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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight we're live from Bombardier


in Derby where almost 1,500 workers have been told they're to lose


their jobs. It's a hammer blow for the City and many are now asking


how long can Britain's last trainmaker survive?


And here in the studio, I'll be assessing the political impact, why


did this happen and where does Bombardier and Derby go from here?


My genuine anxiety is that Bombardier's will decide their


there is not a future for them in the UK.


In other news tonight, a tragic accident - how the owner of the


King Cobra Sanctuary was killed by his own snake.


And holy amazing - the Cape Crusader's all flying show is


Good evening. Welcome to Litchurch Lane in Derby, the home of


Bombardier. There has been trained making in this city since the 1840s.


It is part of Derby's crowd engineering and industrial heritage.


For how much longer? There are fears about this factory's short-


term future. Today's announcement means half of the work force here


will be leaving. Almost 1,400 people looking for work in


difficult economic times. In a moment I will be speaking to the


leader of Derby City Council and the man who runs this 88 acre site.


First, a report from Mike O'Sullivan.


A signal from a railway man that said it all. The night shift was


the first to be told that 1,400 jobs were being lost at Bombardier


in Derby. More workers were briefed throughout the day. This is going


to be the end of the train building industry in Britain. Everybody is


doom and gloom today. I blame the Government. They gave the contract


to Germany. We are all upset. We feel like the Government have let


us down. Hoping that we get another contract. Fingers crossed.


Bombardier says it hasn't got enough for his current workforce of


3,000 in Derby. Four of the five production lines come to a halt by


September. Two weeks ago Bombardier lost the Government's 1.4 billion


pound Thameslink contract to his German rival, Siemens. Today,


Bombardier announced 1,400 job cuts. 983 contracts staff are to go. 446


permanent jobs will be lost. Many of them skilled engineers. The


company said, if it had won the Thameslink contract, no permanent


staff will be leaving at all. were the preferred bidder for


Thameslink, those engineers will be working on the design and, step --


concept. They would be fully employed today. They would be no


threat to their job? No threat. Deflated, saddened. Darren Barber


had told me how we will affect his family. He is a staff member but


his son is a contract worker. Both of them could be at the job.


market is going to be flooded. Core staff like my itself will hang on


to the end. I would be last in the queue to find a job. Is there going


to be anything out there? I don't think so. Bombardier says contract


staff would have benefited from Thameslink. They would have been


shared out to short-term employees with the potential of having them


back. A? Now hangs over the future of this factory. -- A? Macro hangs


over the future of this factory. With me is the leader of Derby City


Council. A black day I presume, what is your reaction?


devastating decision as far as Derby is concerned. Half the


workforce will be made redundant and the real possibility that we


will lose this train making site in this city, bringing to the end 170


years of train manufacturing in Derby. In future, every train, tram


and Underground train at the UK purchases will come from abroad.


understand you have attempted to contact David Cameron to talk about


the issues. What has been this -- the response? If all I have had


back are to acknowledge rents of three letters. I am extremely


disappointed. -- and acknowledgements. Nick Clegg was


here with the Cabinet at describing Derby as a powerhouse of the UK. I


am a Conservative but those words are becoming hollow now in the


light of today's announcements. I am critical of the contract


assessment process because no economic impact assessment took


place as part of the evaluation of that contract. How can it be that


this contract is the best value for the British taxpayer if the costs


of making these people redundant would all stop you get a flavour of


the sort of political storm that is brewing over this issue. Form Ahmad


Khomeini he is an in the studio. -- for more on that.


Europe bans giving contracts on the basis of nationality. Germany


routinely Awards 90 % of its rare work to German workers. In France,


it is 100 %. John Denham, Labour's shadow business Secretary thinks we


have to change the way we play the game. We have to have an industrial


policy so we can build up our manufacturing industry. I look at


Germany and France and they might - - find ways of doing that. Why


can't we do the same? If John Hess asked Business Secretary, Vince


Cable, where the Government rejected Bombardier's bid in the


first place? In this case, the former Labour Government drew up a


narrow tender terms for this contract which led to the current


transport secretary to make the decision he did. He had no choice.


