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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, a coroner condemned as the


catalogue of failures that amounted to neglect.


19-year-old testy killed herself after absconding from a psychiatric


unit -- 19-year-old Kirsty. It is very upsetting to know that she may


be alive. I am at East Midlands Airport


looking at the government's security restrictions on the parcel


company UPS. After the last billion pounds


contract, it demands for the PM to explain. Absolutely devastating


that the city has lost his contract. I am puzzled and bewildered about


wide. And an amazing tropical wander


Good evening. First, the neglect that contributed to the death of a


teenage mental health patients. A A coroner detailed a whole series


of failings today by the NHS that played a part in Kirsty Brookes


taking her own life. Her father has said that his beautiful daughter


had been badly let down. Kirsty Brookes might still be alive


today if procedures and protocols had only been followed. She was


supposed to be looked after at Leicester's Bradgate Unit but she


was not properly supervised. There was poor communication between


staff and almost a year to be based in she absconded from the unit and


took their own life, it is all very difficult for her family.


needed help. She did not quite get the help that she required.


coroner outlined a series of failings. She recorded a verdict


that Kirsty Brookes took her own life in part due to neglect. She


said she was still concerned about staffing levels at the unit and


would be writing to the NHS trust involved. All I could have hoped


for, that any other family and suffering with a friend or relative


will benefit from the outcome of this. Kirsty's family know she got


out of the psychiatric unit because of a design flaw on a garden gate.


It has now been changed and security fencing increased. Police


were alerted when she vanished but the risk was not braided properly.


She was found dead near a shopping centre the next day. The NHS says


that changes have been made on the ward. It was a brand new unit with


only 18 beds. We have bench marked our staffing numbers against


national standards. We have introduced matrons. As the coroner


has highlighted, we still may have problems in relation to responding


to a more immediate needs. We propose to look at that. Kirsty's


father paid a moving tribute to his daughters. Beautiful, a gem of a


person. Behind, -- kind, considerate. Kirsty's passion was


dance and a Leicester studio has been named in her memory.


We had in the report that there are concerns about the level of


staffing. When will that be addressed? Following the very sad


tragedy involving someone so young, you can only imagine what a


priority it is to try and sort these things out. I think it will


be sorted out. The letter has yet to arrive with the NHS from the


coroner. When it comes to staffing, it is when the patient's


vulnerability changes that they need to change the staffing levels.


That is taking place against pressures within the NHS. I am


pretty sure it will be sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you very


much. Next, the government has stopped


the air freight carrier UPS from screening cargo at some of its


sites because it security arrangements are not up to scratch.


Last year, the so-called ink cartridge bombs were found at the


company's facilities at East Midlands Airport.


I stood in this very spot last October during what was an


extraordinary security breach. After the police operating on a tip


off from the Saudi authorities removed A-bomb from a UPS flight


that had landed at East Midlands Airport from start a Department of


Transport have confirmed that they have restricted the number of sites


in the UK at which UPS are permitted to screen it air cargo


until they say they are satisfied that current security requirements


are met. The company says that it has come


about after a scheduled audit. They saved that as a result of that,


some of their facilities have been taken off-line. They say that a


direct result is that some of their packages will be delayed although


they have contingency plans to put the screening the through a third


party at some facilities. The detail is still fairly sketchy. For


security reasons, neither the Department for Transport or UPS


will tell us exactly which locations these restrictions apply


to. Certainly, they are ongoing. The Department for Transport says


that their prime objective is to ensure that passengers are safe. Of


course, this all comes after a new security measures regarding air


freight came into force in November last year, which followed on from


the investigation after the suspect package was found at East Midlands


Airport. UPS says that they have their contingency plans in place


and they are working with the Department for Transport to meet


their security demands and they hope it will be business as normal


early next week. Sally will be along later turning


the air blue. The weather is definitely turning a deeper shade


of blue as we go through the next few hours. It is wet, windy, I will


City leaders are demanding an urgent meeting with the Prime


Minister after a Derby firm failed to win a massive railway order.


Bombardier had hoped to secure the wonder of �4 billion deal by


yesterday lost out to the German company Siemens. As a sandcastle


leaders in the City are angry and are demanding to know why they lost


the deal -- business and council leaders. We will immediately tried


to meet with the Prime Minister... Derby City Council leader Philip


Hickson talking on BBC radio this morning. Like many others in Derby,


he is outraged that a billion pound plus order for new trains for the


North South Thameslink route through London has not gone to


Bombardier, Britain's only remaining train maker. It is so


serious that only a meeting with David Cameron will do in my view.


It is amazing how 90% of trains operating in Germany are built in


Germany. 91% in Spain, and 100% of French operating trains are built


in France. You have got to wonder how this goes along with the Prime


Minister's rebalancing of the UK economy. There are some questions


to be asked. Rail historian George Revill says that uncertainty now


hangs over the future of the carriage works in Derby just as


rail travel worldwide is expanding. Rail is becoming a much more


popular form of transport. It seems to me a great shame that Derby


would lose its stake in what should be a very prosperous future.


