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In is East Midlands Today. Tonight, the airport and airlines no longer


flying high. Yes, passenger numbers and profitings plummet as East


Midlands Airport as the recession continues to bite P Also could


relying on ready made baby foods during weaning affect a child's


eating habits? Plus the campaign to save the pub. I think there won't


be a community in longer in the village. I thought Mr Cameron


wanted to keep communities alive. And I'm in Leicestershire finding


out why these cows have benefited with pedometers. -- benefited. Good


evening. Welcome to Friday's programme. First tonight, East


Midlands Airport's passenger numbers and profits have dropped


again. With management saying it is because the recession has continued


to unwind. That is right. 400,000 fewer passengers used the airport


last year but there are signs of an upturn. Good evening. Yes, a busy


day here at East Midlands Airport, 100 passenger and 100 cargo planes


in and out of the airport, but over the course of the last financial


year, East Midlands Airport no different to other UK airports,


there has been a downturn. The view from East Midlands Airport subpoena


that it is still being buffeted by economic turbulence. Accuse coring


to airport manager, the recession continued to unwind in the last


financial year. Redicing passenger numbers. In tough times, it is


understandable that some people are choosing not to fly within the UK,


or abroad. We went for a week in Devon this year, just because we


couldn't afford to go away this year. We had a cost cutting budget


one, compared to going abroad. year I took my little boy, I had to


take him to Butlins because it is cheaper. East Midlands Airport is


part of the Manchester airport group. And its annual report shows


how it is doing. In the 2011 financial year, passenger numbers


were down by 400,000, to 4.1 million. The third consecutive year


that passenger numbers have dropped. Profits have been hit. This year,


profit was down by 2.6 million, to 7.1 million. Half of what it was


two years ago. The ash cloud in April 2010 didn't help either.


Costing the airport round �600,000. Other income streams have been


important. Retail and car parking revenue have exceeded expectations.


This independent travel agent based in Leicestershire says some people


may be considering crewss rather than flying. You are looking at


departing from Southampton, Dover, etc, on a seven, 14 night cruise


down med and back again. It is more popular, there is more beds on the


sea than there is on land on some occasions. The airport says there


has been an increase in passenger numbers in the early part of 2011.


They are hoping that will continue. Well, the airport told us in a


statement a bit more about that upturn. They say from March to July


passenger numbers are 4% above the UK market average, which they say


is flat. So a bitle bit of improvement. I spoke to the


Association of British Travel Agents as well. What they would


like to see is the scrapping of the airport passenger duty, there are


different levels on that, but they say every time you fly from


somewhere like East Midland the Europe, that will cost you �13.


Thank you. Next tonight police say they expect more arrests in


connection with the murder of a man from Derby. 43-year-old Johnny


Assani was assaulted in the city last Sunday afternoon. He died in


the Queen's medical centre on Sunday. Three men have appeared in


court, officers say they still want more people to come forward with


information. Police are investigating another arson attack


on hay bales at Nottinghamshire farm. The Fire Service 200 tonnes


of hay were set alight. They will burn for a couple of days yet.


Yesterday arsonists targeted Fife farms. The farmers affected say


they have lost all of their animals' winter feed. Trading


Standards officers in Derby have scene seized 900 bottles of bootleg


vodka and 150 pacts of counterfeit tobacco. They were discovered in


two separate stings on the same day. The City Council has warned the


products can cause serious illnesses. It says counterfeiting


is on the increase because of tough economic conditions. We have seen


the deaths in Boston at the factory there, and more recently in


Leicestershire, 100 thousand bottles of ill it is alcohol were


seized in a factory. That is why in Derby the Trading Standards team


are declaring war on ill it is tobacco and alcohol. We are build


uper up for a heck of a weekend with sporting action. Including


Leicester City taking on Nottingham Forest. On the road to success, the


young people who have decided to get an apprenticeship instead of a


degree. And I'm here to find out what these children are up to


Before all that though, a health expert is warning parents not to


rely on prepackaged baby foods food during weaning. Research from De


Monfort University suggests that babies who are fed processed foods


can develop unhealthy eating habits when they are over. The


manufacturers say ready made food can play an important role, as this


report says It smell like an apple. A class in healthy eating. These


children are enjoying their food. However, new research from De


Monfort University suggests parents who rely on ready made food while


weaning their baby could have an impact on the way they eat later in


life. In a survey doctor Helen could thard found babies who were


given more home cooked fruit and veg at six months were more likely


to eating it at seven years. She says parents shouldn't rely on


ready made food. The reason why these jar foods aren't as good as


home-made foods is they are a product, so they rl always the same


texture, they are the same taste, whereas if you make your own carrot


puree or apple puree you will cook it differently each time and be


different varieties of apple. You will mash it up differently, so it


will taste different. Of course, baby food is a huge industry, and


with strict nutritional guidelines to comply with many manufacturers


say using prepackaged food can be a healthy part of the weaning process.


