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Tonight, a special programme. The Olympic countdown begins in earnest.


We are live in Loughborough, home of Team GB, and live in London. I'm


here at the Olympic Park. The Olympic Stadium, and now, open


today, the aquatic centre. We will be listing the ones to watch from


the East Midlands, and we will have exclusive access to our top


Olympians. More sightings of a young mother hours before she was


murdered. Police hunting her killer Billy she tried to flag down cars


for help. She was after just a lift Welcome to Loughborough. One year


from now, the world's greatest sporting event will be under way.


We are in Loughborough, which will be home to Team GB in 2012. The


impact on the East Midlands will be massive. More on that later, but


let's go down to the Olympic Park in London, to join our sports


editor. It is breathtaking. This is the main Olympic stadium that will


become so familiar in 366 days' time. The whole park is staggering.


Local businesses have helped build it. Volunteers from the East


Midlands will help staff it. You may have a ticket for the event


here. You may watch it on the TV, but one of the things that has


become clear to me is that this will be an event like no other.


This is what the Olympics meant to Mansfield in 2008. Unprecedented


crowds. What about 2012? Some of our Olympic greats have been in awe.


A venue can help bring the best out of an athlete. They will have a


test event next year, and then the Olympic Games themselves. You well


enough this. It will be the biggest How is Loughborough in the build up


to the in Olympic Games? It has the best university in the country. We


have is in preparation camp there. Every member of the team will go


through Loughborough in one form or the other. I was delighted that we


chose Loughborough, for obvious reasons. I try not get too biased


about it. Here's another man from Loughborough. Steve Backley. It is


very special. It makes it feel very real. It has been a long time


waiting. The sixties has gone quickly, but a lot of work has been


done in the meantime, and East -- keep getting update. I have been


here for the first time, and it is very special. Most of the action


will be in the capital, but readers like the East Midlands should feel


very much part of the Games. This is a games for the entire country,


and people across the UK are more than welcome in London. That is


Boris, and I will be down at Paul sideways-on -- late in the


programme. But it has been quite a It certainly sounds like it. The


Olympic Park is in an area where people might not know that well.


How easy will it be for people to find their way there? It is an


unfamiliar part. It is the East side of London. But they are fast


trains running from St Pancras to the heart of the park. There's a


new shopping centre being built in Stratford, and it takes 10 minutes


to reach here from St Pancras station. It is very much in the


breach of the East Midlands. Thank you very much. The Olympics have


resulted in many lucrative contracts for the East Midlands


businesses. They reckon the total amount available could be �300


million. Firms in our region are being encouraged to make the most


of this opportunity to grab this advantage of a decade that is being


called by some as a golden decade for British sport.


London has been calling for 2012. But now it is time to consider


Flying Down to Rio. It was a call made in Loughborough today.


Businesses burst to compete for contracts at Russia's Olympics in


three years' time. For the World Cup. And the Olympics in 2016.


Brazil is no different. With the right team behind Duke, we can


export ourselves to those markets. There are opportunities in


infrastructure. I had am sure that our products but we sell but can be


used. The government says that there is big business in big


there is big business in big sporting events like London 2012.


Around 220 businesses in our region Around 220 businesses in our region


will be involved. They won 315 contracts. A total value of �300


contracts. A total value of �300 million. It is claimed that just


getting your product out there during the Olympics can make a


difference. This lot profound is supplying hydrogen engines for


London taxis. It isn't ideal first deployments of these zero-emission


vehicles. -- it is an ideal deployment. Opportunities abroad


over the next decade cannot be ignored. Who is supplying the


curtain rails? Who is supplying the tickets to getting? They are many


small things that they really do need. They can be quite specialist.


Is the export recovery is to happen, businesses may have to be winners


in the world of sport, both home and away. East Midlands businesses


are being encouraged to have a shot at winning some new contracts. More


from us later in the programme, but now back to the studio. In other


news, police hunting the killer of a young mother in Nottingham say


there was a number of sightings of her flagging down traffic before


she was found. Caroline coin's body was found later. A picture of a


Her body was found by a -- with a head injuries. B28-year-old had


earlier left a party by foot, and a number of sightings like this one


at 1am saw her flagging down traffic. She was trying to flag


down buses. Somewhere on that route, she may have become de toric --


disorientated. Maybe she was after a lift home or just a bit of


comfort. Maybe someone did give her a brief lift. Again, it is it


important and vital that people come forward so we know what was


going through Caroline's minds. Police also want to know where this


size 3 trainer went. It was missing from her right but. If the person


responsible for killing Caroline has discarded that Sue, it may be


vital evidence. Eight photo of the T-shirt Caroline was wearing has


been released. Police are doing the rounds reassuring the public. It is


the public that will most likely hold the key for them. The nothing


she met -- the Nottinghamshire police authority... Nottinghamshire


police say that some stations are not accused by the public and many


NICE to be saved. Police can be contacted via community centres


instead. The details of closures will be confirmed later this year.


