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This is East Midlands Today. I am Anne Davies. Tonight, I billion-


pound blow for bombard J. As the company fails to win a huge order,


its 3,000 workers fear for their futures. It is the contract that


kept the site open. Now that has gone, it does not look good. A good


evening from me. By M Quentin Rayner. Also in the


East Midlands: The NHS Trust running out of cash and having to


cut 400 post to plug the gap. Plus the families of Mansfield


fallen heroes may plaques attain new memorial in the town.


In sport, we are at the City Ground Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's


programme, live from the bombarding a factory here. The factory is


behind me. It is a huge site. About 3,000 people worked there and it


was today they got the awful news they have failed to win a �1.4


billion contract. We had a call from a worker today who wanted to


remain anonymous. He said the workforce were devastated, shocked


and upset. We will be talking to the Transport Secretary. I will


also speak to Margaret Beckett. She is the MP for Derby South. This is


her constituency. The loss of this contract casts a dark shadow in


deed over the future of this factory. The implications are far


greater. There is a huge supply chain for bomb bayadere. Hundreds


of companies will be affected. -- There is a huge supply chain for


Bombardier. This is a taste of what some of the workers and people on


the street felt when they heard the bad news. It's is basically a


contract that kept the site open, in my opinion. It does not look


good. It will have a massive impact. I do not know what the future holds.


If it is pretty bad. The country needs the work. Why should it go to


a foreign firm when we need it in this country? We are in recession


still. People say we are out of recession. We are not. It is not


good. I think it will have a terrible impact. I do not know why


we cannot keep contracts like this in the country.


As I said, this was a government contract. The preferred bidder,


Siemens, was announced today by transport minister, Theresa


Villiers. She spoke to as LEA and this is how she defended the


decision. A we had no choice. We had to


appoint Siemens as the preferred bidder because the rules require us


to focus on value for money for the taxpayer. We are not allowed to


give preference to domestic suppliers or manufacturers. We have


to judge bids impartially, regardless of where the work would


be carried out. Theresa Villiers speaking to Wes


earlier. Let's cross to Westminster. Margaret Beckett is there. A great


deal of surprise here. Are you surprised?


Not as surprised as I would like to be. I have been increasingly


suspicious as this announcement kept been delayed and delayed that


it was going to be the wrong judgment.


To be fair, some would say it was the wrong judgment under your


government when they lost out to a Japanese factory.


I do not dispute that. I was equally angry, to be frank, but


that decision. Part of what was said then was that the Thames


League order is coming along. That is what Theresa Villiers is saying


now. She is saying, there will be another order now coming along. She


says we are bound by rules. Yes, we are, but other countries manage to


work within those rules and still get orders for their countries.


Here, we do not seem to manage that. In your opinion, will there be any


other orders? Do you think this could be the death-knell for


Bombardier here? They could be other orders. The


question is when. Bombardier has shown great loyalty to Derby. They


have just taken on apprentices. For how long they will go on doing that,


if the orders do not come here but go to foreign firms. The government


says they want to rebalance the economy towards manufacturing, they


want higher skilled jobs, jobs in the private sector. Barbie is doing


all of that. Margaret Beckett, we will have to


leave it there. Thank you very much indeed. Barbie is at the heart of


Gabriel business that is worth billions to the economy. -- Derby


is that their heart of the rail business. Mike O'Sullivan reports


on repercussions. The railway is the lifeblood of


this company at Alfreton. They make rail signalling equipment. Meshwork


-- they are shocked at the news about Bombardier.


They should be protecting our jobs within Derby, with in England.


We seem to have lost an awful lot of jobs. A we are astounded.


The Department of Transport appears adamant that UK manufacturing


should be given much of a chance -- should not be given much of a


chance. This is part of the Derby and


Derbyshire Rail Forum, set up to promote the rail industry in our


The East Midlands probably has the largest cluster of rail businesses


in the world. Bombardier is at the heart of all that. There are


concerns the company could pull out altogether, leading to thousands of


job losses. Could Bombardier pull out of Derby?


