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This is East Midlands Today with Kylie Pentelow and me, Dominic


Heale. Tonight - the safety fears that


keep children cooped up at home. Unlike their grandparents, one in


five has never played in fields of farmland. You try to tell their


children about the freedom you have done everything. It's hard for them


to understand because they've not known it.


Also tonight, a man filmed walking in the early hours, close to where


a young mother was murdered. It is a significant and I urge the public,


if they know who this person is, please give us a ring and help us


with the inquiry. Past Derby County is hoping for a


good result, saving jobs at Bombardier.


And taking some knocks, scaling new heights and having a ball at a


Welcome to the programme. First tonight: how free are your children


or grandchildren? New research has revealed that many children are


denied the freedom to play outside because of their parents' fears


over safety. A charity, the National Children's


Bureau, found that one in five children has never played in fields


and on farmland, far fewer than their parents and grandparents.


Our reporter James Roberson has been to meet three generations of


the same family in Derby to find out more.


Outside their grandad so house, the younger grand children play on


their bikes. This is what this youngest generation is used to,


only being allowed to play on their own within sight of the family's


houses which are close by. It is a huge change since 65 year-old Dave


was a lad growing up. In the early 50s, he would happily Rome on his


bike, up to 10 miles from his home. By the 70s and 80s, when his sons


were growing up, they were only allowed to go to a nearby park on


their own. Now their children, aged 14 down to seven, have grown up


with only the street outside being considered safe. It was a different


world. He tried to tell the children about the freedom you had


and everything. They've not know it themselves. It was a lovely world


then. Do you worry about being saved? Yeah, a little bit. The


people around here, fell in gangs and carry weapons around with them.


The family now escort their children to the park, to events


like this Sunday, designed to help children enjoy the outdoors with


their children. We were not allowed to go too far. Our parents always


knew we were at the park. It was so. It is not as safe now to let our


kids out. We have to bring our children and here and Mollet am am


off whilst they are playing. Children like to be outside, they


like to be well to activities with or without parents. Sometimes it is


nice for them to experiment without parents. Anything that gets them


out and about, doing things, using their minds to do things his


reimport and in a child's development. Play is essential.


Playing under the watchful eye of a parent is the reality for many


children these days. But not for thousands of Scouts and


Guides gathered for their annual jamboree in Leicestershire. And our


reporter Jo Healey is there too. As you can see from all of those


tense over there, here in Leicestershire, thousands and


thousands of children are staying well away from their families and


homes all week. They are doing loads of activities. What are you


doing? We have got climbing, zip wire, Mountain bought Ding, sailing,


kayaking, everything really. There has been the order water fight!


They say kids are over-protective. Have the children here been up for


it? Definitely. They have all loved having a go and try new things. No


one has not wanted to get involved and statin. Everyone has been


jumping on and having a go. important to you think it is that


children have a go? It is so important to try new things out and


get the opportunity to try things that you would not usually get to


at home. That is how you came into climbing. Yes, I came in 2001 as a


Brownie and tried it. I loved it and joined a club. Then it went


from there. And just what do you reckon children get out of the sort


of thing? The opportunity to try new things and make new friends,


and have fun while they are doing it. Great. You cannot get better


and that. Later, I will be finding out just what the children here


Thank you, Becky. We'll be back with you later. And we like to hear


your views. Do you think children have less freedom today? Let us


know how you used to spend the long summer holidays. You can send us a


message by Twitter or by email and we'll read some of them out later


in the programme. You're watching East Midlands Today.


Still to come: the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan hear


tributes to his bravery - as a Police have released CCTV pictures


of a man they believe may have vital information about the murder


of a woman in Nottingham. The body of Caroline Coyne was


found between two houses in the St Ann's area of the city just over a


week ago. Angelina Socci reports. The 28 year-old woman, a mother of


two children, was found dead on 23rd July. Her body was discovered


here, and she died from head injuries. Today, Nottinghamshire


police have released these pictures of a man walking in the area in the


early hours of that morning. Officers say he is wide, around 6


ft tall and you can see he has a backpack and light coloured shoes.


If someone is watching television and sees the CCTV, recognises the


person, allowed her son to give us a call. If there is anyone out


there that recognises the image and thinks they know who it is, awarded


them to give us a call. There are still a lot of unanswered questions.


