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This is East Midlands today. Tonight, police prepare for the


worst, after last night's riots. In Nottingham, police stations were


attacked, and almost 90 arrested. In Leicester, police in riot gear


tried to stop you taking control the city centre. Even charities


were hit. We just can not believe what has


happened, devastated. Also tonight, behind and is on for this man as


victims of sexual assault face up to their ordeal.


I have not come to terms with it. I will be finding out why a more and


more people are using be PDSA Good evening. Police officers


across the East Midlands are again preparing to spend the night on the


streets to prevent gangs of youths causing damage and destruction. In


the worst outbreak of violence so far, police arrested more than 100


people last night. The vast majority were in Nottingham, where


89 people were taken into custody. In Leicester, 14 arrests were made


for public order, damage and burglary offences. In Derbyshire,


two 15 year-old youths are under arrest.


The worst outbreak of violence was in the City of Nottingham, where


five police stations came under attack, a college was firebombed,


gangs tried to break into three pubs, and cars across the city were


set on fire and destroyed. There were also reports of children


setting fire to trees. Our chief news reporter was out on


the streets of Nottingham last night and joins us now from the


headquarters of Nottingham police at Sherwood Lodge.


Good evening Quentin. Good evening. It is here, of course, much of the


effort to control and co-ordinate the operation against the violence


and rioting is being co-ordinated. For the third night, running. Last


night, this force had to deal with thousands of calls as well as


hundreds of incidents. It left three officers injured and so far,


more than 90 people arrested. I spent all of last night on the


streets of Nottingham, keeping up with some of the events as they


unfolded. Captured on a foam, the moment when


Canning Circus police station was hit by fire bombs.


-- a phone. The damage from the petrol bomb attack can be clearly


seen outside the police station. At the time of the attack there


were still officers inside the building. The man who filmed the


attack from his rooftop just could not believe his eyes. I was scared,


making sure they did not see me. When they started throwing bombs at


the police station, I was utterly disgusted with what was going on.


It was quite scary. I put it was safe, living close to a police


station, but apparently not. 20 utes later attacked another


police station. It was all over him a couple of minutes. -- youths. The


attack here is typical of the type of attacks throughout the night in


Nottingham. Quick and sporadic examples of hit-and-run vandalism.


Officers here expressed frustration that they could not chase the


vandals because they would lose them in the alleyways. By 3am there


were 90 arrests, and although there was little looting, officers were


alarmed by how many young people were found carrying weapons.


Some of the damage was apparent in the darkness last night, but the


full extent is only revealed in daylight. Car owners came out to


survey the damage to their vehicles on Moorgate Street and Holden


Street, close to Canning Circus, where last night's firebombing took


place. Residents said between 30 and 40 youths went on the rampage,


throwing bricks, smashing windows and jumping on rooves. For some,


the cost of repairs has cost them in other ways.


I have enough money to get to Portugal, but not enough to get


back. I cannot pay it for my holiday. An insurance company would


right of the car. After last night's violence in Leicester,


twice as many police officers will be on the streets tonight. The


force also reveal that it has refused to send staff to help out


in other areas of the country. The night the centre of Leicester was


locked down as groups of masked troublemakers played cat and mouse


with police, attacking shopfronts over several hours. We saw lads on


bikes with golf clubs, they started smashing in windows, taking


everything. Money has gone, phones gone, Juri... Everything. They have


no reason, they are not fighting for the man he got shot in London.


There was looting of shops, even Poundstretcher. Children as young


as 12 were taking part. What do their parents think they are doing?


Do those parents take no responsibility for their kids? Did


not ask what they are doing and try to stop them? As tensions rose, the


police tried to clear the streets. Nightclub bouncers even found


themselves having to stop people leaving, because it was not safe


outside. It was a long night. Things are finally under control


here, just after 2am. Now we have to think about clearing up the


damage. The clean-up has already started


but it will take some time. In Leicester, daylight revealed the


random nature of the rioting. It seems it is not just the likes of


shoe shops and electrical shops which are targets, but even a


charity ambulance. Hours after the rioting finished, there were still


masked men in the streets of the city.


