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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story - a dramatic twist in the


row over Bombardier's lost contract. The company that the Bombardier to


that where a contract, Siemens, has a track record of corruption that


our department for Transport says that makes no difference to their


winning bid. Plus in the spotlight - serious concerns are raised about


two East Midlands care homes. And crime does not pay - find out


how luck our police forces are seizing millions of pounds of goods


like this every year. And the long arm of the law comes


to oakum - the court is in session in the broadest cold room in


Welcome to Thursday's programme. It has emerged that Siemens, the


German multinational which built on Bayadere to a lucrative rail


contract, has a track record of corruption. In the recent past, the


firm has been fined hundreds of millions of pounds over slush funds


and illegal payments but does that mean they could now lose the


Thameslink deal. Apparently not. Our own government says rules aimed


at punishing corrupt craps is do not apply and Siemens insist they


have cleaned up their act. The 1,400 job losses were announced


here on July this and 23 days on, it has been a long hot summer for


Department of Transport officials. Today more heat, questions over


whether they considered Siemens previous corruption cases,


something that has to be done under regulations before handing the


company that rail contract. Supporters of on the day - they


have always questioned the value for money reason given by the


Government when Siemens won the �1.4 billion Thameslink contract.


After that, Bombardier announced 1,400 job losses in Derby. Now


questions have been raised about whether Siemens track record of


corruption cases was probably considered by UK officials.


Requirement over EU regulations. looks as if there might be a


question whether the government properly checked Siemens history


and how they have overcome allegations and convictions for


corruption and bribery. European law which governs procurement


requires them to check, to make sure that people are clean. In 2007,


there was a 200 million euros fine for Siemens in Germany over bribery


of by his former telecoms division. In 2008, a 523 million pound fine


in the US over a slush fund to win overseas contracts. The same year,


a 354 million pound fine in Germany amid claims former board members


did not fulfil supervisory roles. An MP who has been campaigning for


Bombardier says the latest twist means the whole contract needs to


be reconsidered by the government. We found out about the lightweight


bogey that did not come up. These issues with Symonds having been


found guilty of corruption in various countries around the world


have turned up. This shows the whole procurement process was


weaker. The company that it -- beat Bombardier to that contract has a


track record of corruption cases but our department for Transport


says that makes no difference to their winning bid. In a statement,


MPs are expected to examine the details of the contract at a select


committee hearing in September. We have been speaking to Siemens


and they seem keen to emphasise their strong links to the UK and


East Midlands? That is right. They say they have changed their


leadership culture at the top. They had been in the UK for 168 years


and they employed 16,000 people in the UK, 50 % of them in


manufacturing and engineering. They say in the East Midlands, there are


170 people working on rail and signalling, 200 at Siemens and


metering in Nottingham and 40 at a site in Derby. Thank you.


The company that closed one of its private hospitals after horrifying


allegations of abuse has been told there are now serious concerns


about two of its centres in the East Midlands. The Care Quality


Commission investigated after a secret filming by the BBC showed


residents being repeatedly taunted, pin-down and slapped at Winterborne


View. Castlebeck, which run the hospitals, has been told it is to


carry out improvements. Our health correspondent is here. I gather the


commission has serious concerns about four centres. Let's be clear,


it is nothing on the scale of what we have heard from Bristol


according to the Care Quality Commission, but if we look at these


homes in the East Midlands, the first one here in idyllic


surroundings. This is Cedar Vale, and they found conditions inside


this home far from ideal. The Care Quality Commission as a whole


series of issues. These places deal with people with learning


difficulties. This is Croxon Lodge the other place that they have been


singled out. Do we know what problems have been uncovered?


Some of the concerns at a corporate level include lack of training,


inadequate staffing, and poor care palling. And then if we look at


each home in turn, Cedar Vale, they found that patients did not


experience saved care and another of the findings was inconsistent


monitoring of the quality of care. This from an inspection back in


June. Turning to the other home, care plans were inadequate and


health and welfare needs were not being met by sufficient numbers of


appropriate staff. A whole catalogue of problems that have


been uncovered. What have Castlebeck had to say? Tonight they


have insisted that they are determined to put things right. We


have been talking to the man at the top. We have tried to address them


and the report makes some acknowledgement that progress has


been made. Clearly that progress has not continued and the need to


revisit that. I have had people they're looking at that and we will


resolve that. I have no problem and no concerns that we will not result


that. There has been reaction from two other organisations tonight.


Yes, the nursing and midwifery council has been investigating why


some people did not blow the whistle and police have confirmed


they had been called to the home in Melton Mowbray because of


disturbances between residents. One nurse has been suspended because of


an allegation of alleged assault and that is being investigated as


we speak. Still to come: sally is doing her


bit for the birds. I will be at a nature reserve helping to ring of


East Midlands Today can reveal that almost �8 million worth of goods


have been seized from criminals across the region. Organised gang


crime costs billions of pounds every year. The police hope that by


adopting a tough approach, it will take the money out of the crime and


reduce the cost of -- to the tax payer.


They say crime does not pay, but this board certainly cost a lot.


