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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and Dominic Heale. Out


top story tonight. Our mother is clear of killing her baby. Jodie


Pick solved as a jury acquitted her of deliberately shaking her


daughter to death. The last six months has been the worst period.


Plus justice catches up with the paedophile who went on the run for


13 years. Also, how the government hopes to


get our children more active this summer.


And from cooking to boxing - the new contender promising a sweet


victory. I am going to knock him out.


A very good evening. Welcome to Thursday's programme. We start


tonight with the news that police are investigating allegations of


physical and sexual abuse at a Children's home in Nottinghamshire.


Former residents have taken legal advice after making claims that


they were abused by staff and other residents during the 80s and early


90s. Our reporter at Geeta Pendse is here now.


What information do we have? Police have confirmed they are


investigating six allegations of physical and sexual abuse at the


former beechwood Children's home in Mapperley. They are alleged to have


taken place in the 80s and 90s. Police were contacted by a firm of


solicitors acting on behalf of the complainers. Uppal Taylor


Solicitors saved 11 former residents have approached them for


legal advice in the last year. They claim whilst staying at the care


home, they suffered abuse ranging from bullying, maltreatment and


sexual violence. We understand their home has closed in 2006, and


Nottinghamshire City Council are working with other agencies to


insure a full investigation is undertaken. Police say they are in


the alleys stages of the inquiry and no arrests have been made.


A mother has been found not guilty of the manslaughter of her baby


daughter. Jodie Pick from Leicester worked as the verdict was announced.


She has described the last 26 months as the worst of her life.


Helen Astle was in court today. Good evening, Helen. It is now more


than two years since Courtenay died, but today after a lengthy trial we


now have answers. The baby was born prematurely aged just seven weeks,


and was not deliberately shaken to death by her mother. It has been an


emotional and very sad trial. At the heart of the case, a baby dead


at the age of seven weeks. Her mother, 24-year-old Jodie Pick,


admitted shaking had, but did she do it deliberately? Miss Pick cried


as she told the jury that Courtney was accidentally strangled by her


bid. Upon finding hair, she said she shook her to try to revive her.


Miss Pick's harrowing 999 call was played to the court. She told the


operator, my baby is dead. Today after deliberating for more than


six hours, the jury accepted Jody's version of events, and she was


found not guilty. As the verdict was read out, she held her head in


her hands and sobbed. Afterwards, and a barrister spoke on her behalf.


The last 26 months has been the worst period of her life. Not only


has Jodi had to face criminal proceedings, but for many months


she could not make court need to rest. Subsequently she has had to


deal with the knowledge that her child, and the body of her child,


has undergone repeated examination. During this whole period, Jodie has


been unable to grieve or to come to terms with her loss. Well that


statement was being read out, Jodi clutched a photograph album. She


has now asked to be left alone to grieve in peace.


Two social workers in Leicestershire have been dismissed


after a series of errors made in the care of a baby girl attacked by


her father. The child was injured by Izaak Whitlock -- Zak Whitlock,


who had a history of domestic violence. REVIEW by the county


council find he had been allowed to return to the family home despite


warnings he was a risk. Two social workers have been dismissed and


another given a formal warning. A number of workers at British


Sugar in the yet are to be balloted over industrial action. The night


union has rejected a pay offer for 3.5%. A British Sugar spokesman


said the company had worked hard for what it said was a fair and


reasonable offer. Members of the GMB have already accepted 3.5%.


Still to come. Useful keep their fate advice or another example of


the nanny state? These children are following the government's


Change4Life programme. We will be asking the Health Secretary what


our livestock is to do with him. And it is all downhill for the


weekend, with heavy rain and strong winds.


Before all that, a sharp drop in crime figures across the East


Midlands. The latest Home Office figures are good news for


Nottinghamshire. The county has been tackling one of


the country's highest crime rates, but now the force's figures are


improving faster than anywhere else. Crime figures have been a touchy


subject in Nottinghamshire four years. It used to beat the burglary


hotspot, and the force's record has been criticised. Things are turning


round. Nottinghamshire police had that


country's largest drop in crime last year. That all important


burglary federalists down by 19% it is now lower than nine other areas.