They provide well balanced foods. Very often we find people using


them for convenience when they are out or for parents to give to


somebody who is minding a child during the day. The powder in the


jars are good for when you are weaning them, if you haven't got


time to blend all the food. If I have the time I prefer to give my


own food at home. The aim of weaning is for the baby to eat the


same food as the rest of the family. The research suggests home-made


food skrould a bearing. Next tonight, the alternative to


university. As a record number of students chase every degree course


available, it seems that many are also opting to skip higher


education all together. Some ployers say they prefer to take


young people straight from school, and there are all sorts of


opportunities available. Tears of joy as making the grade but not all


of the students have their sights set on university. Choosing will to


stay on in further education can be a difficult decision, for some not


going to university turned out to be the right choice. Ross left


school at 16, and started a three year apprenticeship at this


accident repair centre in Leicester. Because I had good GCSEs when I


left school it was an option for me to do my A-levels but I wanted to


get a skill behind me, because once I have that skill, I kl always


improvement and -- improvement. I wanted to earn money as well. Bl it


is a view shared by Andrew, two years ago he decided not go


university, and has no regrets It has been amazing. It has flown by,


but no worrys in my life. The only worry is passing the next exam. I


am not going to worry about money. I can drive. I have money if I want


to go out. One of his managers says there are many benefits for


trainees who haven't chosen the academic route. We can mould them


in the way the firm wants them to operate. They are young, they are


enthusiastic, full of energy, and usually a very keen to learn. We


feed off that. With tuition fees increasing next year, some


employers believe that more and more students will look at alten --


alternative ways to get on their chosen career path. To the other


news and detectives investigating three indecent assaults are


following up a number of new leads. A man attacked three women in


different parts of Leicester. The oldest was 74. Police have been


working with the victims to identify a potential suspect.


Officers want people with information about the man to come


forward. Nearly a quarter of blood donors in Derby aren't turning up


for their appointments. Hospitals are missing out on as many as 30


units of blood from each session. The department says it could be


down to the number of people away on holiday at the moment. The


Government's awarded researchs money to develop new medical


treatments. The hospital also use the money to help combat digestive


diseases and hearing problems. One patient speaks very highly of the


departments. It had made me realise I did have a problem, and that the


training, it seems to have improved things and following that, having


identified the loss of hearing, I was eventually kitted out with a


nice hearing aid system, which benefited me no end. You are


watching East Midlands Today. Regulars at a village's last


remaining pub are fighting plans to redevelop the site it is on. The


owners Greene King have applied to build seven house tons lands and


the villagers aren't happy about it. We went to meet the campaigners


determined not to have last orders called on their local. Records show


that there has been an ale house on this site since 1881. For the


people of this village it is the only pub left in the village. Which


is why they rup in arms over plans to demolish the Foresters Arms.


is a community pub and we had Christenings, weddings and funerals


and we did a lot for charity, it was the centre of the village.


come in winter for darts and dom nose. Summer, we have a game of


bingo and it is lovely everybody is so friendly. The owners Greene King


say they have been reviewing the pub's future because of a drop in


trade. They hope to build seven houses on the site The village has


been the butchers and the Forester's Arms. It will be sad to


see it go. The pub is one DH Lawrence would have known as a boy.


Villagers say it would rip the heart out of the community. If this


pub we won't go anywhere else. don't know see why the pubs can't


survive. There is the Hay Loft. I can't walk Cowen there If the plans


are turned down by the council, the villagers plan to celebrate.


