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This is East Midlands Today. Our headlines: work opportunities go


begging because applicants are not up to the job.


Bosses in Nottingham say job seekers lack education, skills and


the right attitude. Basic things, getting people to be punctual,


demonstrate enthusiasm, to learn new skills.


The mother attacked by burglars who feared she would die. He thumped me


in the stomach, it turned out he stabbed me. Also tonight, some are


fun for some - the children who use the railways as their playground.


Plus the town centre that is keeping the supermarket at arm's


length to avoid it becoming a ghost Welcome to Wednesday's programme.


The uncomfortable fact about unemployment in our region.


Official figures list one of our cities as the second worst place in


the UK for joblessness. That city is Nottingham. The percentage of


its people not in employment is higher than in Leicester or Derby


and nearly double the regional average. Employers say there is


work to be had but many applicants are not up to the job.


Lynn is looking for work. Made redundant in Nottingham last week


after 12 years. She knows like many others that it will be tough to


find a new job. It looks very fat - - bad at the moment. There is


Christmas coming up, so I will try to get a Christmas job. Really


difficult because there are hardly any jobs out there for youngsters.


The I am sure it is the pure volume. I am sending out around 10 CVs


every day. New figures from the Office for National Statistics


suggest that Nottingham has a big problem compare to other parts of


the UK and other parts of our region. They show that in Derby,


the unemployment rate was 9% making its 75th in the country. In


Leicester, it is 11.4 % making it 20th worst. In Nottingham, it is


13.9 %, second in the table behind Middlesbrough. Nearly doubled the


East Midlands rate of 7.5 %. But business has claimed that people on


the jobs market do not have the right skills or even attitude for


work. Basic things, getting people to be punctual, getting people to


demonstrate enthusiasm, to learn new skills, to learn new trades and


to become viable members of any business. Today in Nottingham,


there are 2,500 vacancies at the JobCentre and help to build up the


work ethic. If they never work, that work ethic is difficult, so we


work closely with them and our providers that are out there -- out


there. The city Council has challenged the official figures


saying that on their analysis of the city would be 42nd in the


country. Joining us he is Nottingham's


deputy City Council leader Graham Chapman. I know you dispute these


figures, although they are official, but you cannot dispute that there


is a serious unemployment problem in Nottingham? There is an


unemployment problem in big cities across the country. Nottingham is


not the second worst, it is all the way they calculate the student


population. We are convinced it is nearer 10 % and 14 %. Other cities


have a large student population. They do not have the same tight


boundaries and because we have a large number of students, those are


the reasons. There were poor things that came out. Business leaders say


job applicants from local schools they are not up to the job. They


are lacking education skills and attitude. That is a claim from


business leaders from across the country. There is an issue. The


issue is about children, people turning up on time. Some of the


skills are not appropriate or adequate, however, the staying-on


rate in Nottingham into college has gone up. So has the level of skills


over the last few years, but we are still not adequate. It is the case


for most large cities. Your party has been in power for some time, do


you take some responsibility? accept there is an issue but I will


also accept that the skill levels and the staying on weight up of


children over 16 and over into college has gone up substantially.


There has been an improvement, it is still not good enough and what


the real issue is is getting people job ready and at the moment, there


are no schemes to get them job ready for stock what will you do


about it? We are doing a lot. All the money, half a billion pounds


will be on local Labour. Our council house improvement Labour is


done locally. We are putting up solar cells on houses, using local


labour. We're also working with the colleges to improve the skill


levels. I was at one this afternoon and they have an exceptional number


of apprentices coming through. Let's hope it improves. But the


figures are wrong. A huge boost for the campaign to save children's


heart surgery in the East Midlands. In every view, the Glenfield Heart


Unit attracted more support from individuals than any other centre


in the country. Experts are looking at reducing the number of hospitals


across England doing children's heart operations from 11 to either


six or seven. They reveal that some of their results of their


consultation. Safe in mum's arms. Lyle's feels


very much at home at Leicester's children's heart surgery unit. Her


life has been in their hands since birth and mum could not face it


closing. I am hoping because lilies can -- will continue to need


surgery throughout her life. She can keep coming to the same place


where I know the surgery is good. There is a lot of support, you have


the parents wing. The team at Leicester's Glenfield Heart Unit


note its future will not be made until the end of the year but


results of a consultation show most individual support keeping the


service going. The public, patients and experts think that the Midlands


needs two centres. To suggest that 11 million can only be served by


one single centre, whereas London has a smaller population needs two,


would be ridiculous. Of the four options opened, it seemed to be


coming down to just two. One option was always the preferred one. It


sees Leicester survive but option B sees it replaced by Southampton.


