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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davies. Our


top story tonight: Guilty, the care worker who ill-treated frail,


elderly pensioners. Dawn Heaney abused two vulnerable residents at


the care home where she worked. Also tonight, how safe is our


children's walk to school? Parents anger as their free bus is axed.


is three miles, it is disgusting, and my daughter is 11 years old,


she is not been put at risk. Plus can a canal project bring much-


needed jobs to Derby? And a taxi for one - a new breed of


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme. Tonight, the


woman who was supposed to care for frail pensioners, but abused them


instead. Dawn Heaney, a senior care worker, was found guilty of ill-


treating two elderly residents at a home in Wymeswold near Loughborough.


After today's hearing at Leicester Crown Court, the police said


Heaney's conviction sends a clear message that society will not


tolerate anyone who chooses to mistreat or abuse vulnerable


elderly people. James Roberson was in court and joins us now. Good


evening, James. Good evening, Dominic. The jury here at Leicester


Crown Court took three hours to deliver their verdict, they have


been here all we can have heard evidence which the judge


acknowledged would have been very distressing for them.


Relief for the relatives of the ball Noble, elderly patients where


Dawn Heaney worked. They sat inside Court Room five at Leicester Crown


Court to hear the jury returned guilty verdicts on two charges


against two different patients suffering from dementia. The family


of Barry well done, an Alzheimer's sufferer, had heard evidence in


court that Dawn Heaney had called him a derogatory name. I would have


liked it to have been all guilty but it is not and that is the way


it goes. I don't know how she can slip with what she has done. Heaney


from Woodford in Loughborough worked at a care home in Wymeswold.


Colleagues gave evidence how they saw her hitting a patient and treat


others with a lack of respect. She was found guilty of putting


excessive sugar and vinegar in a cup of tea being drunk by and 85-


year-old Alzheimer's sufferer and she was guilty of striking a 93-


year-old woman around the head. She passed away in 2009 and her


daughters gave their reaction. is disgusting. Particularly to


people will dementia and Alzheimer's. She was in a confused


state of mind. She should not be working with people like that at


all. I am delighted with the outcome of the court case today. It


is only correct that Dawn Heaney has been held accountable for her


actions. This conviction cent after a clear message that society will


not stand by and allow anybody who chooses to ill-treat or abuse a


vulnerable and defenceless elderly person. Heaney was found not guilty


of two other charges, for speeding and elderly patients and slapping


another. -- force-feeding an elderly patient. The case has been


adjourned while sensing prepares next month. And the judges warned


her that she may well receive a custodial sentence but accept that


this is her first offence and he will listen carefully to the


reports that a prepared and to any mitigating evidence.


Thank you. A campaign's started to get more


life-saving first-aid kit in businesses and public places. The


St John's Ambulance charity in the East Midlands wants workplaces to


make sure they have a defibrillator in case someone has a cardiac


arrest. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has been to meet a man


who owes his life to one of these I saw you down there. And then the


next thing I knew what a wasn't hospital. Reunited at Notts


County's ground with the volunteer who saved his life. Thanks is the


obvious thing to say but it isn't obvious understatement. I keep


telling him I will not kiss him! Man and boy, well has watched the


Magpies since 1946. It was after a 1-1 draw with Burton Albion that he


suffered a cardiac arrest whilst leaving the ground. Adrian from the


St John's Ambulance, he legged it all their weight from the cup to


the travellers rest and he was there in about 10 seconds. He used


the defibrilator to shock his heart. It brought him back to life, it is


quite pleasing. ARCHIVE FOOTAGE: Apply it to the


bare chest. But the headquarters of St John's Ambulance, they show how


easy it is. It is a case of pressing the button to turn it on,


touching the pads, and there are clear diagrams as to whether should


be attached. In the Leicestershire village of Saltby, the locals


clubbed together for a defibrilator. The whole village voted to have won


because everybody recognised how important this is for the people


that live here. Who knows, perhaps there will be a common occurrence


to see these, like a phone box. Will his thinking tonight about the


lottery draw. When I get my lottery draw tonight, I am buying it on


Monday. The football club? Yes, 66 millions, it should just about


cover it. And he can take us out for dinner as well! You are a cheap


Luck was on his side that day? and the campaign to get these,


these are expenses, -- these are expensive. But people are hoping


that people clubbed together and share them. They just want to see


them in more places. A good idea. Thanks for coming in.


