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This is East Midlands Today with Kylie Pentelow and Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight: The convicted killer released from


prison who went on to stab two neighbours to death.


This is self-styled angel of mercy, Andrew Dawson and these other flats


where he will two innocent men. is an evil man. He planned both of


these murders and planned to escape from the police.


Also, the crashers caused by a blind spot on foreign lorries and


the families left to grieve. We know we cannot bring my father


back. But what we would like to highlight is the prevention of


other families having to go through what we have suffered.


These massive turbines will be fully operational and the first


commercial wind farm in Leicestershire.


Fine out why this question, "do you want salt and vinegar on that".


Might be a thing of the past. Good Evening, welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight, the convicted murderer who was released


to kill again. Andrew Dawson dubbed himself "the Angel of Mercy" after


stabbing two neighbours to death. He'd moved into their block of


flats in Derby just weeks before. Probation officials insist Dawson


was handled correctly and there was no indication he would commit


further murders. Simon Hare was at Nottingham Crown Court earlier


today when Dawson was sentenced. Good evening.


Andrew Dawson was today told by a judge that he'll serve the rest of


his life behind bars. He'd previously been released after


serving almost 30 for killing a man. Today he admitted two similar cold-


blooded murders. Committed while he was out on licence from prison.


This was the moment Andrew Dawson was arrested. He'd been traced to


Whitehaven in Cumbria. He jumped into the harbour but was eventually


pulled from the sea and a taser had to be used for him to be fully


restrained. He'd been named by Derbyshire police as the prime


suspect in the murder of his neighbour, 66 year old Dave


Matthews. Just hours after Dawson's arrest, police discovered the body


of a second man 58 year old, Paul Hancock, who'd been filmed by a


shop's security camera on the day he died. Both were found in the


bath at their separate flats at Waterford Drive in Chaddesden in


Derby last July. They'd been repeatedly stabbed. Andrew Dawson


had only moved into the same building just weeks beforehand.


Today he went on trial after denying murder, but changed his


pleas to guilty after hearing details of the case against him.


is a very evil man. He planned both of these murders. And he had


planned to escape from the police. He certainly made a lot of attempts


to destroy forensic evidence. Dawson's flat police discovered a


notebook which bore the impression of a letter he'd written confessing


to one of the killings and signed "Yours, the Angel of Mercy". As a


teenager, Dawson was given a life sentence in 1982 after admitting


the murder of an elderly man in his flat at Ormskirk in Lancashire,


where Dawson's originally from. He'd been released on licence from


Sudbury Prison in 1999, but was subsequently recalled to Nottingham


Prison three times. We always knew he was difficult. But there was


nothing in all of the years to indicate the things we heard in


court that he was planning to kill again. If When Dawson was arrested


he was armed with seven kitchen knives. He told psychiatrists he


felt driven to kill both men as he feared he was about to be recalled


to jail again for assaulting a previous landlord.


A final report into how Dawson was handled is due to be submitted on


Wednesday. It's expected to conclude all correct procedures


were followed. We heard that he later confessed to wanting to kill


someone at Markeaton Park in 2007 after being arrested But for the


families of Dave Matthews and Paul Hancock, several questions remain


and Dawson's full life sentence has come too late.


The Department for Transport today dismissed claims that it could


after all reopen a multi-million pound rail contract in favour of


the Derby-based train maker Bombardier. Documents leaked to a


national newspaper appeared to contradict the Prime Minister's


claims that his hands were tied on the issue.


The Prime Minister in South Africa today on a trade mission. Absent is


Colin Walton, the boss of Derby- based Bombardier. Although invited


to accompany the Prime Minister, he dropped out after a call from


Downing Street at the weekend. Could Bombardier's anger over


losing a government rail contract be the reason? Maybe this is


another reason? Department for Transport documents leaked to the


Daily Mirror appear to question David Cameron's assertion that he


was powerless to intervene. A clause in the original tender


document that awarded the contract to build new carriages for


Thameslink to Seimens rather than Bombardier, gives the government an


option to reconsider the deal. think they should be looking very


hard, particularly in light of the Mirror's article today. They should


be look very hard at awarding it to Bombardier because it means so much


to the local people. The Department for Transport, in a brief statement,


said the clause allowed only minor changes to the original contract


awarded to Seimens. But it's further ammunition for Derbyshire


MPs when they see the Prime Minister on his return from South


Africa. We need some confidence in Derby and if the Prime Minister


does a U-turn, it'll be the best U- turn he's ever made. 1400 jobs are


to go at Bombardier in Derby. The Thameslink contract and the very


future of Britain's last-remaining train makers is now to be


investigated by the influential Commons Transport Committee.


You're watching East Midlands Today, later: When cyclists and


pedestrians clash. We find out why the police are having to step in,


in what's supposed to be a bike- free zone.


