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Shaun today is believed to to have carried out the attack while on


leave from a mental health unit. She died after a fall at home, now


Dorothy's carers is believed -- per us, could parking at Leicester's


hospitals double in price? Horse-drawn hearses at a canter at


M good evening. First tonight, the police have


urged a mental health unit to hold a full investigation after patient


pleaded guilty to the attempted rape of a 10-year-old boy in


Nottinghamshire woodland. It is believed Sean today it was on


authorised leave when he attacked the boy last month. Tudor's also


pleaded guilty to sexually touching the child. Here is our chief news


reporter. On July 20th, a 10-year-old boy was


lured to woods close to Third Avenue in Rainworth. There are Sean


to De of no fixed address raped him. He is known to have Asperger's


syndrome and learning difficulties. It is believed he was on


unauthorised leave from a mental health unit at the time of an


attack. He was a patient at the St Andrew's. Sean today had been


receiving hospital care since 1988. It has included two spells at the


Rampton high-security hospital in Nottinghamshire. The police


appealed for calm in the community and issued a strongly-worded


statement. They say: We are extremely concerned that Shaun


Tudor was at large in the community when this tragic event took place.


We have formally requested St Andrews Healthcare undertake a


review of this incident to establish the full facts. St


Andrews Healthcare said inquiries would be carried out. The boy's


parents wearing court to see Tudor plead guilty via video link. The


court heard that he had been doing well since being in hospital. The


boy is understood to be recovering well but it is understood his


parents are very angry and are demanding answers. Tudor will be


sentenced next month. Quentin is with us now. We know St


Andrews is a specialist mental health unit. Can you tell us more


about that? Yes, St Andrews have described it as a secure mental


health unit. It caters for up to 70 men, either with learning


disabilities or autistic disorders. They are housed in either medium or


low risk unit. These pictures are pictures from the charity's own


website. They described it as a state-of-the-art facility,


including a cafe, a gym, courtyard and gardens. They say the aim is to


reduce treatment times to a maximum of 18 months. St Andrew's is known


as a trading charity, in other words bodies commission services


from PCTs and it mainly caters for NHS patients. Have St Andrews had


anything to say? No, they have remained pretty tight lipped about


this. They would not confirm whether or not Tudor had been given


a authorised unescorted leave. We have just heard from the Ministry


of Justice and they say any decision to allow leave is only


taken after a full risk assessment, in making such decisions, the


safety of such victims and their families is paramount and their


views are taken into account. They go on to say unescorted leave his


only authorised following extensive testing on escorted community leave.


This will now be reviewed by the local NHS Commission. Thank you.


At a grieving daughter is to take legal action after her elderly


mother died weeks after a fall at home. Dorothy Whotton was badly


injured when she rolled out of bed while being looked after by carers.


Sarah Jane Whotton said her mum never recovered from the trauma.


She has spoken to Sarah Teale. Dorothy Whotton was left black and


blue after the fall at her home in Bulwell in Nottingham in April. Two


home carers had hoisted the 81- year-old into bed but the guard


rail was not put back into place and Dorothy rolled onto the floor.


We would not be in this situation of the site had been up. Mum would


still have been here. After that she was never the same, never the


same. To see her like that every single day destroyed me, it really


did. You cannot imagine what she was going through. The Dorothy


spent five weeks in hospital before being allowed back home. She passed


away on July 5th. You used to see your mum every


single day, how are you coping without her there any more? I just


feel lost. Empty. It is horrible. I don't want anyone to ever go


through what we have. It is like a part of me has gone with my mum.


The home care assistants worked for Nottingham-based sterling home care


who held an investigation. They said today that process did not


reveal any evidence to suggest Mrs Whotton fell as a result of neglect


by the care staff. This report says it was an unfortunate accident.


What do you think about that? not worth the paper it is written


on. There were two experienced carers there on that day. How can


experience carers caused an accident? Sarah Jane is taking


legal action against the company. A meeting is under way now that


will determine how the city of Leicester is governed now it has


got a mayor with a new and wide- ranging powers. The position of


chief executive has been under threat since the mayor of Leicester


was elected in May. A special meeting has been held at the Town


Hall from where we can join our reporter Helen Astle.


