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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me Quentin Rayner.


Tonight, keeping a look out on a grand scale. The housing estate


setting up the UK's biggest neighbourhood watch scheme. You get


people taking children's bikes off them.


Also, going down to the wire. A TV star fights a giant pig farm.


And it's not pretty in pink. It's time to take on the latest


Good evening and welcome to the programme.


First tonight, fighting crime from the heart. Osmaston in Derby is


about to start the biggest neighbourhood watch scheme in the


country. It's come about because people


living there say they feel abandoned and they want zero


tolerance of crime. Our reporter Jo Healey is at a community meeting


this evening. Yes, this is a new community hub,


opened at the weekend, staffed by volunteers and this is the nerve


centre of action in Osmaston. The what the people here really wanted


his changes. This is a vast area of land right in the middle of


Osmaston. That is actually part of the problem, isn't it? Rolls-Royce


have occupied the site for over a century. They formed the heart of


this community and now they have gone, it feels like the heart has


been ripped out and there is a sense of abandonment which seems to


promote anti-social behaviour. have problems with cars later at


night, beeping in their horns and racing up and down the streets.


is intimidating. Running about, kicking footballs, jumping up and


down on that cable box. You get people stood on the corner, taking


children's bikes of them, it is not nice. Nor are the number of


offences reported in just one month. Nearly half of them were for anti-


social behaviour. The fear of crime is generally greater than crime


itself, but the fear will prevent people from letting their children


use parks like this. But there is serious crime as well? There is a


gang culture which exists in the area. The police are taking steps


to address that problem, but we, as a community, have to address it as


well. That is why they are setting up their new Neighbourhood Watch


scheme, it is the biggest in the country. The people of Osmaston


want to make it a nice area for people to live in. It will empower


them to be able to make decisions that affect their community.


lots of support for staff cope you, and everybody here is passionate


about Osmaston. What sort of changes to want to see? We want


regeneration, Investment, we want to tackle the crime that seems to


be simmering under the surface. We want to roll-out at a neighbourhood


watch, one of the biggest in the country, and hopefully that will


start to tackle the crime level. We want people to report crime to us


rather than the police directly. We hope that will make serious inroads


in the estate. And you are all really passionate about this?


Absolutely. Without the voluntary effort of residence in the area it


would not be possible. Good luck with it all. We better let them get


on with it. You're watching East Midlands


Cadets get into training to play at The star of the critically


acclaimed TV series The Wire stepped into another role today. He


joined the protest against a planned intensive pig farm in


Derbyshire. Dominic West, who's grew up in the


county, is supporting a campaign against the Foston farm which


intends to house up to twenty five thousand pigs. James Roberson


More usually seen on film on the streets of Baltimore in the hit US


cop series, The Wire, Dominic West was back in his home county today.


He was backing a campaign to stop a controversial factory farm for


thousands of pigs. They want to build one here, I am from here so


this has a particular resonance for me and I would like to draw as much


publicity to the awful plans that they have got for this field.


plans would mean this field would be filled by sheds containing pigs,


there would an anaerobic digester to process the waste they would


produce. But locals oppose the plans, not least the family that


live right next to the field. devastating that someone can turn


up and build a massive factory next to your house. We feel that if this


is going to happen, despite the welfare issues for the pigs and all


the other things which become very emotive, we have no particular way


of finding out if we have any recourse if things go wrong.


Dominic west joined the campaign after seeing a film by filmmaker


and campaigner Tracy Worcester. She's planning a public screening


of her latest film in Burton next week. She says the farm wil have


more pigs than people currently imagine. 2,500 sounds that have


piglets, you have got a 50,000 pigs sold on this shed every year, that


is a lot of pigs. Midland Pig producers say they welcome the


debate on this kind of production. They point out Italy already has


individual farms for up to 150,000 pigs. These figures explain why 60%


of pork is imported and they say that animal welfare is their top


priority. There is also 300 women in the prison there who are


downwind of this pig farm. Derbyshire CountyConcil have


received planning permission for the farm, but so far no date's been


setfor the completeion of the In other news, dozens of people


have lost their jobs as another clothing firm has gone under.