Still to come on the programme. Friday ends with a bang, but will


things quieten down for the weekend? We have had heavy rain, it


thunder, and winds, don't you just love the summer? But I might have


A school worker from Nottingham has been jailed for raping a 13-year-


old pupil. The court heard how Mikhail Mohammad, 45 from Radford,


befriended the girl whom he took to his flat and raped in November last


year. Today he was sentenced to ten years in prison and a further nine


months for a fraud offence. He was also placed on the sex offenders


register. A mother accused of killing her


baby by shaking it is expected to give evidence next week. Jodie Pick,


24 from Broughton Astley in Leicestershire, has said she shook


her seven-week-old daughter to try to revive her after finding her


unconscious in her crib. The prosecution claims she did it in a


moment of anger. She denies the charge of manslaughter.


The number of volunteer police officers in Nottinghamshire is set


to increase. The plan, to boost the ranks of the specials, comes as


dozens of long-serving regular officers are forced to retire.


Currently, there are 320 specials. This is likely to rise to 550 over


the next three years. Some parents in Sileby are angry


that they'll be asked to pay �400 a year for a school bus service which


used to be free. They weren't charged for the service because the


route to the school was considered dangerous. But the council has


reconsidered and has now decided that it's safe. From Sileby, Mark


A narrow footpath alongside a Parents say children's lives will


be put at risk if they have to walk to school along this route. I am 34


and there is no way I would walk along this in the morning in the


winter when it is pitch black. No way.


It's a dilemma facing 52 families in Sileby after the council decided


to axe free bus travel for children living less than three miles from


their school. From September, parents must pay �400 a year for a


ticket to ride. �400 to us is obviously a lot of money. We have


all had price increases with the gas, utility bills, petrol, food,


everything is going up. Children qualified for free bus


travel because the route was dangerous, but after cutting back


undergrowth and branches, the council says it's now safe and


those living less than three miles away must pay up. Parents have


accused the council of putting money before their children's


safety. We're not making money are to be risking a of children's


safety and there is a service bus and people could choose to use that


if they did not want to pay a �400 fare. My daughter is one 10th of a


mile short of the distance, if you measure it from where the bus


picked her up, it is three miles. It is disgusting.


This morning parents drove the route in convoy to highlight the


dangers of having even more cars on the road and more protests are


planned to persuade the council to Next tonight, it's been a dream for


many years but now plans to reconstruct part of Derby's canals


have become a reality. Last night the city council agreed to restore


a seven-mile stretch from the city to Borrowash. To complete the plans,


two other councils also need to give the nod, but campaigners are


confident this will happen in the next few weeks. Kylie Pentelow


reports. Built more than 200 years ago, for


decades the canal was essential for industry. But in 1961 it was


abandoned in Derby. Now there are few signs it ever existed. But


after the city council said yes to a seven-mile stretch being restored,


campaigners are confident others will follow. Phenomenal news, we


have been waiting for this and this is the best news I have had in


eight years. There was District and South Derbyshire have also been


involved so Derbyshire have 400 metres and error Wash have five


miles per Derby City have taken the position of Lydd council and we


believe other councils will take the other guidelines.