This is confirmed by separate figures from the British crime


Survey. The police think this is what has


made the difference - an operation targeting drug dealers in


Nottinghamshire. Those arrests and confiscations have prompted an


increase in drug offences. We are resting far more people in


possession of good quantities of Class A drugs. Not just cannabis.


There is an absolute link between drug arrests and seizures going up,


and crime going down. We are reducing the opportunity to steal


property, turn it into drug money and buy drugs.


Nottinghamshire police say there are not complacent. The crime rate


is still above the national average. But today's figures are powerful


evidence things are moving in the right direction.


A grandfather who went on the run for 13 years to evade child


pornography charges was finally jailed today.


David Taylor was sentenced to three years after admitting possessing


thousands of indecent images of young children. Sarah Teale is at


Leicester Crown Court. Good evening. Taylor thought that


by fleeing thousands of miles away he was out of the sight and mind of


Leicestershire police. He changed his identity, and continued his


criminal activity. But he could not avoid facing the consequences of


his actions for ever. David Taylor evaded justice for 13


years. But today, it caught up with him. He skipped bail and fled to


Thailand after being arrested for back in 1998. Police have raided


his home and it found thousands of indecent images of children,


ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years. Police officers who worked


on the case received a letter from him saying he could not come back,


because the stress would kill his elderly mother. Whilst in Thailand


he assumed another identity. I believe he found employment


teaching and he continued to consumer and a quiet child abuse


imagery. In that period we have never given up looking for him.


fact, Taylor admitted possessing another 3,700 images of children


during his time in Thailand. For 66 -- the 66-year-old was arrested


last December and spent three months in a Thai prison before


being extradited back to England this March. The message is clear.


We would encourage people to seek help. If they do not, we will seek


them out. No matter how long it takes. Mr Taylor thought he would


escape justice. We find him and to be brought him back to book. Taylor


admitted 45 counts involving 7,500 indecent images, and he asked for


another five counts involving almost more than 4,000 images to be


taken into account. Taylor's defence solicitor said any remorse


he felt was more to do with the fight he had ended up in custody


rather than because of the consequences for his victims. The


judge told him that the offences were so serious, if only way of


dealing him -- dealing with him was by punishing him. He sentenced him


to three months -- three years in prison for.


A cleaning products from has been ordered to pay fines and costs


totalling �23,000 after a stacker truck fall foul on an employee. He


suffered a fractured cheekbone in the incident and Unic International.


He was in hospital for ten days and off-white for three months. The


Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the company for


breaching regulations. Police are investigating thefts at


a war memorial at Victoria Park in Leicester. Flowers have been stolen


or vandalised of the past few weeks. The council is having to replace


them. Over the last few weeks we have had the plants pulled up,


damaged, and stolen from this area. It is a sacred area for the war


dead on the park, so it is upsetting for people who come in


and spend some time and think about their relatives. These plants have


been pulled up wantonly for no reason.


The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of, say the loss of jobs at


Bombardier a could cost the economy more than �1 billion. The train


maker missed out on a contract to build carriages for Thameslink. The


Chamber of Commerce is predicting the cutting of 14,000 jobs at the


factory could lead to that loss. They are calling on the Transport


Secretary to prove how the decision is best value for taxpayers.


Yesterday the government said the decision could not be reversed.


costs which have been announced by Bombardier in terms of the loss of


jobs probably will cost the economy at least �1 billion. So the net


figure is a cost to the taxpayer of �400 million to start off with.


You are watching East Midlands Today. A government campaign to get


children more active this summer has begun here in the East Midlands.


The latest change for -- the Change4Life campaign aims to


promote sporting -- sport in schools. The mission is to combat


obesity by getting youngsters We believe that prevention is


better than cure... A message from the top. Launching this summer's


Change4Life campaign. They say it is not about the nanny state and


Baltic -- bossing people about. It is about giving people the facts to


make good choices. If you want to do things like buy is more


trampoline or switch to low-fat foods, that is pretty simple, and


through the voucher books, people will be able to do that. They will


be able to improve their diet and save money. Inspectors dropped in


for the first sports games to get children more active. I have never


really been that into sport but am now. We have not won any yet but we


have got better and better. Change for Life campaigns have survived


government cuts. I met one teacher who is worried about changes to the


way sport is being delivered in schools. Primary schools have been


able to liaise with secondary schools roost -- Sports


partnerships and we have had funding for that to happen, but as


from now, July, that funding is going and School Sports


partnerships in their present form will know longer exist. If an


Olympic gold medallist was on hand to inspire and with a confession.


