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Hello, this is East Midlands Today. Our top story - workers at


Bombardier brace themselves for an imminent announcement on jobs. A


mass meeting is called for the morning, amid reports that 2000


jobs could go. It is the end of the railway industry in this country.


In other news, shocking images of a burglary victim being attacked by


armed men in his own home. I went to open the door as normal. The


next minute someone was poking a gun at my stomach. A trail of


devastation, a man is accused of stealing a digger and using it in a


wrecking spree. And the musical Good evening. Welcome to the


programme. First, there are fears that up to 2000 job losses could be


at risk that the train maker Bombardier in Derby. It comes after


the company lost out on the government's Thameslink rail


contract which went to a German rival. Our correspondent is at


Bombardier now. He can tell us more. Good evening. Staff here at


Bombardier will be told about the job situation in a series of


briefings tomorrow. The first of those will be to the night shift at


around 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. Around 3,000 people work here, many


of them feeling apprehensive. Going home after their shift, but


Bombardier workers in Derby face a night of uncertainty over their


future. Some reports say up to 2000 job losses could be announced


tomorrow. We do not know where to go after


this. A lot of people are angry now. Devastated, absolutely gutted.


Bombardier lost out to its German rival Siemens last month. Trains


for the �1.4 billion Thameslink contract will be built near


Dusseldorf, instead of Derby. And Bombardier is running out of work.


Two production lines for National Express are due to finish around


now. A third production finishes next month, and a fourth in


September, leaving only one line running until 2014. How many job


losses will be announced tomorrow is unclear. The company will just


say, there's nothing more out there, so it is not going to be a positive


announcement. One employee has started a blog, and put it on


Twitter it. But he says not many celebrities have taken up his


campaign. They do not seem to be interested. It is a shame. I know


they do not want to be campaigning all the time, but it is important


to me and the people of Derby. company says its review of UK


operations will not be completed until the end of the summer. It is


a case of wait and see now, but one man who has been following this


closely is Mark from the Unite union. You have had a series of


briefings - what is your reading of it? It would be wrong for me to


speculate on job losses before the announcement tomorrow. It is


important that it is the company that tells its employees first and


foremost. What we're going to do, however, is to continue to fight


for all of the jobs on this site, and to continue to take the fight


to the government, to say, they have got the decision wrong. It is


too late for a U-turn, isn't it? Absolutely not. We have got a


situation where we have got two government ministers cousins saying


that they think they have got it wrong. We have a situation where


the previous government had accepted they had got things wrong.


I think we have got to make sure that every attempt is made to make


sure that we keep rail manufacturing in this city. Thank


you very much. That big announcement coming tomorrow. And


we will have more on that in Breakfast tomorrow. Police are


investigating the death of a young child in Leicester. The 10-month-


old baby diet at the Leicester well Infirmary on Saturday. -- died.


Police were called to the hospital on Friday afternoon after the baby


was admitted with life-threatening injuries. The doctors continued to


treat her, but we are told, despite their best efforts, she died the


following day, on Saturday. Police say this is an ongoing of --


investigation. A 22-year-old man has been arrested and released on


police bail. Police have been carrying out inquiries in one area


of the city. That is as much as they will tell us. A post-mortem


examination has been carried out on the baby, and we're told police


officers are waiting for further test results. We will keep you


updated. Still to come - Street athletics. Linford Christie brings


the atmosphere and excitement of the Olympics to children on one


Before that, the dramatic moments when a man wrestled a gun from two


burglars who had broken into his home, everything getting caught on


CCTV. Adrian Draper had installed a security camera in his living room.


