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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight: a woman's denied IVF treatment because her


fiancee already has a child. The NHS won't pay for Susie's treatment


because her partner has a grown up son. And classed as having a family,


not classed as being childless. Also tonight, Boots pulls its ads,


on the day the News of the World self-destructs.


Plus, I've never abused anyone. A care home worker says claims of


ill-treatment are rubbish. And Golden Hynd, and Sam Hynd's


brother gets a Silver too. He is like a crocodile. He never stops


Good evening, welcome to the programme. First tonight, the woman


denied IVF treatment on the NHS because her fiance has a grown up


son. The rules in the East Midlands mean


she's not seen as childless because she has a stepson.


The rules apply even though he's 20-years-old, and she's never even


met him. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


Susie makes dreams come true. She designs wedding dresses in


Nottingham but is furious the NHS will not find her own dream to have


a child. I cannot imagine myself being childless. I disagree with


people who say IVF shouldn't be on the NHS because it is a lifestyle


choice. Infertility is a disease. This affects one in 10 women.


Regional criteria mean that if either partner has children, the


course of IVF will not be funded. Susie's fiancee has a grown-up son.


He is 20. She has never met him, he lives hundreds of miles away in


Wales. And not about to start nurturing and protecting it went


year-old man. -- I am not about. I'm not going to cradle him in my


arms. That would be very weird. I want the opportunity to be a mother


and a real mother. Unravelling the NHS rules has proved baffling for


her. She has won many awards for her business. She loves her career


but says it will not love her back. It is a baby she doesn't just want


but needs. More than anything, and desperate to be a mother. I feel we


are being discriminated against because I had a child in a previous


relationship over 20 years ago. They say at the end of the day,


they will find the money somehow for IVF. They say it is the


principle of the whole thing. They insist the NHS should pay for at


least one course. Well, there are several conditions


that have to be met for you to get the go ahead for IVF on the NHS but


Susie fails on one. Because she has a grown-up stepson. Now that rule


applies throughout the East Midlands. And in fact is now the


case across most of England. The only way round it is to opt for


private IVF treatment and that would cost Susie around �7,000 for


one cycle. Dr Greg Place is a Nottinghamshire GP who has to deal


with this emotive issue. A line has to be drawn somewhere in terms of


funding services for people who are not in law. That means you can


maximise treatment options for those with cancer, those with heart


disease, those with chronic lung disease, for kidney transplantation.


For those people there were not physically ill, there is funding


available to some extent and the idea of the funding guidelines as


to maximise chances of having a baby for a certain number of people.


Susie Henson's MP Vernon Coaker says he's taking the matter up in


the House of Commons. That criterion that means she is


automatically excluded. In other parts of the country, she would get


IVF. It is very unfair. I will meet her tomorrow, discuss it with her


and then I will see what I can do to help both locally and nationally.


This is of such importance that it needs to be raised in Parliament.


Well, the Commissioning Group responsible for making the policy


say they recognise the difficulties couples face but they believe their


rules are fair. Explosive news tonight from The


News of the World - it's closing down. The phone-hacking scandal has


finally sunk the top-selling tabloid and Sunday's paper will be


the last. Only today, Boots the Chemist pulled its advertising from


the paper. The East Midlands company was one of the paper's


biggest advertisers but felt it had to withdraw its backing today as


the size of the scandal grew. Simon Hare's at the Boots site now. Good


evening, Simon. Good evening. The day began with


the company saying it was reviewing its advertising with the News Of


The World. LEA -- later can use it was put in its adverts on hold,


although one at that will appear in the newspaper's Sunday supplement


magazine which will now be the last. A significant Advertiser, as you


say, said to be the 7th biggest advertiser with the News Of The


World, spending almost �1 million a year plugging its range of health


and beauty care products. Through the course of the day, other


advertisers and organisations said they were stopping or suspending


their relationship with Britain's biggest selling newspaper. The


allegations of hacking also expanded to include alleged hacking


off phones of soldiers and their families, soldiers killed in Iraq


and Afghanistan. For the latest information, I'm joined by a


lecturer in politics and the media at Nottingham Trent University.


Quite an amazing story breaking late tonight but how influential do


believe the loss of advertisers like Boots the Chemist has been in


this amazing decision? I think it has been incredibly important.


