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This is East Midlands Today with Quentin Rayner and me Anne Davies.


Tonight a new strategy to take on the gangs. From now on Nottingham


or treat street crime, as a gang crime. We need to get them off the


streets into more positive relationships.


Also tonight, the event macros may be over, but the consequences


continue. Find out how some businesses are losing thousands of


pounds every day. Plus, are you in the picture? Find out about the


digital switch-over. Talking tactics with the man who says he is


playing badly, but scoring belters First tonight, some of the most


influential people in Nottingham have admitted for the first time


that the city does have a problem with street gangs. We can reveal


that they're now drawing up a plan to tackle it. They say this isn't a


response to last week's riots. They began working on a gangs' strategy


months ago, following growing concern about the level of violent


crime on the streets. A trail of destruction as violence


spread to Nottingham and a large group of thugs attacked homes and


cars are the petrol bombing a police station. This may have been


sparked by the events macros in London, but people there have been


concerned for months. They are worried about groups of 16-24-year-


old who have been involved in street crime. They are worried that


guns and knives are also involved. I heard about one group who set up


a one -- a road block and rob people. Another gang used machetes.


This is about tackling between two -- between 200-300 people in the


Nottingham area. We are looking to tackle the causes of gang of


membership. We need to find people work, we need to have jobs for them


to go to, and to tackle deprivation in the sitter for -- deprivation in


the city. The police had been trying to


tackle it as well. There have been arrested Radford, and they have in


stock checks in St Anne's. Could this have been prevented? The


people running these projects say that jobs are needed. These


volunteers that in after the inclusion project was shut down.


they take this away, what do the kids have left? We are trying to


get them back on the right track. They keep blaming the parents.


youth inclusion projects help -- help to these two musicians to turn


their lives around. They performed at Glastonbury this year. They


appealed for calm at the Notting Hill Carnival. If I get an


opportunity to do something positive then I will do it,


otherwise I would add been in prison like other youths like me.


was always involved in gangs, this was a life-saver.


It was police that tactics that brought a halt to the extraordinary


violence, but now there is a wider debate about how it -- about how


they stop it again. Police forces in the East Midlands


say they have been "humbled" by the support they've received from the


public following last week's rioting. In Derbyshire the number


of people applying to become Special Constables has doubled and


Nottinghamshire Police are holding a special recruitment event later


this week. On Friday night our reporter Jonathan Cecil went out on


patrol with two Specials in Nottingham city centre.


Matthew and the Dani are Special Constables. They look like we do


officers and have the same a powers. I do this after the goodness of my


own heart to put something back into the community. I want to make


sure the public are safe. That is good to hear... They have been


trying to get as many of us as they cannot, they want to make sure the


whole area is covered. To insure a visual presence around


80 Special Constables run duty last week during the disturbances.


kept hearing what was going on on the radio. I wanted to get in and


help out. I have seen groups of youths hanging about the 4th. These


people on a mission. I have not seen that before. It goes through


your mind of what would happen if something was to kick off.


You have done very well. I have a flat in Tottenham, I did not want


to go back there. You have done very well up here. It makes you


feel very good at them is their community out there.


The level of support for the police has been a high this week. Senior


officers recognise the value of their part-time volunteers, and


want to add to the 350 Special Constables. All we ask is that they


provide a minimum of four hours a week. The average person gives us a


300 to 400 hours a year. recruitment drive is taking place


this Saturday. Arrests are still being made in


Leicester after last week's troubles. The police took 5 more


people in for questioning today, including a 14-year-old boy


suspected of burglary. So far, 83 people have been arrested.


Meanwhile, traders say they're struggling to attract customers


into the city centre, despite reassurances from the authorities


that Leicester is now open for business.


The clean-up operation in the City is still continuing. For


restaurants and bars what happened last week is having a massive


effect. This restaurant would usually do 100 covers a night.


are about 40 % down on bookings. People say they are worried that


any their relatives in, worried that their cars been damaged. These


things are worrying to our customers.


