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This is East Midlands Today with Kylie Pentelow and Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight, we reveal just how determined the power


station plotters were. The armoury of an Eco protest, how climate


activists equip themselves to pull the plug on our biggest power


station. Also tonight, the man who fought


off an attack by double killer Andrew Dawson. Then his other arm


came round me in a Nelson. I stood up after that and I pulled him off


me, and I said get out of my flat. Plus, bunking off - more parents


are taken to court for letting their children play truant.


And advice for would-be authors from a man who's sold 50 million


Read, read now! Try and read 10,000 Good evening, welcome to


Wednesday's programme. First tonight, an exclusive interview


with Nottinghamshire police about the undercover cop affair.


Yesterday, 20 climate change protesters planning to shut down


Ratcliffe Power Station had their convictions overturned, because


secret tapes weren't produced at their trial. Tonight, police


explain why they pounced on protesters before the demo even


took place and deny holding back crucial evidence in the case. Our


home affairs correspondent Jeremy You only appreciate the scale of


what was being planned at Ratcliffe when you see all this equipment


that was seized by the police. This metal barricade's one of a


staggering 25,000 items of evidence. And there were 80 climbing


harnesses along with locks and power tools. The protesters were


split into colour-coded teams and issued with untraceable mobile


phones. It was planned with military precision. These tubes are


designed for protesters to lock them souls together. And a portable


ledge and look at this, a big supply of nappies, as well as these


menu cards with enough meals to last them for a whole week. With


the extent of what we have seen in terms of disruption, injuries


caused and other demonstrations, to allow it to go ahead with the


consequences for health and safety, I am not sure it would have done.


One of the most experienced climbers was really a Metropolitan


Police spy. But today the Appeal Court heard that Mark Kennedy


supported the plan enthusiastically and was arguably an "agent


provocateur". And the Lord Chief Justice said 20


activists were victims of a miscarriage of justice. Because


they weren't told about secret recordings made by PC Kennedy, that


could have helped their defence. Obviously Mark Kennedy was a


authorised by somebody and people should ask to his bosses were and


what decisions they made for. And questions too about who decided


to withhold Mark Kennedy's recordings. Nottinghamshire Police


have been in the firing line, but tonight they've come out fighting.


I know the prosecution were aware of the undercover officer and very


clearly disclose the information about the undercover officer and


the sensitive material that was a product of that to the prosecution.


Now that's being investigated as part of seven inquiries stemming


from the handling of the power station plot. Inquiries that are


asking fundamental questions about the policing and prosecution of


protests and the whole the system Jeremy Ball is at Ratcliffe Power


Station. This has been an extraordinary saga. Today's


judgement, what's being said about that? A lot of heat on the Crown


Prosecution Service tonight, they are not commenting because of other


issues but the criticism was scathing in this, they said the


prosecution ignored elementary problems and that failure to


disclose Mark Kennedy's tapes was significant because the activists


could have used the claim for entrapment or support their defence


that the action was necessary and justified. And they say something


seriously went wrong. What happens now? The National Review of


undercover policing is due out in a few weeks' time, several inquiries


going on still into both Nottinghamshire Police and the


Crown Prosecution Service. One of those, a disciplinary inquiry by


the Crown Prosecution Service and the activists and deciding what


they will do next. One told me that they might be entitled to


compensation and they are desperate to find out how much taxpayers'


money is being spent on this. But at the end of the day, while they


didn't get the power station shut down, they definitely got their


message across. Next tonight, the man who believes


he narrowly avoided becoming a killer's third victim. Alan Cliff


fought off his neighbour Andrew Dawson just hours after Dawson had


murdered someone. Now he wants a face-to-face meeting with the


killer who was told earlier this week that he'll spend the rest of


his life in prison. From Derby, Ever since hearing that two of his


neighbours had been stabbed to death last July, Alan Cliff has


lived with the chilling memory of a close encounter with their killer.


48-year-old Andrew Dawson had already served a life sentence for


murder. He grabbed me around the shoulders, and then as he came up,


his arm came up over my neck and then I felt his arm there on my


throat. It was pressing on May and then his other arm came round and


got be in a Nelson. I felt that, I got up and pulled him off me, pull


them round and said get out of my flat, mate.


Andrew Dawson, who lived in this flat, had already murdered two of


his neighbours. 66-year-old Dave Matthews who lived here and 58-


year-old Paul Hancock who lived above him. Alan Cliff who lives in


the fourth of the flats wants to know if he was supposed to become


Andrew Dawson's third victim. Knowing what I know now, was he


going to go at me with the knives? Did I stop in in his tracks? That


is what I want to ask him. So today he wrote to Dawson to say


he wants to visit him in prison. want to ask him his intentions face


to face. The same night he killed Paul, and then find out for myself,


did you try to kill make or didn't you?


