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A ?1 million makeover. Plans to so it's goodbye from me.


A ?1 million makeover. Plans to return this stretch of coastline to


its preoccupation days. The aim is to return it to its natural state, a


sand and shingle beach which will offer a coastal defence and good for


the area. Plus high-tech teaching, experts


gather in Guernsey to discuss cutting-edge education.


And a record-breaking victory for Jersey sailor Phil Sharp.


And this weekend across the island, we will seize on showers. Some of


them heavy, but final on Sunday and turns warmer for the start of next


week. -- but fine weather on Sunday. For nearly 80 years,


it's dominated one of Guernsey's most popular beaches -


but now the writing's on the wall for the concrete


defences at L'Ancresse. Plans have been revealed to demolish


sections of the huge wall It's after safety concerns over


cracks that have appeared. But it all depends on getting


funding approval for Today, it's one of Guernsey's most


popular and instantly But during the Occupation,


the Germans were worried it could be vulnerable to a D-Day type assault


with tanks and landing craft. So they built this -


a 900-metre long wall to keep The problem is it has no foundations


and 70 years on, the walls are showing the effects of exposure


to the elements. The Environment and Infrastructure


Committee insists it is safe for now, but have drawn up


long-term plans to transform The aim is to return it to more


of its natural state, so a sand and shingle beach


which was present prior to the wall being constructed which will offer


a coastal defence in itself and should also offer increases


amenity for the area because you'll still be able to enjoy this lovely


beach that we have here 'll But it all hinges on funding


being approved by the Policy Well, I think it would be


foolish not to accept it. If it comes forward that they don't


want to put the money forward, then I think they'd need to give


some pretty substantial justification why they would think


that's an OK option because something definitely needs


to be done, it needs to be done sooner rather than later,


it's needed to be But even if approved,


it will mean disruption for beach users over the summer and it leaves


the future of the States-owned kiosk I am concerned that it wouldn't be


economically viable but I can only trust in what they're telling us


at the moment and hope that But for now, there are no concrete


plans until funding's approved and hopes of restoring the beach


to its pre-Occupation Technology experts from around


the world are in Guernsey With teaching methods changing


rapidly, the Channel Islands are trying to position themselves


at the cutting edge But what does this mean


for teachers, children School - it's changed a lot


since I went through it The buildings may look the same,


but technology inside has There are now things like these -


VR, smart whiteboards, tablets and laptops,


e-textbooks, and now the way children learn and taught


is changing completely. Here in Guernsey, a special


conference is taking place showing teachers how to harness the power


of new techology for a greater What will the classroom be


like in two years' time? When it is possible to speak to the


space station using your technology, why not do it? We are trying to make


teachers understand what is possible. This is a Guernsey -based


teacher, all this technology flying around, isn't making life


complicated or easier? Certainly easier. But it is a journey that


will take quite a while to get to that point but we have to teach it.


This is Guernsey's education development officer. A lot of


parents will be watching, thinking what is going on. What do parents


need to know? What we need to know is how important digital skills are.


Full children from Guernsey and for the economy. We will be sending more


information out of parents, inviting them out to schools and showing them


how we can use technology in an effective way.


But it's not just about new learning techniques, it's about keeping


We struggle to hold data in-school and keep it secure. It is costly.


And the amount of work that is being produced in the media means that is


difficult. Keeping it in the cloud takes those problems away from the


school. The event's running all weekend


and could provide a chance for the Channel Islands to be


at the cutting edge In other news, it's emerged people


in Jersey have been refusing to answer a telephone poll


about changes to the island's voting system because they're


worried it's a scam. The States has commissioned


the polling company Ipsos MORI to call 1,000 people


for their opinions on electoral reform -


but when the call comes through, it looks like it's from


the US or elsewhere. But the company says it's down


to how the call has been routed. Jersey is looking to involve more


people in the way it makes decisions The Health Department says it wants


to be more transparent, and to involve patients


and clinicians in the way It says the plans aren't


about saving money and that sharing experience and expertise


will improve how care's delivered. One of the good things about how


this partnership will work is the voice at the table for patients, the


voice for the third sector, the fact that it will meet in public and


people can go along and listen to the debate, here about the judgment


is being made. Because sometimes those judgments will be hard.


Therefore people can be reassured that people are taking the job


seriously, looking at the evidence and coming up with their best plans


and taking them to the Minister to come up with the best decision.