If that happens, the canal would be restored from Sandiacre, through


Borrowash to Swarkestone. Parts have been filled in and are now


used as footpaths. So in years to come this part of the canal will be


flowing with water right up to Derby. And just below my feet is an


old lock and that will be dug out and preserved as part of the


project. But it's not just about restoration,


the canal work could come at just the right time. It's a huge


opportunity, Derby has been worried about loss of job losses. This


canal will generate a huge number of short-term jobs and long-term


jobs as well. Bringing the canals back to life


could cost around �45 million, partly funded by developers and


grants and the first work should begin in the next two years, the


start of a huge project to link Santander, which acquired the


Alliance & Leicester Bank three years ago, has brought its call


handling back to Leicester and two other centres in the UK. 100 jobs


have been created in the city. It's made the move after having more


customer complaints last year than any other bank. Calls that were


previously handled in India will be East Midlands Trains has set up a


new website offering special fares to Olympic and Paralympic ticket


holders. The 2012 Games train tickets will allow spectators to


change the time they return should an event be unexpectedly


rescheduled. The company will also provide more late night trains and


additional capacity on a number of Next, it's on the road at last -


what's believed to be the first single-passenger taxi service in


the East Midlands. The idea was rejected a couple of years ago. But


the businessman behind it refused to be beaten and he's now got his


cars out on the streets. He says it'll mean big savings for


Taxi for one, and one only. This new service is aimed at passengers


who are travelling alone. The owners claim 40% of taxi fares


during the day are single passengers. And they say using


these compact cars will cut what I don't know why this did not take


off years ago because let's face it, most people travel singly in cars.


This is ideal. This is the businessman who's come


up with the idea. He's spent around �20,000 putting two of these taxis


on the road. But it's been tough. Two years ago, Gedling Borough


Council said these cars couldn't be used as taxis. The reasons were


varied but they were issues like the actual size of the vehicle,


they were concerned about safety levels. The comfort level,


technical data. After resubmitting the plans,


Gedling Borough approved things for a limited time. In a statement the


The taxi firm says you can get a wheelchair or a guide dog into the


boot. And they claim more services Two passions, football and shopping.


First tonight, Leicester City could pay out as much as �20 million in


fees and wages this summer if their spending spree continues as


expected. Behind me, the six signings who've come in so far and


the reported fees they've cost. Remember, even the freebies will


command a signing-on fee and some hefty wages. So the headline


transfer fee figure doesn't begin to tell the story of what Leicester


have laid out. Today's new boy, for a Championship record fee, Matt


These are the first pictures of Matt Mills at training with


Leicester City today. Sven-Goran Eriksson has smashed the club's


record transfer fee to bring him He's cost around 5.5 million from


Reading, �200,000 more than the �5.3 million Leicester paid for


How do you feel about the price tag? It has only been mentioned


with the media talk and in terms of me, I just want to come here and


get my head down and play football. In the past, at Doncaster and


Reading, it was either a close to record three, I have had it before


and I would like to shake that off as quick as possible and get to


work. Mills is the latest recruit in a


bonanza of spending. Sven has brought in six new players and is


also preparing a fourth bid for Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard.