Pedometers are often used by walkers and people wanting to lose


right but farmers are fitting them to their cows. The more walking a


cow does the more likely she is to be ready to get pregnant. Didn't


know that! Computers built-in to milks systems can be used to


analyse the data. Sigh Monday -- Simon Ward has the been to find out


more. Cows walking through a field in Leicestershire. Nothing


remarkable in that, but thetz cows are being monitored every step of


the way. These. Pedometers count how far they whack. Walking less


could mean the cow has gone lame. Every time they come back to be


milked it counts how many steps she has done and if she is on heat we


will put her in a separation pen or I can hon ter her. The 120


Friesians are being trained to return to the farm for milking,


they are linked to a new system the cows are getting used to. They feel


relief after being milk and they get extra food after going through


the system. In the farm building the cows wait for their turn to be


milked and this is where all the data is collected. Lacers position


the milking equipment. But it is not just about milk. Health


information is picked gip system as well. The theory is it should help


reduce the vets' bills. You will have earlier indication of any


health problem, be it energy shortage because the protein and


fat levels become imbalanced in the milk. And masti tis is the bigger


issue. It should flag up any signs earlier, you can treat them earlier


and you need less antibiotics. the cows on the farm were born


through artificial insemination. The next generation will be grow up


and be used to having a pedometer fitted and being milked bay robot.


So that is what they are. I thought they had got ASBOs. I thought you


carried a pink rose if you were going for a date! There is a huge


weekend of sport ahead including that local Derby between Leicester


City and Nottingham Forest. A game that will see two former England


managers clash. More on that in a moment, as well as the weekend


forecast from Fog horn Sal. Attention ladies and gentlemen, the


weather tomorrow will bring rain and Sunday we will see the sunshine


again. I assure you on the television I am a bit quieter than


She really does not need that! He is not quieter. Now, when was the


last time you heard a kuebg coo? I think I might have heard one this


summer or maybe seen a turtledove. I don't think I have seen one of


those. Experts of the British bird watching fair are warning of a fall


in the numbers of migrating birds over the last few years. This year


money from the fair will fund projects from Africa, through


Europe, to Britain, to find out what is going wrong. Africa


features highly in the bird fair as do other countries which lie along


migration routes into the UK. Experts are concerned some of our


birds are missing. Many of these are familiar. The swallows that


nest in garages and barns or kuebgkoo, turtledoves but many are


in serious trouble. We have lost two thirds of the cue -- cuckoos in


Britain. The turtledove has declined 80%. Simon has seen the


decline first hard. Cuckoo. Nightingale. I used to hear


turtledoves regularly. Now? If I hear them in Italy I am lucky, so


something is happening. Is it us? Climate change? We can't answer the


questions a without research and that takes funding. So ticket sales


are going towards that research, into why some of our visiting birds


haven't been turning up in the spring. We all of us, where ever we


live have a responsibility to look after our neighbour, our natural


neighbour, be their bids birds, other wild creatures. It is getting


serious, if we continue do something, the birds will disappear


completely. The bird fair is on until Sunday and organisers hope


the ticket sales will raise �250,000. From birds of a feathered


variety to sport of a weekend variety! Yes, first it is the tale


of two former England managers at the city ground tomorrow. Steve


McClaren's November face Sven-Goran Eriksson's Leicester City. Five


years after Steve replaced Sven as England boss they come up against


each other. For years they were friends.


# Just the two of us # We can make it if we try


# Just the two of us. # Comrades for England and allys they


are buddys. On and off the field he is a gentleman. We are good friends.


We had five, six year, great years. During those year, Sven was manager,


Steve his coach, they took England to a World Cup quarterfinal, this


last time they were on the touchline together. Yes, the years


go fast, very fast. Yeah, but that is 2006. World Cup. Is that right?


That is different tomorrow, when I'm about 20 yards away from him,


not sat next to him. It will be the first time they meet as opposing


managers. Two ex-England manager, it is not every day that happens in


the Championship. It's a big game, an important game, but I'm just


looking at Nottingham Forest, making sure that we perform better,


and get the result. Both now are rebuilding their reputation, at big


expectant clubs so it won't be easy and in the last five fixtures


between the two teams there has been plenty -- 20 goals. Travelling


with over 4,000 fan, which is fantastic. It is a big game. Always


a big game against Leicester. Big for the fans. Between them, they


have won major trophys in swede, Italy, Portugal, England and


Holland but who will be the king of the East Midlands tomorrow night?


There is a lot resting on it. hope he will offer me a nice glass


of red wine. And he will. We said after this game we will go out for


dinner and whoever loses will pay! Well there is another clash of the


Titans this weekend. Remember when these two worked together? Martin


Allen, he faces his old boss Milan Mandarich tomorrow. Martin, versus


Milan will play out at Hillsborough. Milan Mandarich owns Sheffield


Wednesday but he sacked Allen after four gamings, when they were at


Leicester. Who will come out on top? Well, my money is on mad dog.