I don't want to minimise the fact that this is a serious play it --


bloke to Derby and the workers. I want to do what I can to help.


Today we are setting up a task force and a senior executive of


Rolls-Royce to keep the skills boys together to help Derby ever come


this blow. I want to investigate how future public procurement can


operate within European walls, but at the same time it take account of


the importance of British suppliers. The so much for the blame game.


What next? What of the future. Will this damage investment in our


region? I have seen companies come and go at Litchurch Lane. I have


found Bombardier aid to be the most consistent in terms of their


support for the work force, investment, through lean times as


well as good times. I do wonder, and it would do everything I can to


keep the company in the UK. I think we are pushing our luck. I don't


think it will put people off investing because we have great


skills in the region. Bombardier is one of them. I don't think it will


put people off. However it is a blow to the region. Whatever


happens, no one knows tonight if it would be in time to save Britain's


last train builder. That now have to Dominic in Derby. -- back now.


With me is France's pay NASA who is president of the passenger division.


-- Frances Power NASA. We can't understand the decision.


Could she bear some responsibility in terms of losing his contract, --


? We will be happy to share the blame if we know why we had lost


the bid. During our feet back, we were given no specific information


which allowed us to make that judgment. For we are hearing of the


BBC is hearing, there were issues raised about the cost per carriage


they are you offering was higher than your rivals and there were


problems with suppliers. Would it surprise you to know this


information is coming out? For I am surprised by this. The two points I


would make, worldwide in the last five years, when Bob RDA --


Bombardier has gone with Siemens, this is the first time we have lost


out to them. We won 70 % of the contracts in the UK with the same


EU rules and the same competition. The civil servants in London over


saw these bids. Are they uncaring? What do you think of them? They


could have taken a broader view in the way the economic assessment was


carried out on this project. final question, has this place,


what is left of it, has it got a future beyond 2014 or beyond the


end of this year? We are not in a position where we can say.


Bombardier is carrying out an extensive review of our operations


and until that is completed, the future of the site is uncertain.


That is it for now from Bombardier. I will be back later in the


programme. Back now to the studio. It was a tragic accident, the death


of a man regarded as an expert in King Cobras, beaten by one of his


pet snakes. Luke Yeomans died -- died at his home which he turned


into a century for his reptiles. A coroner recorded a verdict of


accidental death today. A month ago, we filmed with him at his home in


Eastwood. Luke Yeomans dedicated his life to


the King Cobra. He created a sanctuary for them behind his home.


On 29th June, he was bitten. The inquest heard his partner, seen


here with the stripy top, saw him holding a hosepipe to his own. --


on. She knew he had been bitten. She gave him adrenalin and tried to


resuscitate him but could see he was dead. The coroner said it was a


tragic case where a man passionate about snakes and King Cobras had


devoted his life to them. She read a statement from his daughter. It


said, dad lived for his next and was particularly passionate about


King Cobras. He was fully aware of the possibility he could be written.


I took comfort that he died doing something he loved so much. East


Midlands Today filmed with him in May. He spoke of his dedication to


his animals and how he was aware of the risks. He had been bitten


before. I have had a few nasty next and one or two cases where I have


had to get in touch with the School of Tropical medicine to advise on


using anti- venom. He knew the risks and thought it was worth it


Controversial plans for a waste incinerator in Derby are back on


the table. A High Court judge says that an inspector was wrong last


year to block the proposals for a waste tree man plant at Sinfin. It


followed a fierce campaigner against the plans. There will now


be another planning inquiry. More money than originally planned


could be spent redeveloping Nottingham's Broadmarsh Centre. The


city council says it believes up to �12 million will be spent


transforming it by the owners, Westfield. The first phase of an


estimated �500 million project involves updating Drury Hill and


the centre's Middle Pavement entrance.


Plenty more to come. We will have a soggy weather forecast.


And find out about some of my favourite things in Nottinghamshire.


It is a new era for the home of Leicester City Football Club. From


today, the Walkers Stadium is changing its name to the King Power


Stadium. The rebranding is all about the new owners and the club's


new Thai chairman. What do the fans make of the change?