Now it is in the hands of police. I cannot tell you where this disused


warehouses for security reasons, but it is time to these Rolex


watches. We have the sound doors here and here we have this sports


car. None of these goods are stolen, they have been bought legitimately


but they have been bought with dirty money, money that have come


about as a result of crime. Latest figures show that last year


Derbyshire police seized goods to the value of �1.6 million. In


Nottinghamshire, the figure was �2 million. In Leicestershire it was a


record-breaking year with �4.2 million of assets being seized. The


figures come as the Home Office announces a five-year plan making


it easier for the police to confiscate the proceeds of crime.


Crimes that are becoming ever more sophisticated. Criminals are


manipulating all sorts of systems, there are moving into mortgage for,


corporate fraud, identity fraud. They are using the internet


extensively because it is a global system and they can communicate


with criminals abroad. These cars will be sold legitimately to the


highest bidder, mean life, the police are keen to stress if there


is too much billing, give us a ring. Other stories and a 26-year-old man


has been arrested over the murder of a young mother. The body of


Caroline coin was found between two houses in the St Annes District on


Saturday. A post-mortem found the 28-year-old had died from head


injuries. A man has been questioned by officers throughout today.


Derby-based Rolls-Royce says its order book is healthier than ever.


The engine maker has received orders from Singapore Airlines,


Norwegian Air Lines and Emirates. Altogether it had more than �60


billion worth of business by the end of last month and has reported


a 28 % rise in pre-tax profits. A Leicester MP says he has been


given assurances that the overspend that the city's hospitals will be


sorted out by the end of September. Yesterday, he met with the chief


executive of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.


It has overspent by nearly �9 Public sector unions in the East


Midlands are saying their members will strike over changes to their


pension schemes. It follows the Government's announcement that they


are pressing ahead with plans to increase pension contributions.


Last month thousands of teachers, nurses and civil servants took to


the streets. They were striking in protests at plans for them to pay


you more into their pensions and to work for longer. Despite this


action, if the government announced consultation on controversial


proposals. People will be working for longer, and paying more. This


man represents workers at all across the you -- all across the


region. He said they were disappointed. T adding extra


pension contributions, with inflation at five %, that is a


massive attack on living standards of hard-working civil servants.


Under today's proposals, people earning under �26,000 the year will


put another �10 a month on their pension scheme. Goes on around


�35,000 per year will see a �28 a month increase. Those on the high


rent, they will see their controversial -- their


contributions go up by �100 a month. More strike action is likely in the


autumn. Nobody wants action, but I think people understand it.


Teachers, civil servants -- sill servants we do not take action


lightly. The government says that the increases are necessary.


In other news, a delegation from Nottinghamshire has met the


Transport Secretary to discuss an accelerated start to the A453. They


asking to bring the start date of the widening forward. The total


cost will be hundred and 64 million, that is awaiting approval.


Plans for a giant supermarket in Derby may be approved by the


council tonight. Tesco wants to build a store on what is known as


Spider Island in Ellington. It will be one of the biggest supermarkets


in Derby, those opposing its saving for increase traffic.


The centre of Oakham came to a standstill this morning for a


parade of civic dignitaries. Senior police and army officers, bishops


and High sheriffs of several counties were all in town very


special court hearing. Our reporter was there to watch proceedings.


Getting ready for rain other day in court, for Mrs Justice McColl this


is not a another day, it is not an ordinary court. This sitting has


been taking place in a Norman castle. This was before the English


Civil War and the Reformation, even before the match McCart Sir. People


accused of a crime in Rutland would come here before a judge. This is


going to operate like a modern courtroom. There are for court


cases today. They are being transferred and the Crown Court in


Leicester. They will be conducted as they would in a modern court,


but sitting in this historical room. The authority of the Crown, the


rule of law and the maintenance of order is at the very heart of what


makes a nation state. This is being celebrated at a service at the


parish church. There are to me at - - two elements today. One is the


parish element, we are delighted to put on a pageant to welcome a


charge. What is important is that a judge is coming to Oakham, and


saying to this county, you matter. It was time to head back to the


court for the serious business of the day. That was not without a


local fanfare. We expected to see this wonderful hall, the Horse Show


as well. This is the first time I've seen such a happening.


next happening is due in two years' time.


We are that good at pomp and ceremony.


Still to come, the weather, will it be sticky?


Very per spec -- very perceptive, it has been a hot and humid. I open


the windows, or throw off the two days. Use wannabes... -- one of


these. That was like a scene out of


That was like a scene out of That was like a scene out of


Titanic. Time for the weather. I make the sport!


