17/05/2017 Channel Islands News

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Channel Islands.

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After two and half years, the for the news where you are.


After two and half years, the remains of a Jersey man who went


missing on Christmas Eve have been found of Jersey's West Coast.


Clearly everybody is shocked when something like this happens. It is


pleasing, I think for his family that there can be some sort of


closure with his remains being found.


Good evening and welcome to the late news from BBC Channel Islands,


Also tonight: No longer value for money - creche facilities


Human remains found off the coast of Jersey have been confirmed


as belonging to an islander who went missing two and a half years ago.


Roy Deeming disappeared over Christmas in 2014,


and his yacht was found drifting off Corbiere.


Here off the coast of Corbiere is where the last known clues


as to what happened to Roy Deeming were found more than two years ago.


And it's the sea off the west of the island where a local diver


found remains of body parts that have now been confirmed by forensic


The 61-year-old disappeared from his St Brelade home


His yacht, Desiree, was towed to shore by Jersey Coastguard


after being found empty a mile off Corbiere.


Despite searches and appeals, Mr Deeming was never found.


The news has been met with shock in St Aubin,


where he was well-known and well-liked in the community.


A keen sailor, he was often in and out of this


He was a very easy-going sort of guy.


He had done a bit of gardening, a bit of boat work, quite an


He was a part of the fabric of the town over


the years and we had all got very used to him.


The police say they aren't treating the death as suspicious,


and are continuing enquiries with the Deputy Viscount


about the possibility of sending out divers for further searches at sea.


They say officers are continuing to support Mr Deeming's family.


Creche facilities at Guernsey's largest leisure centre are to close


as part of moves to reduce costs and make way for


The Beau Sejour creche escaped closure four years ago


when a campaign by users forced a u-turn by the States.


But politicians now say it's no longer value for money,


It's a busy leisure centre with thousands of islanders making


But it seems fewer and fewer are using the creche,


with declining numbers making it costly to run, at a time


It is significantly loss-making, and obviously it's subsidised


To give you an indication, if we were to actually increase


the price per hour would probably be in the region of ?12 per hour and


when you look at the cost of childcare anyway,


we wouldn't be able to raise our prices that much.


Staff only found out yesterday and say they're


But the committee responsible says the space is needed for services


for people with medical conditions or recovering from other


health issues, which are, in contrast, growing in demand.


We have to try and balance what's best for the community.


We have an ageing population and the LifeFit requirement


and referrals from doctors and health and social services


to Beau Sejour to help maintain healthy lifestyle and also recover


from things like heart attacks grew 28% last year.


As medical health services begin to overlap with physical and mental


fitness and wellbeing, it's clear there's


a need for facilities like these to be expanded.


But, for the staff and users of the creche, it's another example


of where cuts in public spending are being felt by islanders.


Guernsey's government has been told the States-owned airline Aurigny


is on course to make a ?6.3 million loss if current trends continue.


Declining passenger numbers, bad weather, crew costs,


exchange rates, fuel prices, and fleet maintenance all contribute


Members heard the airline's been granted a ?6 million overdraft.


Proposals to run a passenger-only inter-island ferry service over


Guernsey's Economic Development Committee says it's been in talks


with Condor Ferries and the States of Jersey about a possible


trial to help tackle declining passenger numbers.


But the idea's now been withdrawn because it says


it wasn't prepared to subsidise the service.


The request might come, quite reasonably, from another ferry


company to subsidise another route because you would


But Condor came with good intentions and a good presentation.


We took to that with good intentions but we reached


Condor Ferries says it's disappointed Guernsey has decided


not to trial a new inter-island service, but will continue


discussing options with the Minister of Economic Development in Jersey.


It's been claimed "inappropriate pressure" was put on the people


deciding which businesses should get a loan from the controversial


More than ?2 million of public money is outstanding


from the now defunct scheme to support new business.


A group of politicians reviewing the much criticised scheme heard


from the man who led the nonexecutive directors


Tim Herbert said pressure to lend money was constant and came


from political channels, as well as those with an interest


Jersey's infrastructure minister has just given approval for the states


to take over several fields needed for a new school at Les Quennevais.


Deputy Eddie Noel hopes to have all the land under states


But that still doesn't free up all the land needed


The deputy says he's already in discussion with other land


There's high demand for a scheme which helps prisoners in Guernsey


Officers say there's always a queue of dads and mums


Penny Elderfield went to find out more.


I have been here before, but this is the first time


I have been on sentence with my little girl.


It is difficult, she is two years old, three in November.


She is very grown-up, kind of one step ahead.


I am creating a good bond with her while I am here.


I am just hoping she likes this, really.


I try to do anything I can while I am here.


It is an idea that has been going on a while at the prison.


Today, ten fathers are recording a bedtime story for their children.


A charity then edits it all, adds sound effects and makes a speedy.


Staff here who have seen the difference it makes,


have ambitions of making DVDs one day as well, if funding


Keeping the family unit together is one of the things we strive to do.


We have got a phone system where they can phone their children


every night, but it is not quite the same when you get


into bed when you are little and cuddle up to go to sleep.


For one little girl whose mum did a CD, she had to have that


It is like when you buy them something and that smile,


I am hoping this is the same thing for her, really.


I have got my fingers crossed it makes her smile,


And finally, one of Jersey zoo's much loved Silver Back Gorillas,


Ya Kwanza, has died during an operation at a French zoo.


The male gorilla, who was extremely popular with both visitors


and staff, was transferred to Amneville in 2011


Former keeper Richard Johnstone Scott said he had many fond memories


of Ya Kwanza including regular attention seeking hammerings


wet day today with 25 millimetres of wet day today with 25 millimetres of


rain, which according to the Jersey Met Department makes it the wettest


May 17 since records began. May 17 since records began.


Hopefully it'll be a better day tomorrow. Some sunshine and brighter


skies with just the risk of eight few showers. This is the weather


front that has affected us today, slowly working its way east, so that


rain is clearing through leaving a better day tomorrow. Just the risk


of a few showers popping up. Friday, more of the same, and the weekend


could be similar, although by Sunday we have got more of a southerly


breeze developing allowing temperatures to rise a bit. Tonight,


lingering cloud and rain is clearing through, starry sky is developing,


and lows of nine or 10 Celsius. Tomorrow, a bright start with good


spells of sunshine and a gentle breeze. Some cloud at times, and


that could lead to a couple of showers but there won't be too many


of them. A fresher feel that we have had over recent days, temperatures


around 12-14dC. We have got some good spells of


sunshine to come, always the risk of eight few showers, but in general


not a great number of those. For the bulk of the time it will be largely


dry and bright. By the time we get to Sunday, more of a southerly wind


bringing in warmer and allows temperatures to rise. Overall, not a


bad look to things over the next few days.


That's your news this Wednesday evening.


BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey will be first with your local


news, weather and travel from 6am tomorrow morning.


showers. But it will be a bit warmer.


Before today, many gardeners were crying out for