A missing trainer worn by Caroline still has not been found. Officers


are also following up information gathered in the early hours of


Saturday morning when they stopped cars and buses near to where she


was found a week earlier. Now they are hoping that this man may also


have vital information that can help the murder investigation.


Next tonight, the worker left with a fear of heights and the need for


several operations after he fell 15 feet through a factory roof.


As Simon Hare reports, the company involved today pleaded guilty to


breaching health and safety rules and was fined �10,000.


There was a big bang, like a crack, and the next thing, as on the floor.


Michael fell 15 ft on to textiles equipment. He had been working on


the roof. He was left needing six skin graft operations. I did not


dare I had done that to my back. I thought I had banded. I could see


blood down my arms and down my head. Two years on, the contractor or


from Mansfield today admitted breaching health and safety rules.


Derby magistrates fined the firm �10,000 and ordered it to pay more


than �5,000 costs. The court heard there were some safety bores on the


roof to spread the load of people walking on them but they did not


have got rails and through flights have not been covered. We have 35


fatalities every year from work at Hyde. With workers are a big


proportion of that. Several thousand people have life-changing


injuries from falling through all of industrial rooms every year.


court heard that the company deeply regrets the accident and Mr Hawkins


will be in line for compensation for the injuries he suffered.


cannot go up Heights, and scared of them now. I never used to be scared


of heights. If fire and stood still for too long, I cannot do it


because my Back's seizes up. -- If I am stood still.


The former leader of Derby City Council has pleaded not guilty to


assaulting his ex-wife. Conservative councillor Harvey


Jennings, seen here in the dark blue suit with his new partner, is


alleged to have assaulted Jane Jennings on the 3rd of May - just


days before this year's local elections when he retained his seat.


The trial will take place at Nottingham Magistrates' Court.


Police have begun an investigation after a woman's body was discovered


in a car in a field in Derbyshire. Officers were called to the field


off Wilne Lane in Long Eaton, after a report of a car on fire. The


woman is thought to be in her 30s. Police say they're not treating her


death as suspicious. The Department of Health has


praised the way King's Mill Hospital in Sutton in Ashfield has


cracked down on hospital acquired infections. The Sherwood Forest


Hospitals trust says strict measures have led to King's Mill


being free of the MRSA superbug for over a year. Staff say all patients


are screened when they arrive. Next tonight - he was awarded one


of the highest military honours for his part in rescuing wounded


comrades. Today, four years after his death, part of an army training


centre was named after Sergeant Craig Brelsford.


Family and friends attended the ceremony at the Catterick Garrison


in Yorkshire where the Nottinghamshire soldier trained, as


Paul Bradshaw reports. Putting on of the medals of a


fallen hero, Sue Brailsford prepares for a ceremony marking


their courage of her son who was killed and Afghanistan in 2007.


of the number of sold his but have been killed, that Craig has been


remembered, and very proud. He was awarded the Military Cross


posthumously after trying to save his colleagues. Today, his family


returned to Catterick Garrison almost 12 years to the day after


Craig started his training here to see an accommodation block named in


his memory. He was the perfect example of what we look for in a


senior non-commissioned officer. His biggest priority was looking


after has sold us. He was clearly a very brave man. He performed


extremely capably operations. new facility has cost �60 million


and it is hoped great legacy will inspire the next generation. He is


a good example to new recruits come through this place. All of our new


crew recruits come to this place and this is the perfect example of


what they should be aspiring to be in their careers. I don't know how


to put it into words, to be honest. I am really honoured that his name


has been put on of these blocks as a remembrance. Although he gave his


life for thousands of miles away, there is now a permanent memorial


to Craig closer to home. Car parking charges at hospitals in


Leicester are set to double in price. Among the proposals to be


discussed at a board meeting of the NHS Trust tomorrow, are plans to


increase a one hour parking ticket from a pound, to two pounds thirty.


-- �2.30. Staff permits could also go up. The new charges would end


the Trust's subsidising of parking. In just one day the police in Derby


have stopped almost a hundred people for dangerous driving or for


having unsafe vehicles. Drivers in Chaddesden were cautioned for a


range of offences including not wearing seat belts, using hand held


mobile phones or for having un- roadworthy cars.