They have signed some new players, it laid the new turf and for the


new season, there is even a new name. It has been on the shares for


a season, now it will be all over the ground. -- on the shirts. It


has become the King Power Stadium. Walkers Stadium is synonymous with


Leicester but obviously, King Power Stadium have new sponsors and that


has got to be great for the club. do not know if I am that keen on it.


But I will get used to it. It is a complete takeover. But as long as


they keep bringing the money in and the players. Will people know where


the King Power Stadium is? If they might think it is in Thailand.


club says it reflects the owner's commitment to the club and that its


partnership with Walkers will continue. Sponsorship of stadiums


never lasts for ever. The dreams for the owners is Bob them to score


high. We are told the stadium will be rebranded in time for the pre-


season friendly with Real Madrid at the end of the month.


Nottinghamshire's fire service could spent half-a-million pounds


trying to reduce its carbon for print. The county's fire authority


is considering installing solar panels, wind turbines and ground


source heat pumps in its stations. She says it would hate save money


in the long term. -- help save money.


A kerbside recycling scheme in part of Leicester is to be extended


across the city. Traditional green recycling boxes are being replaced


with orange sacks because they take a much wider range of ways. A


recent trial led to I 30% increase in the amount collected each week.


Talking about recycling, the old bat man is back and it is big. With


an awful lot of "kerpow" the caped crusader is on stage with a show of


What makes you proud of where you live? Tonight, we begin a journey


around our counties through the eyes of some of our local radio


presenters. This week, BBC Radio Nottingham's Mark Dennison tells us


what he thinks is the pride of the county of Nottinghamshire.


Today I have come to one of my favourite places in Nottingham.


Wollaton Hall. This is a place that everyone knows. I remember spending


many a happy Sunday-morning fitting the leaves in the park with my son.


Now he is a teenager. It is a great place for a stroll around the lake,


a picnic, or watching the famous deer.


I have been coming here for years and the great thing is, there is


always something new to do. On the last Sunday of each month, you can


Welcome to Nottingham's Galleries of Justice Wright in the heart of


the town. A fantastic place to bring the kids. I sometimes forget


this place. Set in Nottingham's Centre, on the site of the Old


Court House and Dale, it gives a pretty authentic taste of what life


was like as a criminal hundreds of years ago. If you are brave enough,


you can take part in a mock trial, have a guided tour with all sorts


of outlaws and if you are really unlucky, you might end up getting


locked up. From incarceration, to the great outdoors. This is where I


love to come for some peace and quiet. The Grantham Canal. It runs


through three counties, some 33 miles long. You can take in


teashops, some fantastic pubs, you can cycle ought stroll along with


your dog. They are even places way you can bring a canoe and have a


paddle. This is the beauty of Nottinghamshire. Peace and quiet,


fantastic. We have all got somewhere just like this right on


I feel quite peaceful after that. Time for sport. I am ready for


tomorrow afternoon at Trent Bridge. It is nice to have international


cricket back there. It is a must- win game for England against Sri


Lanka. 2-1 down. A third defeat would mean the whole one day series


is lost when Dent. But at Trent Bridge, there is still a spark


about England. After a grey start to the series,


two defeats mean that the Trent Bridge won their means it has some


drama to it. We know we have got to win the next


two games to win the series. I think we are more than capable of


doing it. We need to replicate the form we had a week ago. We need to


try to put the last two games to the back of our minds. We are


proving to people because this is why we are runners up in the World


Cup, but not just because we played on the sub-continent, but we are a


pretty good cricket team. There are some specific questions about the


team, for our three Nottinghamshire players. Can Stuart Broad find true


form? He has got a firing has about him because you need that in fast


bowlers. I do not want to see my bowlers stroking kittens. Will


cynic but I'll get a game? -- will Samit Patel get a game. Or will


Graeme Swann's form be matched by beating? I would rather be taking


winning games. I cannot argue with the way it is coming out of my hand.