Another day, another city, another riot.


Here is part of the aftermath, a burned out minibus for Age Concern.


The youngsters who have done the damage are hitting as are their own


community, the oldest and most frail members of that community.


All of us are devastated and cannot believe what has happened.


A new minibus will cost �45,000. The charity says during these tough


times, it simply cannot afford it. In the centre of Leicester, more


damage. People had been telling me a gang of youths came running down


this street, they smashed this window and then ran down here,


smashing this door as they went. They smashed another window, and


then carried on by attacking one of the oldest businesses in Leicester.


I am the grandson of the founder of the company and it is disappointing


that this has happened in Leicester. I am saddened that it has happened


on our doorstep. Young men Wearing masks and concealing their faces


were stopped by the police, one of them told me what happened last


night. It kicked off and that was it.


lot of people are saying why? not doing it, everybody else is. It


is because of London. It is a sad day for Leicester. We


are proud of the city and it is a small number of people, less than


150, he decided to get involved in criminal damage to our businesses.


This is local people damaging local properties.


We should not let these hooligans run our lives. As members of the


faith communities, we ask people for calm.


Beat in the operation is still under way as costs mount. There is


a sense of disbelief. -- v clean up operation.


I saw a number of police vans heading South to Nottingham earlier.


We are also getting reports that the force has drafted in extra


officers from other forces around the country. I will be asking an


Assistant Chief Constable about that later in the programme. I am


joined in the studio by the Bishop of Sherwood, Tony Porter. He


prefers to be called Bishop Tony, or Bishop, but not Your Grace.


What thoughts went through your mind when you saw those pictures?


was disappointed and depressed. were a policeman for some time in


Manchester. He worked in areas, poor areas, many people we have


spoken to have no idea why this has happened. The UK having taken


matador? -- do you have any taken this? I work with the police


closely in Moss Side for many years. This is a continuation of family


breakdown. It is sad to say. But when young people have no adult


role models, when their role models are elder siblings, who put two


fingers up at teachers and the police... They learn from them. We,


as a generation, have to take some responsibility. We have not been


great role models as parents. single mother on radio this morning


said, she tried everything she could with her son but he still got


into trouble. She went to court and said, do what you will with him.


And the court did not give him a sentence and she had to pay a fine.


She said it is not my fault, I do not give any support from the


authorities. I understand the frustration. I think that parenting


courses are very important. People need to be taught parenting skills.


We pray that people will learn from be teaching to be good parents.


Some people think, I am a parent, do I need outside interference


telling me had to look after my children? And think what we are


seeing on the streets, the answer to that is yes. We do not want to


force people to do it, we want them to wanted. The hunger to be a good


parent means good teaching. Very briefly, as a senior member of the


Church, do you ever despair when you see the scenes on our streets?


I never despair because we worked together in Moss Side for the good


of the community. I have been with the come -- the police in St Anns


today and seen wonderful things. I never despair.


Thank you. You are watching East Midlands today. A 34-year-old man


has appeared in court charged with murdering a woman in Derby.


Danielle Thompson, who was 22, was found injured at a house in


Chaddesden, early on Saturday morning. She had stab wounds and


died in hospital. Martin Shaw was remanded in custody until October,


when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court.


Derby City Council has paid out 60% more to people who have had their


vehicles damaged by potholes compared to the previous year. More


than �4,600 has been handed out, almost sixty claims for


compensation remain unresolved. The council say it is partly down to


compensation culture. A woman has described how she tried to fight


off an attacker in Leicester as he sexually assaulted her. Today,


police released a new image of the suspect who they want to speak to


about three indecent assaults that happened on the same day.