We are having to make decisions about a Weatherby make these kind


of savings or whether we reduce the amount of police officers doing


frontline activities, and we clearly said that our priority is


to keep officers involved in neighbourhood policing and the


front line. We believe that is the priority that the public want.


than 300 jobs will be created if a supermarket is built on a former


after -- hospital site. Morrison's wants to build on the old


Derbyshire Royal Infirmary site. The company says it is aiming to


open at the end of next year if planning permission go through


smoothly. There will be opportunities for construct and


workers. One of our biggest manufacturers has switched on the


biggest Solar Panel rate at any factory. They have been installed


in record time. The power from the solar panels will provide enough


energy to build 7,000 cars per year. That is all from us. Time to go


back to Loughborough. Thank you. They keep tell -- they keep telling


us that the Olympics is not just about winning medals, but also


about the taking part. And also inspiring young people. Charnwood


Athletics Club inspiring -- I am in Derby Market Place, where


they have been marking the final countdown to London 2012 today.


Let's be to one -- I will be speaking to one of our Olympic


locals. And the weather tomorrow is likely to be a knockout. I will


have the weather at the end of the As you can see it is all beginning


to happen here. There is a proud sporting tradition at Loughborough


University. When the 2000 Olympics happened, what effect all that have


on the town? It might be over 100 miles to the


Olympic village, but five-under million pounds of improvements are


under way at the train station. is great news. There are platform


extensions. We have wanted them for many years, we have increased


parking, if we also have new lifts. Many of the athletes, they will see


this town for the first time. staff are looking for to read. They


are having the Japanese team, they have been burning a few words are


Japanese. It is not just that the train station where the work is


taking place. Hearing the centre of the town, there is building under


way on a new hotel. They are excited about what the Olympics can


be the last breath. A it will be very good for the town. Go Team GB.


We will bring money to the town. I'll be there! A I think it ought


to have a lot for the town. Olympics will be massive the


Loughborough. The tower has suffered over the last 18 months.


With the Olympics being here, we have Japan, the Olympic team, that


will be a great boost, for the years to come as well. Hopes are


high that it will not just be the athletes getting the gold.


They are doing their warm-up exercises, looking at them I am


feeling tired just watching. It is not just about the athletes, there


are thousands of volunteers who will be helping the smooth running


of the Olympic Games. They are called Games Makers, we joined a


tour of the candidates during the selection process.


Over 240,000 people have applied to volunteer, that only 70,000 will be


Games Makers. Clement is having his it burst into view. I'm a bit


nervous. I'm not used to interviews. The difference between the games is


the volunteers. I used to be a football referee. I've always


enjoyed the Olympics. I want to try and make it a success for the


British people. They should not be nervous. It is a one that to one a


discussion of what they can tell us about their skills and experience.


It is not like a job interview. Mean there is a volunteer, she is


helping to do the interviews. was excited when I heard London was


going to get the Olympics. I was pleased with how it went. When she


asked me about anything challenging, I was surprised. I delivered a baby


last week. If I can do that, I can do the Olympics.


I am sure he can. Clement proving there that he can deliver. He will


hear the has got the job in October. Let's go back to Derby and enjoy


another Olympic celebration. They have been staging a party here


all day. It is the only one of its kind outside London. People are


looking at some of the Olympic torches close-up. This man was part


of the Olympic torch relay team back in 1948. The main reason today


was to give youngsters the chance to have a go at different Olympic


sports. Boxing will there be a sport for women for the first time


next year. I am joined by Naomi Reid. My dad was a professional


boxer. You are triple jumping, if 20 Todd has come to Cynthia? Yes it


has. I'll be 18 when the Olympic comes. How confident will be be


ball-winning something at the next Olympics? And I'll try my hardest.


You have seen kids having a chance, it is great to see. Yeah, I have


seen some of the kids doing triple- jumper. If they are at a very high


standard. The bigger the Olympics will have a big legacy in


Derbyshire for? I hope so. The torch coming to Dhabi is massive.


Derby is planning on building a new track. Back to you.


Thank you very much. Coming up later in the programme. We are


going back to the aquatic centre. Find out how crocheted lie-ins and


ceramic flyer -- flowers are playing their part in the Olympics


There is no doubt that facilities here at Loughborough University are


superb. Let's talk to the Director of Sport, Chris Earle. It feels


more real now, we one year to go? The children are inspired by the


fact it is coming up soon. Deep think it all come down to medals?


