12/05/2017 Channel Islands News

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Channel Islands.

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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle. for the news where you are.


A cutting-edge defence system has been installed


at Guernsey Prison, in a world first.


Drones are often used across the globe


to illegally smuggle items to prisoners,


but Guernsey Prison will now be able to combat the problem.


The Skyfence system seizes control of the drone


if it comes within certain airspace.


Mike Wilkins went to see the system in action.


This remarkable footage shows a drone being used


It's unclear how big a problem it is.


The only drones they catch are the ones that crash.


prison chiefs are leading the way in tackling this aerial menace.


You're about to see a drone stopped mid-flight.


The system hacks the frequency of the drone, halts it


and sends it back to where it came from.


The aircraft is disconnected and it is in return to home mode.


And drones are getting smaller all the time.


Would this system cope with a swarm of tiny drones?


When any type of drone is detected, the whole perimeter fence


comes alive so no drones can cross the fence at all.


to be using a drone-detecting fence, called Skyfence.


It's part of a ?1.7 million security upgrade,


but some of it has come free of charge.


We bought the detector package which told us there were drones


within the prison but didn't stop those coming in,


and this new technology we were offered as an upgrade,


The payback hopefully will be that other prisons will see it


and both the prison and the company will benefit.


The anti-drone system will be activated at the end of next month.


And experts tell me it could also be applied


over whether a new phone app will be beneficial.


The Uber-style system, due to be launched in the next month,


will allow you to hail a taxi without going to the ranks.


But are there enough rank taxis to go round?


especially at the weekend and if it's raining.


But a new app that lets you hail a taxi from your phone


could make it easier to get from A to B.


It's for rank taxis, and the app lets you use your phone


to see what taxis are in your area and book them.


We've got to move forward now, haven't we, regarding these apps?


If they can get an app together, I guess,


something quick and easy, better than ringing, yeah, definitely.


I mean, I spent some time in the UK, living in Edinburgh in Scotland,


and it was so convenient to be able to hail taxis just on the street


rather than having to find a taxi rank.


While they wouldn't appear on camera, some drivers have told us


they don't think the app will work, and fear it will


take taxis away from the ranks they're supposed to serve.


But their concerns have been rejected.


and bringing the taxis into the 21st century.


It's important for the public to know


and by that I mean we couldn't take endless bookings.


Our priority is still obviously to service the ranks.


This isn't the first time a taxi app has been introduced in Jersey.


Four years ago, an app for private cabs was introduced and the States


thinks the time is right for this one for rank vehicles.


We're waiting for the Jersey Taxi Drivers' Association to demonstrate


the app to us but I understand that they're focusing on immediate hire,


so those are people who'd otherwise walk to the ranks,


so you're actually giving the customer a choice.


The States is now working with rank taxi drivers


to review how the service and the app work.


Four men in Guernsey have been arrested in connection


with the collapse of the Providence Investment Fund.


Most of the ?37 million put into the scheme by investors


The arrests were made yesterday at four separate island addresses


in connection with suspected fraud offences.


The men were bailed, pending further inquiries.


Guernsey and Jersey's footballers go head to head this weekend


with the Reds beating the Greens for the last two finals.


Following last year's game in Jersey,


where bottles were thrown, an alcohol-free zone's


been put in place at Guernsey's Footes Lane.


and are desperate to get their hands back on the vase.


We have to make sure we turn up for the game on Saturday. Last two


years, we not completed, we have not battled and represented the shirt


with the fight you need to win. I think the players that have played


in the last two years have accepted that, they have reminded themselves


of that, and that has been key to our preparation going into Saturday.


And there will be full match commentary on BBC Radio Guernsey


and Jersey tomorrow on Sportscene from 1pm.


We've a had a little rain this evening,


but is it set to continue as we head into the weekend?


Let's find out - David Braine has your forecast.


Hello, good evening. I think we have got a reasonable weekend ahead of


us. There is some rain before the show is for the next few hours, then


some overnight rain on Saturday night. Between the two, for a good


part of the weekend, there are sunny spells and it is predominantly dry.


Just slightly fresher feel to the air on Sunday. You can see the


reason for the sharp showers we have been seeing, it is moving


northwards, it is an area of low pressure that moves north and east


overnight tonight and into the early hours of the morning. There is


another weather system coming in, but that does not reach us until the


end of the day tomorrow. Most of Saturday is dry and breezy with the


winds freshening. There is another one which is not getting to us until


Sunday night. Sunday is also the dominant read/write with some


sunshine as well. It will become dry with some clear sky overnight and


temperatures down to 10 degrees, 15 Fahrenheit. Tomorrow, some sunshine


through the morning, but it will cloud over. A lot of medium and


upper-level cloud arriving later in the day. There is the chance of a


light passing shower, but most of the day is dry before it eventually


becomes rather cloudy, and 16 will be the top cabbage. Bright and dry


on Sunday, but all change as we move into next week, and warmer by


Tuesday. Have a nice weekend. Throughout the weekend,


the BBC will keep you up to date with your local news,


weather and travel. There'll be regular bulletins


and any breaking news on BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


from 6 in the morning. Also online - find your


local page at bbc.co.uk. A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have had. It brightened


up into the afternoon, early