He says he won't rest until he gets an answer.


Conservative MPs have tackled David Cameron about the failed bid by


Derby train-maker Bombardier to win a big Government contract. The


decision to award the contract to a German firm instead will cost 1,400


jobs in the city, many of them highly skilled. Let's get the


latest from Westminster and our political editor, John Hess.


After five hours of debate on phone hacking, the Prime Minister managed


to find time to see a group of Derbyshire MPs, worried about the


future of Bombardier, Britain's last train-maker. The Mid-


Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham was Could David Cameron actually focus


on Bombardier given all the attention of that marathon phone


hacking debate? Yes, he did and I was surprised how well briefed he


was considering he had been in the House of Commons for so long. He


was very clear that he was a sting to everything we had to say. We had


a very vigorous debate and discussion about exactly what we


needed. We need orders for Bombardier. He was listening that


only one week ago, he told MPs here that there was no other option, he


could not visit that contract that went to Siemens. We put to him


various things given to us by other people so he could look at those


and not saying that he could turn it round but he is certainly going


to look at it, as is Theresa Villiers so we are hoping there


will be a small amount of comfort even if it is only bringing


forward... You mentioned Theresa Villiers, the Transport Secretary.


That was earlier and that was a cross-party delegation included the


Derby Labour MPs. Was she able to give you a further bit of comfort?


Yes, she was looking at all the contracts in the pipeline over the


next few years. To see what can be brought forward, but Bombardier can


actually have without it going to tender. And it is thought that it


might be able to go back to an existing order. Something positive?


Yes, and we have got to look to the future. We are disappointed and we


would like it to chase but we have got to look to the Ford. -- look


forward. Parliament begins recess tonight but Bombardier will not go


away. You're watching East Midlands Today,


still to come. All the sport including a report from Natalie


who's in Stockholm with Sven. more commercial wind farms are


being given approval, but is it with generating your own energy at


home? I will be finding out later. And on a week that is a mixture of


sunny spells and showers, hopefully some good news for the weekend, it


is getting better! More towards the end of the programme.


The number of Nottinghamshire police stations with enquiry


counters open to the public could be cut by more than half. Senior


officers say at the moment some smaller stations only get one


visitor a day. Angelina Socci The public enquiry desk at this


police station in Kirkby in Ashfield hasn't been used since


last July. Now proposals have been put forward to close more than 20


others. 12 police stations could also shut. The force needs to make


big savings over the next four years and selling off some of its


buildings would save more than �1.5 million. A police estate does not


just happen over two years, it grows over decades. And our


requirements are different and they were in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.


Some forces have started to rationalise their estate. We have


been doing things like improving our service, crime reduction but it


is time now for us to rationalise our estate to meet the demands


working now. Stapleford is one area that could lose its police station


and see its officers relocated. don't know who uses it but it is a


good thing to have in the town. don't use it now. It is not used


enough. The police will start consulting with members of the


public. A final decision is expected to be made later this year.


Six horses and their troughs have been stolen from a paddock in


Nottinghamshire. The animals are thought to have been taken sometime


overnight on Friday 8th July from a field in Whinbush Lane in Calverton.


Police are trying to find the owner of a red 4x4 that was seen towing a


white horsebox around the time of the theft.


The former leader of Derby City Council has appeared in court


charged with assaulting his ex-wife. Conservative councillor Harvey


Jennings, seen here in the dark suit, today had his case


transferred from Derby to Nottingham Magistrates Court. He's


alleged to have assaulted his ex- wife just days before this year's


local elections when he retained his seat.


Workers have been lobbying outside the offices of a company which


finds work for people with disabilities. A recent report has


recommended that Remploy factories be closed, with the loss of almost


3,000 jobs across the country. Workers staged a protest outside


the Remploy offices in Leicester this morning.


Next tonight, the number of parents being prosecuted in part of the


East Midlands because their children aren't going to school has


nearly doubled in the last year. Some parents were fined �30, others


were fined �1,000. Leicestershire County Council says it's a last


Children enjoying the start of the summer holidays in Loughborough


today. But for some pupils, even in term time, there are not in school.


And in over 200 cases, poor attendant has led to parents being


taken to court. We had a small number of families who do not take


their children to school every day. They are missing school every day.