It is not just here where people are cancelling bookings, it seems


to be happening across the city, and is costing them thousands of


pounds. Fridays and Saturdays are usually quite busy, but after last


week Wednesday was dead, really dead. There were many cancellations.


This weekend was also quiet. think people are avoiding the area


on the weekend. This restaurant has been


particularly badly affected. have lost 80 % of our business. We


lost about �20,000. That is a lot of money. Things are fairly tough


coming out of recession, or busy taking a hit like this can have


catastrophic effect on businesses. As soon as we can restore football


to the city be better -- bought before.


It hurts the business. Every cover is important, you want to make


everyone happy. You have to see the customer a's appointed you, they


want to feel safe. After the rioters, who all the


restaurant has warned there is consumer confidence.


There is a lot more to look forward to, we will deliver -- lifting the


lid on people's lives, what you think that putting your treasured


possessions inside a memory box? Nottinghamshire Police have started


a murder inquiry after a 28 year old paramedic died nine days after


being attacked. The cricket fan had travelled to the city to watch the


Test Match. He was was assaulted outside a city centre pub in the


early hours of the following morning and never recovered. Sarah


Teale reports A twenty thousand pound reward is


being offered for help in finding this is where James Hodgkinson was


assaulted, outside this pub. The 28-year-old cricket fan had spent


the day watching the Test match at Trent Bridge, and went into town


afterwards. It is understood he received head injuries which were


so severe he was left in a coma. He never recovered and died last


Tuesday -- Tuesday in the Queen's Medical Centre. James Hodgkinson


has been described as an amazing paramedic. He had been working in


London, although he grew up in Southampton, joining the ambulance


service for years ago. The local newspaper there has been carrying


tributes to him. Nottinghamshire Police have started a murder


investigation, p details have been released about exactly what


happened. Their major crime team are investigating, and are


appealing put any witnesses to come forward.


In another murder investigation, a �28,000 reward has be offered


behind in the kill other women in Nottingham. -- for finding the


killer of a woman in Nottingham. The body of 28 year-old Caroline


Coyne was found in St Ann's on Saturday the 23rd of July. Despite


speaking to more than two hundred people, detectives say they still


need more information. The reward is being offered by Nottinghamshire


Police and Crimestoppers. Police are investigating after a


man was stabbed five times at Somercotes in Derbyshire. The 19


year old was found in the garden of a house on Nottingham Road just


after ten o clock last night. He was taken to hospital for treatment


and later released. Investigations are continuing.


And Hollywood action hero Jean- Claude Van Damme is due to begin


filming in Derby. The actor is one of the stars of a film called UFO.


It's set for release next year and is being directed by Dominic Burns,


who is from Derby. They say that every cloud has a


silver lining and that's quite true for five young men from Nottingham.


Two years ago, their musical studies came to end when their


college ran out of money and their courses ended rather abruptly. Not


to be beaten, they formed a band, called The Third Kind, and they've


been causing quite a noise in the industry ever since,


Now there's nothing more we dread They are back with popular demand.


Five-piece rock band, the Third Kind started after their college


course was cancelled, despite a musical picket line. The students


were unable to complete their studies in contemporary popular


music. If they feel they were left high and dry if, but decided to


carry on regardless. It was a sinking ship, we thought


if this was going to happen, we might as well start a band and go


on around. The sudden events left them feeling angry and frustrated.


It was frustrating been dropped in the deep end. We think we have got


Brits, we are doing all right now. We have a decent set up, we are


doing very well, we are playing a lot of gigs, we are raking in it be


done. Well as much as we can! If we finish the course, we would


have had a lot more experience. Two people in the band are


considering returning to full-time education, one is unemployed, and


the singer is a full-time carer and a part-time rock!


It only happens to a few, They are allowed, but good!


There is nothing more we dread here than losing viewers, and a very is


sadly, every chance of that happening unless you actor.