He suffered bruising and head injuries in the attack. This report


from James Roberson. Adrian Draper at his front door in


Cotmanhay, near Ilkeston. He is now extremely wary of answering the


door, as he did at about 11 o'clock on Saturday morning. Two men


arriving at the house were captured on CCTV. I did not really recognise


them. And then one of the was poking a gun at me. Another CCTV


camera he was testing in his living room captured the fight which


ensued when the two men burst in. He managed to drive them out of the


living room, wrestling the gun from them... Arab -- I saw it round and


caught him in the face. One of them kicked me in the face and took the


gun, and then they were running off. The other camera captured the men


running off, and the police arriving shortly afterwards. Adrian


was treated for cuts and bruises to his face, arms and body, but did


not want to go to hospital because he has an autistic daughter who had


been woken up by the battle downstairs. She was frightened, she


didn't know what to do. Detectives are now looking for the two


assailants, who made off in an old, red car. Police have confirmed that


Adrian managed to hit one of the offenders in the face, and he may


now have injuries. Both men are described as white, in their early


20s, about 5ft 8. One of them had curly hair and one of the was


stocky. Have you any idea why this happened? I have no idea whatsoever.


I wish I did. Adrian now says he will be very careful to whom he


opens his door in the future. A man has appeared in court today,


charged with shooting dead two ponies and a cow in the Derbyshire


Peak District. It happened in Monk's Dale on Saturday. Two other


ponies in the same field were unharmed. John Tibbles has been


remanded in custody. The case has been adjourned until mid- July.


A 16-year-old boy has been charged with drugs offences after cannabis


worth an estimated �340,000 was found in a house in Nottinghamshire.


Officers discovered more than 600 cannabis plants and related


equipment when they raided the home off Derby Road in Bramcote on


Friday. Derby's Special Care Baby Unit is


remaining closed to new admissions. It had been due to reopen today.


Two babies were found to be infected last month with the MSSA


bug, and others had it on their skin. The Royal Derby Hospital says


that neonatal unit is being deep- cleaned, and investigations are


continuing. Amman who's accused of going on at


wrecking spree with a �50,000 digger has been remanded in custody.


Steven Regan from Leeds is said to have left a trail of destruction in


Warsop. The damage included a number of smashed headstones in the


cemetery. Magistrates heard it is the second digger that he has been


charged with stealing in recent months. The stolen digger's journey


started on Saturday evening and ended up in the Warsop cemetery a


short time later, leaving a trail of disruption behind it. 34-year-


old Steven Regan from Leeds is accused of stealing this telescopic


forklift JCB, similar to this one, worth �50,000, and driving it


across fields and hedges and into the graveyard. While it was being


driven along the A60, police tried to stop him. Other drivers had to


take evasive action. When it diverted into the Carrs Recreation


Ground, officers warned people to get out of the way. After going


across a field, it made its way into the cemetery. While there, it


was driven up this access road and smashed into three headstones.


Steven Regan faces three charges of criminal damage at this. After that


he is said to have driven the digger up the access road towards a


wrought-iron gate. Magistrates heard that when he got here, Steven


Regan is said to have ploughed through the gates, completely


demolishing them. He was only stopped because he got a punctured


tyre, and was subdued by the police with CS spray. Steven Regan is also


accused of stealing another digger in Leeds earlier this year, worth


�28,000. He did not enter a plea to a total of nine charges. The cost


of the repairs is expected to exceed �20,000.


A new report says the Government, which saved -- the Government would


save billions of pounds if it adopted an ambitious scheme similar


to the one in Nottingham to help people from deprived backgrounds.