Siemens, the Thames in a preferred bidder, say they will prefer --


they will create work across the UK. We will create 2000 jobs in the UK


around which one doesn't 400 will be beak for the ongoing maintenance


of the trains. Around 600 will be in the supply chain. Back in Derby,


business and council leaders hope that to let signs do not go up on


Bombardier. They hope that it will be able to keep going until they


can bid for the next big contract in 2013 for CrossRail.


In other news, police were called to Leicester General Hospital this


morning after reports of an armed man at the site. A member of the


public called the police at 8:45am and reported seeing a man with a


firearm. Police spent much of the morning searching buildings on


Gwendolen Road. The search was called off at lunchtime.


A driver who seriously injured a 23-year-old woman in a hit and run


permission has been jailed. Rohan Bingham from Bestwood crashed into


Clare Carver 1 Derby Road last November. He pleaded guilty to five


charges that has been jailed for 164 days. Clare Carver remains in


hospital. The Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen


has been back on constituency business today after an allegation


against him of sexual assault was dropped. The North West


Leicestershire MP was visiting students at Stephenson's College in


Coalville for World Skills Week. Yesterday police in London


confirmed he would face no further action over a 29-year-old woman's


allegations which she had always vigorously denied. I am really


pleased to be back in North West Leicestershire on constituency work


after a week which has been extremely difficult and an


unwarranted distraction from my work as an MP. It has not been the


best week of my life, extremely stressful, but with the support of


constituents, friends and colleagues, we have got through it.


More on the financial crisis facing Leicester's hospitals. The chief


executive has suggested that big Trust's financial position is so


big that staff might not get paid. He warns that salaries could fail


to reach pay packets as early as August or September. The Trust is


aiming to lose hundreds of posts to balance its books.


If it costs millions of pounds every week to run the hospitals in


Leicester but according to a leaked email by the chief executive of the


University Hospitals NHS Trust, they are running out of money.


overshoot on our income and expenditure lies somewhere between


5 million and �6 million. That can only be described as catastrophic.


He tells his staff that there is a real issue about whether we will be


able to pay our staff by August or September. Unions say they are


shocked by the content. We have had people on the telephone to date in


tears, is my mortgage going to be paid in August? That is the kind of


panic that this has caused. He owns the melt with a warning that I am


writing this because I want no one to be under any illusions.


understanding is that the now was only ever intended to be seen by a


small group of senior managers as - - managers. It has now been


circulated among hospital staff. The Trust have said that they may


give an interview on Monday to clarify the background to the now.


-- to the email. They have been called the hidden


victims of domestic violence, the children back witness it. A charity


is warning of long-term problems in one city after funding for child


support workers was withdrawn. It means there are currently no


children specialists in any of Nottingham's refuges, even though


it is thought that thousands of youngsters are at risk.


Drawings by some of the most vulnerable victims, 400 children


living with domestic violence were helped by five specialists support


workers hearing Nottingham last year with the charity Of women's


Aid. There are now none left in the city. If it could mean that women


will not stay, they will not stay in the refuge and children's issues


around domestic violence will not be dealt with. Children are very


badly affected by domestic violence, it affects their confidence, self-


esteem, their view of relationships, sometimes children do not attend


school. It is really important that we have children's workers to


Nine out of 10 children in those households will see, or hear that


abuse. In a class of 30 children here in Nottingham, it is or one in


10 of the work experience domestic abuse. Batty's 7000 children.


woman moved to a refuge last month, she says her children need someone


to help. They do not feel like they could trust that person. They need


to get things off their chest. City Council has blamed it the


government's cuts. They plan to get a one chart support worker later


this year. If more is not done, others will have to literally pick


up the pieces. Social care may have to get more involved. Teachers may


have to get more involved. There is a huge effect. Without them, they


will not be that work. Children will remain in potentially


dangerous situations. Other stories making the news. A


company that was to build a multi- million pound specialist centre has


shut down. Modcon UK Ltd was sacked from building the day care unit at


St Luke's Hospital. There were a catalogue of errors. They have


officially be what -- officially been wound-up in court. It is said


that another firm will build the clinic next year.


Doctors say that 70 % of emergency admissions are related to alcohol.


He becomes as the NHS reveals that the number of alcohol-related


admissions has topped 1 million people for the first time.


Roman and Saxon relics have been unveiled up in one are not think --


Nottinghamshire town. Researchers from the University of Nottingham


spent two weeks digging in Southwell, they discovered


household artefacts, a Roman Seal, a Saxon pin, and pottery pieces.


You are watching East Midlands Today, the mother of a record-


breaking a rower Serra Luton is so proud of her daughter for getting


an MBE. She says it is a fitting tribute to her father he passed


away five years ago. He was the inspiration again -- the


inspiration for that epic row across the Indian Ocean.


