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This is East MidlandsToday. Our top story tonight, in a coma or


thousands of miles from home. Matthew was badly hurt in a crash


in Bali, his match -- his family needs more money to keep him alive.


In two months' time will have no money, we are appealing for help.


Also tonight, learning from Europe, if they can protect their jobs, why


can't we? Plus the rise and rise of the supermarkets. The latest and we


built here. In the sport at Trent Bridge it was


India against England, but this belonged to these men.


Welcome to the programme. He has been critically injured in a


motorbike accident in Bali. He is in intensive care, but the hospital


bills are piling up. A former lecturer Matthew Taylor has no


medical insurance, it has added to be raggedy experienced by his


family. They fear if they money runs out if he could die.


It was his dream a job, teaching English to students in Bali. He was


involved in a motorbike crash on his way home, he is now critically


ill in intensive care. Matthew needs Advanced I see you treatment.


Back home in Leicestershire his family had been trying to keep up-


to-date with his consider -- with his condition. They need to raise


thousands of pounds for his condition. He was not insured


medically, if they are struggling to find the money. We may need a


�100,000 of life savings, that will run out. It is content -- if this


condition continues to stay the same, we will have no money in two


weeks' time. Doctors say he is in a deep coma and may not recover. His


medical bills amounting to �11,000 a week, the family are trying to


raise money. They are urging other people to take out medical


insurance. Any student or teenager going abroad, please take out


medical insurance. Even if your family buyers for you as a


Christmas present, you do not understand the stress and strain,


and frustration that you have to go for -- go through. The family would


like to bring him back home, but that would cost thousands of pounds.


They are hoping his condition will improve.


Our correspondent has joined us. What is the latest on his


condition? He was flown at to Bali to a hospital -- he was flown from


Bali to a hospital in Singapore. He it is feared that his condition is


deteriorating. As it stands there is nothing that doctors can do. The


family are incredibly distressed. They are trying to decide what to


do next. Thank you very much. Next tonight, Europe can do it, why


can't we? And East Midlands MP says we have a lot to learn from


Brussels when it comes to safeguarding jobs at home. He says


that the decision to award a huge contract to a German firm, not


Bombardier should be challenged. It is now six weeks since


Bombardier lost the contract to the German firm Siemens, a �1.4 billion


contract to build trains for the Thameslink route across London.


Still the outdraw refuses to die down. Siemens were found guilty of


corruption charges on other contract. They say that has been


addressed. At his Leicestershire home this MP told me it is an issue


that this government, and the previous government, they should


have addressed it. It appears to me there are very good grounds to


question of whether Stevens are appropriate company to handle this


contract. I think the government should have taken that into account.


It seems to me that there is a case for the government looking again,


taking legal advice and seeing what the position is. Liberal-Democrat


MEP, Bill told me they should look at the position again if they


brokered European are rules. The MPs felt that European governments


look after their own workers. you put their project out to tender,


you keep in mind of two things. The rules as they stand, but also at


looking at ways that we can ensure that we did the best deal to the


British tax payer, and British Industry. He says that the


government should not be afraid at looking again at the awarding of


the Thameslink contract. You are watching East MidlandsToday,


if you are thinking of heading to the beach, look no further than


Nottingham. The Riviera is in the market square. We have been the


all-day. Some have hundreds upon hundreds of people, and I tell you


you can see that they are all still here. They are having a brilliant


time. We will have all the highlights later on. We will tell


you what the weekend that there will be doing. Join me later on.


Detectives investigating the murder of a mother in Nottingham have


released on bail or a 26-year-old man who was arrested with


connections to the killing. Caroline Coyne's body was found two


months ago -- two weeks ago. The police and believe a missing


trainer could lead to finding her killer.


Almost one we can't flowers mark the spot where Caroline Coyne was


found. It was a pathway between two houses. The 28-year-old had two


sons, she died of head injuries. These are CCTV images showed her


trying to flag down a passing traffic. She tried to do this


several times after leaving a family party. She was wearing this


pink T-shirts. Hirsute, How right hand trainer is still missing. It


is identical to the one I am holding. He is a size 3. It is how


right trainer. It is vital we find that. The police are stepping up


their inquiries. There is one key question that remains unanswered,


why was she so far away from home, so late at night? The other thing


that is important is trying to find out what was going through her mind


that tonight. I believe she has walked all the way, why was she


doing that? She engaged with members of the public, they spoke


to her, what was she saying? It is vital that we know what she was


trying to do. The police insist that the release on bail of a man


and they were questioning is not a setback. The cards tell us that she


will be truly mess, and not forgotten.