This is the suspect, walking through Leicester on the morning of


Saturday, 8th January, this year. Between 7 and 9 m that day, three


women aged 25, 74 and 56 were assaulted. -- 7 and 9 am. I went


into survival mode. I knew I would never go down without a fight. I


had thought, previously, I would have laid down and thought of


England of his had happened. But I fought back. Victims have helped to


generate his image of the suspect, who is described as a mid-twenties


and over six foot tall. One victim says she cannot come to terms what


has happened until he is caught. Every time you close your eyes, he


is there, in your head. He is just scanning, his face in your head.


Every time you go out, you scan the crowds, looking it and hoping to


see him. We are concerned, this man has committed three offences,


within a short space of time. I am concerned there are more victims to


have not come forward. If there are, I urge them to come forward.


This afternoon, officers handed out leaflets of the man. Seven months


after these crimes were committed, the police hope this latest appeal


for information will finally lead them to the person responsible.


More and more people are using an animal charity. The PDSA says


people should be more careful what animals they use, so they know they


can look after them properly. Oscar, a Cocker spaniel, visits the


People's Dispensary for Sick animals. Be PDSA is a charity and


people on means tested in order to benefit from its services. Oscar's


owners both lost their jobs. It is now more difficult to pay for


treatment. These days you cannot visit the set without a hundred


pounds in your pocket. Over the last five years, the


demand for PDSA services has increased by over 60%. Be PDSA has


just introduced limits on pedigree pets. Owners can now only register


one new pedigree animal instead of three. Specially bred animals can


tend to suffer more health problems. Vets Citybus should take more care


in choosing their pets. You have to think carefully about


what pets you have. We tried to help people. We are not a finger


wagging organisation, we are here to help people.


The charity relies on public donations. Pedigree animals are


expensive. Unemployed people will have a mongrel. It is a good idea.


Private debt build a so extortionate.


It is a value service, had pleaded all benefit.


Hopefully people will benefit. Time for sport. 16 goals and seven


penalties coming up after just one night of football.


Yes, a goal-tastic sport for you this evening, starting with one of


the best cup-ties Nottingham Forest manager Steve McLaren says he has


ever seen. Last night's game with Notts County was a belter. Six


goals and seven penalties flew into the back of the net on a memorable


night. It was the shortest away drive for the best game some had


ever seen. A crowd of over 21,000 were there, dizzy chance after


chance, right from the off. A truly unforgettable Nottingham derby.


County, the underdogs, started of better. Mike Edwards poked them


into the lead. Then, it was Forest's Turner, in his classic


cup-tie. Nottingham born Louis McGugan scored with a spectacular


free-kick. After half-time, good work set-up Robert Feng Li to score


his first goal for Forest. -- Finley. 15 minutes to full-time and


former Forest man Craig West car announced his arrival in perfect


fashion. So, the game went into extra-time. Not so went ahead again


with a goal from Hughes. 6,000 not fans thought they were heading for


a famous victory, but with seconds to go, wears Morgan, a man born and


raised within walking distance of both grounds, spanked the ball at


the top corner. -- West Morgan. This took the tie into a remarkable


penalty shoot-out. The crucial kick fell to Captain looked Chambers,


who scored the vital penalty, which secured the win. Then Neil Bishop


lifted the final kick of the It it has been a roller-coaster.


Our players were fantastic, I thought we had more chances.


reminded me of a boxing match, standing toe-to-toe, exchanging


blows. We were lucky denied that we stayed on our feet.


There were no arrests before, during or after the game, which has


prompted great praise for the fans. At Leicester, the only way is


Schlup! What a night for youngster Jeffrey


Schlup. Sorry about that. He scored a hat-trick on his competitive


debut in the Cup win at Rotherham, and he is just 18. Leicester are


are the big spenders of the championship, but they may just


have found a priceless gem among their own ranks.


It took Jeffrey Schlup just 18 second half minutes to notch his


three goals and turn the tide -- vitae with Rotherham on its head.


It was one-all at the time and Jeffrey Schlup showed real


confidence. -- half-time. The other two goals were striker's efforts,


have been to put the tie beyond Rotherham's reach. For the record,


Leicester scored all of The Gulls last night, despite it being a 4 -


1 win. -- the goals. Paul Gallacher levelled things up with a rare


header. So, not a bad way to make your debut and prove you do not


always have to spend millions to bring success.