Advertising is the lifeblood of the newspaper industry. It is also


important because people were not going to buy the newspaper on


Sunday. I think Rupert Murdoch thought this might jeopardise the


BSkyB deal. Stay with us for the moment. Within the past hour, we've


been out on the streets of Nottingham to assess the reaction


of readers. I think that the salaciousness of the News Of The


World is probably represented elsewhere in the media now. I think


it is a good thing. By May writer and it is not very good for


literacy anyway. -- I am a writer. It has been a shameful episode for


everyone concerned has and it, really? Sunday is not going to be


the same without it. Some reaction to the news that the News Of The


World is no more. Do you think that this is going to be a simple


rebranding exercise? This is an amazing commercial decision.


would be very surprised if in a couple of months' time, we don't


see the Sunday Sun or some equivalent been launched. This has


been an amazing week, a long- running story but an amazing


development. A what is interesting is how quickly it has happened.


the space of four days, a newspaper which has 168 years old has been


closed down. Many thanks. Back to the studio.


Still to come on the programme: Sally struggles for words.


A brief period of precipitation, six letters, starts with the letter


S, shower! Why didn't I think of that?! Or showers in the forecast


later. And I will be finding out why this


time of year is especially A senior care home manager has


adamantly denied ill-treating three elderly patients in her care. Dawn


Heaney told a jury at Leicester Crown Court today that in her 22


year career she'd never abused anyone.


She said claims that she'd slapped two residents and had a lack of


respect for the diginity of her residents were utter rubbish. Sarah


Teale was in court. Dawn Heaney took to the stand at


Leicester Crown Court today where she repeatedly denied allegations


of mistreating patients in her care. The 38-year-old from Woodthorpe in


Loughborough faces four charges relating to her time as a senior


care worker at Wymeswold Court Care Home at Wymeswold near Loughborough.


Relatives of some of the patients were in court to hear claims that


she'd slapped one 93-year-old wheelchair bound resident on the


head and forcedfed chocolate to an 81-year-old patient. The


prosecution then questioned her over allegations that she'd slapped


and sworn at an 85-year Alzheimer sufferer. Heaney was calm and


assured under cross examination. She denied ever hitting the elderly


patient or swearing at him, but she did admit shouting. She told the


jur,y in my 22-year service I have never hit a patient, ever. The


prosecution is backing up it's case with claims that Heaney treated the


patients with a lack of a respect and displayed a casual attitude to


their dignity. They told cross examined her over claims she called


several patients names. No, it is rubbish, she said. The residents


would not have hit me use also a language like that. The judge began


his summing-up this afternoon and the jury is expected to begin its


deliberations tomorrow. It's emerged that a county


councillor and former equalities spokesman faced a standards panel


hearing after he used an offensive racist term during a Conservative


Association meeting. It's not the first time Rob


Fraser's phraseology has got him into trouble. Well, our chief news


reporter Quentin Rayner joins us now. Obviously this was a deeply


offensive term and many people will be upset by it.


Yes, they will, and certainly someone who attended the


association meeting at a pub in Ratby in March last year did find


it offensive and complained to the County Council. Councillor Fraser


used the phrase "ligger in the woodpile" which the Standards


Committee felt brought his office or the Authority into disrepute


when it met earlier this year to consider the case. That's right.


When did he justify using this claim -- word?


He said the word was offensive but the phrase was not. He rhetoric --


he said it was a recognised and traditional phrase meaning


something bad happened to him. If he thought he had offended anybody,


he would apologise. The standards committee accepted that some voted


not to take any action in the light that he had apologised.


This isn't the first time that he has used some kind of phrase and


made a public comment. In January 2009, while he was


addressing a public meeting concerning the proposed travellers'


site, he said this: The Romanians, they'll stick a knife in you as


soon as look at you. Going on to say, some of these European ones,


they make the Irish look like complete amateurs and I would dread


to see them in Groby. On that occasion, the county council did


take action. He was suspended for a month as well. He was ordered to


attend a diversity course. Mr Fraser has pointed out that the


next council election -- at the next election, he doubled his


majority. Derbyshire Police are investigating


after a 28-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in Ilkeston. She


was approached near the Pewit Golf Course yesterday but managed to


fight off her attacker. He's described as white, slim and in his


late 20s. He was wearing a black Umbro jacket with white stripes


along the arms and a dark beanie hat covered in dog hairs.


Villagers opposed to a Tesco store being built in Keyworth in


Nottinghamshire have told a public inquiry that they would would


prefer the land to be used for sheltered housing instead. The


supermarket chain's application was refused permission by Rushcliffe


Borough Council in November. But if their appeal is successful, it


could be built. A leading rail union says the


possible loss of 1,400 jobs at the Derby train-maker, Bombardier, will


be at the top of the agenda when it meets the Transport Secretary next


week. The union says it wants to stop the


government actually signing a huge train contract with a German firm.