Alderney Electricity is unveiling plans to update the way


the island generates power, making it more


Alderney's existing diesel generators are between


The company wants to replace them with six new ones that can


run on either diesel or greener biofuels.


It also plans to use waste heat from the power plant to heat


community buildings, including the island's


The kit here has served us well but there are opportunities out there we


cannot take them on the job so we are planning a clean sweep and


installing new equipment everywhere. We will have available feeds for


properties nearby with new businesses that can use that heat.


Women also put renewables into the mix. A few years from now, Alderney


will think about energy in a completely different way.


A record-breaking victory - Jersey yachtsman Phil Sharp has


taken top honours in this year's Normandy Channel race.


He and his co-skipper Pablo Santurde crossed the finish line after four


days and 13 hours at sea - a new record and even more


incredible as the boat and its electronics was powered


Very elated, very happy indeed, but tired. It has been a long week of


offshore racing. We have some tough competition and very tough weather


conditions. We saw everything from very light winds two very strong


ones. After last year's race, where we finished a close second, it was


fantastic to win. That is two wins out of two, how are you feeling


about the next race? Very confident. It has been the best of because have


hoped for to the season. The boat has been great and I am looking


forward to getting into the oceanic races, the race from France to the


Azores and back. A different concept of a raise, much more strategic. I


can't wait. The line-up has been announced


for Jersey's Festival Of Words It's the third year it's been held


and will have a mix of visiting Younger book fans will be treated


to readings by Lauren Child, who created Charlie And Lola,


and Clare Balding will be Professor Richard Dawkins is talking


about his collection of essays, size in his soul. Dame Jenni Murray will


be there, and Alexander McCall Smith, a prolific writer, known for


his detective series and he will be talking about his life and work in


general. Just before we get


the weekend's weather - we made the most of the sun to visit


Jersey's Orchid Field today. The Noir Pre in St Ouen is cared


for by the National Trust. The Channel Islands is the only


place in the British Isles where a particular species of wild


orchids grows naturally. And as you can see


they are rather pretty. The National Trust is holding


its open day this Sunday coming. David, is it orchid-friendly


weather this weekend? I think it definitely is, the


orchids need a little rain now and again. So do many flowers and


plants. Showers are possible again tonight. And tomorrow. We have had


rainbows today. This weekend, there will be some showers around, but


they will die out. Then we will have sunshine and it will turn warmer.


Higher temperatures heading into Sunday and next week. The satellite


picture is a mess at the moment but there is an area of low pressure,


two areas of low pressure straddling Britain. Searching around them are


showers, more to come tonight and tomorrow morning. -- circling around


them. Then eventually, this high-pressure moves in from the


south for Sunday and Monday. It may call slightly on Monday, but it


starts to come back next week, high pressure. A scattering showers


around this evening, across western parts. Some of them will head our


way later but the showers across Ireland will move in. Later tonight,


showers will turn up and there will be a small chance of them being


heavy and the risk of thunder by the morning. Tomorrow, expects showers


from the start of the day. By late morning into the afternoon, they are


isolated and the second half of the day is fine and dry. These are the


high water times. The surfers macro will expect to have choppy


surf. The winds are from the West or Southwest. Sunday is a warm day, a


dry day and with the winds from the south, we will see some sunshine and


it will be hazy at times. The fine weather returns on Tuesday, hazy on


Monday. And I see those all kids later, have


a good evening. Back at APN. Exeter City are heading for Wembley


and possible promotion. We'll have reaction from the fans


and the chairman in a moment. I'm on Watergate Bay, which is


celebrating ten years of polo on the sand.


It's time for the sport now and what a night for Exeter City.


Natalie's here with details of their amazing victory.


Exeter City have booked their place at Wembley after a dramatic


finish in their play-off match with Carlisle.