Moreglam in Leicester has gone into administration after a slump in


orders, with the loss of more than 70 posts. The East Midlands


Textiles Association says that firms in Leicestershire have been


struggling since 2000. Meanwhile, the rate of unemployment in the


East Midlands has fallen again. Today's figures show there are


176,000 people unemployed in the region. That's down by one thousand


on last month's figures. The rate of unemployment now stands at seven


point six per cent - a fraction lower than the national average.


Thousands of children in the East Midlands took to the streets this


morning in an attempt to set a new world record for the largest


walking bus. It's all part of a road safety campaign urging drivers


to slow down in built up areas. The message is clear - these school


children are amongst 6.000 in the East Midlands taking part in a


national world record attempt for the largest walking bus. It's part


of a campaign to get drivers to slow down near schools. And pupils


at Milford Primary in Clifton know exactly why they're doing it.


are walking like a bus. Lot of people are joining in and we are


trying to keep safe. It is so children do not get hurt while the


cars are going fast. And we do not want anyone to get hurt. It is


important with the summer holidays coming up that the children are


aware of the dangers of being out on the road. Figures suggest every


year around 640 children are killed or hurt on East Midlands's Road. So


the charity who organised this world breaking record attempt hope


drivers will understand the serious message behind it. Alongside the


world record, the children are also given lessons on how to take care


on the roads. But many parents say it's drivers that need to learn


lessons too. It is important that drivers should slow down,


especially outside school has. is quite scary at times when you


see cars, near the pavement. It's thought around a hundred and


twenty-five thousand kids are taking part across the country.


They should find out soon if they've set the record. Teachers


hope it will stick in the minds of children and ultimately help save


lives. Next, this young musician used to rap in the street with his


friends. But now Jourdan Blair's been invited to perform at this


month's Glastonbury music festival. It's been an extraordinary personal


journey that began in one of Nottingham's toughest


neighbourhoods where four of his teenage friends and relatives were


murdered. Our Social Affairs Living the dream, for 24 year old


Jourdan Blair, AKA Jah Digga. Performing with Nottingham's DJ


Vimto, at last month's Radio 1's Next stop, Glastonbury. I am


nervous, but we are just going to do what we normally do. We all had


energy, I hope we can get the people providing.


Seven years ago, Jourdan's prospects looked much more bleak.


He'd been kicked out of school. And he was surrounded by the drug-


fuelled violence that made St Anns so notorious. This was a tribute to


Danielle Beccan. Jourdan's second teenage friend shot dead in the


street. Not far from where both his brother and his cousin were


murdered in separate stabbings. puts a dent in your heart. If you


look at that some of the things from people, people you do not even


know her, it has affected everybody. Jourdan's own bitter experience


even led to a meeting with the then Home Secretary, David Blunkett. And


now he's using that experience to put something back. At work he's


supporting children who've been excluded from school. And he's


giving up his own time to run local music sessions. It is hard, but we


have to move on. I am trying to make my mother proud. I express


that through the music, it is pain What about the future? I am trying


to get signed. I am trying to get into the charts. I am trying to


Is another county about to reject plans for the new high speed rail


link? Derbyshire County Council say it would have a significant impact


on the countryside. The High Speed 2 line between London and northern


England would include a new East Midlands station. The authority


hasn't decided whether it's in favour or against the plans, but


officials want action taken to protect the Peak District and


Derwent Valley Mills if the route runs through Derbyshire. Fuel pumps


in Leicestershire are being checked by Trading Standards, to ensure


drivers are not being short-changed. In the past year, around one


thousand pumps were tested for accuracy across the county. Seven


were found to be just outside the small limits that are allowed.