Meanwhile, the leader of a task force helping rail workers facing


redundancy, says she believes they will be able to find jobs. James


Roberson reports. Three rail unions and the TUC were


due to see the Transport Secretary Phil Hammond on Wedsnesday, anyway


to discuss railway reform. But now the RMT union says the Bombardier


situation has jumped up the agenda. The union wants pressure kept on


the government to review the contract, even though Philip


Hammond's stated he does not have the power to change the contract,


whose term were written by the previous Labour government. Isn't


that strange, that they are quick to blame everyone else put


themselves. They've been in government for 14 months. It is


happening on his watch, on Cameron's watch, and they need to


change their mind. However, if jobs do go at Bombardier and elsewhere,


the government's new task force leader, a former Rolls Royce


executive, believes other work can be found for workers. I think this


town has a very high skilled population. The city depends on


higher skilled people. There will be opportunities. It is our job to


make sure thereof. A government trade and investment tsar, based


here in our region, says there could also be jobs for any local


redundant railworkers in Europe. would much pig -- I would much


prefer people to stay in this kind of the world, selling engineering


products around the world. That said, better job than no job, and


one of the advantages is the free movement of labour. When you come


back, you bring back additional skills you've learnt somewhere else.


A further pressure is being put on the government for national


newspapers. Thus the story in today's Daily Mirror. This is the


story in today's the Sun. And the Daily Express has gone one further


with a full campaign. We asked for an interview with Philip Hammond to


discuss bombarding a. We were told he did not have time today to talk


They're known for crossing roads, often badly, but hedgehogs it seems


often end up in all sorts of places that really aren't very good for


them. Which is why so many end up at rescue centres.


At one in Leicestershire they're currently looking after dozens of


babies who've been found without mothers. But it's not just the


babies, or hoglets, that need our help.


No, the whole species really need a little bit of TLC from the human


race so for this months what's on guide Kylie Pentelow went to


Quiniborough to find out a bit more about this prickly problem.


When they're this small, they've not spiky, just don't really keep


still. And they seem to like our mini camera! Pat Wadd runs Helping


Hands from her home and it's a time consuming job. These little ones


need a feed every three hours! Right, your turn. He is not spiky.


There you go. I need an extra hand. It is harder than it looks, Pat.


If you're into wildlife there's a whole weekend of activities coming


up. Find out about Nottinghamshire's inhabitants at


Clumber Park. Across the region there are events for Archaeology


week, that starts on 16th. And it's the Ashby show in Derbyshire with


vintage tractors, activities, dogs and horses. Now, it's not just the


hoglets who need a helping hand here. The grown-up hedgehogs get


into the odd prickly situation too. This is Charlie. He came to me when


he was found in the daytime. He had a little injury. He came in in a


very bad way and now he is quite happy. He is ready to be released.


Charlie's off to an enclosed garden to live out his in days. This month


the Open Air theatre season gets underway, this play's at Nottingham


Castle. In Leicester the Mela is celebrating 25 years, that's this


Sunday. And for more music the Splendour festival is in Wollaton


Park in Nottingham, with bands like the Scissor Sisters and Blondie!


Some tips for you if you want to help hedgehogs. Don't give them


bread or milk, they much prefer a puppy food. If you have a pond,


make sure it has a hedgehog escape route. Do not put slug pellets in


your garden. Hedgehogs don't like them.


They are very cute, aren't they? Still to come on the programme,


changing churches. The vicar who's been ordained as a


Catholic priest, at the tender age But what does age matter?


Not at all! First, its looks like Leicester City have made the


Championship signing of the summer today. Later tonight they're


expected to announce that Reading defender Matt Mills has become a


Leicester player. Premier League clubs have been chasing Mills but


we understand Leicester have paid a fee of �5 million to get him.


Natalie was the first to get a glimpse of him at the King Power


stadium in the last hour. Here he is, Matt Mills leaving


Leicester City tonight. The deal is not done. But tomorrow, it should


be. He could become the championships most expensive player.


Leicester City of really splash in the cash. This is what his new


team-mates had to say about him. There are going for the best


players in the championship at the moment. He has proven that he is


that one of the best defenders. He is worth over to March and nobody


will be arguing. Phil spending a lot of money to bring him here. --


they are spending. David Newton... They are highly rated players in


their own right. But Mount Mills was wanted by a number of Premier


League clubs and Sven Goran Eriksson has been chasing him for


weeks. Of them more on the way? cannot talk specifically but yes,


there are also more common. Not many but it is important for us to


find the right ones. How many more? Is it possible to say? No, I don't


know. One or two, three maybe. understand why Leicester City have


paid Reading a fee of around �5 million and we've heard that his


wages are about �25,000 a week. Leicester are certainly splash in


the cash. Mills will be their 6th summer signing and Sven says there


are more aware. We are even hearing that the former Manchester United


star Owen Hargreaves could be on his way to the stadium here.