It is not for me to answer back. We should not speculate. It must be a


question that is being asked. Rail industry insiders say people


at Bombardier ashore shot. It is the second time in 18 months there


have lost out on a big contract. -- rail industry insiders say people


at Bombardier are shocked. We will talk to the chief executive


from the Chamber of Commerce and later. For now, back to the studio.


Onto the rest of the news. One of our hospital trusts could run out


of money by September. That is the news from the University Hospitals


of Leicester. The trust has significant the overspend, and over


400 posts will have to go. At university hospitals of last NHS


Trust is one of the biggest in the East Midlands. In a statement today,


the chief executive has admitted that it is facing the toughest


financial challenge in its ten-year history. Why? It has been a tough


winter. More people visited accident and emergency. Extra staff


were employed and extra wards were opened. That cost an extra �6


million, and put quite simply, the trust could not afford it.


It is a massive problem. Back in 2007, 2008, �50 million by taking


away from this trust. Whatever reserved cash is hospital had three


years ago, it lost it all. They have been running on a shoestring


since then. That is why we are having a prop Os. It cost around �2


million a day to run a hospital's here. What is the trust going to do


about this overspend? The bosses want to make hospitals run more


efficiently. They want to drive out waste. Significantly, post will go,


around for a hundred and 20. Some of those will be compulsory


redundancies. The chief executives is what matters most is the


patients. Two more important stories on their


way. If anyone can, McLaren can. Patients and parent power. The


fight goes on to save Leicester's children had surgeries.


-- the fight goes on to save Leicester's children heart surgery


The Conservative MP arrested last week for an alleged sexual assault


has been told all charges have been dropped. Andrew Bridgen has always


denied claims that he sexually assaulted the 29-year-old woman.


Geoff Maskell has been following this story. What have the police


said? Tonight, the news that Andrew


Bridgen has waited a long week to hear. A Metropolitan Police


spokesman said a 46-year-old man has been released on bail with no


further action. He was questioned a week ago about allegations of


sexual assault after a complaint from a 29-year-old woman. He has


always denied the allegations. light of this, as he said anything


today? Him the last few minutes, he has made a statement saying he was


confident he would be cleared by police. He talked about the her to


be incident has caused his family. The allegation was unfair and


hurtful. Not just to myself, but to my wife and children, who bore the


brunt of future and unwanted media intrusion. It was worrying for my


friends and constituents, and disruptive to my work. Andrew


Bridgen speaking a few moments ago. He has also said he is considering


legal action. Thank-you. The families of seven men from


Mansfield who were killed in action have laid plaques on a new memorial


dedicated to them. The emotional ceremony was held this morning. The


community raised to �70,000. They came a family at the time to


lay their individual plaque. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,


honouring their loved one who died in conflict. Each plaque engraved


with the name of the serviceman who lost his life. Seven in all, each


one carefully positioned on this new memorial. This private ceremony


it was emotional. The family's United in agreement that this is a


fitting tribute to their loved ones. It means so much. This is not just


for May. This is for all my family. It is for my grandson, and future


generations that will come after that. Very emotional. We are proud


of David. This memorial is amazing. At the centrepiece of this memorial


at these three black granite tear drops, representing each of the


armed forces. A heavy chains around the perimeter, representing the


Merchant Navy. An official ceremony to open and bless the memorial


takes place later this month. The Prime Minister David Cameron


has been in the East Midlands Today. He what inspecting officers


graduating from Cromwell. He told cadets that changes to the armed


forces would stand and then for the future. It has emerged that one in


10 of the cadets graduating today do not have jobs to go to. They


were would-be pilots whose jobs were scrapped under the defence


review. The police have issued a picture of


a woman they want to question in connection with an attempted


abduction of a young child in Nottingham this afternoon. The


woman approached the charge that the John Lewis store in the


Victoria Centre, but ran away when challenged by the child's mother.