Innovations by final year technology students in Leicester


have gone on display. The students from De Montfort University carried


out the work as part of the their degree. It includes an educational


game that aims to raise awareness of sickle cell anaemia. They'll go


on public display next week. It is thought to be the tallest wind


turbine in the country and it is heading to this field. Severn Trent


will be using it to power a treatment plant. It was originally


turned down by the local council but the Government overturned that


decision. The tour by no will be built and is 132 metres high.


How does it compare to other iconic structures around the country?


The cooling towers are a mere 115 metres high, and two of London's


most famous landmarks St Paul's Cathedral, and Big Ben are even


smaller. These cadets have been given a big responsibility and


they've only been playing for eighteen months. They brought an


expert tuition from two retired This is not easy, marching with a


drum. For teenagers, it is amazing what they can do. On the first of


July, three of these cadets will play the last post and the reveille


beneath the arch of the Menin Gate which commemorates the fallen of


the first world war at Ypres. paying my respects to people who


sacrificed their lives for us. am doing my bit and paying my


respects. I play the bugle, the bugle is quite easy to learn, but


it is harder to master. And helping the cadets to keep the musical


tradition alive are 2 ex soldiers from the Robin Hood Rifles. Not one


of them could sound a note on the Bugle or beat a drum, I was quite


impressed with them tonight. cadets need to know where their


origins claims from, what their predecessors have done for them to


be able to live at their lives the way they do today. It is important


education wise as well. If you're going to play at Menin Gate, it has


Marvellous us. It is still rather sticky and muggy,


but is it good lunar eclipse spotting whether?


If we can just get some breaks in these grey clouds, maybe we will


Former Forest goalkeeper is with us. You think Steve McLaren is the


right man to take Forest back to the Premier League. I am still a


keen supporter and I am one who was delighted with the appointment. It


could not have been better. have had 21 managers in your career,


so you had been there with the best. How does Steve McClaren compare?


is a coach manager, he will be on the training ground, he will be


very dedicated, he will work tirelessly. He will take full


advantage of that fantastic academy that they have got there. The hours


on the training ground will definitely be put in. I have


learned a lot from him, he is a great manager. We have seen him at


managing with England, this is a chance for him to rebuild his


reputation, isn't it? It is. He took a time-out from managing


England, he did a fantastic job, it did not work out for him, but he is


not the only one. There have been a lot. He was not quite so successful,


but he would use that opportunity to recruit players over to


Nottingham Forest and take full advantage of his experiences there.


What about you so development, that is apparently a key part of his


management and coaching. I have a book coming out shortly were going


to depth about how he will recruit youngsters and give them the chance


which, going back years ago, Brian Clough was not afraid to throw one


in four stopped from the youngsters point of view, he will learn --


they will learn a lot from him. Billy Davies has just got them into


two play-offs, he has a good record at the City Ground, fans will be


expected. Fans will be, they always have been. They had been away from


the big time for too long. Billy did a good job, there is no doubt


about that. It is difficult to get to two play-offs. But for Forest


fans it is not acceptable. Can you do it this season? That is what


they will be looking for. It will take time. There are players would


need to come, players will be going, he will recruit players which you


think fit into his style of football. I would say to Forest


fans, give him time, give him at least 12 months. Maybe not next


year, but definitely the season after. Quickly, will you be part of


his backroom staff? My heart is that Forest, I loved it there as a


player. One day I would love to return. I have just signed a new


four year contract at Chesterfield so not at the minute. Great to see


you. Staying with Forest and midfielder Paul McKenna isn't in


Steve Mc Claren's plans. We understand he's leaving the City


Ground. Mc Kenna is set to join fellow Championship side Hull City.


The 33-year-old joined the Reds from Preston in 2009 and captained


the club to successive play-off campaigns. At Leicester, their


search for a new striker goes on and while the Yakubu move may be


off we are hearing they are closing in on Portsmouth striker David


Nugent. Cricket and Derbyshire are in Twenty 20 action against


Worcestershire tonight. Play gets underway at ten past seven.


