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Hello, this is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and Quentin Rayner.


Tonight, the lengths one student has gone to, to speak Korean.


Rien in her surgery to loosen her tongue.


Also, the man charged with the murder of a young mother lived at


the same address. Plus farmers lose millions as rural


crime Astor was by 60%. Your locks are smashed and you are things have


gone the next day. As football kicks off again, we


have all the goals from the opening Good evening, and welcome to


Monday's programme. First tonight - the extreme lengths


that a student has gone to to improve her chances at university.


Rhiannon Brooksbank Jones from Nottingham is hoping to read Korean


and Business Management next year. But she claims her language skills


were hindered because her tongue was too short. The solution was to


under the knife to correct it. Angelina Socci reports.


It's coming up to that time of year when exam results are out, and


while many students are anxiously hoping that their rows of revision


have paid off, one student has gone a step further and has actually had


a surgical procedure to try and improve her career prospects.


Rhiannon Brooksbank Jones has always been fascinated with Korea.


Three years ago, she started learning the language, but soon


realised that her pronunciation wasn't as good as it should be.


became apparent after a little while but I was having trouble with


the Korean the letter L, which comes from a slightly higher place


in the mouth than the English letter L. My tongue was too short.


I didn't notice when I was speaking, but after I had left my Korean


lesson, I noticed that my tongue was quite tired. After consulting


her dentist, she was referred to the Queen's Medical Centre. She was


given a procedure known as frenectomy, which involves removing


tissue from under the tongue. was an important thing for me,


because I am a bit of a perfectionist, and if I can't do it


perfectly, it really irritates me. Some might say it is extreme, but


you could apply the same argument to plastic surgery. And also, you


could say it is showing dedication. She has no regrets about the


procedure, and says there has been a noticeable difference in her


language skills. Angelina is with us now. How common


is this? During the day we have spoken to various medical


organisations to try and find out more about the procedure. It seems


that it is fairly common, and it is not complicated. But each body we


approach to steam did more than a little bit surprised that her


reasons to have the operation. That said, it seems that some parents in


South Korea are so keen for their children to be able to speak good


English that they allow them to have this procedure, because they


believe that a longer time can help them improve the pronunciation.


assume she is going to do well in her exams, I am sure she will, what


does she want to do after which? She is hoping to read Korean and


business management at Sheffield University. As part of that course,


she is hoping to spend a year in Korea, and she believes that


because she has had this procedure, her skills will be better, so the


chances of getting into a good university in Korea will be


increased. The we wish her well. A man has been charged with


murdering a woman in Derby at the weekend. 22-year-old Danielle


Thompson, from Chaddesden, was found with multiple stab wounds.


Her alleged killer made his first court appearance today. Simon Ward


reports from Derby. Police forensic experts arriving at


Mayfield Road. It was here that 22- year-old Daniel Thompson was found


with multiple stab wounds in the early hours of Saturday morning.


She was the mother of a young boy. Derbyshire Police have confirmed


the man charged with her murder lived in the same house. "gone, but


never forgotten". Some of the messages left by friends and family.


The flowers remain here today, and the house is still sealed off by


police. People living nearby who knew her say she was a nice girl.


They couldn't believe the way she died. She was taken to the Royal


Derby hospital, where she later died. 34-year-old Martin Edward


Short appeared in court today charged with murdering her. Wearing


a white T-shirt, his right hand was bandaged. He was remanded in


custody, and is due to appear in Nottingham Crown Court on Saturday.


Elsewhere, Nottinghamshire Police have started a murder inquiry after


a man died from head injuries. Officers were called to a fight on


Hallam's Lane at Arnold just after 9.30 last night. The victim, who


was in his late 20s, was found unconscious. He was taken to the


Queen's Medical Centre but died later. Police cordoned off the road


for forensic examination. A 21- year-old man is in custody.


Plenty more to look forward to here on BBC East Midlands Today.


Including some special birthday celebrations, as a market pulls out


all the stops to salute its 700th Rural thefts have cost farmers in


the region almost �10 million in the last year.


Figures just out show that countryside crime is up by more


than 60 per cent across the East Midlands.