The twin sister of a woman who was murdered in Australia says she had


expressed concern about her safety before her death. Sally Brooks died


on the day she was due to return permanently to Nottinghamshire with


her three children to begin a new life.


This is one of the last photos of Sally Brooks, taken in May visiting


her father in Stapleford who's very ill. Sally had decided to return


home so that her twin sister Alison could help bring up her three


children. For two and a half years she'd struggled as a single parent


and full time IT consultant having been married for ten years in


Australia. On July 1st, the alarm was raised when she failed to pick


up her children from school. She was found at her Melbourne home


with serious head injuries and died ten days later. I thought the last


of my twin sister was more than I could bear. But it was nothing


compared to seeing the faces of her children when they were told by the


police she had been deliberately hurt. Worse was to come when we saw


the three children crying hysterically by her bedside, trying


to wake her up. We know the meaning of heartbreak.


The family home was already sold and 48 year old Sally was selling


other household items via the internet. We're hoping to find


information from anyone who might have been in sales with the victim,


that might help with information as to who has done this.


During a news conference Alison said her sister had expressed


concerns about her safety and was asked how the childrens' father had


taken the news that she was returning to England. It was


eventually consented to after some difficulties.


Sally was described as an exceptional mother who lived for


her children. Her twin said she would forever be half instead of


whole. The family of a man who was killed


by a lorry driver say a special lens could have saved his life.


Michael Matthews from Burbage in Leicestershire died last year in a


crash on the M1. His wife was severely injured. His family say


the lorry driver couldn't see their car because of a blind spot as the


HGV was left-hand drive. Michael's widow spoke to our reporter, Helen


Astle. We had been together since I was 18


and I married when I was 19. He was just my best friend. Pat Matthews


talking about her husband, Michael. Last year they were making their


way home on the motorway when a left-hand drive lorry pulled into


the path of their car. Michael lost his life and Pat says she has been


given a life sentence for what has happened. A lorry driver, the


Czechs as Backley and national spend the next six months of his


life in prison after pleading guilty to causing death by driving


without due care and attention. dad was sideswipe, hit on the rear


bumper which spun the car around. The car spun several times and hit


the Embankment and it flipped the car over and landed on the roof.


The this was a left-hand drive a lorry, my steering wheel would be


here and my blind-spot would be over there and that is the problem.


Looking in that mirror, anyone driving along the right hands side


of the lorry, cannot be seen. In 2009, 18 people were killed by


foreign left hand lorries. That is one death every few weeks. The


family is launching a campaign to make it legal for all left hand


drive lorries to be fitted with a special lens which reduces the


blind-spot. If it saved somebody else's life, then we would be very


grateful. Something has got to be done. We cannot bring my father


back, but what we would like to highlight is the prevention of


other families having to go through what we have suffered. The family


is writing to the Prime Minister to highlight their campaign. Pat is


waiting for possible further surgery but says she will never


recover from what has happened. More former residents of a


children's home are to take legal action against two councils. 21


people now claim they were victims of physical and sexual abuse by


staff while they were at Beechwood Children's Home. The property on


Woodborough Road in Nottingham was owned and operated by the county


council up until 1998, when ownership transferred to the city


council. It was closed in 2006. The Government's announced that RAF


Cottesmore at Oakham is to be turned into an Army base. It was


the home of the Harrier aircraft until last year. Since March it's


been a satellite base to RAF Wittering near Stamford and it was


due to close next year. Now the Defence Secretary says after 2015


Cottesmore will house a major new army unit.


Police in Derby are hoping to speak to the victim of a stabbing later.


The 35 year old was attacked on Stanton Street in Normanton early


on Saturday morning. Officers say it looks like he was trying to


break up an argument. Police in Leicester were today


targeting cyclists who ride in pedestrian areas of the city.


Officers were in the New Walk area advising and encouraging cyclists


to use different routes, as Paul Bradshaw reports.


Can I stop you a moment? There's been a ban on cycling along


New Walk for many years. And today Police were enforcing the bye-law.


We are trying to let people know why we're here and to think from a


different perspective. To some cyclists, the restrictions seemed


unfair. I understand they have to police this so people can use it as


a pedestrian area but in other places they have cycle paths. But


lots of people agreed something has to be done. It is long overdue.


Some come down at a reasonable speed but sometimes you have to


jump out of the way. Quite a few pedestrians walk a bit so you can


understand where they come from. Become down here 20 miles an hour


it seems and it's obvious it is will accident waiting to happen.