That he virtually stopped exercising for six years after


retiring. In terms of the survey, would not have qualified as an


active person, which has a bit embarrassing. I played golf, but it


does not really count. With the holidays just around the corner, it


is a timely advice. A Leicester man has found a novel


way of cleaning the environment while making some money. Adrian


Ablett scours Leicester and he picks up cans which she then


recycles at his local supermarket. As you can see, there has been


quite a bit of drinking down here. Midi Adrian Ablett. He is a


definition of can do. -- meet Adrian Abbott. I come home from


work, get changed and collect my adapted wheelie bin. I go out and


have a walk around and collect cans normally for about three hours in


an evening. He has adapted his been to collect the cans and realising


there is money in metal, he cashes them in and get points on his


loyalty card at his supermarket. saw a way of earning myself a bit


of extra money and trying to clean up my local area as well. As a one-


man band I go round during the evening after I have finished my


normal paid job. Normal people are really impressed with what he is


doing. I think it is very commendable. I am surprised more


people don't get involved. I think the majority of people want to do


their bit. Sometimes they don't know how. Adrian got off his feet


and took it a stage further and went out there of his own accord.


He knows it makes a difference and that is why he is so enthusiastic


about it. He aims to collect 20,000 cans in the next few months and has


even bigger plans in the next year. There are some good people out


there! Doing worthwhile stuff. used to be able to get money for


the lemonade bottles. You don't get them any more, do you? Money for


cancer, money for bottles. Money for old rope! -- money for cans.


The first, the news Nottingham Forest have been waiting for. We


understand Fulham midfielder, Jonathan Greening, is about to


undergo a medical for the Reds. The 32-year-old worked with new boss


Steve McLaren at Manchester United, who followed him when he took


charge at Middlesbrough. No deal has been done yet but it looks like


it will happen tomorrow. The news will come as a relief to many


Forest supporters, who were worried about the lack of transfer activity


at the City Ground ahead of the new season.


Leicester Tigers have completed the signing of former Sale centre


Mathew Tait. In 2005, he became England's second youngest post-war


player, behind a certain Jonny Wilkinson. But he is arriving in


Leicester with a real point to prove.


Twenty-five years old, 38 England caps and one World Cup. Mathew Tait


is already one of rugby's high- achievers. I have lots of things I


want to achieve in my rugby career. A title for the club, and that was


the future than about coming to a club like Leicester, so I can help


them become a great success as they have been. He spent most of last


season injured and lost his place in the England team, though. I have


been very fortunate to have played on a few occasions now. Having


played on a breakaway and with the loss of form and injuries last year,


this is a chance for me to start fresh. He is a young man and


everybody forget that. He has had a mixed international career in the


way that he has never really cemented down his spot even though


he has played many games. We are delighted to have him with us. In


December and, we think we can get the best out of him. But you only


have to remind yourself of him in an England shirt to see he is a


rare talent. The Leicester Tigers might just have a gem.


Now, the remarkable story of a boxer escaped the gangs of Jamaica


to fight for a British and Commonwealth title. Ovil McKenzie


was forced to leave home at 13 and make money selling food on the


streets. For the last six years, he has lived in a hotel room in Derby,


but says his life experiences have left him hungry for success. Mark


Shardlow has been's to meet him. This is what it is like to meet one


of Britain's top boxes. But behind this is a tough story. Ovil's Derby


home is tiny. Two hotel rooms in the staff quarters. This is more


than comfortable for me. Caribbean food, chicken, rice. Any Caribbean


food. Ovil got a love of cooking on the streets. By 13, he had to leave


home, sleep on floors, earn some money. If I had been going to


school, I was by my own uniform and shoes. He cooked in the markets of


Kingston in Jamaica. He now uses the hotel banqueting kitchen to


make his favourite chicken dish, which he eats every night, and his


fame ate carrot juice. He started boxing on the streets, turning his


back on gang culture. Every Friday night, somebody came to three of my


mates. People watched us tearing each other apart. He patrolled his


neighbourhood each night and eventually escaped to move to Great


Britain, and six years ago, to Derby. I think maybe I would have


been imprisoned or died if I hadn't come here. He supplements his


income with boxing and regularly sends gifts home to the Caribbean.