In a moment we'll be speaking to someone from the farmers' insurance


company, but first, this report from Geoff Maskell in


Leicestershire. It might look idyllic, but in 20


years a farmer, and the Gillespie says he has not seen her crime wave


like it. In the past two years, I have had stuff stolen, things that


I would walk into a shed, it is gone within seconds. In the last


year he has had two generators, a quad bike and power tools stolen


from his farm. You come back from going down the field, you can see


the tracks, you find people asking directions when you know they are


not asking directions. It is just bizarre, really. And it isn't just


opportunist theft that farmers are having to deal with. Organised


gangs are stealing a pieces of plant like this. They will take


them from a farm, Neath and down the road, and wait. If they are


still there are 12 hours later, chances are it doesn't have a


tracker fitted, so it can be shipped off around the world, as


far away as Australia. We heard the helicopters, it was about 10pm at


night, they had stolen would you have just seen, apart if it


underneath my barn, when the police finally came, the signal from the


track was going out the side. They knew it was roughly around this


area. It does tell you the value of the tracker. Definitely. It is on


all the high-performance vehicle, so one at a Mate vehicle that costs


�50,000? Police are encouraging farmers to invest in better


security. I have a guide dog now, that was easier. If I'm not around,


the dog is out, somebody who is not supposed to be here has to pay the


consequences now. Earlier this afternoon I spoke to


Nicky Whittaker from NFU Mutual insurance, and I began by asking


her what was top of the thieves' list. In the East Midlands, the top


targets are tools, tractors and heating or oil. We know that


detractors that a stone and I ended up outside the UK to fulfil the


demand for agricultural machinery. What about big equipment like


combine harvesters, are they being stolen? They can be worth up to


�250,000, so more than a high- performance sports car. They also


are leading the UK. This must be having a huge knock-on effect


potentially for insurance premiums? We are working very hard with the


police and other authorities and farmers, and vehicle manufacturers


to be to make sure we can keep premiums low by increasing security,


and our recovery rate with tractors is extremely good. We recovered a


tractor only recently from Cyprus. Talking of security, what can


farmers do to reduce the South -- thefts? They can fit Tracker


devices, they are extremely good at helping us recovered tractors, and


members of the public, if they go down in the woods, they may get a


surprise. Because these are very good at hiding tractors, and other


machinery, in the woods. If they see attractive it is parked,


perhaps partially covered, they need to ask the question, what is


that tractor doing there? We have been successful in recovering


several tractors because members of the public had spotted them in


woodland, and called the police to see if they are there for a


legitimate reason. Thank you. A police inspector who's accused of


having sex with a 13-year-old girl has been remanded in custody for


two months. Russell Dew, who was based at Mansfield in


Nottinghamshire, is facing two charges. They are alleged to have


taken place in the Newark area. The 44-year-old, who's been suspended


from duty, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court this morning.


The family of a Derby man who's in hospital in Singapore are hoping to


bring him back to the UK later this week. Mathew Taylor was seriously


injured in a motorcycle accident in Bali last month, but didn't have


travel insurance. Members of his family have been desperately trying


to raise money to help him. They say his medical treatment and


flight home will cost about �200,000.


The owner of Leicester speedway and his daughter were robbed with -- by


a man with an iron bar last night. They were loading up their car at


the stadium when they were attacked by three masked men. Our reporter


spoke to him a few minutes ago. family are still in shock, they


joined now at their home. You were with your daughter last night can


tell me what happened. After the meeting, we were closing up the bar


in the car-park, at around 11pm, when I was walking back to meet my


wife, when we were approached by three hooded and armed men. They


attacked both, it they attacked myself and pulled my daughter from


the car, trying to get the takings from the evening's meeting.


incredibly frightening experience. What did you see? I was just in the


bar doorway, about to exit in the street, and I turned my head to the


right, and I could see men, dressed all in black, with a metal bar,


chasing torch David, because I had my other daughter with me, I pulled


her into the bar, and it was a split-second, we had been attacked.


So I came back to the bar and dialled 999. All I could hear were


screams and I was praying, we will be safe. Because money is one thing,


but losing your husband and your daughter in the same night would be


awful. If I can just come back to you. How do you feel about what has


happened? How are your daughter's? Obviously, as a family, it is very


alarming and very disturbing. We want to spend a bit of time with


our two daughters, just to have a bit of family time together. It is


just so disappointing, after the time and effort ourselves, along


with the great volunteers that have put into the speedway, but some


individuals can support it to everyone. Thank you for joining us.