That has more support from organisations and the consultation.


Finley's family know which they prefer. You're troubled the end of


the earth to avoid surgery. To have so do when your doorstep makes it


easier. But in every city will find passionate stories of support for


the local hard unit. This is Southampton. And Leicester's gain


could prove Southampton's last. Still to come: he put town that


saying no to supermarkets. Also the boxing club threatened with closure


that is not quite ready to throw in the towel.


And after many places not getting rain, the hope is we have


persistent and some heavy rain working its way in tonight. I would


A mother of two he was attacked in her garden after disturbing two


burglars has told us that she thought she was going to die. Lisa


Waring was stabbed repeatedly at her home on Cotton Way on Monday


morning. Her children were inside the house at the time. Police say


they are putting on extra patrols in the area.


Showing the scars of a terrifying attack. Lisa Waring was at home


with her two young children when she found two men burgling her home,


taking her laptop and at least one of them had a knife. In the garden


they turned on her with horrific results. There was a chap appear


from behind the door and also one behind me. He slashed at my chest


and I thought he thumped me in the stomach but it turned out he


stabbed to me. I grabbed the blade which severed my fingers. I thought


they would kill me. One over Easter's children saw her get


injured. The man were wide and in their twenties or thirties, one had


a Scottish or Irish accent. Ironically they then ran dropping


the items they had stolen. Police say they also want to trace a blue


van with white writing seen at the area at the time. It is rare to


have a Burberry with the people inside the address and for Lisa


Waring to disturb the two people in the act of committing the crime and


for them to attack her, this is despicable. We will do everything


we can to catch these individuals. The operation will between four and


six hours. In the meantime, at least a now faces more surgery and


physiotherapy on her hand. She has been told it could take more than a


year for her to recover. Nottinghamshire police say it


incidents of anti-social behaviour in of rain have dropped by a third


following a crackdown. Police teams have been targeting hotspots and


sending out patrols to tackle disorder. Beat officers and


community support officers have been out speaking to both offenders


and their families officers say they have targeted under age


drinking. Police investigating the death of a


Derby man have arrested a 4th man on suspicion of murder. Johnny


Assani who was 43 was assaulted in the city 10 days ago. He died at


the Queen's Medical Centre the day after being attacked. The 24-year-


old man was arrested this morning and remains in custody.


The region's newest multi-million- pound leisure centre open this


afternoon. It is the Arkin Matlock and cost �12 million. It has to


sport -- sports halls and a suing Shoppers who want to stop


supermarkets taking over our town centres have a new champion tonight.


He is a council leader that has blocked plans for supermarkets and


rejected permission for the Sainsbury's superstore. Councillor


Roger Begy, the leader of Rutland county council says he will not


allow the big boys to turn the town into a ghost town.


Grantham has already been labelled a ghost town by one politician


following the supermarkets to dominate as we reported on Monday.


But in No camp the bunting is out. The retailers have cause to cheer.


The supermarket giants have been kept at arm's length and that is


benefited small high-street shops. They diversify and do things the


supermarkets cannot. We depend on dealing with individuals as a


person rather than a number. Tesco moved into the town just over 10


years ago. The supermarkets are wanting a bigger slice of the


retell action in Oakham. Tesco is wanting to double its retail space,


Sainsbury's and Waitrose are waiting in the wings. But recent


planning applications from the big supermarkets have been rejected.