The first leg in Cumbria had produced a thrilling three all draw


and the crowd at St James Park were treated to another incredible


game which will live long in the fans' memory.


that the best part of 7000 fans, they would 2-0 up, they went back to


Wembley. Bottom of the league in Wembley. Bottom of the league in


came as no surprise when Gold mother came as no surprise when Gold mother


17 came for the season, after just 17 minutes. The goals dried up until


little over ten minutes to go but it was that man again, the football


league's young Player of the Year, showing exactly why he had caught


the eye. This Carlisle side refused to give up and just like in their


previous encounters, they hit back with a goal almost immediately and


in the last minute, they drew level. Suddenly, the chance of we are going


to Wembley looked a bit premature as extra time loomed. But Jack Stacey


had other ideas, and what time and what a way to score your first goal


for the club. The fans could celebrate now. There would be no


time left for another comeback. Absolutely ecstatic. We bought


Carlisle were going to do it and we snatched it. That was male bar team.


Brilliant. It was close. I nearly had heart failure. They deserved it.


That was how the manager saw it, too. One word over and over again,


stay positive. We made decisions in the cold light of day but if that


had happened, we would have stayed positive. We left three attackers,


we thought we could score more goals than them and that is what we did.


The next job is to score more goals than Blackpool on Sunday. Win there,


and they can celebrate for what looked like not happening for much


of the season, I return to League 1. Well, things are a bit calmer


at St James Park today but there's still plenty of excitement


as Chairman Julian Tagg I didn't even try to go to sleep


after 3:30am after couple of gin and tonics so it is beginning to sink in


and the work started this morning, both inside the ground and in


ticketing and so on. It is a wonderful feeling and what a way to


win a football match. I think I was just talking to somebody this


morning and it was Jack Stacey who scold the goal in the 95th minute, a


great advert for football, but if he is watching, that is one of Eamon's


boys on loans from us from Redding, so he will be delighted. So are we.


In the relegation zone in November and now you are off to Wembley. Yes,


it has been a bit of the rebel Bill roller coasters. I do remember


speaking back in October, November, the manager during all the right


things but there is a lot of pressure that comes with that and to


keep doing what we were doing and having trust and it has proved


right, we are exactly as you say, now the rewards are going to


Wembley, so that will be a great day out for the football club and for


the whole of Exeter. Did you personally always keep the faith?


Always. I suppose I am in a privileged position -- position. I


knew the extent of the injuries. Paul could hardly pick a team, and


from home. Yes, I can see that from home. Yes, I can see that


you've got to keep on doing the right things and it will come right.


Amazing scenes last night. How many of those fans will you take to


Wembley? We start with 20000 and work from there. 20,000 tickets


allocated, it is easy to go on our site, click through, you get our


tickets, there is no restrictions, web is a big place, and we want to


get as many people from Exeter as we can. Another great day out, it will


be our third visit there. Well done for last night and thank you for


talking to us. There's a huge weekend ahead


for the Exeter Chiefs who are also They're one game away from a return


to Twickenham for a second The Chiefs secured tomorrow's semi


final play-off at Sandy Park Rob Baxter's team will take


on reigning champions Saracens with the winner set to face either


Wasps or Leicester in We haven't work as hard as we have


two fight our way back into the top six in the top four and win as many


games as we did to make sure we got to the semifinals and now turn


around and say we never planned to have Saracens. We talked about what


it takes to become champions and you have to beat Saracens beat the team


that beat Saracens. When you do play against Saracens, they can bring


anything. It is a bit special. Speaking with other slayers, it is a


bit daunting. -- players. And the Cornwall rugby team could be


heading to Twickenham too - they're one game away from the next


weekend's final of Tomorrow, they take on Hertfordshire


at Camborne with a 3pm kick off. A win or a draw would guarantee


a fifth consecutive final and the chance


for a hat-trick of titles. Full commentary on BBC Radio


Cornwall tomorrow afternoon. And before I go, just time to tell


you that tonight it's free entry to watch Plymouth Speedway


at St Boniface Arena. You'd better be quick though -


the first race is at 7.15. When it comes to thrills and spills,


most people associate Watergate Bay It's not necessarily


a place you associate But polo on the beach is just


as exciting as catching a wave, John Henderson joins us now


with a game in full swing. You are looking at Cornwall, in the


blue, taking on the rest of the world there. A slight gap between


chuckas. This is to debunk the populace they read that polo is for


those who drink champagne. Andy Burgess is a polo player and coach


involved in this and he told me it is not quite the case. There has


been this misconception of polo being an elitist sport. We are


trying to break down those barriers more and more. This gives us a great


opportunity to allow people from all walks of life, to come along, it is


free to attend event, and it is brilliant, anybody can come, come to


the beach, watch high-class polo, and what a place to watch it. Yes,


it is incredibly vast paste. They are about to crank it up in a


moment. The ponies can reach speeds of 30 miles an hour. They can turn


on a sixpence, it really is high octane stuff. A lot of people liken


it to hockey with rugby on horseback. It is very physical, we


each other, safely. You have to be each other, safely. You have to be


very fast, have a good eye for the ball, it is exhilarating, it is flat


out fun. Interestingly enough, it is one of the few sports in the world


where all the players have to be right-handed. If you are left and on


a horse and going for a ball in between to, you could have a head on


collision, not good at all, and it is quite tricky to use the sticks.