A substantial amount of money was stolen last night. The police are


urging anyone, if they have seen or From today, more parts of


Nottingham are banning the drinking of alcohol in public places. The


new restrictions are being introduced in and around Basford


after a residents complained about anti-social behaviour linked to a


car. The city council says that tackling this kind of behaviour is


one of its top priorities. The city council has recently spent


more than �1 million on improvements to this area in


Nottingham. From today, a banning order should make the open space


even more attractive to locals and visitors. It is designed to stop


people who become a nuisance and are aggressive to others because


they cannot hold their drink. throw cans and bottles and


everything into the lake which harms the wildlife. They abuse the


public, swear at them. They urinate behind the trees. When they are


children here, that is not really the done thing. There are orders


which ban people from drinking alcohol in public places covering


the city centre and other areas. Back existing order is to be


extended to include a Basford which is the newest area to introduce the


ban. Our police and community support officers will be able to go


around and stop people who are drinking irresponsibly in the park


and move them on and eliminate the risk. People living near by have


welcomed the banning order, saying that it will ensure the majority --


the minority do not spoil the park for the majority.


A lot can change over 700 years. In one corner of Leicestershire, one


think has stayed the same. It is Hinckley market.


Today it celebrated its 700th birthday.


Happy birthday to you. Birthday celebrations in Hinckley today as


the town commemorates its historical past. The first


documented evidence of a market here dates back to 1311. When


Richard the red ended up in front of the mayor of Leicester for not


paying his dues for the ball that had been sold at the market here in


Hinckley. As you can see, the market has gone from strength to


strength. There is a wide variety, it is busy enough to give a nice


atmosphere. You can meet your friends here. It is one of the best


markets in the Midlands. Some stores have seen trade fall during


the recession. Others are enjoying bumper sales. Happy birthday


Hinckley! 700 years of trading. Then I have some of the


strawberries please? This man has had a stall here with his family


for over 60 years. What is trade like? We have had a good early


summer. People have supported us. With the recession, they are


watching, but we are trying to give them a barrier for money. The last


year, the town won the title of best street market. It is a


tradition people here want to see survive fought centuries to come.


That was a very nice cake. You had it all.


Anyway, we will have some spectacular pictures from the


weekend later. With changeable weather this


weekend, it seems many of you were out and about with your cameras.


You never know, we may show one of your pictures later run. -- later


Time now for sport. We almost had a clean sweep of victories, almost.


Day one of the new football season and not a bad start. Some


sensational cricket late to do. The new pop Aussies and has started and


after the first game there is plenty of optimism. Derby County


who came from behind to beat Neil in relegated Birmingham City.


Nigel Clough has brought 10 players in. This opening day when had


plenty to do with spirit and character. Derby were one down to


Birmingham but fought their way back. There was an equaliser and


then the goal of the day from a long-term injury victim Steve Davis.


In the second half, he only needed a touch here. Slightly better aim


here, but in the end, in front of 27,000 fans, it was Derby who had


to hold on. You need the crowd to get behind you and they did that.


Although our play was not great at times, I think they appreciated the


determination that we showed. bright start and Derby's third


opening-day win in a road. There was a good start for


Leicester City. A 1-0 win at Coventry was steady if not


spectacular. Sven Goran Eriksson and his


millionaire backers are the story of the season. But it could have


turned a little sour on Saturday. An early red card made Leicester's


job at Coventry trachea. -- trickier. When Coventry were


reduced to 10 men, Leicester it took full control. The only goal of


the game came from a new signing. Leicester are championship


contenders and this was a steady way to start. They very difficult


game. Moving around the ball very good. Technically, a good team. We


had to chase a lot when they had the ball. But at the end, we won


and of course, I am happy. Michael Ball was close to finalising his


move to Leicester, signed a number 11 as part of the city revolutions.