Good evening. The meeting is taking place literally just behind me. It


is a closed meeting which means members of the press and public are


not allowed to be there. What is decided in that meeting could


change the political landscape of Leicester.


Leicester is the largest city outside London to have an elected


mayor. Three months ago, Sir Peter Salsbury was voted in. He currently


earns �57,000 a year. He says with him in position, there is no need


for a chief executive, claiming the council cannot afford it and the


two roles overlap. Sheila Locke is the current chief executive. She


has a salary of �174,000. She is currently on sick leave and


publicly has not spoken about the proposal to make her redundant.


Joining me now is Alastair Jones. How has it never could is this for


Leicester? This is hugely significant. We are seeing the two


most important people in the authority, the mayor and the top


civil service officer, at loggerheads with plans to remove


the chief executive. We see the mayor becoming all-powerful across


Leicester. Why should it matter to the ordinary person on the street?


The ordinary person will not see too much happening to begin with


but if this happens, the chief executive is a counterweight to the


mayor, a balance, so bent more extreme political ideas can be


blocked and by removing that barrier, we could see almost an


Americanisation of local authority politics here in Leicester.


other cities looking for -- looking to Leicester? Other cities are


looking at wanting to impose mares but we were the first. Now central


government has reined back on that. Now we could be setting a totally


different agenda for Leicester. are expecting the result later on


tonight. Thank you for joining me. No one has come out of the meeting


yet. We will bring you that result in our late bulletin at 10:25pm.


Thank you. A former care worker who abused two elderly people at the


home where she worked has been jailed for nine months. The


incidents happened two years ago at home in Leicestershire. Today, a


judge told dawn he neither what she had done was a severe abuse of


trust. Dawn Heaney, seen here arriving at


Leicester Crown Court for a previous hearing, had already been


convicted of two accounts of abusing patients in her care. It


happened at this care home during 2009. Dawn Heaney hit a woman on


the back of the head and deliberately made a man drink tea


into which she put the vinegar and excessive sugar. Today she said


this: I think it could have been Heaney was given deliberate --


additional time in jail for deliberately striking the old lady.


Heaney blamed everyone but herself, effectively accusing witnesses of


line. Sentencing Heaney to Ted of nine months in jail, the judge said


a clear message must go to those who care for the week, elderly and


otherwise vulnerable but their carers must not abuse them.


In other news, the leader of Derby City Council says he plans to


continue in the job on a longer term basis. Philip Hickson has


initially suggested his position of leader was only temporary. He took


charge in May after the arrest of his predecessor, Harvey Jennings.


Councillor Jennings will fails -- face trial on assault charges in


November, charges he he denies. Hickson says the campaign to save


Bombardier is one reason why now would not be the right time to step


aside. A police chief who is cutting


hundreds of jobs has recommended pay rises for her three assistant


chief constables. Julia Hodson is asking Nottinghamshire police


authority to award an exceptional contribution by improving the


force's performance. The police staff union, Unison, has described


the move as morally reprehensible and it has emerged that Ms Hodson's


deputy, Chris Eyre, has made it clear he will refuse a pay rise on


principle. Around 90 NHS Trust workers in


Derby and Derbyshire are taking voluntary redundancy as cuts are


made to save money. Managers say they want to avoid compulsory


redundancies but cannot guarantee there will not be any. The staff


who are leaving are mainly in administrative and managerial roles.


Hospital bosses in Leicester are considering plans to increase


parking prices for staff and patients. A move which would mean a


doubling of charges. The NHS Trust is looking at ways to reduce and �8


million deficit. The scale of the increase has angered some patients.


For patients and staff, parking at Leicester hospitals, charges could


be set to rise. Currently, the NHS Trust subsidises charges. Today, in


a board meeting, bosses considered proposals that would see that


scrapped and an increase in charges. What are the proposed charges? For


one hour it will go up from �1 to �2.30. From those -- for those


wanting to stay for three hours it will double from �2 to �4 and for


those wanting to stay for four to six hours, it will go up to �5.50.


We have to make some difficult choices when we are faced with


financial challenge us. There are only two points when their Dublin.