Because of ABC health and safety guidelines, I was prevented from


getting on the back of one of these ponies here. I got on the back of a


pick-up truck. That is it, Stuart. Your hips turning and the power


coming through. You can open your hips through the shot. I see. As


have another go. Keep looking down. Good. Better. Now, this isn't the


only beach related act typically that is going on this weekend. Let's


have a little look at what else is on. All watery convened what is on


this weekend. It has become one of the biggest sporting events of the


year in extra. The edge race cup is a high profile site surfing


competition. This weekend, Plymouth is hosting round one and two of the


British water ski racing championship. The Exeter Marathon


starts at nine o'clock on Sunday outside St James's Park stadium and


finishes later. Every dog has its day, and this one is really pushing


the boat out. The audience will be able to watch


the amazing spectacle from the Riverside deals.


I think the rest of the world have just scored a goal, there goes the


ball, flying through the air. We've got one of the balls here, being


held by William Ashworth. How is the event going? Really well. We've got


fabulous weather, great crowd, and it is only Friday. And a great


advert for Cornwall. A brilliant advert for Cornwall. It is great, it


is terrific. We will leave it there. They are in the throes of battle


here. I don't know which one is my trusty steed. I'm not entirely sure


what is happening, it is pretty chaotic. Back to you in the studio.


That sums it up. Good commentator, isn't he a!


A lovely Sammy -- sunny evening there. And a lot going on outside by


the sounds of it. How is there. And a lot going on outside by


the sounds of it. How is the weather shaking up?


We have had some fine weather. Not everyone has been wet today. Some of


us woke up to a beautiful start. This was the cached jury first thing


this morning, glorious right weather. We can see the cloud


bubbling up already, quite early in the day, in Dorset, that cloud


produced some huge, heavy showers, and those showers are rumbling away


this evening. They will move up the way -- out a way and this weekend,


sunny spells, a few heavy showers tomorrow, Sunday the bit warmer and


largely right-hand dry. Some of the events will be affected by showers


tomorrow. The weekend improves and the area of low pressure begins to


move out of the way through the day tomorrow and coming up from the


south-east, a rigid high-pressure, which will settle wings down and


give us good temperatures. This threatens from the west but heads


north up towards Iceland so actually, the next few days, apart


from the showers tomorrow, are largely financed right, and that


will continue into next week. Good temperatures as well. This was the


satellite picture from earlier today. The brighter colour, the


across the eastern part of Devon. across the eastern part of Devon.


This was earlier today, the shot from here, looking out onto the


sand. It has been a fairly us to read Day in places. Quiet. For this


afternoon, our cameraman caught it in between the showers, some fine


views, looking out to sea. You can see in the distance, that looming


cloud, that produced some heavy showers. The wind picked up


dramatically in those showers. They will fade tonight and we are left


with clear sky until the next line of showers approaches from the West,


mainly affecting Cornwall. Whether it is guys are clearest longest,


that is where we will see the lowest temperatures, tomorrow, showers


affect in Cornwall, transferring their way into Devon and Dorset and


Somerset. By the time they get further east, they could be


thundery. Some late sunshine here are top temperature of 15 or 16 Digg


Viz -- 16 degrees. The last days tomorrow but for the clear up, it


looks like it will be a right, fine day. They are is a silly seeing some


showers tomorrow, find a rest of the day. These times of high water.


Choppy surf for our surfers. And the coastal waters forecast, generally


good visible at it. Sunday's forecast, a nice day, warm as well,


even warmer by Monday of next week. Have a


even warmer by Monday of next week. Have a nice weekend.


Thank you, I will be dodging that shower at the Devon County show


tomorrow. Come and see is that the BBC marquee, but from all of us


here, have a lovely weekend. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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