Student nurses working at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston have


been removed because of serious concerns about the hospital. It's


understood the University of Nottingham, which runs a training


school at the Pilgrim, told students the decision was taken at


the request of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Earlier this


year the Care Quality Commission threatened to close some services


at the hospital after publishing a highly critical


A second Leicester City Council building's been ruled dangerous -


after staff were moved out of their former headquarters at the New Walk


Centre Marlborough House on Welford Road is to be demolished by


Christmas. A final decision on the future of the New Walk building


itself will be made later this year. A new report's suggested it could


Customs officials are warning of the dangers of fake alcohol after


bottles of vodka or containing cleaning fluid were discovered on


sale in Derby. Tests show that the 15 a litres of passion but there


were not fit for human consumption. -- border.


A reward of up to �10,000 is being offered for information on the


shooting but a security guard in Nottingham. It happened at a Tesco


Express when he was attacked by a free men.


Exactly one week since the attack took place, officers are back at


the scene he may have witnessed what happened. The police were


called to the store last Friday lunchtime. A security guard had


just finished a stocking the cash machine when he was set upon by a


group of men and shot in the leg. We want to hear from anyone who saw


what a a group of a very black males in dark clothing. They were


here at least in one hour before the crime took place. It to shoot


someone, and caused those injuries, that is very serious. We are


determined to catch these people. The BKA did they use, a black Audi


was seen later on. It was found one hour later, opposites are hoping


that the report will lead officers to those responsible. Tesco and


have offered a reward, we want to appeal to people who know these


offenders, tell us what is -- what was planned, and what took place.


We want to hear from those people. Officers say they are continuing to


examine CCC -- CCTV footage. The man injured his now back at home


with his family, and is said to be making a good recovery.


Police in Nottinghamshire are trying to trace a missing 13-year-


old girl. She was last seen last Wednesday evening he in the


Chesterfield South area at Mansfield. She has described the --


she is described as slim, 5 ft 5 inches tall.


Leicestershire council is to spend �5 million on road repairs. Many


roads have developed pot holes in the big freeze last winter. It is


part of the County Council a's programme to improve transport.


Plans to reconstruct the Derby's canals have received backing.


Earlier this month the City Council agreed to restore a seven-mile


stretch. Borrowed wash council has Next, the rise and rise of


supermarkets in our towns and cities. Planning permission has


just been granted for a major new store, right next to a busy street


full of shops. Many of the traders fear it could put them out of


business. But officials say it may actually help to bring more


customers to the whole area. From Than there is already a market but


it is about to make a way for a supermarket. Tesco was last night


given permission to build a major new store. In turn, the market will


be rebuilt next door where a pub currently stands. Traders are


surprisingly upbeat about competing with Tesco. We will compete with


prices. They will have lost leaders. We will do our best. Bring it on


for me. If 100,000 people visit Tesco, it is up to us to get them


interested in our market. across the road there is a district


centre with a lot of shops which will be impacted. Tesco will sell


the same things. That does not mean it is necessarily negative. It will


bring you in pot -- input. We certainly need jobs and the sort of


jobs Tesco can provide other sort of jobs people are looking for.


jobs will be created by the store. Tesco says it wants to be a good


neighbour. But many of the small independent traders in the area do


not share the optimism of others. It will certainly bring people but


not sue these shops. There is a car park over there now. People don't


walk over now. Why will they do it then? This store has been here


before -- since before the Second World War. They say they had the


battle with Britain's biggest retailer went its spell the end of


its days. Now the weekend is upon us, and if you're thinking of


heading to the seaside, forget going to Skegness. A little bit of


it has been brought here to Nottingham! The beach is back in


the Old Market Square, and our East Midlands Today Road Show has been


there too. I was there this morning with Sarah Teale, who's still there


now. How's it gone this afternoon? It's been brilliant. Earlier today,


this beach was heaving! Tonight, the sandcastles have been cleared


away, and volleyball has begun. Hundreds of people also came to


visit the East Midlands Today Road Show, having a go at doing our jobs.


It's been such a lot of fun. Here's It is no small job bringing the


seaside right into the heart of Nottingham. It takes two weeks to


build the beach here. They have brought in 300 tons of sand, all


the way from Skegness, to create the Actual beach itself. Can you


There are literally hundreds of people enjoying themselves on this


beach, including Rachel and her son, Dave. What do you enjoy so much


about being here? It is rich in ayes To Get On the Bus and suddenly


you are here on the beach. We went on a lot of rides. It has been


really good. The water was freezing. That is a very impressive sand


castle, how long did it take to make? One hour. You have had a busy


And, of course, we have been down here all day with a mini weather


studio, and a mini news studio where you get the chance to have a


go at reading the news with some of Goodbye for now! Wave to everyone.


I think you can see from that it has been an exhausting day actually.


Do not worry if you miss does today. -- us today. The beach is here all


summer, and we're back tomorrow. So if you fancy reading the news, or


meeting one of the East Midlands Today team, come down and see us.


And that's something that Anna will be doing later in the programme.