At the end of the day the message to cyclists was clear - on your


bike! They divide communities - to some


beautiful, others a blot on the landscape. But one thing looks


certain - there will be more wind turbines in our region in years to


come. The government wants to produce 15% of UK energy from


renewable methods by 2020. At the moment it says only 3% of our


energy is generated this way. Well, in the first of a new series, Simon


Ward was given access to Leicestershire's first commercial


wind farm. Harnessing the power of nature is


not new, but a modern wind farm and turbine industry is in comparison


to this old windmill. But opinions are divided on the issue - should


refund them to benefit the environment? Or, are they a waste


of money and a blot on the landscape. Their numbers are


increasing across the East Midlands. This is the low spinning wind farm


near Gilmorton, Ashby magnet and Donson batters. It is the first in


the county and is due to be operational this summer. Graham


Jordan lives about 2.5 miles away and is convinced about the benefits


of the wind farm. I didn't find it difficult to become a supporter


because the people against it made such strong claims that were


clearly, they were myths and lies. Scientifically they are in


experienced. I know the science, that is why I took exception to it.


They put a poster outside my house and told me five miles from the


site, the whole area would be devastated. That is a very strong


term. The Blades are 125 metres high. The company behind the


project claims it will provide electricity for 5,000 homes.


Platforms block the view inside but this ladder reaches 80 metres up.


An escape plan shows a technician could throw themselves out when an


abseil type system in an emergency. Local environmentalists have been


keeping an eye on the development of this Leicestershire wind farm.


It is the way forward. Obviously they cost money to construct, but


in contrast to conventional power stations and installations, the


wind is free. It is inexhaustible, so it is an no-brainer.


everyone agrees. Local opponents failed to stop planning permission


being granted and they are still worried. You will read 12 things


and six of them will say there won't be any problems. You read


another six, No It's one not be fine it will be horrendous. Until


it is operational, you are living with a constant uncertainty.


Opponents say they are concerned about the health effects of noise


and so called flicker, when light comes through the turbines at


sunrise and sunset. We continue to campaign against them. At the


moment we are carrying out a health survey within the community to find


out how well the community is now and we were repeated in the year to


find out the detrimental effect the turbines have had on the health of


the community. In terms of bigger wind turbines, figures show there


are 13 Bills and operating in the region. But the scene is changing,


with 22 more large turbines given approval and many planning


applications in the pipeline. With the benefit of real experience, how


do people opposed to wind farms feel after some time? This is


Nottinghamshire, it went into operation towards the end of last


summer. This man and his wife can see it from their front garden and


say the turbines can occasionally be heard at night. I believe at a


125 metres from bottom to the top. I think myself overlooking the


village, further back they would have been better. But this lady


lives even closer to the turbines. I always think they can't build


underneath it and it preserves the countryside in that respect. I


cannot hear anything and the trees around me obscure a lot of them


anyway, although I can see them from to spring's aspects. --


different aspects. There is no perfect solution for energy at the


moment. Fossil fuel have their problems at the moment and wind


farms cannot give us everything. The battles will rage on but with


more wing turbines being given approval they are increasing


presence on our landscape. And tomorrow, we'll be talking to a


company which has designed a new type of off-shore wind turbine


system. It says it could double the amount of power generated by


existing off-shore wind farms. We have a wind of a new signing at


Nottingham Forest? Frustrated Forest fans can rest a


little easier this evening. The club have made their second signing


of the summer. It's former Manchester United, Middlesbro, West


Brom and Fulham midfielde,r Jonathan Greening. And Mark


Shardlow has been to meet him. is 32 and has been a substitute in


both Champions League and Europa League finals on the winner of the


Championship. Jonathan Greening is a Forest player. I am happy. I'm


glad it is all sorted now. It is nice it is sorted and I am here now


and ready to of rock and roll. is moving from a Premier League,


but once regular football and was impressed with the pitch. I have


known Steve McLaren a long time he was my assistant manager at


Manchester United and at Middlesbrough as my manager. When I


first spoke to him, he told me his aims and wanted to get this club


back into the Premier League. They have been close the last couple of


seasons and hopefully they can go that step further. It is definitely


the best league in the world. has played at the city Ground a


number of times. I scored four goals in the 8-1 victory with


Manchester United 4 star and he is hoping the look continues. He will


be training with his colleagues for the first time tomorrow.


Leicester City are looking for four more signings. The Championship's


big spenders are currently on a two -eek European tour. Natalie Jackson


has caught up with them in Stockholm.


We are in Sweden for Leicester City's ten-day tour. We have been


behind the scenes with the team and been up close and personal with the


owners and they say what goes on tour, stays on tour but we will


have all of the secrets in Sweden and East Midlands today some --


tomorrow. Meanwhile, Derby County are denying


reports they've approached Leicester about signing their


former skippe,r Matt Oakley. Derby start their more modest tour of the


north west of England tomorrow. Now, the revival of Donington Park


racing circuit continues with the first ever visit from the World


Touring Car Championships over the weekend. It's fast and tight racing


in cars that look almost like something you and I might drive.


