cartridge comes


from a weapon. So, that to me, it put


the icing on the cake. This is something so,


so unique and so emotional, because of the bullets,


because of the piping, because of the metal,


it's bringing it home to World War I, what it's all about,


the First World War, that was supposed to end all wars


and of course hasn't. We can tweak to see those poppies.


The model, you can see them, joining thousands more, when the Devon


remembers memorial will be seen from the first time at the Devon County


show. Visitors will be able to see the display, 32,000 poppies, which


have been made by people right across the county. We'll be talking


to the youngest and the oldest who have been making the one part of


that tribute. As the farming community constant for Devon's main


agricultural show, we will be the giving you the highlights.


No pressure! If you have sunglasses, wellies and what the press, you have


nothing to worry about. It's a day of sunshine and showers. Thankfully


we are losing the most persistent rain we have today. Sunshine and


showers as we head into the next few days. Some pretty grotty conditions


out there. You can see that Google cloud shredding the clubs. The Isles


of Scilly and some parts of Cornwall, the sun has come out and


it has been a nice end to the day. Prater over the next few days. We


have some sunshine and don't worry about today's weather fronts. The


next few days, bringing a mixture of sunshine and showers, with low


pressure sitting in northern parts of the UK. Basically, that is the


story. Similar into Saturday as well. This is the picture for the


Devon County show. Do not be displayed for this. We have some


showers but away from the showers, there is something to be had also. A


lot of heavy rain and that has been leading eastwards. Those clear skies


are developing across all of us as we head through the ceiling and


overnight. Starry skies over maid and the mostly dry and eight on the


way. The world than most recent mates. Into tomorrow, at very


different day. A much greater picture but worth risk of showers.


It's difficult to pin down exactly but I suspect the M1 dahlias,


perhaps catching the lion's share of the showers. Coastal areas could see


the best of the shelter, the best of the great weather tomorrow. If you


do get showers, and you were hoping not to get him, I do apologise. Many


of ours dodging a good deal of them sunshine and a few showers but not


too many. The odd rumble of thunder, you could get that anywhere but it's


a court tomorrow. Your times of high well water. -- your times of high


water. Surf conditions, generally choppy. This is the picture out at


sea. The wind west or south westerly, a risk of showers and


visibility generally good, perhaps moderate. It does not look great but


this looks worse than I suspect it will look outside. Away from these


showers which can be quite lively and thundery, we should see to


dispose of sunshine. Called mates over the next couple of mates, the


risk of some grass frost and some cold spots but most others dodging


that. Sunshine and showers for the weekend as well.


If you're waiting for the antiques road show News, with news, we have


that at 10:35pm. Good night. The choice you now face


is all about the future. Whoever wins on the 8th of June


will face one overriding task - to get the best possible deal


for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


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