When the benchmark us against other trusts, we are very competitively


priced. Today, those using the car parks had a mixed reaction. The it


is disgraceful. How can people afford that? It is unfair,


especially when they are ill. would rather that they charge for


parking ban lose a service elsewhere. I accept that charges


have to go up but the level will increase is far too much. It is not


acceptable to patients. I do not think staff would be happy with the


level. The trust plans to engage with the public to get their views


and a final decision will be made Now, it is the school summer


holiday and many of you may be looking for ways to keep the


children entertained, so we have got a few ideas about what you can


get up to. You may have seen the team featured


in this week's What's On guide at shows and competitions across the


region. And if you have an energetic canine, the


Nottinghamshire Supadogs may have a place for you, too.


Most dogs Love To catch a ball, but if yours are showing special skills,


have a look at this. This is fly ball. Anybody welcome as long as


they have got a dog that is fit and healthy and looks to run. Any dog


can do it as long as it is a minimum of 10 months old to start


training. He needs a lot of encouragement. He does drop his


ball as well but he is bringing it back today so I will give him a


treat, and he knows he is going to get that treat. Good boy. Lots of


things going on for the start of the summer holidays. The Nottingham


Riverside Festival is this weekend, and don't forget the beach in the


old market square. Why not try some high-tech treasure hunting? They


are holding a taster today. I am going to take him up to the box and


now. He is one of Avenue is stocks, it is getting him confident where


the jumps are. That was a good run. Yes, that was good. Back in time


for a 1940s weekend at the peak Rail. Or head to Burghley to


explore the myths and legends in the grounds of the Lincolnshire


estate. So if you think your dog is up for this, they are looking for


new recruits. But not all canines are cut out for it. He would rather


do anything else and Still to come on the programme,


late for your own funeral? You won't be if you hitch a ride with


these high-end horse-drawn hearses, cantering into the history books at


the Bakewell Show. Time for the sport, here is Colin.


Looking forward to the start of the football season. First tonight, the


tale of two former England managers, Sven and Steve. Both re-building


their reputation in English football right here in the East


Midlands. And both getting plenty of attention as we get ready for


the season to start. Nottingham Forest boss Steve McClaren is


coming up, but first Sven-Goran Eriksson. Today he told Natalie it


is promotion or bust for him at Leicester.


Not long to go and another new signing today. PS, and a very good


one as well. I had him in Manchester City. He will be very


useful for us. 11 new players, how would you keep them all happy?


that might be a problem, but the best way is to win as many football


games as possible. When we have many good football players it might


be a problem that we have to be clever and sort it out. This is the


most eagerly awaited season for years for Leicester fans. Do you


feel the anticipation? Of course I do. The owners had invested a lot


of money and the training ground and the new players. They want to


stay in the Premier League. Because they want to be in the Premier


League, and if I am right you have a year left on your contract, for


you, is this promotion or the sack? Maybe. I don't know that, we have


never talked about it, but it is true I have a contract for the


coming season and the target is the Premier League. I think Sam


Allardyce, at West Ham, has got the same target. Do you feel the same,


do you understand the pressure? are in the same boat! But fair


enough. If the club invest a lot of money, they want to see results, so


I don't think it is that different to any other club. There are


stories every day in the paper about Leicester City, but the David


Beckham one keeps popping up, week after week. The only truth about


that is, it must be four or five months ago, I spoke to David and he


said, not for now. I have not spoken to him for four, five months.


With not long to go until the start of the season, what is your message


to the fans? We hope to make you happy, of course, as many times as


possible through the year. Please go on supporting us, we need you.


Sven, of course, not the only man with something to prove. At


Nottingham Forest, Steve McClaren has taken over from Billy Davies.


The Reds have come so close to promotion in recent seasons, so


might this be the year when things finally come good for the Forest


faithful? Here's Angela. It is a new day, it is a new dawn.


The sun is out, everything has come good again. I think he's the right


Forest have been a nearly man of the championship in recent seasons,


twice missing out in the play-offs, but it has all changed at the City


Ground and Steve McClaren has just one thing in might. I want to see


Forest in the Premier League as soon as possible. But however long


it takes to build, we will get there. Getting there will be a


major challenge, with other clubs are spending millions this summer.