The England goodies are being laid out at the ground. Graeme Swann


cannot resist bigging up his county. As a is, we are stuck with other


guys. I am expecting to run a big total here. It is a fantastic run


with a great atmosphere and the best place to play cricket in the


country. Home is where the heart is. It is nearly sold out at Trent


Bridge. Some tickets will be available on the date. As Bobby


Robin, they need one more win to guarantee a home quarter-final in


the Twenty-20. They will have to fight for it at all staff. They


have had a good start. -- fight for it at Worcester.


The Hibernian chairman has said that Forest are on dangerous ground


and do not have permission to speak to Colin Calderwood. Nothing to


negotiate, apparently. One more bit of good news from


Forest. Julian Bennett has joined Forest.


David Nugent is thought to be high on the wanted list. And Derby are


waiting to hear that look Bani's move to Portsmouth is complete -- 8


Luke Varney. Heir result in need of European


Paralympic Swimming Championships to date. There has been a gold


medal for Nottinghamshire's Sam Hynd. In the same event, his


younger brother, Ollie, one silver, just three seconds behind him. We


will hear from both of them tomorrow.


We are a cracking area for sport, aren't we ate!


They have already been sightings for Batman films at Wollaton Hall.


Now it seems the Dark Knight is back but this time as part of a new


live stage show, all based on the original comics. It tells the story


of how Robin met the great trick crusader. Our reporter has had a


sneaky peek at the signs -- behind the scenes at the rear parcels.


What do have all been waiting for! For the first time, the story of


Batman and Robin has been transformed into when Arena shows.


The Dark Knight, there is a 42 strong cast and they are currently


rehearsing in Nottingham. The story is the original Robin. How Robin


became Robin. We also have stuns, fights, flying, it pyrotechnics,


all of the things you would expect from a back now and story. -- from


a Batman story. The 3 D set is designed to be interactive. Where


would the caped crusader be without his trusted car? This one was


specially designs, one of Formula One's most famous car designers.


Even if you are not a diehard Batman fan, it is hard not to be


impressed. There are two Nottingham performers in the cast. One has


come straight after circus school to land his first big jobs. We are


on the stage all of the time doing something acrobatic, dancing,


running... It is pretty full on the whole time. Then there is the


gentleman the villain, the penguins. You are transfers and when you're


on stage into the penguins. It is quite different to what end seeing


here. I wear a fat cigar. -- a fact suit. The show is rehearsing here


for one more week. It will be back in September for part of the arena


It does look fantastic. I used to play Pac-Man and Robin with my


We have got patchy rain overnight. It will still feel quite mild.


Thank you for this photo. Please do send us your pictures. We have had


some lovely subtle days over the past two days. But an area of low-


pressure out in the Atlantic is slowly moving its way in. We have


seen an increase in cloud today. We will start to see some patchy rain


overnight. Some more intense rainfall across the Far East Apache


showers far everyone else. Overnight, the rain will turn more


intense before it slowly moves itself North East. Behind it, some


heavy showers. Feeling quite muddy overnight with a minimum


temperature of 13 degrees. -- Margie. On Wednesday, a chance of


scattered showers. Some decent sunshine across the South before


the showers turn more intense in the afternoon. There is a chance of


some thunder and event some hail at times. Temperatures reaching 20


degrees. A much fresher feel to things. Quite a fresh south-


westerly breeze. The low pressure is staying with us into their state.


Quite persistent rainfall to come during the early hours of Thursday


but turning more sherry with some sunshine in the afternoon. On


Friday, it is a fairly breezy day, the chance of some showers. On the


weekend, more showers to come on Saturday but slowly things will


start to improve. The temperatures are gradually creeping up. Things


will turn was settled towards the end of the weekend.


Thank you. Let us hope that the shower stay away from Trent Bridge


tomorrow. For the last word on today's job cuts at Bombardier, let


us go back to Derby. The half completed carriage will


run on the Metropolitan Line in London. Many of the workers here at


Bombardier were dreading this morning. They knew that the news


would be bad but they did not quite know how bad. At least there is now


a certainty. Some very important questions remain. Be the government


have done more? Should bombard VII bear some responsibility for the


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