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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight:


The teenager who encouraged violent disorder via Facebook. Amed Pelle


called on more than 2000 people to attack police stations and continue


the riots. Also, the deputy comes to town to


see for himself the firebombed Canning Town circus. I think people


should be proud that there was not any rioting in the city centre.


income can be tired -- not become can be proud of that. People have


been knocking on Arab doors and asking what they can do to help.


And seven stages, 100 AX and 30,000 fans. -- 100,000 axe and 30,000


fans. It is a Summer Sundae in Leicester.


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme.


A teenager admitted in court today that he used Facebook to encourage


others to join the riots in Nottingham. Amed Pelle sent


messages via the social networking site to more than 2,000 people. In


a police interview he said he believed that the riots should


continue and more police stations should be attacked. He also said


that he felt the police pick on black youths. Our correspondent was


in court. During the rioting, police had been


monitoring social networking sights to see what messages had been sent


to find out when and where violence may happen. They picked up when to


take -- 22-year-old Amed Pelle and he was taken to jail. He sent a


message is on Facebook. He said that it one black youth was killed


they would kill one million police. He also reference a high and


clothing store in Nottingham. Amed Pelle said he did not want to


take part but he wanted the right to continue and he said that the


police pick on black youth and this was a demonstration of black youths


against a party. The latest arrest figures are related to disorder


Detectives are continuing to check CCTV so that the number of arrests


could increase. Amed Pelle was just one of the people caught in the


East Midlands. The judge said that Amed Pelle did not understand how


his comments would be taken. He is due to be sentenced at the Crown


Court. As promised, yesterday, the Deputy


Prime Minister Nick Clegg was in the East Midlands today. First stop


was Nottingham and Canning Circus Police station, the one that was


firebombed on Tuesday night. There he met police and community leaders


who had been on the front line that evening.


Chaos at Canning circus. These were the scenes on Tuesday night. Today


Nick Clegg was in town to talk to the police officers who had been on


the front line. There were one or two of them... Yes, I saw the


pictures. He topped with a local MPs and council leaders as well as


the heads of various community groups. -- he spoke with. He agreed


that the front line was being stretched too thin. I have just


heard that police officers have been reassuring myself and members


of the committee that there will be no frontline cuts to the


neighbourhood policing teams whatsoever. Magistrates worked late


into the night dealing with those who had been arrested after the


violence. Nick Clegg had a clear message for anyone who attempted to


follow their example. For any youngster or anyone who thinks this


might be an occasion to cause trouble, think again. Look at what


is happening with the increasing number of arrests. He will not get


away Scot free. You will get a knock on the door. You cannot get


away with this but no consequences. Confidence is key for politicians


and leaders and one sign up the confidence is that the Caribbean,


all in Nottingham will go ahead as planned for Saturday. -- horrible.


It is a risk that community leaders say they are prepared to take. It


is a chance for the community to come together for a day of


celebration. And the fight back goes on in other


cities as well. In Leicester the damage caused by the riots and its


aftermath is estimated to be costing the city over �1 million.


Tonight there is still a high police presence in the city. There


are dozens of police here tonight. They are here to provide


reassurance to the public and provide protection to local


businesses. But some people are being stopped and searched. All


this is with them preventing any more of violence.


The were images that shocked and raised questions as to why. An Age


Concern minibus completely destroyed after being set alight.


This woman comes to lunch here once a week. Old people come to the sort


of places. Without the bus we cannot get here. But there is some


good news. Leicester City Council has lent the charity a bus and


thousands of pounds of charity is being given to get a new bass.