They know that the prize is big, and you have to be bold, ambitious,


you have to go for it, and you cannot wait. The standstill, you go


backwards in football, and Forest, we cannot stand still. We have got


to move forward, got to be able to compete. Forest have not stood


still, but there have been just three new signings for the news is


and. We have added Andy Reid, George Boateng and Jonathan


Greening. They have been in the Premier League, they know what it


is like to get there and stay there. We still need to bring in two or


three players, sure, but when we have them we will be challenging,


said the ambition is there. Everybody wants promotion, however


that is achieved, everybody wants it. 12 years away from top-flight


football feels like a lifetime for the fans. Can Steve McClaren


succeed where so many others have A new skipper for the Reds' new


campaign, too. Luke Chambers, the fans' player of last season, is


taking over the captain's armband. We did Derby County's big preview


yesterday, of course. Perhaps we gave them a boost because they


promptly delivered a decent pre- season result by beating Premier


League Aston Villa. The visitors fielded a credible, if not stellar,


line-up, and were undone first by a handball which let Steven Davies


score from the penalty spot. And secondly by a stonking goal from


Ben Davies, who will be very keen on a good second season for Derby.


Nice work. Extraordinary events at Ilkeston


Town, where player-coach Gary Ricketts has been suspended. It is


after three Mansfield Town players ended up in hospital during a pre-


season friendly. The game had to be abandoned when Mansfield manager


Paul Cox led a walk-off because of the injuries and the way the game


was refereed. More to come from that, I'm sure.


In rugby, brilliant news for Leicester Tigers' Manu Tuilangi. He


will make his England debut in the World Cup warm-up match against


Wales this weekend. Fellow Tiger Tom Croft also plays.


Onto cricket and day three of the latest Championship matches: Hardly


any play possible in Durham, a result possible but unlikely there.


But Leicestershire look like they have more chance of making


something happen at home to Kent. Derbyshire are in 40 over action


between the showers. An even start at the County Ground.


That is it for the sport. I think Kylie is still quivering at David


Beckham's not yet! Now, competitors at country shows


are always very serious about their events. And today the Bakewell Show


in Derbyshire hosted one event even more serious than usual.


Yes, it staged what is thought to be the world's first championship


for horse-drawn hearses, as Simon Hare discovered.


They are coming into the ring now... As an event, it was actually more


fun than funereal. I would like one of those when I go. It is the


world's first championship for horse-drawn hearses. No coffins,


but plenty of spluttering from the entrance. I think they are lovely.


I would like to meet my maker in style. Something like that would be


very good. It is like a step back in time, it is very charming,


lovely. Teams from across the country took part, including one


based in Bakewell itself. We are doing a lot more of them now,


anybody who has perhaps had a flamboyant life and wants a


flamboyant funeral. It was not a race, so no chance of a dead heat,


but prices were on offer to those judged to be the best. The horses


had to be well trained, and what is also important is that the coach


man has to drive correctly and safely. The horses we are driving


today are the best, they are very regal, good for the job we do. A


completely new class, it is an absolute honour to win it, really


pleased. It is becoming popular, and it seems to be on the up.


Hopefully. So, a Victorian favourite that is back in fashion.


If they had had coffins in the back, that would have been something to


see. Horrible.


Something else that sends shivers It has been a cool day today with


all of the rain that has come through, but this morning one


It has been a very wet day to day, on and off, because it started to


fragment as it worked through. We still have heavy rain in the east


at the moment but it is clearing to the North Sea overnight and we will


see a drier night as well. Temperatures much cooler tonight,


hopefully a bit more bearable. Tomorrow morning starting dry, a


good start to the day for Friday. Early morning sunshine, but by the


afternoon we will see the cloud developing a bit more into the


afternoon, remaining dry, temperatures into the low 70 s


might as well, so quite pleasant outside tomorrow. We are going to


see low-pressure moving in for the weekend, and Saturday, during the


early hours, we have a few showers coming in, which will start to pull


to the north, so the daytime starting to improve on Saturday,


and temperatures again into the low 20s, too. Quite a nice start to the


weekend, but then we do have a band of rain getting closer by the time


we get to Sunday, and low-pressure sitting over the country by then.


Sunday morning should start dry, but the cloud will increase into


the afternoon, then we will see the rain moving in and the winds


starting to freshen up as well, which will give us a more unsettled


start to next week. Temperatures, though, remaining as they should be


for the time of year, but I think it will give us quite a few showers


for the early part of next week, and temperatures going down to what


they should be at night time, hopefully making it more bearable


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