If successful, he'll have spent nearly �14 million in a staggering


statement of intent by the new I have got to say thanks to the


owners because if it was not for them, then this would not be


possible. As nothing the Leicester City fans -- I think the Leicester


City fans are really excited about it. There is a real enthusiasm and


they have shown in Ted by playing and bringing players in -- showing


intent. And Sven-Goran Eriksson's


glittering spending spree mean the bookies odds have shortened


drastically for Leicester to get promoted even ahead of the likes of


West Ham and Birmingham City who have just come down from the


At Nottingham Forest it's a very different picture. Nine players


have gone out with only one, Andy Reid, coming in but we understand


they are trying to sign Newcastle winger Wayne Routledge. Notts


County might be sadder the fact that Michael Johnson has left the


club as they chose to not using as the leader of the youth team


manager. Onto a rarely-seen sporting legend


now. He's not been on the Mallory Park track since 1979 but this


weekend motorcycle champion Kenny Roberts will change all that. Best


remembered for some astonishing duels with Barry Sheene, he's


appearing at the Festival Of A Thousand Bikes at Mallory Park,


where I caught up with him. King Kenny Roberts is the poster


boy for the festival and with memories of duels like this with


Adding to the lustre is the fact that you just don't see him much


any more. I twisted my arm and I have memories here. A lot of my


early career and a thick that touched a hotspot in my heart for


it and I decided, why not? There's a whole host of riders from


what was a golden era and on Sunday, they'll all go out together. It's


supposed to be a parade. It is impossible to ride around and not


good Beanie on the ground. It is impossible, I would not do it, I


may end up doing something stupid. We will try to out-accelerate each


other, it will be brilliant. Ah, Phil Reed - another one who


duelled with Sheene. From an era when you could get close up, and


everyone had a bit more personality. We just let it exciting. You had


personalities there as well. COMMENTATOR: Look at that, Barry


Sheene ways to Kenny Roberts and I know what it was like in the


early days were you could go to a Grand Prix, you could touch the


riders and smell the bikes but modern-day MotoGP is really sterile,


it does not have that good feeling about it, it is not quite human


enough for me. A 50,000-strong crowd's expected


for a taste of old bikes, and even older riders. But Roberts is the


star. The fund gets going at Mallory Park. Two Twenty20 games,


one under way so far, Derbyshire fighting all the way for a quarter-


final spot, and Lords starts A Derbyshire teenager is planning


the trip of a lifetime. She's going skiing. But this isn't Val D'Isere


or the Cairngorms. Bryony Baylen, a student at Newcastle University, is


skiing to the South Pole. The 19- year-old came into our studio a few


days ago. But before we hear from her, let's have a look at how


Bryony's preparing for her big She wants to become the youngest


Britain to ski to the South Pole. Bryony will have to trek almost 700


miles in temperatures of 40 degrees below freezing. I know it will be


cold, eight hours of skiing every day, 63 days if the weather is good


and everyone is fit and healthy and all our equipment works. Bryony's


going in December and despite all the training, one of the most


difficult tasks ahead is building up her weight. She needs to put on


three stone. The first stone was easy but now I am slowing down, I


have got quite a way to go to my target. It is the volume you have


to eat and make sure it is healthy weight and not just a Chinese


takeaway for dinner every night, I have got a long way to go. She has


until the end of the year to reach her goal. Then the real challenge


So I know you have been thinking about this for years but what first


motivated you to consider it even? The very first idea was at about 4


o'clock in the morning at Mont Blanc. As you do on your summer


holiday! It was just to keep us going, my mountaineering parte


started to do a bucket list, we had got Mark Everest on there and then


the North Pole and the South Pole and we thought yes, of course we


will do it at some point. You did not think it would be this quickly?


Definitely not, but then the idea was in my head. And my scout troop


was fortunate enough to get the current record holder for the young


is Briton to speak to the South Pole, he gave us a talk -- the


youngest Briton. And I asked him for advice on somebody wanting to


replicate the feet and somebody like myself, a young woman and


effectively he turned round and said it might be too difficult, you


are a woman, I don't know if you should do it. And that really


pushed me on a. You are determined! Are you nervous at all because it


is not easy to. Definitely. I would be more worried if I was not


nervous, I have no idea what it will be like when I'm on the ground


and it is a bit late, to be honest. I am just try to make sure I am as


prepared as I can believe. I am putting on the weight, I am doing


weights, and tried to prepare it, reading experiences. Two months of


extreme challenge and then it is a finish. Or is it part of your life


that is something you are aiming to what was Mike it has been in the


works for three years, the last 18 months have been pretty much


directly towards this expedition. Cutting back, social life and


changing my diet, when I eat and what, trying to put the weight on


so I am safe out there. And the long-term picture is I would like


to get into expedition guiding, the experience on this will be


invaluable. The you are going the right way about it. We wish to the


very best. Thank you. Briny speaking to us a few days ago, she


has probably put on about half a pound since then. I think she will


do it. She is very determined. guess it will not be as cold here


Yes, but we have seen pretty dramatic scenes over the past few


hours, some heavy and thundery showers. You'll be pleased to hear


that over the weekend it is looking drier with some sunny spells. A


great piece of news if you are planning for an event over the


weekend. Do let us know of those because we can tell everybody else


about that. Senders and e-mail. The pressure chart shows at a low-


pressure area, that will move its way towards the north of the


British Isles and that means things will settle down but we can see the


radar picture, we had some pretty feisty showers, the brighter the


colours depicting the really heavy and thundery ones which have been


crossing much of the East Midlands. For now, the trend tends to be for


those showers diminishing. Not altogether, some places further to


the north and west will be seeing some showers continuing overnight.


Temperatures down to around 12 Celsius as your minimum temperature.


The winds will ease up as well. Saturday will be less windy and


fewer showers around. Not getting rid of them all together but the


best chance of seeing showers into the morning, by the afternoon most


places should be quite dry and sunny and the blight of winds, the


temperatures feeling a bit better. And then Sunday it is a bit more of


an improvement, it should be definitely a dry day for pretty


much everywhere across the East Midlands to rout the day and


lighter winds style and plenty of sunny spells to be had. --


throughout the day. 23 Celsius is your high, and we stay with this


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