In cricket, the enthralling Test series against India continues


tomorrow at Trent Bridge. All the talk has been about Stuart Broad,


he has gone from the verge of being dropped to the pick of England's


bowlers. What a gentle warm-up the Stuart


Broad. He was bowling at youngsters at a cricket Park. The pressure is


off, he is back in the wickets. Going one-0 up against the best in


the world is great, we are delighted with that. It means


nothing, we have to start again at Trent Bridge. To pick up wickets,


and get runs was pleasing. I am looking to make contributions all


the time to make in and win. There were pressure -- there was pressure


on the selectors to drop still abroad, he went back to


Nottinghamshire to pick up form. was the first time where I have a


dip in form, I had a couple of injuries in the winter. It was hard


to come back him and not take wickets straight away. One of the


advantages are not being Stuart Broad is the presence of his father


Chris Broad. He has been there and done it. He knows now is not the


time to ease off. You cannot relax, and think he had done well in the


last match. You have to keep performing. It was not all


youngsters, the entire England squad went on to train at


Loughborough today. The whole board -- the whole bowling attack can be


pleased, but especially to abroad. That was a wild cards but the


bowling. Hopefully now he has his confidence back, he can push on and


get better prepared. It is a deep breath, and away we go again, this


time at Trent Bridge. The great free of that Trent Bridge, you


always know you're in the game as a bowler. If they create exciting


cricket. Stuart Broad, the man is a star, he is proving it.


His county colleagues have provided him with another lift, they had a


second innings demolition against Lancashire. They won with a day to


spare. In Division Two, Essex are rallying against Leicestershire,


Derbyshire armour and -- are in CB 40 action at Lord's.


's 1 T Popple, Leicester City, their signing spree continues. They


confirmed the signing of Michael Johnson from Manchester City.


Johnson is 23 years old. He cannot wait to get started. A I have not


got a place yet, I need to start playing, playing better than some


of the players they have here, they have some good players. I know I


have to work really hard. Nottingham Forest have had a


whistle-stop tour of Europe to prepare for the new season under


manager Steve McLaren. They face PSV Eindhoven back home at the City


Ground. It was a chance for their fans to catch denser then you


always. -- a catch a glimpse of their new


boys. We are trying to get back into the


Premier League. We have a new manager, Steve McClaren, I am a


keyboard to it. A new manager in charge, a handful of new signings,


tonight for the first time the Forest of papal can see how our


Steve McClaren's men of their penises season.


They knew was going to be a tough task against PSV Eindhoven. Nothing


could have stopped their open-air, the goalkeeper was consigned to


being a spectator. Their response was swift, Andy Reed provided a


pinpoint pass. Nottingham Forest have a chance, but a gifted their


visitors a second goal. When PSV Eindhoven scored their third it was


effectively game over. Their newest recruit was fuller positives.


a test, it was a match with a fans should not put much into the result,


but we were looking at the shape of the team, little things like that.


I'm sure will not get a better opposition the -- opposition and


this in the championship. Not the only big European team that


era in town, Real Madrid are in town soon. Beware that is in a pin


its time. Thank you very much. After spending


the last few months looking at our region's wildlife, Sally Pepper has


been determined to get stuck in. On tonight's Sally Goes Wild she's


looking at some proper wildlife conservation work.


This month we are back at Attenborough Nature Centre, we are


helping with them with their migratory patterns of common terns.


We need to go by boat to get a proper leg.


We are back of our expert Tim, he is providing many things to the


table. We have seen many, no terns so far. We need to follow them down


the coast. They go past Morocco, and end up in Africa.


They have been using Blackburn's -- platforms to help the terns nest.


This is why the stickpin in the bags, to stop them getting stress.


The welfare of the birds is paramount. That is our primary


concern. We need to put them back into those bags. It is saving quiet


in there for them. The mother is flying above our heads at the


moment. That is right, we need to be very quick. As you can see, it


has the address. That amazes me! It reads that number. That is amazing.


We will get them out, and start the winning process. -- are ringing up


process. The first thing we need to do is check their feather status.


That tells us how all the birdies. The number goes on their right to


leg. Our friend in Liverpool built to lead -- a friend in Liverpool


will be able to read that ring. We are making sure there are no sharp


edges. The wit of their leg will not change much, it will not hurt


them. -- width. With all the winning complete, we leave their


chicks in peace. The adults return to check on their young, and to


bring them some lunch. It has been great having the opportunity to get


hands-on with these, and terns. Next month, instead of the boats,


I'll be taking a bike. Intriguing, what Haiti's! -- what a


Intriguing, what Haiti's! -- what a tease!


Now the weather. We have had a warmer day, we have


seen a more in the way of sunshine. They have been some decent sunny


breaks. Overnight, it will feel quite muddy. Temperatures will


hardly drop. Thank you very much to Kenner was sending in this much --


this picture. If you want to send us a picture, e-mail us. We woke up


early on with many clouds. The cloud bubbled up, we had sunny


spells, as be going to this evening that is all we have now. Sunny


spells, the odd spot a sunshine before it gets dark. The cloud will


increase as we go through the evening. A few spots of light rain


and drizzle. Generally dry, the minimum temperature of 13-14


degrees. Tomorrow morning, mostly dry, into the afternoon the cloud


will then, temperatures around 19 Celsius. Much cooler than today, a


little bitter wind as well. -- a little bit of wind as well. High-


pressure, been replaced by low, temperatures starting to creep up.


The cloud will increased throughout the West. Sunshine throughout the


East Midlands. Things improve across the weekend, good news for


our summer roadshow and the cricket. our summer roadshow and the cricket.


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