Astonishing spending! Just a line on Derby County, confirmation that


Luke Varney has moved to Portsmouth. Still no news of signings at


Nottingham Forest, though. Some good news for


Nottinghamshire's Lee Westwood as he builds up to next week's Open.


He's currently playing the Scottish Open, which is on a links course


too this weekend. Westwood is in the lead after a first round seven


under par. In Cricket, Leicestershire are in


the T20 quarter finals and Derbyshire are still in the hunt


after both sides won yesterday. No doubt about the moment of the


evening. Leicestershire's Jigar Naik taking three wickets in just


one over. His only over. As for the Falcons? They probably still need


to win all three of their remaining games but you can see they're still


fighting. A year ago today, Mansfield's


Paralympic swimming champion Sam Hynd was involved in a car accident


that was so serious, his mum thought he'd never pull through.


This week, he claimed gold in the European Championships. And what's


even more remarkable is that Sam's brother was just behind and took


the silver on his international debut. Ross Fletcher reports.


2008 and the high point of Sam Hynd's swimming career, claiming


gold in the Paralympics. But that was almost his final flourish. 12


months ago, a car crash nearly ended his life. The car was code to


the concertinaed. I don't want to see the car. The emergency staff


did not think he would get out alive but luckily he did. He has


made a fantastic recovery. After missing the world championships his


recovery has been quite something. This week he was back in the water,


winning the 400 metres in Berlin. But this has been about Team Hynd,


with younger brother Ollie coming second. I knew he would be there


for the whole of the race. I cannot say how chuffed I am to do it. And


chatty got second as well. I turned a 300 with 100 to go and I thought


he is not as far ahead as he was in the heat so would put my head down


in the last 100 but I couldn't quite catch him. He is like a


crocodile. He never stops snapping. That is how I wanted. It is absurd


it is fantastic, but we are about this level of competition. Both


swimmers have a condition which is gradually weakening their legs, so


London 2012 could be very special for the Hynd family. It will be


fantastic to be at their home games. To have to plea... Quick, Valium!


So the way things are going? Well, Sam might have to share the


limelight. But they both belong to us! That is


the important thing. Finally, he's nearly 83, he's a


great grandfather, he's been an Anglican vicar for nearly 60 years


and now he's just been ordained a Catholic priest.


Father Peter Peterken is one of three former vicars who've recently


become priests. Jo Healey has followed his extraordinary story.


Peter walks near the two miles each morning from his home to his new


church, to say Mass. So why? He has become a Catholic priest in his


eighties. All of my life, I've believed in the unity of the Church.


When the Pope offered us the opportunity to join the Catholic


Church, it seemed the right step to take. He was recently ordained in


St Barnabas Cathedral. There are priests with a difference. Peter


has four children, 12 grand children and four great-


grandchildren. How does it feel to be married to a Catholic priest?


have been married to a priest for such a long time, nearly 58 years


now. It doesn't seem very different. It is different of course and we've


been made to feel so welcome in the Catholic Church. Other clergy we've


met have made us feel so welcome. He was an Anglican minister for


nearly 60 years and among his new congregation are people from his


old church were converted with him. It is Father Peter's 83rd birthday


soon but he says his journey is just beginning.


A lovely story and Happy birthday for whenever it is.


I do crosswords regularly! Good evening. We've had a showery theme


through the past few hours and that will continue for a time. This


picture depicts the scenes across the East Midlands this afternoon.


Philip sent this one in the from Leicestershire. He was on a bike


ride. He managed to escape the showers. Do keep your photographs


coming in. For now, there are one or two showers for us to try and


avoid. We are looking at this area of rain that is sitting in the


south-west corner of the UK. That is gradually making inroads during


the course of the night. And of course we've had a pretty cloudy


day and from those clouds we seen a lot of showers. Blustery showers as


well. It has been a windy day. It will get when you are still by the


time we get to tomorrow. For now, those showers are becoming few and


far between. Trying overnight with clear skies. Temperatures staying


in double figures. There it is, but rain hours talking about. It is


gradually making inroads and by the early hours of tomorrow morning, it


will be continuing to make a wet and windy start to Friday.


Gradually, that band of rain works its way northwards. Behind it, we


will get a blustery showers coming in. Interspersed with nice, sunny


spells. 20 Celsius is your high, 68 Fahrenheit. We could do better than


that and we will try our best over the weekend. This low pressure


gradually works its way northwards and moves away from us so after a


showery start on Saturday, we are left with a dry and bright


afternoon. Sunny spells, lighter winds. Highs of 22 Celsius.


Hopefully getting even warmer still. Sunday is looking a much more


settled day. Dry with sunny spells. The best of the sunshine through


the morning. As we going to the start of next week, all I can say


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