Police are hoping a Crimewatch television appeal could help them


to trace a seat will almost killed a pensioner. 67-year-old Jean


Burrows had tried to stop the man from stealing her car at Somercotes


in Derbyshire last November. He drove off as she tried to grab the


keys and she fell into the road. She suffered a fracture and


bruising, and has lost her sense of smell. Amazingly, she has sympathy


for the man responsible. I am hoping he will come forward, or


somebody who knows who he is will help him to come forward. He needs


help. You feel sorry for him? way, yes. I do not think these


Parents fighting to save a children's heart surgery unit stage


a protest rally today. The NHS body which is deciding on all of the


units was on -- was in Leicester today.


Theo's heart was mended by experts at Glenfield Hospital but it is


minds at his family needs to win over.


To go anywhere else would mean starting all over again with


someone new who does not know him. Emotions always run high outside


Leicester's Walkers Stadium. Today the usual sea of blue turned red as


parents came to champion the children's heart surgery in the


city. The last public consultation event before the NHS Commission has


made some bold decisions. A lot of people here are support -- here to


support Glenfield Hospital. We need to keep it... Open. Increasingly it


is seen as a fight between Leicester and Southampton.


Campaigners are hoping that patient and Parent Power will be enough to


save the unit. No one has had the courage to grapple with the issue


for years. Everywhere they go there are protests. TV cameras were not


allowed into the consultation event. I asked why? We do not want people


to feel inhibited about casting or answering questions. We want it to


be free and open. The whole process has been open and transparent up


until now. This is not just about the Midlands, it is about our


national role. The argument for change, fewer children's heart


surgery units concentrates expertise. The aim is to save more


lives. Try telling people here that it is surgery in Leicester that


should go. There is uncertainty about what will happen and it it is


certain that it will not be popular everywhere.


Lovely and sunny in Leicester. We will have the forecast later.


looking out for rain. It looks like Let us return to our top story. The


news that the train maker Bombardier has lost a contract to


build up to 1200 carriages for Thameslink. Our correspondent is


outside the factory in Derby. tell you that the company issued a


brief statement earlier saying that they were very disappointed that


they lost the contract. As you said earlier, there are those who feel


that losing the contract could mean the end of train making in Derby.


This is a tradition that goes back well over 100 years. It is a


history that is not without its ups and downs. Here is a report.


Look at its Great Railway Works where we see engines being built...


It has been at the forefront of railway engineering for over 150


years. Steam was still in its heyday in the 1930s and politicians


have been associated with the works. Barbara Castle visited in 1967.


Changes were afoot. The carriage works went from British Rail to


British Rail Engineering Ltd, as privatisation beckoned. In 1992, a


complete change of ownership. The Swiss firm ABB took over. A year


later, rail unions are in Westminster, pressing MPs for more


railway work. In 1996, another change of ownership. Three months


later, yet again, we were reporting, more redundancies and cuts. In 2000,


another change of ownership to French-Canadian Bombardier. In 2007,


unions and management combine to beg the government to stop the


endless cycle of feast and famine in rail orders. Nonetheless, two


years later, Bombardier failed to win the order for the new InterCity


express. Now it has failed to win the order for Thameslink too. Those


in Britain's remaining train maker wonders whether they can survive


again. I am joined now by the chief


executive of the Chamber of Commerce. Can they survive a again?


We will do everything we can to insure that they do. It is a very


good company, it is part of an international group. There is a big


investment hearing Derby. We what about the implications? Not only do


the people who supply Bombardier but also the businesses around


here? There are a lot of direct suppliers to Bombardier who will be


dismayed. Bombardier also employed 3000 people here which puts


spending power into the Derbyshire economy. If that is going to be


reduced, that is of significance. One managing director we spoke to


on the telephone, he supplies bombard the air -- Bombardier and


he says that there will be many job losses. That is a worst-case


scenario. We will do all that we can to ensure that we still benefit


from the contract. Another prime contractor has won the contract.


All of these suppliers and all of the manufacturers here now need to


beat a path to their door to see if we can get work back here to Derby.


