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This is East Midlands Today. But Davies when students found out if


they had made the grade. It has been the toughest year for getting


into university. I have got a place Tons of straw are set alight.


Further warnings given to the owners of two hospitals who look


after patients with learning difficulties. Good evening. Welcome


to the programme. It is of course A level result day. Universities say


this is the toughest year yet for A level students with the fiercest


battle for places ever seen. Students faced having to get higher


grades than ever to get into their first choice of university and only


a handful of clearing places were available. Sarah Teale has been


with some of those teenagers getting their results today.


Yes, and those teenagers knew they faced the most intense pressure yet


to get the best grades to guarantee a place at university. More


students than ever are vying for places as many aren't having a gap


year to beat the tuition fee increase next year. So results day


this year was more tense than ever. I was with students in Nottingham


when they found out their grades earlier today. High emotion all


round for these six former has been at Nottingham. I have got my


English and politics. I am in! After two years of studying, the


great printed on these pieces of paper determine the direction of


their lives will take. I have got a place at Cambridge now, so I am


happy. I am going into the RAF. got into it Aberystwyth. A I have


got the grades to get to university, so I will be doing biochemistry.


What is today like for a parent? is like a roller-coaster. We are


thrilled. I have got into my first choice to study medicine at


Nottingham. I am very relieved and very pleased. Competition for


university places are fiercer than ever this year as students rush to


get in before the fee increase next year. But some students have


decided that they don't actually want to go to university at all.


The money mostly. I do not want to be in debt. It is not for me.


Because of the fees. It is too expensive. I want to get settled


into a job. But 20-year-old Kate is going to university, to Cambridge,


no less. The first student from her college to ever go there. I am sure


in the next hour or two it was sinking. I will be able to look at


my results properly. I am excited and happy. There were tears as well


for those students who did not do as well, but overall, schools are


reporting another record year of results.


And today one family has been having a triple celebration. Piya,


Kurran and Anushka Sachdeva are triplets and all picked up their A


level results from Nottingham High School this morning. To add to


their excitement the trio were also celebrating their 18th birthdays.


All three achieved the grades they needed to gain places at Edinburgh,


Birmingham and Bristol universities. We all started crying and


celebrating an opening cards. the record, I did not cry. I cried


the most. A lot er there has been sidetracked because of the results,


but we have got anything we need and we are just so happy now.


So tears of joy there, but for some there's been tears of


disappointment. Those that didn't get the grades they hoped, had to


go through the clearing process. And a real scramble it was, too,


with just a handful of places up for grabs. Across all our


universities just a few hundred places available in clearing. The


university of Leicester says it's seen a surge in applicants this


year as students battle to beat next year's fee increase.


I think the increase in tuition fees is clearly leading to a surge


in interest this year. We have confirmed my students than in


previous years, we have less places available. We are looking at a very


it for university. Consequently, we are asking for higher grades. It is


one of the fiercest battles for places in many years. Everyone knew


it was going to be a tough year with fewer places and tuition fees


set to increase. So what does it mean for students? With us now is


Alex Nutt, president of Leicester University students Union. Everyone


is talking about the increase in tuition fees and the scrabble to


try and avoid them. How has it affecting the choices of students?


Well, it depends what causes -- courses they choose. Engineering


and science courses will have more places. What advice would you give


from your position to students who have not got the results they were


hoping for? But first thing is to stay calm and consider your options.


It is not all over. There are other options, not just clearing. You can


reapply next year, but that will incur the higher tuition fees.


is what everyone is trying not to do. People are giving up their gap


years. Yes. In 2012, the average debt a student will incur his


�53,000, which is double the amount this year. But what if they had not


got the grades though? It well, it is devastating, but it is not the


end of the world. A quick congratulations. Leicester has come


in the top three for preferred universities. What makes it so


good? It is just a great place to study. Later in the programme -


another warning for the owners of up to care homes. If they do not


improve conditions, they will face prosecution.


Next tonight - the arsonists causing destruction for farmers.


Fires are still burning on five farms in South Nottinghamshire


after being targeted overnight. Hundreds of tonnes of straw and hay


has gone up in flames. The first report came at a quarter to


midnight at Thorpe Lane in South Newark. Half an hour later, crews


were called to a much larger fire at Sibthorpe. Then at 3.50am this


morning a further 100 tonnes were on fire at Elton on the A52. 20


minutes later, 800 tonnes of straw was burning at Granby and by 4.40am,


crews were dealing with another incident at Plunger Lane. Our


reporter Angelina Socci is at one of the farms affected. Good evening.


Hello. 12 hours after this fire started, this evening it is still


burning. 500 tonnes had been destroyed. The cost around �30,000.


This is just one of five fires that broke out overnight and it could


take several days to burn out. The police are investigating what


happened. Well, Peter is the farmer here. How do you feel when you see


this? Not so much angry as sad and disillusioned. What is the point of


doing this? What impact will this have on you? Well, this morning, or


rather last night, there was a hundred yards of a straw here. All


the bails were about six foot tall and there were 1,200 bales in the


stack. Now they have to be replaced. I just do not see the point of


setting fire to it. And what will the impact be long term? Well,


there are financial costs, but one has to keep things in perspective.


