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4th this is East Midlands Today. The top story. A senior policeman


appears in court on tier child-sex charges. Inspector Russell Dew is


accused of engaging in sexual activity with a child under 16.


Helping victims of domestic violence. Could these charities see


their funding cut? And up for auction, jury that sparkled on the


Antiques Roadshow. -- a brooch at And we meet Hilary Devey. The


Good evening. The top story. A senior police officer has been


remanded into custody after being charged with sexual offences


against a charge. Inspector Russell Dew had been suspended from


Nottinghamshire Police while investigations were carried out.


This is Inspector Russell Dew, aged 44, and an inspector based at


Mansfield police station. He was arrested by officers from his own


force. He is accused of having sex with a child under 16. He is also


accused of a less serious sexual offence against the same child. The


girl was 13 years old at the time of the alleged offences, which are


said to have happened last year when he was off duty. Today, during


a 45 minute hearing at Sheffield magistrates', Inspector Russell Dew


spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth. For much of the


hearing he sat with his head bowed, looking at the floor. He was


refused bail. He will appear in court or in a week.


Next, the business secretary Vince Cable was in the region to talk to


the Derby train make a bomb RDA. It faces the loss of 1400 jobs. The


pace again after the company last the Thames like contractors Siemens.


The government refused to consider -- consider reopening the bidding


process, despite pressure. I have spoken to the civic leaders and


management. Private conversations, but they commuter -- communicated


their concerns. I tried to stress the importance of keeping


bombarding a year. Vince Cable would not be drawn into any


commitment to bombarding a today. We are dealing with the decision


that has been made on a legal process. There are legal


complexities if it were reopened. I will certainly report back to my


colleagues everything I have heard and I have not -- heard a lot of


new points. This has become a lightning rod for worries about


British work migrating abroad. The government is keen to show it is


supporting British workers. Norton motorcycles at Castle Donington


became a beneficiary of a loan scheme to boost British exports


today. We have managed to get funding to put more money into the


supply chain, which will give us the volume to exporting to Europe.


To get valuable export sales to help us grow. This scheme is likely


to feel long-term for bombarding a workers. -- bombarded a.


Nottinghamshire County Council is looking at cutting funding it gives


to organisations caring for victims of domestic violence. They want to


save 18% of the budget by reducing duplication of the work done by a


number of women's shelters. Around 13,000 calls are answered here each


year. They are from women and children who have experienced


domestic abuse. Many need a refuge. Nottinghamshire County Council is


starting a consultation to cut funding to over �912,000. They say


it will reduce confusion and maximise potential for income.


have minimised the cuts where we can. We are working together. Part


of the consultation is the police, probation and health, so that we


get the best services for victims. We want to give reassurance she and


put the victim in the middle of this. This is two months of


consultation. We are joined by the executive director of Women Aid


Integrated Services. Does the council and a point?


We understand why they are trying to streamline. There is a


significant cut in there. They gave 1.3 million towards various


organisations in the can see working with domestic abuse and


they want to cut that to 900,000. That is more than bureaucracy. We


are concerned. Your organisation act as a referral system. How might


you be affected? We run a 24-hour helpline for women and children. At


the moment, we receive 13,000 calls each year. We are worried that we


will get women who cannot get into a refuge for get other help because


the amount of help will be reduced -- or get. With women and children


suffer because of these cuts? believe so.


There is a consultation period. We have the sport later and Mark is


at Trent Bridge. This ground has seen sensational


cricket over the past few days. And history has been made by the


hometown hero and man-of-the-match Stuart Broad.


The RSPCA believes that dog breeders could be behind a rise in


dumped pedigree dogs. They suspect the animals are abandoned when they


can no longer produce puppies. Officers in Derby say finding homes


for them is a struggle. This has been this animal's home


for five months. Workers at the centre in Derby believe this animal


was abandoned because she was no longer able to breed. They reach


the end of their breeding cycle. What happens then? Who will take


them on and look after them? We need her to have a nice home for


the rest of her life. Staff say there is an increase in similar


cases. They recognise most breeders are responsible. There is an


element where they are looking to make quick money. I do not say it


is in this case. But some people I used in the animals to make money


and at the end of their lifetime when they are not making money,


what happens to them? There has been plenty of interest in other


animals at the shelter, but five months on, and this one is still


waiting for a family. Police hunting the killer of a


young mother are following up information gathered at the weekend.


Officers spoke to 200 people in cars and buses in the St Ann's area


in the early hours of Saturday near to where Caroline Coyne's body was


found. Police have arrested three people


in connection with an armed robbery at Frankie and Benny's at Giltbrook


Retail Park. The two men aged 25 and a woman are being questioned


about the raid. They took cash before leaving in a stolen Mercedes.


How often have you watched the Antiques Roadshow and wondered if


you had something valuable in the attic? That is what happened to


Gill Cousins. She was watching the show when an expert described a


broached by a Victorian designer as his most wanted item. -- a brooch.