made ourselves very unpopular with people in Oakham by turning down a


Sainsbury's application. But we felt so strongly that the town has


to be a surviving and thriving. somebody supermarkets to help the


town thrive and survive. Tesco's is the only one we have in the area


and sometimes there is not a wide variety there. More competition


might get lower prices. It might bring more people into town. There


are not a lot of people that come. You will not find empty shops


boarded up here. Vacancies are snapped up quickly but worries


remain about supermarket ambitions to set up shop. We would like to


ensure that that does not happen and although we can allow a small


number of supermarkets in, we cannot allow it to be overtaken by


supermarkets. You would expect the county town of Rutland to have an


independent streak. That spirit can be seen in its variety of retailers


Police in Leicester are growing concerned about a woman who has not


been seen since Monday night. Jean Gray, 76, was last seen by a name


but at 9pm at her home on New Parks Boulevard. Officers say it Mrs Gray


had been worried about her husband who is in hospital and has never


gone missing before. Investigations are under way into a


fire at a Woodyard which disrupted train services in Nottingham. Crews


were called to the site on Victoria Road last night. Firefighters


believe it was started deliberately and have spent much of today


dampening down at the yard. It seems that every summer police


issued his warning: Children are still putting themselves at danger


by playing on railway lines. But yet again, the British


Transport Police have been forced to speak out. This time after


children as young a six were seen putting objects on the line near


Leicester. A train heads north from Leicester


station towards Nottingham, accelerating hard, they can be


doing up to 80 miles an hour. Below one of the railway bridges, this


PCTs tells me about the latest vandalism on the track above.


threw bricks and would on the line. Trains are passing from north to


south and they were struck. It is a shocking how young the three


children involved were. They were aged between six and seven years


old and placed items on main lines. No damage was caused, but it is


extremely dangerous. Each summer, it seems, despite constant warnings,


young people decide to either play on railway lines or vandalise the


tracks. Network Rail says over the last year, there were 135 incidents


in Leicestershire. But Derbyshire was worse, with 170.


Nottinghamshire it was worse still, with 202. The incidents ranged from


taking dangerous short cuts to throwing stones at trains, to


deliver replacing debris on the track which could cause derailment.


It is catastrophic for passengers. The after effects of that could be


disastrous. It is worrying to see children of that age on the lines.


We would ask parents all over the East Midlands to educate their


children to the dangers of railway. The police say anyone spotting


anyone acting dangerously or suspiciously on the lines can ring


British Transport Police or crime stoppers.


Next, an award winning boxing club in Leicester could be forced to


close because of a lack of money. The gym in Birstall has been


keeping kids off the streets for years. But rising costs could mean


its owner has to hang up his gloves. After a years of running this club


for young people in Birstall, Kohl is used to taking a few hits. But


in the current financial climate, he may be facing a body blow.


Everything goes up: It your maintenance, rent, electricity. I


do not want to put the suspicions up because that is taking money off


children. I'm hoping that we will get a benefactor who wants to put


money into help the kids. Without the Gem, some of the kids would be


lost. Opened in 2003, the club started with just seven members,


but now has over 1,300, nearly 300 of which are girls. It is steeped


in history, you are part of something. I would be really


disappointed because it is a great place to go. Everyone is so nice


here. It would be a shame if it closed down because there is


nothing else to do. Parents fear that if the Jim goes, their


children will be left roaming the streets. They will be outside,


which is hanging around the park and shops, possibly getting into


trouble. It is a great place for them to be, it keeps them off the


streets so they are not playing video games all day. But Kohl is


not out for the count just yet. am going to carry on. I'm not going


to get downhearted about it. I have to carry on with it because I am


sure my members want me to do that. I have been very proud of them over


the last 10 years. With a sponsored run plan for next month to raise


funds, the club is still fighting its corner.


We have a feast of goals out of the year. Between Nottingham Forest and


Leicester, they crept more than seven goals between them. Forest


won 4-1 and Leicester came from behind to win 4-2 at Bury.