The weather will be lovely and warm this weekend, I'll have all the


details later. Time now for the sport, and a bit


of a cricket match going on, I believe?


A packed house at Trent Bridge, the two best Test nations playing. They


came to see the likes of Dravid, Dhoni, and Tendulkar. In the end it


was Swann and Broad who stopped the I think we can produce the goods


today. 2-0. Top of the world. Thank you very much. They have to remain


number one. I would like to see Tendulkar it out, first of all.


England winning is a dream, India winning his absolute ecstasy.


easy win, to be honest. More on Broad in a moment. If you couldn't


get a ticket, one option is coming here with a pint. There's no


surprise it was sold out. That that over there is signed by the 19


seventy one Indian a team. There is another group of in -- Group of


interests -- group of tourists attracted interest, Real Madrid,


playing Leicester City. Tonight, the finishing touches are


being made to the new look Stadium, ready for the arrival of football


So, it is the special one versus the Swedish one, are you excited?


Yes, of course, Real Madrid coming here, to our home, fantastic. When


you talk about Real Madrid, it is probably one of the best clubs ever


faster up to secure the showpiece friendly with the Spanish giants,


Leicester have reportedly paid �1 million. What a game to make your


debut end. It is going to be great, this place looks really special.


When it is full. It will be even better. Yesterday, as new signings


were introduced, the club was a hive of activity all around. All


these seats in the dug out of our brand new. John pant sill is a new


signing. Do you sense this is something new and exciting? I am


very happy. Looking at the stadium, it is amazing. No regrets about


leaving the Premier League? Not at all. I am so happy to be part of


this. And, for this Real Madrid fixture, from 1pm, there will be a


huge village for fans on the car park. In your 40 years, have you


ever known a time like this? Signings. It is crazy. The training


ground. People that are around. The ticket office. The new seating.


Everything is incredible. More news from Leicester City, we


understand there are on the verge of signing Fernandez. Their 10th


signing in the 39 days. The former Manchester City player.


Rebecca Adlington qualified fastest from her heat in the 800 metres


freestyle in a Shanghai. But it has been all about Trent


Bridge. And Stuart Broad. When Broad and Swann came together,


England were in a world of trouble. Wickets tumbling all around, and


only 124 runs on the board. The Nottinghamshire pair promptly set


about India with a quickfire boundary feast. Swann didn't fare


quite as well as Broad. This ball ended up sending him to hospital.


But his resurgent county team mate ending up scoring more than twice


as much as any other England player today. A brilliant innings from


Stuart. 64. England 221 all out. Three great stuff. And then as well


a first-ball wicket for England to take at the end of the day. In the


end, it was a Nottinghamshire's day. Which is why we have the chief


executive with us. It has been a terrific day. Some fantastic


cricket which has had the crowd on the edge of their seats. A great


start for England. In front of a capacity crowd. Great to have these


local heroes performing at this level. Stuart Broad is terrific


when he plays for Nottinghamshire. Great to see him on his home ground.


And batting so well. It is not just him in the Nottinghamshire team?


have seven players representing England over the next week. Graeme


Swann. Hales and Patel. Hutton and Kelsall. Do you want to take a bet


on how this will go? What I can say is we have four houses tomorrow and


Sunday. 300 tickets only left on Monday.


This is Trent Bridge, a cracking day's cricket. Really well set up


for the rest of the game. Hugely busy around Trent Bridge as


Now it's time for the weather. It is going to warm up nicely over the


weekend. We have a lot of cloud around. But it has been lovely and


colourful today. Earlier, we saw children and sand castles. Now they


have got it ready for a game of volleyball. We have a life DJ. Lots


of things to eat. And, fairground rides. It is a party atmosphere.


What have you been doing here today? Playing with the sand.


is the best thing? The rides. have you been doing? I had been


playing with the sand and playing volleyball. Come back and see us


tomorrow. It will warm up. We are starting to see sunshine breaking


through. The main thing you'll notice overnight is we are going to


have clearer skies, temperatures colder. We have lost that close


feeling. First of all tonight, thank you to Daniel, 16, who sent


in tonight's weather picture. A colourful field of poppies. If,


like Daniel, you would like to send us your weather pictures, that is


the address. Looking at the satellite from earlier today, we


were cut with a lot of cloud around. It has been very stubborn. We were


expecting it to break. However, it is taking its time. We are only


seeing it breaking now. We should see some sunshine before it gets


dark. Overnight, clear skies will develop. You may notice and little


bit of mist forming in the early hours of Saturday morning. Cooler


than what we have been used to come at eight Celsius minimum. Saturday


morning, a beautiful and sunny start is expected. As the


temperatures rise, cloud will bubble up and we will see sunny


spells in the afternoon. Feeling warmer, a top temperature of 21


Celsius. Sunday, high pressure stays with us. An increase in cloud


of through the day. But much of the date is dry, sunny and warm.


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