From shoes to car parks. This weekend could be his biggest pay-


day. Entrance to win the Commonwealth and heavyweight title.


We really want him to win after watching that. What an amazing guy.


On to golf, and Lee Westwood continues his hunt for his first


ever major title. The world number two at teed off just after 2pm this


afternoon at the Open championships at Royal St George's. But he had a


nightmare start, dropping three shots. Thankfully, he has recovered


to one over par with two to play. Finally, cricket, and Alex Hales


has been given his county cap. The 22-year-old is a real rise in star.


Nottinghamshire have drawn their championship match with Somerset


while there was a Wii good win for Derbyshire, beating Glamorgan by


186 runs. That is all the sport on the day when we met Ovil McKenzie.


What do a guy! Fabulous. A reality TV takes on a bit of it was this


evening in a documentary featuring a class of eight and nine-year-olds


from Leicester. Humberstone Junior School, after a


lot of heart-searching, agreed to allow a Class 4FF, I think that is


some of them behind us, to be featured, and everybody agrees the


results have been hugely beneficial to not only the parents and


teachers, but most especially to the pupils.


Here each year in British primary schools, at least three weeks of


teaching time is lost. The reason - the poor behaviour of children in


class. Only three years ago, this school


was put into special measures. Their next step is to reach


outstanding. They have done incredibly well. But everybody here


agrees that this project is one of the best things they have ever done.


I think everybody who works with children or has got children has


got something to learn. We learnt so much about how we work and how


children are. I think everybody could watch this and learn


something, definitely. This is the very famous Class 4FF. Hello!


don't have school uniform one because it is almost the end of


term, and we must explain, everybody has been having a bit of


a party. But we wanted to speak to you to see how filming was. Who


shall we start with? What was it like being filmed all the time?


was quite nervous and when they first came in, we were all laughing.


You saw the microphones hanging down and you saw the cameras and


staff. It was really freaky! It was a bit weird. A bit weird? Yes.


is nice to see the children in the cars and how different they are at


school. If they did it again next year, yes. It was worth it? Yes.


There is editor of the end of the film where they say, would you do


it again? And I say that I would do it every year with a different


class of children. And I probably would.


They were great. Hebden Bridge are so cool. They have so much


confidence. -- Class 4FF. It will be a real insight.


Let's go to somebody now who I am sure has never been in the naughty


corner in her life! I think I have had one a black mark and I think I


might get another one when you see I think we lost the sunshine a


little bit this afternoon. We have got a lovely picture to show you


from Nancy. Thank you for that. Please keep your pictures coming in.


We have still got quite a bit of cloud with us at the moment and it


could be thick enough at times just to produce the odd light shower


this evening. They do it then start to die away. We then hold on to the


clearer skies as well. A minimum to and from nine degrees and in towns


and cities, more like 11 or 12 degrees overnight. A dry start


first thing tomorrow morning and a bit of sunshine. Quite different


from this morning. It will start to change by the afternoon and we will


start to see the cloud increasing again, and just the odd chance of a


rogue shower. But it will be a warmer day. The wind is coming from


the south-west and temperatures will reach a maximum of 23 degrees


Celsius. The rain is around, a bit delayed coming in, but it will be


with us Friday into Saturday. Low- pressure starts to come in across


the country as well, so the rain becoming heavier as the second


weather front goes through in the first -- in the second part of


Saturday morning. As one band clears out of the way, we will be


left with very strong winds into Saturday. Sunday will remain


blustery as well and we will have a heavy showers. As those winds


remain pretty blustery, we have the chance of a few thunderstorms on


Monday. But they will move through quite quickly.


Crikey! Just before we go, good news for thousands of staff at


Derbyshire-based retailer Sports Direct. They have been awarded more


than �40,000 each in shares. They hit their targets for a second year


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