She realised she had the very peace of jury in her home. She was going


to sell it for �10 at a local sale. But she did take it to the Antiques


Roadshow. This is a valuable object. Somebody


lucky enough to buy back from you would have walked away with


something close to �10,000. I was within two days of selling it. I


forgot to take it to the market. Tomorrow, it goes up for auction in


Market Harborough. I spoke to the auctioneer. Can I ask you to


explain why it is so special? incredibly special. It was designed


by William Burgess, a Goliath of Victorian design. It was probably


made for somebody who was part of the Pre-Raphaelite group. It was on


its way to a local antiques market. We should be grateful it did not


make it. Absolutely. It was fortunate my client did not sell it


there and brought it in for me to advise her on its potential.


got this wonderful clue from watching the Antiques Roadshow. It


is everybody's dream to find a piece like this. We all seem to


know more about antiques now because of programmes like the


Antiques Roadshow. How where is this? It is very rare for something


of this importance to arise. It is probably eight years before the


last piece we walked through the door here. I feel proud to be able


to offer it for sale. There is a guide price of �10,000. Will it


make that? We are looking to get as close as we can. With the emotion


thrown into the auction, maybe more. A Nottinghamshire teacher who


allowed a sixth-former to stay overnight at his home has been


suspended for six months. Richard Pratt was a trainee at the Minster


School it when it happened in 2009. The General teaching Council said


that he even though he was an experienced teacher, he did not


maintain professional boundaries and failed in his duty of care by


not letting the pupils' parents know where she was. A lamp left


switched on by a family was responsible for damaging four


houses in Newark. Nobody was hurt and the Fire Service believes that


was because the family had a smoke alarm. An exhibition by Royal Crown


Derby to commemorate the launch of the Titanic has returned to Derby.


It boasts more than 100 new exhibits, including clothing warned


by the actors in the famous film. Last night, the series that sends


shivers down the spines of entrepreneurs was back on the BBC.


Sitting in one of the chairs was a new dragon. Hilary Devey is based


in Leicestershire and runs a distribution firm. As well as being


the new star of the show, she is also lashing the government


transport policy. Hilary Devey is having to get used


to being a well-known face and the media attention it brings. I will


give you 120,000. A new dragon has entered the Den. She has gained a


fortune in excess of �100 million in haulage after having a good idea


to set up a freight distribution business in the heart of the


country. Companies bring goods every day it to a harbour in


Leicestershire and her company makes short when the lorries leave


they are as full as possible. It keeps empty lorries off the roads


and saves fuel costs. Most of the trailers are almost five metres.


They carry more goods and that reduces pollution and lorry numbers.


But the European Commission wants to standardise trailers at four


metres because bridges in the rest of Europe are not as high as in the


UK. Hilary Devey is furious. There are 10,666 hauliers in this country.


By introducing this, I would say 75% would be put out of business,


creating more unemployment. For what reason? We have a motorway


network adequately equipped to carry double decked trailers.


industry has support from the Federation of Small Businesses,


which plans a lobby of the European Parliament. East Midlands MEPs back


them and the Department of Transport will oppose the plans. It


does not mean it will not go through. Why do we have to emulate


what every other country is doing? I disagree. Vehemently. Meanwhile,


Hilary Devey is concentrating on expanding into Europe. She will be


filming with the Dragon's den and the inside out programme in the


East Midlands which has followed her fortunes throughout 2011.


She was very good last night. The Leicestershire landscape that has


found a new home in the capital in a prestigious art competition. And


the weather will paid its own picture with orange on the weather


chart as temperatures reach up to 26 degrees.


And now the sport. Coming up, Jose Mourinho, Kaka and


the stars of Real Madrid, but first, remarkable days for Stuart Broad.


Two weeks ago he was in danger of being dropped it from England. Now


he is the golden boy after a sensational and historic few days.


Tonight, our reporter is live at Trent Bridge.


England beat India by 319 runs. You can see the last of the spectators


are leaving. That is pretty much the England team coach with Stuart


Broad on board behind me. Saturday, we can look at that because it was


absolutely special. Stuart Broad taking the first hat-trick against


India and the first Test match hat- trick at Trent Bridge. When the


third wicket went down, the scenes were incredible. Stuart Broad has


often been compared to Ian Botham, who was watching, and this sort of


performance with five wickets for zero runs turned the game and will


continue to have him talked about in those terms. He is the golden


boy of English cricket. It was not just about Saturday for him. On


Friday, he rescued England went he scored 66 runs. He scored 44 today


and took a vital wicket that sent England on their way to this


astonishing victory. 319 runs against the best team in the wild


and Stuart Broad collected the man- of-the-match performance. He was


not the only local boy who was a hero today. Out in the field was a


Scot Elston, the fielding substitute. He was on the field


even though he had not played a first-class match before. He is a


much in demand to talk about his story. He was burnt -- born in


Burton-on-Trent. His image is plastered across the broad more


Centre in Nottingham, a bridge onto which the Indian team passed on


their way to Trent Bridge. Little did they know he would be one of


the men to defeat them at Trent Bridge. This is an historic victory.


