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Big increase in those earning big pay in Guernsey's civil service.


It is just making sure all our resources are put in the correct


places for the correct price. I have no qualms about being people good


wages as long as they are value for money.


Good evening and welcome to the late news from


Also on the rise - property sales and prices in Jersey,


some by the highest increase ever recorded.


There's been a 40% increase in the number of people


working for the States of Guernsey earning more than ?70,000


Figures reveal the increase happened between 2010 and 2015.


The Government says it needs the best staff


Mike Wilkins has been looking at the figures.


The States Of Guernsey is the island's biggest employer,


with around 5,000 people on its payroll.


In 2015, its wage bill was more than ?240,000.


When we look at staff pay bands, in 2010 there were 174 people


Five years later, that figure had shot up to 261


And when we peer even higher up the pay scale,


there were five people earning between ?150,000


In 2015, that has shot up to 20 people.


The States Chief Executive says he needs to spend to save.


People talk to me about, we want a lean public sector,


high performing public sector, we don't want waste,


Actually, I need quality people to do that.


Otherwise we won't drive that performance.


We need the best that we need, but no more than we need.


This deputy is keeping a close eye on where taxpayers'


She says any increase in pay costs must represent value for money.


It is just making sure that all our resources are put


into the correct places for the correct price.


I have no qualms about paying people good


wages, but as long as they are value for money.


The Chief Executive admits the States hasn't necessarily


kept the closest of eyes on staff pay.


Clearly, I don't think there has been a really good restraint and


discipline and scrutiny on where we have been employing officers.


But what I can give assurances on is that scrutiny


This is the home to many civil servants in Guernsey and it appears


States' pay has over the years been relatively unchecked.


Those days appear to be over, especially with


the announcement yesterday of the savings of ?7.5 million.


The challenge now is to ensure


The average house price in Jersey now stands at almost


Confidence in job stability and the housing market


has driven up prices - some by the highest


But many young professionals are still struggling to buy


More than 1,400 properties were sold last year,


12% more than in 2015, making it the highest for a decade.


A 4% hike in house prices, putting the average house now at ?468,000.


But one area that's not doing so well is two-bedroom houses


Not good news for Jason who's trying to sell his to buy a new home


If we look at property prices maybe five years ago


the places we are looking at now would have been in reach.


But the property values have increased drastically


and it is making it difficult I think to find the perfect home.


And he's not the only one finding it difficult.


Estate agents want more support for first-time buyers


We have many properties in the ?150,000, ?170,000 price


range which can allow people to get onto the property ladder.


But it's the deposit, you know sometimes between ten


and 20% deposit is needed, and that's a lot of money


And with mortgage interest rates at an all-time low,


it's thought the market isn't going to slow down.


We are going to start reaching a stage where certain sectors


of the market will see a shortage of supply.


And when supply is exceeded by demand, that's when prices


And we fear, and I know this is shared by estate agents


and by professional valuers, we fear prices are going to start


going up a bit faster perhaps than we have witnessed so far.


So, although more properties are changing hands, it isn't always


the home buyers have dreamt of owning.


Police are investigating what they describe as the unexplained death


of a man in his seventies at


The force don't think there are any suspicious circumstances


but emergency services spent several hours at the harbour after being


After two days of debate, Guernsey's waste strategy has


Deputies rejected all proposed changes, including an end


to kerbside recycling, parish collections


The total bill for exporting Guernsey's waste and increasing


recycling rates is estimated to be almost ?300 million


And there will be more on this story tomorrow morning


on BBC Radio Guernsey with Isla Blatchford.


Up to 1500 people in the Channel Islands could have


been sold gas bottles that might leak.


there's a small risk propane cylinders like these may


They want anyone who's bought one since last March to get in touch


Secondary school pupils in Jersey have been getting a taste


It's all part of the charity Prison Me No Way's Crime Week


which has been running interactive workshops.


We sent our reporter Jon De La Haye back to school.


It may look like a soap drama, but it carries a real message.


These Beaulieu pupils have been learning that


actions have consequences, with prison cells, police


We have been learning about alcohol and drugs,


To make sure we don't make the same mistakes


other people have made in


More people are going out and getting drink.


If you do something wrong now, and if you


are applying for a job, they


And how it will affect you when you are older.


And the theme of consequences runs through Crime Week.


Aimed specifically at 12 and 13-year-olds who are at


an important stage of life, it's hoped it'll help them


They are at a stage in their life where they are facing challenging


They are struggling with moving up from being a child to an


So we think it is time in year eight to come in and


Now in its 11th year, the Crime Week messages


are delivered through demonstrations by police officers and fire


If the kids go home and have taken just one part of what ever they have


been taught today, and if that is, I'm not


criminality because I could get bitten by a dog, or get involved


in drugs because the penalties and the chances


of me getting caught are


so high, then we have done our little bit.


If they take home just one point, we've done our job


This Prison Me No Way campaign has been touring round Jersey's


And the hope is that, by spending time with youngsters now,


they won't be spending too long with them in the future.


Unfortunately, there's been a few delays and cancellations for air


So, lets see if tomorrow will be any better,


Kid evening. We have a real contrast today with some of us seeing mist


and fog and visibility and elsewhere some lovely sunshine. Many have seen


some of both. Tomorrow we are likely to see some mist and fog, more so


during the morning and it should hopefully clear and the afternoon


some of us getting some bright spells. Because high pressure is in


charge it can bring dry and bright weather but equally because the ear


is stagnant it can lead to mist and fog and that is a problem many of us


saw today. The high pressure stays in charge over the weekend. Less of


a problem with mist and fog but there is some weather fronts pushing


and which could bring cloud and some rain, mostly dry, however. Through


tonight so, some mist and for camp visibility, light winds, staying dry


tonight and some clear spells around -- poor visibility. We could perhaps


see a touch of ground frost. Tomorrow, risk of mist and fog at


first. Hopefully it will lift unclear and by the afternoon some


bright spells coming through -- left and clear. A mild day. Fairly light


winds. These are our times of high water.


This is the picture for the coming days. Fairly mild with light winds


and mostly dry. Some mist and fog and a fair amount of cloud but when


we see sunshine it should feel nice. BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


will have bulletins from six tomorrow morning, including


regular travel updates. of 11. Not too bad for the


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The wettest weather system


of the season is over heading into California, and there have been a


few, with copious amounts of rain and lots of mountain snow.


Record-breaking wet winter so far in parts of California. In Los Angeles


this might be conservative, 50-100 millimetres of rain in a short space


of time. A deluge on the way. This has made a bit