Age Concern is such a good charity. They need new vehicles. We were


able to give them a substantial donation towards their appeal.


over a cup of tea, the head of Age Concern in master told me loads of


money were giving money. We have had young schoolchildren coming


into our offices with little bits of pocket-money wanting to put a


little into buying an ambulance. Out in the City, the aftershock of


a night of rioting is still being felt. I was here on Wednesday


morning when many of the shop windows were smashed. Now they are


all boarded up waiting to be replaced. Shop owners are keen to


stress that it is business as usual, but what happened on these streets


late on Tuesday night near the early hours of Wednesday morning is


set to cross -- cost the city Dili. By the time you have added up all


of the loss in property and people cancelling bookings and things, you


are looking at an excess of �1 million. It is a busy lunchtime and


the topic of conversation is what should happen to be rioters. They


will not do it again if they got a win with salt on it. The if they


were put away for a while they would realise what they had done.


They need to do Labour unpaid. They need to work. The police here have


been working between 12 and 15 hour shifts. There is steely


determination in the officers to make sure that would happen here


does not happen again. The This week's riots have put huge


pressure on our police forces. Earlier I spoke to Simon Cole,


Leicestershire's Chief Constable, and began by asking him, given the


cost of the operation, how long can the high number of officers be kept


on the streets? Every day of every week of every year we look at the


resources that we need. We will have spent at the end of the


weekend about �250,000. We have a contingency budget that is more


than that and the increased it for this year's budget. We will be


going as long as we need to for positive action against those who


offended three days ago. You cannot keep this going all the time. The


fear is that the writers will return. What then? -- de rioters.


The at is an interesting view. What we have been doing over the last


couple days, we have had many arrests, and we are carrying out an


investigation into what happened three nights ago. We hope that


people are getting the message that be are policing this very firmly


but very Bailey and we will do what we need to do to protect local


communities. -- very fairly. are facing potential cuts of up to


�34 million in the next four years. How much has thus strengthen the


case for reviewing this Budget reduction? -- this strengthened the


case for reviewing these budget reductions? I will accept that we


have got to take our share of dealing with national issues. It


did not affect our policing on Tuesday evening. We have plans


looking ahead to try and maintain our frontline, whenever else we


have to do. Of course I would like more resources. There is no chief


constable that would not. Joining us now is Graham Allen, the MP for


Nottingham North. You've just published your second


report into early intervention which is a programme ultimately


aimed at really stopping what we've just seen.


It is being piloted here in Nottingham and after what we've


just seen it doesn't seem to be working. I think it will work. We


need to pair off some of the followers from some of the harder


cases. That is a two prong situation. Our policing in


Nottingham has been exemplary. I hope the magistrates back the


police up. Some of the early signs are not particularly good on that.


There is the long-term strategy as well. How do we stop people doing


this again? How do we break the inter-generational cycle, where a


lot of us go through families and goes father to son and on? But not


a game has been doing in the last few years is supporting young mums


and helping them raise their children. -- what Nottingham has


done. Everyone on the street has been asking me what the parents are


doing. We need to support those parents early on so their children


can be raised in the right way rather than be feral children.


But how do you change the mindset of someone who thinks rioting is


fun and getting arrested just an occupational hazard? Pie think it


would be too late at that point and you would need a stick at that


point to make sure that they are properly policed. I think before


the child grows up you need to intervene much earlier. They need


to do what we are doing in Nottingham. Social and emotional


aspects of learning, life skills, how to build relationships, how to


be a decent citizen. You say this has only been going for a four


years. Do you think it will work and that the kids... It is not a


cure all. We need to build out the problems that have the -- rather


than have the consequences. Not just rioting, lifetime on benefits


and drinking, that is the lifetime policy to go with the short-term


response we have seen. We have to leave it there. Thank you very much.


You are watching BBC East Midlands Today, and later, an old favourite


returns because the branch line is enjoying a boom. One rural line has


seen passenger numbers double in just four years.


A former leader of Derby City Council has been jailed for five


years for child sex offences. Maurice Burgess, who is 63 and from


Normanton, admitted 11 charges of indecently assaulting four boys


under 14. Derby Crown Court heard that Burgess had two previous


convictions for similar offences. He was the Liberal Democrat leader


of the city council for two years from 2003. 1,000 council homes


could be demolished -- demolished him an ambitious home building


project. It is a scheme that could cost up to �60 million.


They have been part of the landscape in Nottingham since 1967.