Forest arrived at Wycombe having only scraped through the first


round against Notts County. No such problems last night. This man put


them ahead with just three minutes on the clock. Another three minutes


on the clock. Another three minutes later, he was earning them a


penalty. Forest were already 2-1 up. -- a 2-0 up. The Reds had a chance,


then another, then another after half-time. They finally got another


goal, just after the one hour mark. The Wycombe defence went one way


and this man went the other. The home side got one back for a


penalty, but any hope of a comeback quickly disappeared as the third


goal went in. Senor and Ericsson made 10 changes to his side for


their trip to buried, but the night was not without its scarce. They


took the lead as four goals went in. Bury did not take it lying down,


they equalised before the break and took the lead just after it. With


20 minutes left, Leicester began their fight back. Paul Gallagher


fired in a free-kick. Then there was this great finish. The foxes


made sure of the wind with this man wrapping things up in stoppage time.


Leicester and Forest are burst through to the third round. We will


find out who they will be paying -- playing on Saturday.


Last year's player of the season, John Brayford, has signed a three-


year contract at Pride Park. On to the cricket, Nottinghamshire


have hosted an excellent win against -- at Trent Bridge. At


Grace Road, a young Leicestershire side are well behind Surrey, and


definitely a bowler's wicket in Chelmsford. 16 wickets in a day


there. There is a big day ahead for James


Taylor. The youngster will be in the full England squad for the


first time tomorrow. They play Ireland in a one-day international.


Paul Nixon, a former England player, says Taylor is more than ready.


Twenty-one years old, he knows his game. He is one of our best players.


He can work the ball around and he took on the ground. Do have


youngsters doing that is impressive. Paul Nixon is looking to finals day


on Saturday. More on that later on The residents of Kegworth have been


digging holes in their village Park for three days. It has been called


a history digger. Archaeologists are on hand to look at anything


that turns up and any significant fines will end up in the local


museum. Kegworth the villagers have been


invited to dig holes in a park. The site archaeologist is on hand to


advise them on their fines, but it is more about hands-on history than


buried treasure. They community did like this is more about that --


their experience. The archaeology that has been found it is fantastic.


It will be used in the museum and written up so people can look at


what we have found. The idea was suggested to the council as a way


of bringing the community together for three days of the summer


holiday. We hope that the physical fines will be very important to


tracking the history of the site and understanding more about


Kegworth. But we are also hoping we will find more community can --


cohesion. People were certainly pleased to be spending a sunny day


digging holes in the ground. get to meet people who you do not


tend to meet usually. It is a community thing for people of every


age. Already, we have found lots of stones, and a brass button.


found cow and picked teeth. Bradley found one of the best finds, that


he merely splashed it to pieces. had an axe and I was hitting the


rubble. I hit it three times and it almost smashed. It turned out to be


a poison bottle from the 1920s. Today's highlights were animal


bones, pottery and part of a knife grinding wheel. But been no expert


himself -- myself, my favourite was the poison bottle.


If you want to find out more about archaeology and how you can take


part in your own Dick, there is more information on the website. --


My husband is cooking the T-cell I have no idea what is going to


happen! Sandra cent in this the photo. We


need more rain. I'm going to try my best to organise that. We have got


this area of low pressure that is starting to push up the system of


rain up from the south. We are starting to seek some showers


coming in. You can see the swirl of cloud around the area of low


pressure. It is bringing the chance of showers as we go through the


next few hours. One or two trickling in as I speak, and that


will continue for a time. Later on in the evening, we will see this


rain at pushing and. It is predicted to been everywhere across


the East Midlands, with some heavy bursts. 12 Celsius, your minimum


temperature tonight. The met if -- the Met Office have issued a


warning for heavy rainfall. Flash flooding likely during the course


of rush-hour. Then that this system works his way East during the


morning. Into the afternoon, sunny spells and return. A couple of


showers will remain. Temperatures will be around 22 degrees. Once the


sun shows, it will be pleasant. On Friday, the low pressure is close


by it so we are staying unsettled for now. We will seek some showers.


The further west you are, the more likely you will seek sunny spells.


We'll keep you posted on the developments. On Saturday, we start


the Bank Holiday weekend on a showery note. Sunny spells with


showers, but you see this large area of high -- a low pressure is


making inroads as we go through the rest of the weekend. Saturday is


not bad, but we could do better than that. Sunday looks drier, up


warm while with sunny spells. Temperatures will be around 20


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