One of the region's major tourist attractions has won a Green Flag


Award. Rutland Water received the top gong for being well maintained,


well managed and for having excellent facilities. Set in more


than 4,000 acres of open countryside it's a haven for


wildlife and attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Elm trees are making a come back in the East Midlands after millions


died from Dutch Elm Disease. The outbreak, particularly the big one


in the 1970s, meant they all but disappeared from our landscape.


But now they're on their way back and a tree planting scheme is


starting to a make a difference in It caused the biggest disaster for


our trees in modern history. More than 20 million were felled because


of Dutch elm disease. Preventative measures are desperately important.


In many areas, the elm will disappear. We very much hope that


people will recant in the future. And planned for the future they did.


It has been slow but 16 disease resistant elm trees are now getting


established as Leicestershire could schools and in the National Forest.


It was devastating and the disease are still around today. There


appears to be a genetic experience -- was distance with this tree.


We're also looking to propagate from other isolated trees which


survived the disease through the 70s and 80s. This is rare timber,


and untrue that may have designed - - died from the disease. At this


Park, they are preparing for a would fare on 29th August and some


of this would will be available to craftsmen. People will have a


chance to learn all about the Somme project. They will be able to see


some of the Elms we are milling today, made into beautiful


furniture. It will be a chance for them to learn all about the forests,


all about the developments and the things that people can see and do


here. It is taking time but with care, more and more are on trees


will flourish for everyone to enjoy. Coming up - Rams to the rescue. Why


Derby County's backing Bombardier. It is a lovely evening here. The


stunt -- the Sun is still shining but it is a different story in


other parts of the region. I will have a full forecast at the end of


a programme. Time for sport with Nat.


First swimmer Rebecca Adlington The players warm-up shirts will


carry the slogan, save our rail industry.


The training T-shirts have been made, the banners printed, a packed


pride Park on Saturday will have no doubt about the message.


employees have stood by the club over many years and we've got an


opportunity to do the same for them. Something like 20,000 people work


for Rolls-Royce here. 40 years ago, another Derby company under threat.


It looks very bleak. That's all I can say. Derby's then manager Brian


Clough said he wanted to cheer up the workers and went out and paid a


record transferred three to sign the Robert Todd. Derby County has


always held on to its industrial roots and in turn, the workers of


Derby have always come out to support their club. They are the


best supported club in the East Midlands. That relationship will be


tested this season. At one stage last season, Derby were forced but


with only four league wins since the CERN of the year, the fans have


got fed up. -- the turn of the year. With a year left on his contract,


does Nigel Clough have something to prove? I don't look at it like that


at all. If we start trying to look at it in a personal way, you tend


to make decisions for the short term and not in the best interests


of the club over the long term. player have played in the day...


They derby lad, one of his brothers works for Bombardier. Absolutely


brilliant to be back. Loving it. Itching to get back playing.


players may still come up but where does it leave Derby ahead of the


new season? The championship is so unpredictable. There are teams


coming into it from League One, those coming down. It is almost


impossible to predict. The bookies are even finding it difficult to


say who will go up. You have the obvious Leicester and West Ham who


are favourites but after that, it could be anybody. 40 years ago,


against the odds, Derby won the League and the government saved


Rolls-Royce. How the City would love that to happen again.


The Rams kick-off on Saturday against Birmingham. Tonight, they


have a friendly at home to Aston Villa.


Leicester City are closing in on signing striker Shane long from


Reading. Swimming and Rebecca Adlington says


she can get even better in the run- up to 2012, despite becoming world


champion over 800 metres at the weekend. Becky arrived back in the


UK last night. And today she's been out promoting a swimming campaign


in London. Earlier she told me what spurred her on to her latest gold


medal. It was the last 50, I pushed off and said holiday, holiday,


holiday, just keep going. I put my head down and thought it is all


over after this. It doesn't matter about the pain, work as hard as you


can. Just try and finish. Did you expect to do so well at the


world's? No, I definitely different -- didn't. At the last World, I


came away with two bronze medals. It was an exciting time it but to


come away this time with a gold and silver is absolutely amazing. And


so glad I've improved as well. I never thought it was going to


happen. I wasn't even thinking about medals or play how much does


it mean to you guessing that gold and silver in the world? In terms


of the Olympics coming up, with it being just a year away. It is


extremely exciting and the whole of the UK is looking forward to it.