Now these tower blocks are showing their age. I have had three leaks


over the last week. There has been excessive damage on the ceiling.


There is an up and a down to living here. The view is amazing. High


rise flats along what older buildings could also be demolished.


The city council says that about 1,000 old flats and houses would be


replaced by 500 new homes. We will be building more appropriate


housing in the City. There is a need for family housing and


bungalows as well. This will freeze up a council house for a family to


live in. It would be the biggest building project in Nottingham in


25 years. B Campsall has promised to rehouse all residents but not


everyone has been happy about it. - - the council. This is such a


community focused area. I think it will ruin my life. I didn't like


what they moved me last time. would not like to get a new house.


I still want to stay in Nottingham. A series of meetings is being held


in the next few weeks where residents can get more information.


The city council will decide whether to go ahead with the


rebuilding project at a meeting next month. The skyline will change.


Indeed! Many of our branch railway lines


were famously killed off by Dr Beeching's axe in the 1960s. They


were closed for being too costly and inefficient. But some of our


smallest surviving routes are going from strength to strength. In fact,


one rural line in Derbyshire has seen its passenger numbers almost


double over the last four years. A new sitcom is being filmed here.


But for those who use this line its appeal has increased to investment


rather than showbiz glamour. It is a comfortable ride and in his


frequent. It is every hour. Four years ago, just over 200,000


passenger journeys were made on the line every year, but now it is


almost 400,000, and last year saw a 20 % increase. It has got a new


life and a new role. No one would think of closing it now. It brings


people into Derby and Nottingham. It connects people into London. It


plays a vital role. Other small rail lines are seeing similar rises.


With more people holidaying at home, the summer months are particularly


popular. It is a good service. It was a day trip with the kids.


heading back from a holiday in the Peak District and going back to


London. It is changing at Derby and hopefully it will be a good journey.


With Nottingham and in using a parking levy next year, the number


of commuters is expected to rise even higher. We want people to


choose using the train as their first choice, really. From the work


we had been doing we have been having success. People like branch


lines. It is Friday, so the weekend starts


here, but in Leicester it's already Summer Sundae as festival-goers


settle down for three days of music. By and although the umbrella has


had already been in use and master, it will not be all doom and gloom


this weekend. More weather for you towards the end of the programme. -


- in Leicester. And now for sport, with all of the thrills.


He is the man who once said no to Manchester United, played for


England Under 21s and spent several seasons abroad enjoying Champions


League football. Now striker Matt Derbyshire is ready to reignite his


Matt Derbyshire is a man on a mission. I always believe in my


ability. To get off to a good start would be a good thing. That is the


most important thing. footballing career began at


Blackburn after he turned down Manchester United. I was looking at


a couple of clubs as a youth player. There was Manchester United and


Blackburn but being a Blackburn fan the on the decision was made -- was


to go for Blackburn. His boyhood favourites would find him and he


had the chance to experience Champions League football. Now my -


- when Nottingham Forest came calling with a deal he knew he had


his chance. I am always pushing myself every single year. There is


no reason why we cannot be at the top where we should be. He has


scored goals for his country. Like everybody we have got in, there is


an extra motivation for him. They have to do well. If he does well it


might help fans forgive him after being named after one of his


fiercest rivals. By am from Blackburn, born in Blackburn, said


there is no reason to hate me because of my name! Spotted briefly


at training this morning, was a new player, he was going under a


medical. We will keep you posted. Forest


travel to Milwall tomorrow, while Leicester City's record summer


signing comes up against his former club as the Foxes try to keep up


their winning start to the season. Matt Mills cost over �5 million


from Reading. Here he is scoring against Leicester last season, but


now the roles are very much reversed. My family will be here. I


think it will be a good thing to get out of the way. I am looking


forward to it. They have got a strong side this year. We are


confident, two wins in two. Looking forward to the next game.