It matters that we get at least 4th in the medal table, that is where


we were in Beijing, that is our aspiration this time. You must be


excited on a personal level, this has been five years in the making?


We are very excited. It is a fantastic opportunity for a bus.


How do you think that you're at Leeds will do in London next here?


I think we will do well. We have this a 19 based here, we have the


athletics team as well. They will make a good account of themselves.


I have no predictions. Thank you very much for talking to us.


There is a lot more sport going on. Welcome back to London. This is the


aquatics venue. It is a spectacular setting. 17,500 supporters will be


in here. The most notable feature is the wave like a roof. Tom Daly


will be performing the first dive in a BBC One Special shortly after


our programme. We are hoping their medals in one year's time. Heres


might take on the East Midlands as to watch.


Rebecca Addington was the first one to win gold last year, it would be


remarkable to repeat its, she will be disappointed not to get one.


This man has been set back by illness. On the track we are


expecting medals, this girl has showed signs of returning to her


best. Andy Turner has a medal in his sights. As long as we do not


drop the baton, we have a very good record in relays. Our hockey sides


are remarks the world's elite. Piggy French should be in the medal


hunt in the eventing. This man may be our surprise package.


They will be medals in people, we all know about Rebecca Badminton --


Rebekah Addington. The swimming team have given the exclusive


These are some of Britain have's the best swimmers. Ballet was part


of their preparation for the World Championships. We are all ready to


go to performance. It is about thinking how you use your body.


Over the next 12 months you'll be getting to know this team if Batty


follow their Olympic process. Fran Halsall, I swim freestyle and


sometimes but applied. Saw me maybe an individual support -- sport, but


this is death and the team. We have so much banter, he it is a lot of


fun. It is like a team sport. not let the joking full-year, they


are as dedicated as they come. the head coach of the intensive


training centre. Early-morning starts, strict diets, and miles and


miles of practice. You cannot say died in and give me a gold medal,


you have to look at your strike rate, when you are breathing, if


how many kicks you do off the turn. It is all about the Olympics. Some


of the group will be hoping for a medal, others know they are just


trying to make the team. It is a dreamy have had since a child. I


want to be the surprise winner on the team. We will have the inside


track on the swimmers are aiming to be Britain proud.


This is where their journey will end. The Olympic Paul. The world's


media attention will be focused here. We may be the only original


crew allowed here, but they are 1000 representatives from all


points of the world. Looking good. Meet the athletes of


the future. They are doing toning up exercises. Crocheted a lions and


ceramic flowers, not the first thing you would associate with the


Olympic Games. But they are works that had been a commission to tie


in with the Games. Two artists we are very different


works of art. They are part of the Cultural Olympiad. This manner is


producing ceramic flowers, they are moulded from play with painstaking


detail. I am producing 2000 ceramic flowers to go around the country. I


am producing things like this. This is going to Blenheim Palace. The


roses are going to the Houses of Parliament. Marrying the arts with


the Olympics is not a new idea. Up until the 19 up 50s artists created


works are that was up -- inspired by sport. It is clear to see the


scale of challenge is still there. This artist has spent 18 months


working on a three joined crocheted lions. They are inspired by the


Olympics. She has got prove 36 miles a Derbyshire were all. --


wall. The Lions are going to tour the region. The art work which has


been produced will last for decades. There is all relate what we do to


raise specific time when this time hosted an Olympic Games. With one


year to go, there is clearly a lot left to do. Both artists are hoping


that they will leave a legacy supporting sport and culture.


We liked our art. Merle art, this is my Romeo and Juliet moment. Are


you there? I am hoping you are going to come up and rescue me. It


is far too early to think about the weather for the next 12 months.


Something like today would be Something like today would be


perfect. We have had a cloudy all week so far. We expect it to stay


that way. It will be a little bit he made. Let's look at tonight.


This was sent in by Graham. He was out harvesting using a 1940s binder.


It has been a cloudy day. You can see the cloud of bubbling up. There


are only one or two breaks in the cloud. That is how it will stay


going into the evening. As we go overnight, the cloud will be


increasing. We expect some low cloud are too old in. -- to come in.


A minimum temperature of 13 Celsius. Tomorrow is a cloudy start. It will


lead than clear, we are hopeful it will become a brighter day, maybe a


little bit of sunshine. With that sunshine, temperatures will warm up,


23 Celsius. Friday will see high pressure, are a few showers first


thing, dry and brighter as we go into the afternoon. The outlook on


Saturday will be Brier -- dry and sunny. A good weekend.


What do you think of this? And the original Olympic torch from 1948.


That is yours to borrow, to borrow. What will the weather be like for


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