How do we break the cycle? Unfortunately, we have to take them


to court. Last year, Leicestershire County Council fined 226 parents


whose children had persistently missed school. Year on year, that


is a rise of 60%. The finals range from �30 up to �1,000. There are


certain circumstances where it is unavoidable where they have to take


the children out of school. I have taken my children out of school but


I have always got permission. a bit strong, being fined. That is


a lot of money. The a bit steep, that. Especially when schools can


take days off when they want to. The council has particularly


focused on reducing lack of attendance among 15 and 16-year-


olds in the run-up to exams. have to take attendance seriously


and this is a very serious message that we want to send to parents


that we are there to work with them but when necessary, we will take a


firm line in terms of taking cases to court. The message is clear - do


the maths, go to school and get to lessons or your parents could be


In childhood falling and hurting yourself can usually be fixed with


a hug and a sticking plaster. But for the elderly it can be a lot


more serious, and in the case of a broken hip, very painful. So here's


some good news. The Leicester Royal Infirmary used to have some of the


longest delays in the country for repairing fractured hips. Now it's


been praised after more than two thirds of patients were operated on


within 36 hours of a fall. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons


On the mend - Joyce is putting her fall behind her but she'll never


forget it. Her fractured hip was repaired within 24 hours of her


going into Leicester's A&E unit. It's a dramatic turnaround for the


hospital which used to have some of the longest waits. I heard a noise


and I knew something nasty had happened.


In Leicester only a quarter of hip fractures were operated on within


48 hours in 2009/2010. Now it's 71% When you have a frail, all the


person lying immobile in bed, the longer they are immobile, the


higher the risk of other complications. Things like chest


infections, blood clots, pressure sores, all these increase.


This surgeon admits incentive payments from the Government had


accelerated change. We have implemented hip fracture lists over


weekends on Saturdays and Sundays to make sure that these patients


get to theatre within 36 hours. These screws and wires should do


the trick for Joyce. Right now, she just wants to get home. They are


all lovely in here. But you want to go home? You always want to go home.


The hospital says its progress is a start. They hope to get more


patients seen quicker in the coming years for what is a costly serious


This week we've been looking at wind turbines in the East Midlands.


Today it's the turn of smaller windmills. Simon Ward has been to


South Derbyshire to investigate if domestic turbines are worth the


People have mixed feelings about large-scale wind turbines that can


be up to 125 metres to the top of the blade but this wind turbine


here in South Derbyshire is only 18 metres high. How much power can


these generate? Kevin Field lives here with his


family. Their wind turbine has been operating for more than five years.


It cost them �13,000, plus they were given a �5,000 Government


grant at the time it was installed. It is greatly important. Because if


people can generate their own electricity, it is less of a burden


on the environment from a production point of view,


greenhouse gases and so forth. It is certainly a wise investment. If


you are going to be in your house for so many years.


Kevin estimates the turbine can generate about 60% of their


electricity use. It varies during the year, but through the Feed-In


Tariff, they get back around �200 per quarter by sending power back


to the grid. Planning permission was granted with no problems here.


Even smaller turbines may still need to be approved. Here in our


under stairs covered, are the controllers for the wind turbine,


we have got the power output which tells us what we are generating as


it is coming in. It goes to a couple of inverter is whereby it


gets fed back into the grid or used by ass. -- by us.


Overall, Kevin Field says it's been worthwhile and they considering


going a stage further and installing solar panels as well. We


have got some breaking news before we continue. Police are trying to


trace a man falling and assault in wood in Nottinghamshire. It took


place in woodland near Third Avenue in Rainworth at about 4:20pm. The


man who may have been acting suspiciously is described as white,


aged 40 and between five foot seven inches and 5 ft 10. He was wearing


sportswear and have a light ginger or blonde hair. People should phone


Nottinghamshire see - which C I D. Will give you the number at the end


of the show and more in the late bulletin.


Still to come on tonight's programme, you may not know his


face but his name is familiar to millions. Find out who this is


getting an honorary degree in And now the sport.


First, back to Sweden with Leicester City. The Foxes manager


Sven-Goran Eriksson could have a whole new team's worth of players


available by the end of the summer. That's according to the club's


football director, Andew Neville. Leicester have already signed seven


and they want more. Well, Neville, Eriksson and the club's new Thai


owners have all been speaking to Natalie on the club's Scandinavian


Tonight, Leicester City are in Austria as there pre-season tour


continues but Sven-Goran Eriksson says Stockholm has been the perfect


place to prepare for a memorable I have been in Sweden with teams


before. The weather is usually good. If you do not enjoy a Stockholm in


summertime, something is wrong because it is a bit of a city.