That is because over the next fortnight, everyone has to switch


to digital to carry on watching. Because otherwise, that is going to


The TV switch-over starts here on 17th August. The reminders about


the digital switch-over have been on our TV is it for a while, but


now is the time to tune in to avoid your screen going blank. That is


because the next stage affect the most important transmitter in the


East Midlands, at Waltham in Leicestershire. Standing at more


than 1000 ft, it serves 8 does -- 8000 homes. Over the course of the


next few weeks, the old way of watching TV will be switched off,


and the only way of watching will be via a digital signal. There are


two dates for your diary. To BBC2 analogue channel will stop being


transmitted, and two weeks later, on the 31st August, BBC1, ITV,


Channel 4 and Channel 5 will also be switched off forever. After both


stages, Freeview viewers will have to retune. Cable viewers are


unaffected. The vast but charity of aerials will not need changing. The


important thing to remember is you don't need to replace your TV with


a new one, but if it doesn't have a digital tuner inside, you will have


to buy and plug-in a set top box in order to continue viewing. There is


help at hand for elderly and disabled viewers. The switch-over


help scheme run by the BBC will come out and convert a television


to digital. For some people that will be free of charge, some people


would be asked to make a �40 contribution. But as part of the


scheme, they will get the TV converted to digital, and get 12


months after care, so if they need any more help or guidance, they can


call and they will come out and show them. Nine out of 10 homes in


the East Midlands have already gone digital, but the next fortnight


need to see everyone making the big switch.


I'm going to get my advice from the horse's mouth. I will get a 1-1


with you! There is bound to be added to the switch-over on the


weather front, as well. There is a change on the way, it is time to


swap your sunglasses for one of Release! Sport will cheer you up.


Shall I leave you to your 1-1? A long awaited new arrival at


Forest, striker Ishmael Miller comes from West Brom to bolster the


team which flopped at Millwall on Saturday, especially in the first


45 minutes. Plenty of hard work ahead.


This is the kind of promise that Ishmael Miller has shown in the


past. West Brom's goal of the season three years ago, but a


cruciate injury ruined his progress soon after this. Now it feels like


a fresh start. I just want to play games, that is the main thing right


now. I haven't played back-to-back games will a long time. -- for a


long time. It is not like they are short of attacking options at


Forest, but they couldn't produce a goal on Saturday, and opponents of


all good. Henderson got the touch from a simple corner. A huge second


half improvement including this attempted in the post, but trotter


delighted the ever hostile home crowd with this killer goal.


didn't deserve to win the game. If we had been playing until tomorrow,


we wouldn't have scored. Plenty to consider as Steve McClaren get to


grips with things. Derby County have also been talking


strikers, and I haven't ruled out a move by Leicester City's Steve


Howard, but at the weekend, another Steve made the headlines, youngster


Steve Davies, who hit another wonder goal. This afternoon he has


been talking to Natalie in our The Tactics Truck is back. By


popular demand! The cameraman loves it. But forget him, because world


renowned managers have been in this struck with us, international


goalkeepers, and legends of world football. But tonight, at the man


in the Tactics Truck is derby county's latest goal hero. Steve


Davies is just 23, but in his third season with Derby. As soon as I


have got the ball from under my feet, the first thing on my mind is


to hit the target. A to get two goals in two weeks at the start of


the season is great for you? As a striker, it is always nice to score.


I don't dig I have played the best in the past two two games, the


gaffer has let me know that. This is what he did on opening day


against Birmingham. His goal against what birds at the weekend


was another stunner. -- against Watford. Up until that moment, I


hadn't had a kick, I was running around, chasing balls. He struggled


with injury, but is now fit and enjoying himself. We have the likes


of Croft, Bailey, Bryson, they all live in the same apartment, next


door. They are always together. I and five or 10 minutes away. As


soon as we can all get together, we all go out and socialise. Today the


whole team went bowling and played snooker. This was the first time he


had seen his goal. I have gone and not seen it at all to about 10


Boris, the cameraman! Leicester City had an opening day party, but


it came down like a popped balloon at the weekend. Expectations at the


club sky high, so even Sven was left to describing the performance


as poor and unacceptable. A free funfair for the kids was


just part of the pre-game build up. How about a few Thai dancers? Atria


with high-kicking girls. Thai massage for stressed fans, although


this was not on offer after the game. Then some Leicester tradition.