We did a big feature on our best performing team. The Rams host


Doncaster and if they win, it will be the first time they have won


four on the trot at the start of the season since 1905. Now, over


the past six years on East Midlands Today we followed the remarkable


story of Matt Hampson. He is a Leicester Tigers player wheeze


career came to an end after a training ground injury. He has been


an inspiration to others and he has told his story in a book. Five


years ago, Sunday Times journalist Paul interviewed Matt Hampson and


they became friends and Matt persuaded him to write his


autobiography. Engage, the last words he heard before he went down


in a scrum. He ended up in Stoke Mandeville. The trials and


tribulations I have been through since my accident, unbelievable. I


wanted to tell people how it is and how it was in hospital. I was at


that stage 20 years a sports writer, and I had never been as nervous


interviewing anybody as I was the day I walked into Matt. I went in


and within five minutes he had me at ease, he has a tremendousable to


make people feel relaxed, and good and particularly good about


themselves. He called himself the ghostwriter. He is the brains


behind the project. I'm, I'm just a prop forward. It might not sound


like a funny book but it is packed with humour, around the characters


in the spinal unit. He said the guys in there you could make a TV


series out of that. The humour among the guys in there. It was


really very interesting, and enlightening. It is an amazing


story about an amazing person. Matt says his injury has made him a


better person. When I was lying in hospital I thought why me?


Eventually, it hit me one day, why not me? It could have happened to


anyone and I was lucky I was doing, doing something I enjoy and loved.


Well done Matt. In rugby the Leicester Tigers face the French


super14 side Leon in a preseason match. On to cricket and the rain


interrupted game at Taunton. Derbyshire needed to win their game


at Chesterfield against north hapbts but the visitors declared on


416 for nine and in Wales it is closer after Leicestershire


declared on 309 for seven. Glamorgan are 126 for four, and


that is all your sport. Thank you Natalie. Doesn't she read well! My


mothers youed to say you're never too young to read and mothers are


right. I wish my children would remember that. That is why children


across the East Midlands are being encouraged to curl up with a book.


Thousands of children are taking part and we went to see some of our


young readers. Here is a novel idea. Take one child, six books, and one


summer holiday. The result? An enthusiastic reader with lots of


favourite books. Anne Frank. Why is that? Because she had to hide in


the attic because the Germans were tried to find her. The magic far


away tree. Snow White. Why? Because it has Princess in it. The scheme


is part of a national campaign. 12,000 -- 12745 children have taken


part in the reading challenge across Leicestershire. 1358


children have joined a library, just to take part in the challenge.


And six book, that is the number each child has to read to complete


the challenge. Schools report there is a summer holiday reading dip and


it takes a few weeks to get them back to that level. The challenge


keeps them at that level. When they go back to school it is not hard to


pick it up again. My children have done it for a few years. It is


hoped children here will be off to a flying start as they open a new


chapter of their school lives in the next few weeks. They are lovely


aren't they. They are sweet. They are not like our Foghorn Sal.


Sunday there is a charity fun run to raise funds for a much-needed


brand-new x-ray machine. I will be there to start the race off. So a


there to start the race off. So a need a megaphone. We will tell you


there may be a chance over the next, the coming days of sightings of the


International Space Station, would you believe. You will be able to


see it from where you are, in the East Midlands, what you need to do


is look to a west to south-westerly direction, at round about six


minute past ten tonight. Hopefully the clear skies will stay with us,


you will see it crossing from west to east. You will be able to see it


with binoculars. If you want to see more check out the NASA website.


Let us look at the weather forecast. We can see we have this system that


is starting to move in from the west. For us, we are hopeful we are


going to stay dry but we are seeing that cloud spreading its way in, as


we go through the next few hours. We should hopefully keep hold of


clear spells as we go through the evening. They will be few and far


between. The sightings maybe a bit shortlived. Generally staying dry


in the East Midlands and the temperatures on the humid side. 13C


as your minimum temperature. So we start off Saturday morning, on a


warmer note compared to the past couple of mornings. Dry and bright


to started, the cloud starts to build in and we see this


fragmenting front work up from the south. So it turns patchy and light


in nature. Any rain we do see into tomorrow evening. The temperatures


21C your high. A much better second half to the weekend. Sunday looks


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