On to Derby, and former defender and local lad Chris Riggott has


signed a one-year deal with the club. Some good news for the Rams


then, after last night's humbling by League Two Shrewsbury. First-


round exits are becoming the norm for Derby. Beaten for the third


time in a row by a league two side. Derby were down by half-time and it


was a former Derby man who did with them. Lionel Ainsworth only played


a few games, but he said that all three of Shrewsbury's goals. Nigel


Clough thought some of his players did not put enough effort. They


were booed off at half-time with Clough facing a tricky team-talk.


It was an embarrassing one. I'm embarrassed for us and some of the


first-half performances. We got an early goal and the second half.


That goal was a first for Chris Maguire, who has moved from


Aberdeen. Derby were on the front foot again but Shrewsbury nearly


scored a 4th on the break. Theo Robinson finished off a neat move


to makes things close but it was not enough. Hoping to get some have


his injured players back for Saturday's game at Watford, he


might need them. In cricket, Nottinghamshire's


Stuart Broad has continued his good form for England in the third Test


against India at Edgbaston. He took a wicket with his first ball and


added three more victims as India were bowled out for just 224 on the


first day. This was star man Sachin Tendulkar going cheaply. Broad's


other key wicket was that of MS Dhoni, who went for 77. And England


ended the day on 84 To Nothing. Back now to a Allam may store we,


the fall-out from a second evening of rioting.


-- to our main story. We returned to the outside of Nottinghamshire


force headquarters. Hello again. Of course, we do not know if we are


in for a third night of rioting. One man is closely involved with


contingency plans, Assistant Chief Constable Paul Broadbent, who joins


us now. Is it true you are one of six forces in the country who have


drafted in extra officers from other forces?


Yes. We have drafted in officers to make sure we can manage and keep


topside of what is a difficult and challenging situation. How many?


have asked for 150 and hopefully we will be able to maintain order in


Nottingham and the wider area. it true retired officers are also


reporting for duty? That is true, many people, special constables on


holiday and so forth, have turned up to offer assistance. Does this


suggest you do not have enough officers to cope? What it shows is,


public-spirited people still want to do a cracking job for the public


even if they have left the organisation.


What is your intelligence telling you about tonight? Will we see more


riots and violence? Real-time intelligence is giving us a bit of


information about where we need to be, we are trying to pre-empt any


situation which may flare up. you feel it will not be as bad as


last night? We feel it is not but we are prepared to bid get worse.


We will continue to protect the people of Nottingham, your property


and your law abiding citizens. Those who want to break the law,


get ready. Thank you. This force has called


for tough sentences for offenders and speeded up justice. The courts


will be opening early tomorrow. I have just heard that the Chief


Constable of Nottinghamshire, Julia Hodgson, is returning early from


holiday. She will be back at her desk tomorrow.


For thank you. I think we need a bit of cheering up and I hope the


We have with your unsettled days ahead but things are set to improve


for the weekend, something to look forward to there. Into the evening


and overnight, we continue to have to outbreaks of rain, heavy at


times. The unsettled conditions are all than to this area of low


pressure moving in from the Atlantic, bringing with it heavy


pulses of rain. It is mostly sitting across the North of the


East Midlands, bringing heavier rain across North Nottinghamshire.


Anywhere could see if you add breaks during the night, they will


be dry spells for a time before more rain moves in as part of a


cold front pushing him during the early hours. It is expected to be


humid and muggy tonight with minimum temperatures of 14. The


rain is with us tomorrow morning, heavy five-time across


Leicestershire and Derby. It will then clear away, leaving spells of


light and patchy rain into the afternoon. There will also be long,


dry spells, and the chance of sun. It will feel at warmer than we were


expecting with highs of 22 Celsius tomorrow, but with a fresh south-


westerly wind. A dry day to start off on Friday, sunny spells, but


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