-- a beautiful city. And if anybody thinks pre-seasons


are like a holiday, think again. They have been working very hard,


it is more-or-less every day, two sessions per day. This morning it


is raining and then in the afternoon so it is not a holiday


for the players. What was interesting is all key


figures from the club are here, even for a low-key game. The


management, players and owners, and they hope they're prepared to spend


millions and want two players for every position. We need the squad


really strong. Even if somebody is injured, we have somebody to


replace them immediately. We tried to make the team ready for the


season coming. Andrew Neville has been at the club


for 13 years. Never has he known transfer activity like this. Names


like Hargreaves, Heskey, Yakubu and Maynard linked with Leicester every


day. I don't want individuals, I would rather finalise the deal and


then announce it. But names mentioned include a lot of names we


are looking at. The owners have now come in and they want to get to the


Premier League as we do as players do as well. So Sven says goodbye to


his home country and says it is likely that another player will be


signing for the club by the end of In other news, Nottingham Forest


have used their official website to insist that some reports of new


signings are premature. Today, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was


reported to be the new first team coach and George Boateng to have


signed a deal to play for Forest. The club says neither arrival is


confirmed. Cricket now, and only two games to


tell you about because Nottinghamshire's trip to Hampshire


was rained out today. Derbyshire had a terrible start at


Northampton but Ross Whiteley and Jonathan Clare have injected


respectability into the total. Meanwhile James Taylor has been


signalling to the England selectors again with a handsome century in


the tour match with Sri Lanka. Solanki at a, not long before his


call up. His face may not be familiar to


many of us, but his words certainly are, to millions of readers


worldwide. Lee Child writes thrillers about his hero, Jack


Reacher. He's sold 50 million books so far. Today, Lee was at De


Montfort University in Leicester to receive an honorary degree. He told


James Roberson what it's like to know your books are selling at the


Getting kitted out - it's all in a day's work for a rough, tough


thriller writer. In fact, the robes were for the honorary Doctor of


Letters that Lee Child was about to receive from De Montfort University.


He's published 15 novels since 1997. The 16th is on its way, 50 million


sold in all - apparently one every second. I sell one book a year, and


that goes to the publisher and any publisher sells them around the


world so I have to maintain that distance otherwise it would get too


freaky. And today De Montfort University celebrated that. A real


thrill, they are not going down the traditional academic route because


I am far from that traditional, academic person but my books are


widely read and I am engaged in the real world and that is what they


are trying to connect with. Authors of the standing have to sign their


works in industrial numbers. He once wore out a jacket elbow


signing 14,000 books over 12 hours in a Chicago warehouse. I was


sitting there and five people were sliding books under my arms, you


think it is all created but there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes


which nobody sees. Now the first Jack Reacher film's


coming out. Reacher, who like Lee is six-foot-five, will be played by


Tom Cruise... Famously not that tall. I am fine with it, Tom Cruise


is a global movie star and my attitude is that if you're going to


have a movie, have a big star and Tom Cruise is certainly that.


As he received his degree, he reminded the students not to worry


if they're uncertain what they want to do. I would say, don't right now,


read, read now. Read 10,000 books You are looking at a man who was 40


years old before he decided what he wanted to do. Thank you very much.


The Nottingham actress, Samantha Morton, also honoured today by


Nottingham Trent University so congratulations to her too. Must be


I am sure you are in the running! We have had some widespread showers


that there will be a few more heading down from the north during


this evening. Their key to Michael Murray who sent in this picture of


a lovely sunflower, hopefully trying to remind us of what some


are used to be like! We have got quite a bit of cloud around at the


moment and some nasty showers in the northern part of the county. We


will see some of them working their weight south and then gradually


become diminished. A minimum temperature tonight of 13 Celsius.


Tomorrow morning, starting early on with dry at weather but showers


forming throughout tomorrow and they will be quite slow moving. A


bit more sunshine it in between the showers and daytime temperatures


should reach a maximum of 19 Celsius. We have got a ridge of


high pressure building as we get closer to the weekend, so at the


moment it looks like Friday will be many dry, a few showers towards the


south-east of the country so giving us a bit of a shower but mainly dry.


Also Saturday as well, the ridge of high pressure holding on over this


weekend said giving us a much better outlook for Saturday and by


the time we get to Sunday, this temperatures also starting to


increase as well. A decent day for A quick reminder of the breaking


story, police are trying to trace a man in Nottinghamshire, it took


place in Third Avenue, the man they are looking for his white, aged


around 40 and wearing sportswear. Anyone with information should


telephone the number at the bottom of the screen. Extension 805, 3133.


We will have more details on our late bulletin. Also a special


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