The riots in London were devastating as people lost their


homes. The stroke can be replaced, but at a cost. All fireman can do


now is to leave the fires to burn out. They have been at reckless.


They have put people's lives at risk. The fire service are now


advising farmers to keep stroll away from roads as much as possible,


away from hedges, buildings and to remain vigilant.


Thank you. A man from Nottingham was in court


this afternoon facing three charges of rape. Richard Mundle, who's 32


and from Bestwood, appeared at the Magistrates Court in Derby. He is


also accused of sexual assault and misuse of computer systems. The


Crown Prosecution Service says this relates to using a police computer


to get information about a woman. He's due to appear at Derby Crown


Court on the 1st of September. A 33-year-old man has appeared at


Derby Magistrates Court charged with murder. Johnny Assani, who was


43, was assaulted in Derby last Sunday afternoon. He died in the


Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham on Monday. Mohammad


Shahid will appear at Nottingham Crown Court next week.


Network Rail say this evening's services are running smoothly


following signal failure at Nottingham train station this


morning. Replacement buses were put on after all services were


suspended between the city and St Pancras in London. With rail fares


rising by 8% in the New Year, these commuters weren't impressed with


the delay to their journey. It has taken two hours. We are you coming


in from? Long Eaton. We were coming from London through to Nottingham


and it was fairly straightforward. Normally get into Nottingham at


7:55am. We have just the right now. It is 25-11. Next tonight, two


independent hospitals that people with a learning difficulties have


been given a deadline to improve or disclosure. The Care Quality


Commission issued a formal warning to the owners after unannounced


visits were made. This hospital beat Care Quality Commission found


nothing on the scale found at other Castlebeck homes. Undercover


filming by the BBC had previously revealed abuse. However, the


patient's head did not always at safe care and there was


inconsistent monitoring. At the other centre, care plans were


judged inadequate and the health and welfare needs not met by a


sufficient staff. Both facilities have and will September to show


they have improved. If not, the commission has strong powers.


can take further enforcement action. We could impose a condition on


their registration so they cannot take any more people. We could also


effectively close them down. Castlebeck Cook runs these


hospitals say they are determined to make sure no further action will


be required by the Care Quality Commission.


People living in Nottingham whose homes and businesses were damaged


during last week's riots may be able to claim compensation.


Nottinghamshire Police Authority is liable for damage caused to


buildings and contents in the course of a riot. However, damage


or theft of a vehicle isn't covered, unless it was kept in a garage.


Personal injuries and interruption to trading also don't qualify for a


A cabinet minister has been heckled by some business leaders in Derby


today. It came after the government's chief whip, Patrick


McLoughlin, told them the government wouldn't change its


decision to award a big rail contract to Siemens of Germany


rather than Bombardier. It's the latest development in the campaign


to save train-making in Derby. Half of its 3,000 workers already face


redundancy. Our political editor can bring us up to date. John, what


happened at this meeting? It was one of those breakfast briefings.


It was to discuss the future of the rail industry. Among the guests


invited was the Derbyshire Dales MP, Patrick McLoughlin. While in


private he may be sympathetic to the Bombardier cause, he told the


briefing to get real. The government had taken up its


decision to awarding the contract to Siemens. That was not welcomed


by some. And he was heckled. I am sure that did not go down well with


the early morning coffee and croissants. What evidence is there


the campaign is winning support? Derby City Council has commissioned


a national polling organisation to carry out a survey on Bombardier


losing the contract. Its findings showed two-thirds of the British


public want the Government to reconsider giving Siemens the


Thameslink contract will stop but 66% agree the government decision


should be based on a best value for money. That Umar -- value for money


has been ministers's main defence. At a time when a town hall budgets


are tight, these polls are not cheap. A understand there are more


details of a parliamentary inquiry into the awarding of that contract?


The House of Commons Transport Committee has confirmed who it will


be calling to give evidence on September seventh. All the key


players will be there, including senior bosses from Bombardier and


Siemens, officials from the European Commission, and ministers


from the Department for transport. It will be a hot ticket. Those who


cannot get a seat are likely to be outside Parliament for a big lobby


in support of Bombardier work as. Plenty more to look forward to on


the programme including Kylie First, Derby County have had their


best start to the season for 63 years! Not many would have bet on


them winning at Blackpool last night, but they did, so Kirsty


Edwards has been to Derby today after that historic victory at the


seaside. Car on it this Saturday, Derby will


be taking on Doncaster. But who would have thought they would be


going into the game with a perfect league record? Both sides went onto


the pitch looking to maintain winning start to the League. It was


Derby who came out on top. Eight free-kick was saved, and Craig


Bryson was the first to react. has been a gamble. I do not know


what I did when I scored, but it paid off!


The Gaulle was reward for brides and who never stopped running.


Incredible. He never stopped. It is difficult to pick out individuals.