A sensational performance by Stuart Broad and England winning.


Leicestershire and England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon is to


retire at the end of the week. Tier East Midlands world champions,


Mansfield's Becky Adlington won her first world title with a nail-


biting swim in Shanghai, while Liam Tancock joins her by collecting


gold in the 50 metres backstroke. Rebecca Abington won a thrilling


race, coming from behind on the final length. She and her coach


have won dulled at national, European and Olympic and world


level. I cannot believe it. It was all my coach kept saying. You have


the set. Nobody can take that away from year. I am so happy. It is


something I can look back on. It will be amazing to hopefully tell


my children one day. Tonight the national press are speculating


David Beckham is coming to Leicester. Away from that, we


understand that Robbie Keane and a shame longer our targets. And this


is -- Shane longed. And this is after they came to Leicester. It


felt like a Hollywood premiere. Thousands were there to see Real


Madrid arrive. It is mind-blowing. Amazing. An incredible achievement


for them to get Real Madrid to Leicester. Jose Mourinho will know


he has been to Leicester tonight. Part of the world domination plan,


I believe! This was the moment the fans were waiting for. The famous


players in the white shirts of Real Madrid at their club. There was a


record crowd in the stadium to see the Spanish champions. But, the new


stars from Leicester did not disappoint. The biggest cheer of


the first half came when substitute Ronaldo started warming up. Before


half-time, they took the lead. As it was only a friendly, at the


interval there was a change of kit and after a defensive mix-up,


another goal for Real Madrid. But, in the sweltering heat, Leicester


City were resilient. Finally, they got their reward.


It finished 2-1. What a way for Leicester to start their new season


in the championship. It is good for everybody, the club and the players,


everyone in the club. A great day of football. I believe this team


with this manager, I believe, very soon, they will be in the


Premiership. So Ronaldo and Real Madrid say goodbye to Leicester


City and the special one says the Swedish one will have Leicester in


the Premier League soon. And the Swedish one is on BBC Radio


Leicester's phone-in as we speak. You can listen again on the eye


player. Finally, we must mention Alfreton Town Football Club as they


compete in the Conference for the first time. They warmed up with a


game against Sheffield Wednesday and they won 14-0. Brilliant. That


is it from the on a day that England won the Test match at Trent


Bridge. Ever since 1789, the Royal Academy


of Arts has hosted the annual Summer Exhibition. It is the


largest contemporary show in the wild. Artists are desperate to take


part. This year, two students from Loughborough has their work


selected from thousands of entries. Every year the Royal Academy of


Arts has around 12,000 entries from artists hoping to be part of the


Summer Exhibition. It is the largest contemporary art exhibition


in the wild. For the first time, two laugh but students have been


picked -- in the world. -- to Loughborough students. It has been


a whirlwind few months for the students at Loughborough University.


Neither imagined they would have the chance of being picked. Jane


returned to study fine art after raising a family. Her painting


almost did not make it in. We had trouble leaving Loughborough. We


are battling against rush-hour traffic to get through London for


the 6pm deadline. We got to the back of the academy and had ten


minutes to get the working in! works are entered anonymously so


that judges do not know who the artist is. Emma's painting was


inspired by the Leicestershire landscape. It was a big moment to


see her work in the gallery. I felt proud and excited to be around such


fantastic work. Some of my heroes. While it is a great honour to be


picked, for new artists it is also a chance to have their work cells.


In both their cases they have had buyers who have loved their


paintings -- work sold. For Jane, it is personal, because her work


was produced after her mother passed away. I think my mother


would have been really pleased. And the weekend we trotted off, it was


Mothering Sunday. -- dropped it off. Sitting alongside famous artists,


but two hope it is just the beginning for them.


I know somebody who is envious. You paint.


I do. I do live painting. Do you know what it is? That is people


with no clothes on. Shall we move with no clothes on. Shall we move


on to the weather!? It has been very hot and humid


today. We do not use much of the humidity. The deer were enjoying


the sunshine yesterday. Please keep your weather pictures coming in. We


have seen a lovely day across the East Midlands. The sunshine became


more hazy into the afternoon, but it has stayed dry. We have had the


best weather. It was very hot this afternoon. Throughout the evening,


temperatures will not get below 15 degrees. But there is a weather


front moving in, and cloud will increase and by the early hours of


the morning, we will see a small amount of light rain working East.


By the afternoon, showers will start to develop. They will be


around until the afternoon and will be slow-moving. It is going to be a


hot and humid day. The temperatures similar to today. We might even top


that tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday is a better day. There is another


weather front coming in for Thursday. On Wednesday, some breaks


in the cloud. Still remaining hot and humid. The temperatures at


night time on Wednesday will be even warmer. By Thursday, we see


the front crossing the East Midlands. It will be a wetter day.


Coming in behind that, slightly Clare. Temperatures going back to


what they should do for the time of year. -- cooler air. It should be


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