Weekly phone calls keep Helen in touch with her daughter Sarah


Newton. She is at 2 1/2 months through her latest exhibition --


exhibition. She is planning to cycle, kayak and row the entire


globe from London to London. So far, she has managed to cycle through


Europe. She has got as far as Kazakhstan. It was her last voyage


that earned her an award macro. -- a MBE. She broke three world


records. Back home in Rutland, her mother is thrilled. I was excited,


I was shocked, and excited. I am so proud. Derek would add been so


proud, too. Derek was her inspiration. He suffered from


rheumatoid arthritis, and died suddenly five years ago. The row


raised �30,000 for the charity. is the five-year anniversary, I am


really excited. It will be an emotional day, Derek will not be


able to be there, but he would have been so proud. I am looking forward


to it. Even though I may need an hat? -- I may need a hat!


Exhibition -- X. She got an award macro for the


Indian Ocean, maybe she will get a day in head.?


Meet at the youngest the deputy leader -- deputy leader of the


council in this country. He is 24, the leader is 64. There has been a


wave of young councillors. See that to be Sunday.


With at the weekend well on the way, we will be getting green fingered a


little later. We return to Chatsworth House to unearth


tropical gems. I'm blame you for writing that. Now


the sport. Rebecca Addington has now taken


first place at the British National Championships in Sheffield. We will


get a reaction later. Turning to cricket, on Monday


Nottinghamshire's Samit Patel will find out if he has fought his way


back into the England team. He was famously dropped for his fitness.


His rehabilitation is almost complete. We meant to we -- we went


to meet him. They were horrible headlines, Samit


Patel's bid has cost him his England place. Six a month later


the selectors are emphasising their point. He knows what is required.


He has had to be message delivered by myself, and the coach. He knows


what is required. It did hurt at the time. I would be lying if I


said he did not hurt. You need to be fit to play cricket. As I said,


my cricket has been great this year. There has never been any doubt


about Patel's talent and commitment to cricket. He has been put in


extra work in at the EGM. It has been paying off. 100 per the Lions


means he is in their thoughts. Obviously I had fitness issues, I


have rectified them. That is great for me, it has been great for me


and at the club. This is where he really wants to be. With the


England boys, playing Test matches. A true all-rounder if he believes


that it isn't true place. Odyssey Test cricket is where I want to be,


one-day cricket would take care of itself. If I get runs, and stay fit


maybe I have a chance. He is already a poster boy, used to


promote last year's T20 campaign. He is hoping that this year in and


will take him away from Trent Bridge.


We will see. Josh Cobb has smacked a 50 in just 30 balls. Rain has got


in the way. Derby County are set to sign


Barnsley defender Jason Shackell for a fee of �1 million. They will


complete the deal next week once the player returns from holiday.


The new fixtures for next season were released today. Leicester City


play great rivals Coventry. Notts play great rivals Coventry. Notts


County have got a visit to Carlisle. There are some early tardy clashes


for Nottingham Forest. Finally got off, if Lee wet -- Lee


Westwood is heading out DDT. He is quite far back.


Everybody's garden should be getting quite a good watering of


this weekend. That is the key to return to Chatsworth. She has been


to have seen a new flower bed with a tropical steam -- theme.


Here at Chatsworth House, many of the gardens were developed years


the gardens were developed years ago. They dated back to Victorian


times. You'll not see any keep off the grass signs here. The present


owners want everyone to enjoy a the gardens. These gardens are full of


promise as spring moves into summer. The flower beds do not look after


themselves, new plantings are constantly being added. You are one


of the garden's supervisors, this looks a little bit different.


just a bit different. The last time you are here you saw tulips. We are


now going through a tropical style he must have a personal favourite,


what is it? I love the palm trees, and the bananas. It is so different,


we have done nothing like this before. The public his liking it to.


I will lead to crack on. Thank you very much. The gardeners are always


on hand it to offer advice, they are sharing their expertise. The


Rabiya there is an extended programme of hands on discoveries.


Meanwhile, there is meant the more -- plenty more to discover here at


every corner. This maze for example. It was once the largest in the


world. It is now home to these beautiful colour did plants. There


are vibrant colours. It looks easy to get lost in! Well, I do not know


where the middle is, but I didn't make my way out. That is it from me.


I'll see you next time. He should have found the middle.


Mazes scare me. That is because you cannot say the word.


We have a lot of rain on the way. We have a lot of rain on the way.


Actually it has already arrived. The heavier stuff is not far away.


Tonight, wet and windy. You probably do not feel like getting


your camera out, beget a some shots if you feel like it. The radar


shows the rain gradually working its way towards us. It is pretty


much everywhere. Maybe some lighter stuff at first, but it will turn


more persistent. Temperatures overnight, not a great deal


different from today. 11-12 Celsius. We end the day on a soggy note. A


further showers tomorrow. 1, or two sunny spells. Temperatures doing


much better, it will feel the warmth. 18 Celsius The Hyde but


tomorrow. Her a blustery day. -- a blustery day. The best stay on the


weekend is going to be Sunday. Lighter winds, and some sunny


spells. Possibly edging up to 19 degrees. We start off the first


week of Wimbledon on a wet night. Ray pushing in, staying very


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