It's was a great night for the fans. I doubt many of them will remember


such a good start of the season. In fact, the last time was way back in


1948. The year the Olympics were last held in a London bus stop --


last held in London. Rationing was still in place. And Nigel was still


18 years away from being born. thought tonight was the best


performance, taking into account everything we have come through. As


a club, we are very proud to support this team. We are very


proud of what we have achieved. A start to the season that will not


be forgotten by the fans in a while. So a great start for Derby, but


what about Leicester? Well Sven's men are struggling to live up to


their pre-season billing as promotion favourites. The season


has barely started but when you spend millions bringing in 11 new


players, the last thing the fans expect are two home defeats in days.


At the final whistle, the fans booed them off. After a two home


defeats in a four days, the man to condemn less so was the striker's


end has been tracing all summer, ironically. He scored a beauty


after five minutes to increase his price tag. The only blemish for him


it was a missed penalty just before half time. Leicester played better


than Saturday, and David worked hard. His strike got Leicester back


in the game. But Maynard showed cent exactly what he is missing by


scoring a second Toothill the victory for Bristol City.


He's one of the highest-paid British sportsmen in the world. You


might not have ever heard of him, but basketball star Luol Deng is


bigger in the United States than David Beckham. Loul plays for the


Chicago Bulls and this week, he's been in Loughborough as Jeremy


Nicholas reports. Luol Deng is Barack Obama's


favourite sports star. Now he is putting something back, running a


boot camp in Loughborough. I love basketball, I love helping people


and kids. I want to see basketball get betting here in England. It is


great. Really great. It is an inspiration to us young basketball


players. Or his team-mates were trying out


the basketball arena in the Olympic Park, he had been running his boot


camp for a future Olympic hopefuls. I get up at 6am. I have to get to


the gym before 7am. There is a training, then at dinner Bennett's


bed by 9pm. A no better place to go them boot camp. Getting up, working


out, eating together. Anyone out of line has to drop and


give me 10. For more senior misdemeanours, it is the dreaded it


run. Some people did not put their dining away this morning, so we had


to run for a while! It is all worth it. When the kids come here, they


become better players. Onto cricket. Rain meant there was


little play in the Test match, and no play at all for Nottinghamshire


at Somerset. But there has been play at Chesterfield where


Derbyshire were bowled out for 190. Northants are now piling on the


runs, while Leicestershire are 140 for 4, chasing the Glamorgan total


Our weather forecast is just around the corner, but if you're wondering


what to get up to over the next week, we have got a few ideas for


you. As Kylie found out, if you love power and the countryside,


this is one is for you! When I was a kid, I wanted to be a


princess in a castle, but I am informed that the boys, this is


what dreams are made of. Is a good to be allowed? And no. -- is it


going to be allowed? When I was four years old, I used to go with


my father, put it into gear, and of down the field while he was doing


the farming. You can see detractors like this at


the show at this Saturday, 20th August. Also on Saturday, the


carnival is taking place in at Leicestershire. For some outdoor


theatre, head to the Little Shop of horrors. All the -- all the Pirates


of Penzance are taking a trip here as well. Paul's tractors make


travel to show us around the region, but he also put them to practical


use as well. All my tractors go out and they all work. But some people,


they have them for show, but I'd prefer the working events.


And see these tractors and others next weekend at this working event.


Now it is time they meet to get on board. First gear, and off we go!


No comments about women drivers, please! It is harder than it looks.


Don't worry, I have missed the camera by a mile!


Amazing machines! One event that Kylie didn't manage


to include in her round-up of events is the birth of two snow


leopard cubs at Twycross Zoo. It took our cameraman Andy several


hours of patient waiting to capture these pictures of the brother and


sister, the zoo's latest additions. Parents Suou and Irma arrived at


Twycross in May 2010 as part of the international breeding programme.


The birth of their cubs is a significant contribution to the


conservation of snow leopards which are currently listed as endangered.


They have come out asking where is Good evening. We have had a gloomy


picture through the afternoon. We have had plenty of rain in places.


The cloud is gradually starting to break, so some bright was coming


through, but the main players spells will happen overnight as a


result of those clear skies. -- the main place. This was a lovely son


said captured on Tuesday night. -- lovely son said. The radar picture


from early on shows that this rain affecting most part of


Leicestershire over the past few hours. We have had some fairly


heavy bursts. That rain is quickly moving its weight East with an out-


of- hours a wave. Everywhere turning drive. -- moving eastward.


-- everywhere turning drive. Soon it clearing and brightening up to a


sunny day. Some patchy cloud into the afternoon, but try and warmer.


21 Celsius is a little bit better for August, isn't it? There is a


little bit of a change for the weekend. It looks like we have a


system of rain. Now, it is sinking its way south and bringing


outbreaks of rain. We will keep you posted over the next 24 hours.


Sunday, again, some parts of the East Midlands will see further


outbreaks of rain with thunder mixed in. They can be a weather


warning issued with that. There should still be some dry and sunny


spells over the weekend, hopefully. Their quick hello to everyone who


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