Let us hope that this is not the end of train making in Derby and


not the end of the line for Bombardier and its 3000 workers.


Let us have some sport. It had been a big day at the City


ground. The new man in charge has been speaking for the first time.


The former England boss Steve McLaren believes he has got what it


takes to return the Reds to the top Steve McClaren is back. Back to the


stresses and strains of English football. That is a great way of


putting it! Its is great to be back, involved in what is a great


historic tradition of football club I have experienced life in the


Premier League, I know what it takes to get in there and back is


what we bring. We will try to build and what was -- on what has already


been achieved by the chairman and what Billy Davies has done over the


last two-and-a-half years. He was sacked at the weekend. The club


only met McLaren on Sunday. Some supporters early on Monday were


disappointed with our decision. Once they got to know him like we


have got to know him, I think they will be quite happy with our


appointment. What do you think the general mood is? Reserved optimism


I think. I think he will do a good job, optimistic. Do you think he


will pick up a Nottingham accent? have listened to his Dutch accent


on You Tube macro. Graham Taylor had the internet. He overcame that


and progressed. -- Graham Taylor had the turnip. Wherever I have


gone, whether I have been, the key thing we need to achieve his full


houses in the City Ground. That is the first target. He has not


stopped smiling since the press conference. Some will say it is the


hefty new contract bet he says he would not have come here if he did


not think he could fill every one's If you want to see more of his only


one to one TV interview, you can see it on the BBC's Board website.


The Forest board clearly believe that the McLaren is the man that


can return Forest to the Premier League. How good are his


credentials? Earlier today I spoke to David Davies, former executive


director of the FA. Let us be quite clear, Nottingham Forest have


appointed one of the best coaches, one of the best English coaches of


this generation. His track record is there. He was the coach when


Manchester United won an unprecedented treble in 1999. He


was the coach who took Middlesbrough, who frankly have not


won hundreds of trophies over the years, to winning the League Cup


and to a European final which was a fantastic achievement. He also was


successful in Holland with a relatively small club, which beat


the likes of big clubs. He is one of the best coaches in his


generation. Given all of that and his fantastic club credentials,


people remember what happened with him and the England job. Do you


think he has to overcome some of the reputation... When he failed to


achieve what he could have with the England team? England is high


profile. He is as sad as what happened with England as anyone.


But you do not become a bad coach overnight. Since then, as I have


mentioned, he has gone to Holland and done unbelievably well. Now he


has had another hit back with another team, but the reality is


that he is coming to a fantastic club. You do not have to be a


Forest supporter do have the highest possible regard for


Nottingham Forest. Timing is everything in football. It seems to


me that you have Nottingham Forest and Steve McClaren coming together


at a very good moment. The Forest fans was totally hope that you are


right. Thank you. One of his first games in charge


will see him take on Notts County in the Carling Cup. Leicester City


will face Rotherham, Derby travelled to Shrewsbury and


Chesterfield will play Rochdale. That is all for tonight. The good


thing about him coming back is that we got to hear that song that we


both like? Mark Morrison is from the East Midlands.


Now the weather. We think it is You are right. The rain is on its


way for stump I am by the canal and I have made some friends. They are


just going for a nice trip on their barge. It looks like the showers


have been holding off for the most part. One or two around. Let us


take a look. It is going to become quite dry overnight. We will see


some clear spells compared to last night. It would have been nice last


night with the lunar eclipse but sadly we cannot order the weather


just like that. There were some showers earlier today, few and far


between. Any showers will be drying out. On the pressure chart, the


area of rain that we are looking at his the large bit of blue in the


south-west. That is gradually making its way north into tomorrow.


The forecast is that we are seeing showers gradually fizzling out that


throughout receiving and overnight. Turning dry with clear spells. As a


result, temperatures will be a little cooler. Tomorrow morning, it


will be bright, sunny but as the day goes on, the cloud will


increase. Some showers by late morning. The winds will increase


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