But we don't drive them the way these guys do. As I found out in


some style from the Championship Leader.


Rob Huff is that man. The only Brit in the Championship and the


definite star of the weekend at Donington. With the World Touring


Cars now a key part of the parkland circuits programme. But what's it


really like to drive? Time to find out. It is a fantastic circuit. It


is Grace -- great for the racing. It will be close this weekend.


can see what you're thinking, not the Championship driver, but he


said he needed help. I will take you round the circuit and we will


get you fully kitted out. You can pretend you are a racing driver for


the evening. Just been whipped around the course, I have a


sneaking suspicion this might be scary.


4th here late braking. We have a 1.6 turbo engine, slick tyres,


massive brakes and a stiff suspension. You won't want to drive


this down your local high street. Matt was some braking, goodness me!


Hard on the brakes, third gear, second gear. That was all some. He


is the only Brits in it, and I can see why.


Amazing! As for the racing? Well, as dramatic as ever, with Rob Huff


taking two second places to maintain his Championship lead. And


highlighting the one bit of the experience I missed. It is a non-


contact sport. We are touring car drivers and won't shy of using the


bumpers. That is when it has entertaining. Yeah. Happy to stick


to what I did. Whatever the consequences personally. Hat hair.


In boxing, it was a brave effort, but Derby's Ovill McKenzie who we


featured last week, missed out on the British and Commonwealth light


heavyweight title. Mckenzie, from Derby, was beaten on points by Tony


Bellew in Liverpool. In cricket, the dates have been


announced for the Twenty20 quarter finals. Leicestershire will play


Kent on Saturday 6th August. Whilst Notts take on Somerset the


following day with an afternoon start. 1:45pm.


And a quick mention of an event at Braunston Leisure Centre in


Leicester tomorrow night. They've got both the England under 16


basketball team in action and a special game involving the medal


winners for the GB Special Olympic team. Well worth your support.


It's the usual question they ask when they're about to wrap your


fish and chips: "do you want salt and vinegar on that"? Well a


Leicester chip shop owner believes he's come up with a way of adding


vinegar without making your dinner soggy. Our condiments correspondent


Angelina Socci's been finding out more.


We all know what's it like, you buy your fish and chips, you get them


home and all the vinegar has soaked through to the paper. Well fear not


because this shop believes it's found a solution. Lefteris


Eleftheriou has been running his fish and chip shop on Welford Road


for the past 30 years. But recently decided to come up with a dry


alternative to vinegar. I have a friends who works in ingredients


and flavourings. I asked him about three years ago if it was possible


to do salt that tastes like Vennegoor. It took him three years


and we have had some samples. Eventually about a week ago he came


with a sample that tastes nice. This is the ingredient and here's


the science. It includes salt, sugar and dextrose and when


combined is supposed to taste like salt and vinegar. I think this is


the right combinations. The flavour is nice and you can taste the


vinegar. The salt and vinegar is the right combination. The dry


sprinkle contains one third less sodium than normal salt. But do


customers approve? It is quite nice All Star had to me it tastes lovely.


Better than soggy chips. You can taste the Vennegoor. Deathly taste


the salt, but it is not soft. don't like a lot of vinegar.


his customers seem happy, Lefteris is hoping that other places will


pick up on the idea. The shop is now busy developing the packaging


for the product and looking at ways to market it. Only then will they


know if it's really worth its salt And vinegar!


There was me thinking the height of sophistication was spray on vinegar.


Makes me want some fish and chips for my tea.


We thought we wouldn't see many showers in Nottingham but it has


rained very heavily within the last hour. One new arrival was captured


the of the day at the marina. We have a few showers with us at the


moment and as you might get more prolonged period of rain during the


early part of this evening. Gradually we will see the showers


diminishing. There won't go away totally overnight. If you will come


back in in the early hours of the morning. It has been a blustery day


and the wind will ease off overnight. Minimum temperatures


around 11 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, starting with a lot of cloud,


brightness at times but the showers developing. The wind will be much


lighter, so the showers, as they become heavier into the afternoon


and if you find yourself into the afternoon, it will be there for


quite a bit of time and some thunder also possible. Temperatures


will be warmer. Highs tomorrow of 20 Celsius, so improving slowly.


The wind direction much changed again coming from the north by the


middle part of the week and then a north-easterly. We still have


showers by the time we get to Wednesday. We will get to see a


small amount of sunshine in between those showers. On Thursday there is


a weather front, so it will be quite a showery day. The wind


continues to come from the North East. It will have an impact on the


temperatures. We will see them in the region of around 16 or 17


Celsius through the middle part of the week. Night-time temperatures


not doing too badly. The wind will also ease down a bit. Towards the


weekend, although high pressure is not building in, it should ease off


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