It looks like Nottingham Forest are poised to make signings. Steve


McClaren has been itching to add to his squad. He took stick from the


away fans, the Wally with the Brolly tag will not by cheque. But


after a goalless draw with Barnsley, he has more pressing things on his


mind. Steve McClaren is back with a reputation to rebuild. Irony


provided a pre-match shower and even cricket's most famous rain


stopped play umpire was there for the occasion, Dickie Bird. Everyone


is talking about his time at England but I think he is a good


manager. I did not like the appointment initially. I am looking


forward to the season. And I hope that we can go. The lack of


additions to Forest's squad has been frustrating the new manager


and fans alike. At the end of 19 minutes, he might well have said, I


told do so. They lacked a killer finish. But a promising, if not


spectacular promising start. need to add in the final -- further


matters. Signings are likely. To Maronite, Forest play Notts


County in the Carling Cup. Notts County had one of the results of


the day with a 3-0 win at Carlisle. There was controversy in the first


was that you will see a collision involving Lee Hughes and Peter


Murphy. Lee Hughes made the most of it providing a cross for Jeff


Hughes to score. The second was a spectacular own goal and the third


was a 50th for the club from the use -- Lee Hughes who has been


struggling with fitness after suffering from the bends after


going scuba-diving on his honeymoon. Some terrific scenes at Gray's


wrote after Leicester made it through. Nottinghamshire went out -


- Grace Road. Look at it! Among the mob of fans,


Leicestershire's 40-year-old wicketkeeper. He announced his


retirement last week and on his last appearance, he was man of the


match. He turned round the game with Kent to set up a


Leicestershire win. A very special finish. I am a bit under the


weather today after a big party. I like fairy tales, and hopefully we


will have a 6 x -- sensational finish. We are all in good form. We


are ready for a big day. At Trent Bridge yesterday, Notts County put


them in a good position. Some sensational hitting gave the women


to Somerset. That was spectacular -- gave the


name win. Manu Tuilagi had a trademark try it for England


against Wales. The final World Cup squad will be announced by Martin


Johnson two weeks today. Manu Tuilagi could well have confirmed


his place. In athletics, two great wins at a


top athletic event, the diamond lead at Crystal Palace. Richard


Whitehead From Martin was in a mixed class event in the 200 metres


but he broke the world record for his category and at the Paralympics


next year he is now the one to beat for the gold medal.


Victory in the 1500 metres to a Lady From Loughborough.


That was a great sport. This was built here in Nottingham


in the golden age of motorcycles and it broke records for speed and


luxury. Now and at Brough Superior SS100,


the last motorbike to roll off the production line, is to be auctioned


off in California later this month. When it launched in 1924, the


Brough Superior SS100 was already is something special. It was made


in Nottingham and each one was certified to hit 100 miles an hour.


It is a very important motorbike. It was classed as being the Rolls-


Royce of British motor Cycling in its heyday. In 1924, it was the


world's speed record holder at 124 miles an hour. It went further


during the next five years to eventually reach the speed of one


rider and 29 miles an hour. It was really untouchable in its heyday --


129 miles an hour. It may now be even more desirable.


The very last model to roll off the production line will be auctioned


in California. Conservative estimates say that it will reach


almost �250,000. Whoever wins will be in good company. The most famous


owner of the Brough Superior SS100 was Lawrence of Arabia who was the


proud owner of seven of the machines. They were all main took


his George,. I am told that investors are


looking at more tangible places to put their money so the Brough


Superior SS100 could still have a record left to break in America.


A great bike. Now it is time for It seems many of you were out and


about with your cameras. His first picture was sent in went the storm


clouds are just started to develop at the picnic at Burghley House.


The rain caused some double rainbows. The rain also stopped


play briefly at the charity match. In the evening, the storm clouds


developed. Finally, a beautiful picture at the reservoir with the


storm clouds moving in. Thank you to all of you who sent the pictures


in. Over the next few days, we will start to see things getting a


little bit more unsettled. Tuesday will be the driest date. There is


some broken cloud and sunshine and some showers in the east this


evening. It will be dry overnight. Temperatures will drop --


temperatures will drop down to nine degrees under the clear skies. A


sunny start to Tuesday. The cloud will bubble up as we go into the


afternoon. It is set to stay dry and settled. Still be a link quite


chilly with the north-westerly breeze. -- feeling quite chilly.


There will be rain moving in, it heavy and persistent, during the


date and then on Thursday, that will stay with us. Let us look at


the outlook. Tomorrow will be the best day of the week. Warm with


sunny spells. The area of rain moves in on Wednesday. Showery on


Thursday with the potential for them to be quite sharp and heavy. I


am afraid as we go into Friday and the weekend, it will stay with a


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