Derby County go to Watford and they are also looking for back to back


league wins. But they are without five central defenders because of


injury. That should mean a first league start for 18-year-old Mark


O'Brien, who's faced more than his share of adversity. Mated 1009,


Vicarage Road, and his debut as a second half sub. -- made 2009.


make me baby when I was 16 and then two down the line -- to make me a


player when I was 16 and then take me on two years down the line is


extraordinary. That should have been the start of great things and


tell Mark found out he had a potentially fatal heart defect. He


was operated on but it a must we would his season. I went to the


bottom of the lowest and now I am on a big high. I cannot explain


what it feels like. It is unbelievable. Chances were limited


last year but he now has his break. He came on during last Saturday's


opening day win and started on Tuesday. He is in line to keep his


place. I think because of what he has been through, the heart


operation, -- it would make a lot of people think about the future.


He was out there and I think his bravery stands out a mile. It has


been terrible the way people have been dropping out with injury. I


felt I was leading the team were bare bones. Hopefully they can show


what they can do and give all the chances they can get. What has it


been like? It has been more than I ever expected. I am loving every


minute of it. They have not won their first two League games since


1973. If that changes tomorrow, Mark is in for a double celebration.


Notts County, who will be determined to put their Carling Cup


exit behind them, entertain Charlton at Meadow Lane. And of


course there is full commentary on all the local matches on your BBC


local radio station, with highlights on the Football League


Show just after half eleven tomorrow night.


Meanwhile Mansfield Town are suing Ilkeston FC for loss of earnings


after their ill-fated pre-season game earlier this month. The match


had to be abandoned after three stags players were injured.


Defender John Thompson needed 40 stitches in a facial wound.


Darren Bravo is making his debut for Nottinghamshire in this


evening's 40-over game. Derbyshire have a great chance to beat


It's been dubbed the Grandson of Glastonbury, and today the little


bundle arrived in town. Thousands of music fans are expected to


attend Leicester's Summer Sundae festival over the next three days.


The gates are open, the hospitality is in place and the stage is set


for Summer Sundae. Now in its element here, it is expected to be


bigger than ever. It requires quite a big team to run it and several


months of organisation. It is always the things that crop up at


the last moment, the -- at the last moment that test the organisation.


2000 visitors will be under a canvas. It is just good music.


chilled out. It is quite relaxed. Everyone is quite friendly. It has


a really unique vibe and atmosphere. This is the biggest of at seven


stages at the Festival, and over the next three days, they will be


hosting over 130 axe. The music scene here is just arriving at the


moment. An event like this, that gives those artists a chance to


appear with established acts, is incredibly important. Among them,


Dancing Lotus, who open the show. This is easily the begin -- biggest


gig we have ever played. We are on a massive stage on a bill with


great axe. It is truly a massive honour. It would not be a proper


I had been driving pass that all week. I was wondering what it was.


It looked very similar and dark. It was great having backstage


passes. But that is one of the great joys of those stages -- shows.


Now for the weather. Just to put you in a holiday mood, this


fantastic shot sent him. It was I think if you are heading off to


the coast for the weekend it should be a better day on Sunday, not


Saturday. We have a weather front fortnight. It is a band of rain


that has already started to arrive and parts of Derbyshire. It is


fragmenting as it works its way eastwards. There will be some


showery bursts of rain overnight. 15 Celsius is the minimum


temperature. The heavier bursts during the early hours of tomorrow


morning and it will clear a way eastwards. These guys will not


Brighton too much tomorrow. There will be the odd glimmer of sunshine


but it should still be quite warm. The maximum temperature will be 21


Celsius tomorrow. Sunday is the better day out of the two. There is


a little bit of rain working its way up from the south. At the


moment, the East Midlands will stay dry, and there will be more


sunshine around. The temperatures will be around the low twenties. It


will not be overly warm but it will feel pleasant if you are outside


for any length of time. We have some high pressure building on


Monday. In the afternoon there will be a change. The cloud will start


to increase but it should remain dry throughout Monday. Temperatures


will be very similar to the began. Tuesday is about the only day when


there is the opportunity for us to see a shower. It is a little bit


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