Meanwhile Nottinghamshire have had a great start in the 20 overs form


of the game, but lost their first match of the season in Durham at


Chester-le-Street last night. Now, onto swimming and a star who can


now look forward to the Olympics after a year long battle with


severe asthma. It threatened the career of Jo Jackson from


Loughborough. But last night in Sheffield she threw aside all her


health issues to be crowned British Champion. Mark Shardlow was there


to see it. Acute asthma at left this woman's training behind


leaving her at an all-time low. This week was her last chance to


make the teams for the World Championships and she presented a


happy ending by becoming British champion in the 200 metres


freestyle. I have booked might spot at the world's, I cannot explain


how happy I am. I am so relieved. It was a swimmer which show she is


not just beating her rivals, but also her asthma. Some kind of


switch went off and I have no problems with it whatever at the


moment. I have come off the injections I was on and I think it


has helped. Every time I race, I have got no problems, so it has


gone out of my head and I can focus on racing. I would have loved to


have gone quicker, but my main aim was to make the team. It was a good


night for her team-mate as well. She became a 100 metres backstroke


champions. There wasn't a place back men were was not enjoying my


swimming it that much, and there was not swimming that well. Lazy


Simmons is on the up and joined the team in Shanghai next month.


That is all the sport tonight. On the day which we discussed all the


issues for Forest, a big day tomorrow.


Over recent years it is true to say we have tackled a number of alien


invasions try to settle in the East Midlands.


First, it was Japanese knotweed clogging up our canals, then


Pennywort throttling the River Soar. Now it's a pink creature called


Himalayan Balsam which can grow up to seven foot tall. Once again we


sent out our in-tryphid reporter Peter Snow to do battle. Down by


the river bank, an elegant plant has come into flower, creating a


vision in pink. But don't be taken in. Although originally a prized


find by nineteenth century plant collectors, you really don't want


any on water near you. It has many names and it is the sort of a


tractor plant you could imagine gracing a stately home. In the UK


it is classed as a non native, invasive species and it is not


welcome. It can grow up to two metres and shade out native


vegetation. What makes it invasive is that each plant can produce up


to 30,000 seats at the end of the season, and spread a long water


banks like here. The team's been making its way


along the river leen from Hucknall, rooting out the balsam wherever


they find it, and they're keen for the public to let them know if they


spot the plant. We are pretty clear it is all the way along a


Nottinghamshire. What we really want to know is where it is on the


smaller water courses. Other water courses across Nottinghamshire, so


if people could send us in a record that would be appreciated.


information they get via their website will help the


Nottinghamshire Biodiversity group put together a map. Biodiversity


groups aim is to destroy the Himalayan balsam completely, in


Nottingham and across the whole That is what these weeds do, they


look pretty to trick you. Are we going to see it? Hopefully,


if we can clear those clouds out of the way. The last one we saw was


21st December last year and we managed to get this footage as it


was going through the partial stage of the eclipse. That was on 21st


December. Hopefully we will get those clouds breaking as we go


through tonight. The moon is in the shadow of the Earth, they are all


fully lined up. The only raised from the son that get past the


Earth, go through the Earth's atmosphere and creates beautiful


colours on the surface of the Moon, very much like this one. Do have a


look if you get a chance. Pretty cloudy skies, this photo was sent


in by Steve Adams of the last lunar eclipse. It was in Nottinghamshire.


If you get a shot of it tonight, do send it into us.


We have had a few patchy outbreaks of rain. They will continue fairly


light, we are keeping that cloud as the go through the evening. There


are one or two brakes, the further west you go the more likely you


will see that lunar eclipse. The temperatures will stay on the


milder side. We're looking at 11 Celsius as a minimum temperature.


Thursday, the further south and east you go the more likely you


will see rain. We should see more in the way of sunny spells today --


compared to today. Temperature wise, about 18 Celsius. We end of the


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