The team, packed with new signings, nothing could go wrong. Could it?


They just could not live up to their billing. They created a for a


few chances after a terrible first half, but dreadful defending gave


Reading a deserved lead. An opening day blip for promotion favourites.


We didn't play good football. We all get frustrated by it. The big


point is, we have to do better. Sven will hope to see that when


Bristol City visit in two days time. Huge news for Notts County. They


are to play Juventus. The Italians have invited them to open venue


41,000 seater stadium, with a game in Italy next month.


The black and white of Notts County has more humble opponents, Charlton,


to contend with on Saturday. While they were going down to the


Londoners, finishing touches were being put to that game against


Juventus. A century ago, the black- and-white shirts of Notts County


were exported to Italy. They could hardly believe they have been


invited to open the new stadium. Does it excite Martin Allen?


course it does! I know there is a link between the Kits, but that


still doesn't quantify, to me, paying for us all to go out there


back and play them. They are planning a return game in


Nottingham the following season. A stunning story from someone we


have followed for years here. 22- year-old Chris Adcock from


Ravenshead in Nottinghamshire sensationally won a silver medal at


the world badminton -- World Badminton Championships. He was


unseeded, with his partner, Imogen Bankier. This is them winning their


semi-final. They beat more fancied pairings. A truly heroic


performance. Set them up nicely for the book Olympics.


Not should be playing in the Sydney 40 cricket this evening, but it has


not started yet. We have got a personal question for


you. Are you a hoarder? Do you have boxes full of old postcards,


railway ticket? I think most of us do. Half the time, you don't know


what you have got all wear it is. But a memory box could be the


From traditional to a little more unusual. These boxes are represent


people's special memories. They are individually designed and made in


Derbyshire. The outside is designed to be shared with the world. But


when you unlock the box, opened the box, all the private things are


inside. Every time you look at it it recalls a wonderful memory.


Quality craftsmanship does of course, to price. It is hand-made,


completely bespoke. It is from �500 to hundreds of thousands of pounds.


So you could end up with a memory box of this one, made for a


passionate theatre fan from Nottingham. Each individual piece


of this creation, however small, is made from different coloured wood,


and reflects the scale of Nigel's workforce. We have a plasterers,


designers, all those details, created through the skills that


they have. Most projects take about five weeks to complete, but it is


never too late to add or change things. This can of course make the


process take a bit longer, or a lot longer. Two years later, it is


finished, almost! Skilfully crafted, famous carriages from stage and


screen are around every corner of this piece. -- are famous


characters. It can be passed down the family, people over the years


can be adding things to it. It becomes a real history of the


things that are important to the family, from generation to


generation. Oh my gosh. Beautiful. They are too


nice to put anything in the more. I still have on the lips full of


rubbish! -- envelopes. Time for the weather. I wasn't


going to bother going to it, I You may be depressed briefly, but


things are improving after the next 24 hours. The weekend is said to be


warm. Rain is however on the way. First, thanks to re for sending in


this photograph. The reason for the change in the weather is the ridge


of high pressure moving away, you will see this cold front, followed


by a warm front, and an area of rain. That is pushing its way into


the west of the Midlands, maybe parts of Derbyshire are starting to


see it. It will then break up, made its way towards the east, behind it,


we have scattered showers. A mile the night but last night. -- a mild


at night than last night. Temperatures, 21 Celsius. The


showers will then Clear, a try and pretend to the day on Tuesday. --


dry air and brighter end to the day. Thursday at day going to be a


mostly dry day. The good news comes on Friday, expected to be dry, warm


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