Especially as... It was so nice to see my colleague qualifying for the


Olympics. It got us all extra motivated and have made us more


excited. It is not that far away now. There seemed to be a


sensational spirit among the team. What was that like? The support and


the team are absolutely amazing at the minute. The atmosphere is so


good and everyone is so positive. It is such a great thing to be part


of. I wouldn't be able to do it without the team's support. If


somebody has a bad swim, they pick them back up for the next race. It


is so nice that we have that. We have and always have that in the


past and that is why we are doing so well. Becky, does all the


support back home still means something to you? It didn't get a


chance to see any of the coverage or read any of the papers.


Everybody was sending their best and it was so nice. That support


means everything to all of us. Great to see you. Have a nice break


Cricket and at Leicester, a superb spell of bowling has set up a close


finish in the game against Kent. That is all your sport on the day


when the big names of Derby County show his solidarity with a train


makers that Bombardier. Now it is time for us to head back


to the sunshine. You will remember earlier in the programme, we had a


Hello. There are thousands of children here. This is just a few


of them and they are doing hundreds of activities all week, not just


here, but also out and about. Watersports in Leicestershire,


climbing, caving in Derbyshire, here is just a taste of some of the


Thousands of kids, hundreds of activities. They are busy all day


long and loving it! It was really great. If it was a bit scary at


first. It is scary. You don't see anything. Jamie, what have you been


up to this week? Running and jumping and everything. Bouncing up


and down and running around and everything really. Do you like


Are you enjoying the climbing? Loving it. It's really fun. I love


coming down and I love dangling. were trying to get the balls from


the top of the net to the bottom and we were getting really squashed


really. It was very complicated but These are largely scouts and guides


from the East Midlands but also there is very much a national and


international flavour. Here right now, we have people from Ireland,


Germany and cannier! Are you all enjoying yourselves? -- Kenya. One


slight fly in the ointment, the weather has been amazing. What is


it going to be like from here on There is a lovely breeze which has


suddenly picked up but it has been a different story across the region


today. Although the western side has seen the drier weather, we have


a warning in force at the moment for heavy rain. We did this


afternoon start to see some pretty heavy thundery downpours. If they


all merged together across parts of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. It


really has been awful whether to try and deal with. The showers are


finally starting to clear away towards the east coast. Gradually


throughout the evening, will start to see the weather improving again.


It is still going to stay she made overnight. Summer temperatures to


last night, a minimum of 16 Celsius. There his card already coming in by


the early as of the morning and as we have a weather front coming from


the south-west, that will bring a band of rain for Thursday. That


will also bring a change in the the temperatures. The temperatures are


gradually going to go down to what they should be for the time of year,


around 20 sources. The rain will become quite heavy and persistent


for a time through the middle part of tomorrow and then it will start


to pull away eastwards during the evening. Friday will not be a bad


day. That will be the better day at of the next three. The temperatures


will be more reasonable sober again, daytime temperatures at 20 Celsius


on Friday. Some sunshine as well. A good day in store but then we do


have some low pressure coming in over the country for the weekend.


What that will do is start to keep us unsettled. We will see a mixture


of sunny spells and showers. It will be unsettled for the early


part of next week. It will not deter anybody here. Everyone has


have been -- has been having a Those storms you mentioned, there


of all ready making themselves felt. This picture was e-mailed to West a


short time ago, heading into Leicester.


The showers are moving away, they will clear towards the North Sea.


We were watching them on the radar in the office and they were


spectacular. A lot of rain fall in a short space of time.


It was perfectly clear to see that the Scouts and Guides have been


having a fantastic time at the jamboree. Let's hope that weather


holds for them. Earlier in the programme, we ask


you to write in to tell us how much freedom you used to have when you


were a child. Terence said he never had any adverse experiences.


Of DEC clones says, children have less freedom. He said when my dad


was young, he was always out and about. Another viewer said he used


to play football, tennis, kick the can and marbles.


Down the said, he used to play out with his friends every night. --


Daniel said. Another viewer says, back in the 60s, he was out all day


playing or riding his bike in the countryside.


A jammer says my parents preferred this to be outside. -- Gen a.


Stewart says, we were outside all the summer holidays and only in for


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