The Prime Minister had asked the Nottingham North MP project to


investigate how early intervention could be paid for. Today, the end


PE published his findings. Here's our political editor, John Hess. If


not every baby gets an equal start in life. Nottingham's early


intervention it is is about giving single mums skills in nursing and


parenting. The aim is to prevent a future generation going off the


rails. Today, Nottingham North MP Graham Allen published the findings


of how such early intervention could be rolled out nationally, and


how it would be paid for. It is very much more expensive to


let children go wrong and then try and put them right - teenage


pregnancy, drink and drug abuse, lifetime on benefits - than it is


to intervene early on. The report calls on government departments to


co-ordinate intervention. It also wants �200 million to be raised


from the private sector in return for a share of long-term government


savings. The last Labour government showed interest in the ideas, and


Conservative ministers have also supported the idea. Literally 1%


should be shifted over to early intervention, is what I am


suggesting. Secondly, I'm trying to draw in new funding from the


private sector, from will and the PE and from ethical fund in. --


from philanthropy. -- and from ethical funding. The idea is


finding its feet. The question now, will be Conservative-led government


want to embrace the costs involved? That's the big question, will David


Cameron back this idea? Well, Graham Allen is adamant that it


will save the Government lots of money. Further down the line,


children will be kept out of the criminal justice system, which is


so expensive. But the Prime Minister has now got three


substantial report to look at, one on the future of pensions, the


Dilnot inquiry into adult care, and of course these early into venture


proposals. The key will be the reaction next door, as it were, in


Number 11 Downing Street, the reaction of the Chancellor. Another


of our senior politicians has also been getting some attention today...


Yes, this story relates to the MP for Rushcliffe, Ken Clarke. He was


confronted at his home over the weekend. This video was posted on


the Internet by 43-year-old Garry Roe from Heanor, who says he


represents New Fathers 4 Justice. He questioned Ken Clarke about the


Family Justice Review, and fathers having access to their children


after the break-up of a relationship. Despite being asked


to stop filming on private property, Garry Roe continued for some time.


Although he had gone by the time the police arrived, the Justice


Secretary calmly explained what government policy was. It was not


reported because it was not regarded as newsworthy. It is a


perfectly open process. Kenneth Clarke will be hugely irritated by


this. But it is not the first time it has happened. Back in the 1980s,


he was in Mrs Thatcher's Cabinet, and he had protesters outside his


home. There were nurses, fire crews and teachers. The difference now is


that such protests are now seen globally on the Internet.


Taxi drivers in Nottingham staged two go-slow protests today, angry


about instant fines. The City is targeting taxis who spillover to


pay-and-display bays. The drivers say it is unfair because there is


often nowhere else to go. A line of taxi drivers making their


feelings known about not being able to use double yellows or single


yellows. From now on, any CAB parked outside the taxi rank could


find itself out of pocket. But cabbies say it is hampering their


livelihoods. They want us to drive around, but Nottingham is not a


major city, we do not get hailed. start work at 9 o'clock, I go


around the city getting a job, I cannot get any job. In 1997, there


were 201 taxis, and the same amount of rents. Now, there are 411 taxis


and the same amount of spaces. city council says the finds are


necessary in order to keep traffic moving around the city. -- the


fines. Still to come, the musical with a


difference. That's because for most of the cast,


it is something they have never actually done before. There's a


change in weather, which may not be music to your ears, but the flowers


will be dancing with delight. So get your brollies ready for your


wet weather forecast a little later. Never mind, time for the sport now.


Sport starts with football, and Nottingham Forest manager Steve


McClaren has told his players he's at the club to get promotion. He


called in his squad for a team meeting yesterday ahead of the


start of training today, as Mark Shardlow reports. Steve McClaren is


back, and this was his first look at his new players. They were soon


into a game, trying to impress. What are you looking for in the


first week back? Attitude, enthusiasm, willingness to work,


willingness to learn. His first signing is looking shop. Andy Reid


was 14 when he first joined Forest. 14 years on, he's back. I have come


back to help get the club into the Premier League. I believe it has


the attributes, it is a fantastic club, I know that only too well.


Former Derby player Giles bowls was training, but not Robert Earnshaw,


who's still in talks. We have big spenders in West Ham and Leicester,


Cardiff and Birmingham. They're all spending. It is going to make it a


very competitive league. So far, Andy Reid is the only signing.


have worked really hard in the summer. I have done well in the


tests today. I did well in the other tests that we have done.


Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was observing today, he's studying for


his coaching badges. The backroom team at Forest is likely to take


shape as the week progresses. Leicester City appear to have


missed out on signing Craig Mackail-Smith. The Peterborough


striker was one of the big summer targets, but has ended up at


Brighton today. However, the Foxes have signed Sean St Ledger from


Preston. Reports say he will cost about �1.2 million. Notts County


have compensated Barnet and admitted that making mistakes in


taking manager Martin Allen. Tennis, and in case you missed it, there


was double disappointment for Liam Broady at the weekend. He played


some great tennis but got beaten in the final of the boys' singles. And


he went out of the boys' doubles, too. It was a lot for him and his


coach to build on. He will have two weeks training in Paris now, and


then he will head back to Nottingham for a week, and then we


will play two futures senior tournaments down in London before


having another couple of weeks in Nottingham, before heading out to


the US. Cricket, and it is turning into an interesting Twenty20


into an interesting Twenty20 campaign. Here's how it stands


after the weekend's matches, two wins for Leicestershire and knots


and two defeats for Derbyshire. It means that Notts Outlaws are just


one win away from confirming their place in the quarter-final.


One of British sport's most famous faces has caused a stir at housing


estate in the East Midlands. Linford Christie has been holding


races in the street. More than a decade after his disputed positive


drugs test, he still has an Olympic ban, but he's now coaching saw a


top athlete and trying to find the next generation of winners. This


report from Helen Barnes. He's and Olympic gold medallist. He's


fantastic. He's here to inspire hundreds of local kids to get


active. He needs little introduction. Streak athletics is


all about just trying to get Cage engaged in sport. To get them to


realise that sport can be fun. Just come out and enjoy yourself. If


2012 can make the kids get out there and want to take part in some


kind of sport, that's what the legacy is. Why have you come to a


street like this? We try to come to the areas where no-one else comes


to, where the kids feel they have not got anything. We try to show


them that someone cares. Welcome to Landsdown Road Latics. It is a


personal treat meeting him again. 10 years ago, when I broke the


world canoe record, he was asking me questions. What are you saying


to these kids today? Exactly the same as I said to do -- to you, we


can all try. I'm just going to encourage them in the same way.


Come out and take part. It is fantastic. To see Linford Christie


in Mansfield with the kids, the way he spends time with the kids, it is


brilliant. It has just been so lovely to see him here today. It


has been awesome. 2012 is bringing some brilliant opportunities for


kids, and this is one of the best I Sticking with the theme, well done


to our special and Paralympic medal winners over the weekend. Patrick


Cox, Ollie Hynde and Lee Penfold, well done to all of you. Time for


some theatre now, musical theatre at least. Yes, Sondheim, famous for


Sweeney Todd, also wrote Into The Woods. It is pantomime, so there


are of course pantomime characters, All the people in the cast are


amateurs. Some have a little bit of amateurs. Some have a little bit of


experienced. Have you discovered anyone? We have discovered several


people, that has been the most exciting thing about this project.


We did not know who we would find, but we have found some amazing


talent. People who I'm not sure they knew how good they were, but


they have been fantastic. You will find all the well-known pantomime


characters here, there's Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and of course,


did I mention the Giant? Now, I must punish him for his roles.


find it quite difficult to be a Giant. You're not 100ft to all,


that's true. OK, let's try it again. I told you, he's not here. I know


he's here. I'm going to wait right here until he's delivered to me.


Was that better? Yes, absolutely. It was perfect! So, my bit's going


awfully well. What about the rest of the cast? How are you finding it


all? Very exciting. You're the narrator, how old are you? I'm 10.


I will be 111 day before the show. They're a super talented group of


people. How good will the performance PE? Great, I should


imagine. Opening night is on And you are a scary giant. I have


always been scary. Not at all, should flee -- she's lovely on that


sofa. We have got some rain in coming tomorrow, good news for the


coming tomorrow, good news for the gardens. But it will be dry and


mild overnight tonight. We have got this area of low pressure out in


the Atlantic, which will bring some quite persistent rainfall in the


day tomorrow, and eventually some stronger winds later on in the week.


We have had broken cloud today. That's how we continue this evening.


Overnight tonight, the cloud will be breaking up for some of us. It


will be feeling quite humid and muggy in places. It will be warming


up in the morning. But then the rain will be coming in from the


west, turning quite persistent. That will mean temperatures will


drop. Up to 25 mini-of rain fall is expected. Wednesday, more showery


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