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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story, another record-


breaking year for GCSE results. Once, this school was considered to


be failing. Now it is time to celebrate success. It there are


children who have come to us from other countries who could not speak


English. Within three years, they are getting A*s.


The former police officer accused of punching and kicking a suspected


burglar. Plus, will a city council repent


over controversial plans to injured Rick -- introduce street parking


charges on a Sunday. And from this to this. How our


foods are becoming the fashion of Good evening, and welcome to


Thursday's programme, on a day when it was the turn of the 16-year-olds


to steal the educational headlines. G is you see results were released


this morning, and records were being broken. In the key


performance area of five grades above C including English and maths,


all our schools increased their pass rate.


The biggest rise was 6% in Nottinghamshire. Figures from


Rutland were not available today. We have two reports. The first is


from Helen Astle. For thousands of students across


the East Midlands, the wait was finally over.


Yes! For many of the students at


Paddington Community College, today's results secures their


future. I can see that this will help me get what I want. It means a


lot because the college courses I have chosen, I would not have been


able to do them if I did not pass. It is good to know I can do what I


want to. I did not know much English when I came to this school,


and now I do. I worked very hard to get my GCSEs, and I want to go


higher and higher to get work and jobs. What does it mean to you?


lot, really. The same old story, this boy was a


bit naughty, but luckily we had a change of ex-mistress, and he got


down to work. The teachers are very supportive.


Just three years ago, 22% of students he got five GCSEs at grade


C and above. Today, that figure is 39%.


There are some children who come to us who have low levels of literacy.


There are children who come from other countries who could not speak


English when they have arrived, who within three years have gained five


GCSEs above C. The this girl -- this boy is one of several students


getting an apprenticeship or job. I will be focusing on that.


The there will be celebrations in Leicester today, but what is the


situation in Nottinghamshire? I was panicking and nervous, and


then I opened it, and gone are... That is the overall feeling. For


the third year, the results have been extremely good.


100% of our students have got five grades above C. 45% have got five


A*s or As. Boys have dominated the results


here. A in maths, A in physics, I am


pretty happy with that! Up I was expecting an A* in maths, but I did


not get it. The it is still good. But I am slightly gutted. I got


three A*s and seven As. I was hoping not to drop below and A, so


I am happy. But many of the students are staying on to colour -


- study A-levels. Not everyone got what they wanted.


With us now is Amy Bloor, a careers adviser. If these young people have


not got the grades they need to do A-levels, what are the options?


There are other options. For A levels you need five grades at A-C.


You can look at apprenticeships, or vocational courses in that business


studies or catering, things like that. You can move on after a year


to go back to A levels. The you could a resit your GCSEs, if you


are absolutely desperate to do A- levels or need them to have -- for


the career you want. If you have got a problem, have you


got its -- got to get it sorted quickly?


Yes, because you do not want to be missing start date at colleges.


There will be a point where colleges will not take you because


you have missed too much. They are only 16, and we are seeing


-- saying it is crucial. I know, and it is a big decision.


People don't promote A-levels because it keeps it open, but there


are lots of a vocational options, and you have to make more long-term


decisions, because you have to decide upon an actual job he wants


to go into rather than an A-level subject. If there are lots of


people sitting at schools tonight. It does not seem the same as GCSEs,


if you have not got it, where do you go?


Every young person has a PA, and they can contact them. They would


have known from their school, we have a drop in centre, and that is


the same for other areas. There are websites, we have some which you


can go on to to get all the options. If the message is, do not panic,


but do not do nothing. Note. Do not bury your head in the sand or you


may be doing nothing for a year. Still to come, should dog-walkers


get more warnings? This is after one pet owner -- this


is a warning from one pet owner after the mysterious death of 10


dogs in Nottinghamshire. A former police officer has been


giving evidence in his own trial in which he is accused of beating up a


suspected burglar while he arrested him. 23-year-old Timothy Allatt is


accused of kicking and punching Jake Bramley during an arrest in


Nottingham. Mr Alex denies the charges. James, tell us about the


circumstances of this case. -- Mr Allatt.


It goes back to July, when he was arresting a man of running away


from police. He had been with Nottinghamshire Police for 11 years,


and he met and colleagues responded at 1am to a call about a suspected


stolen car. Jake Bramley jumped out of the car and ran off, and Mr


Allatt chased him. The case is all about what happened when he caught


him. What happens there? happened in the Sneinton area, as


the prosecution say that he punched him in the face and kicked him in


the ribs. The court heard another police officer witnessed the attack.


The incident was investigated by the independent Police Complaints


Commission and by Nottinghamshire Police, who dismissed Timothy


Allatt for this alleged assault, and also because he had allegedly


used excessive force during another arrest. If that is the prosecution.


What has been said in his defence? Timothy Allatt says he has struck


him in the face, but using a recognised arrest technique,


because he believed Mr Bramley was a threat to him. He denied punching


throwing or kicking him. He also denies the other officer's version


of events. He is appealing against his dismissal and his ruling over


the previous arrest. He has four police commendations, and was going


to get another before he was dismissed. A judgment is expected


next week. In other news, pallets of copper


worth �20,000 have been stolen from a lorry in Nottinghamshire. These


pictures were taken by an eyewitness, he claims to have seen


a lorry crashing into two cars as it was driven down Polperro Way in


hot goal last night. The lorry was abandoned in a local pub, and no


arrests have been made. Police in Leicestershire have


started a crackdown on burglaries in the Charnwood area. Earlier this


week, Lisa Waring was arrested at her home in Loughborough. She was


stabbed as she thought she would die. There were flop -- 47


burglaries in Charnwood last month, more than double the figure from


last year. The a new proposal has been


submitted to try and save Stamford Museum. It has closed in June,


after Lincolnshire County Council withdrew its funding. The Stamford


Heritage Trust's first bid has been rejected. They say the town


deserves a place to show its heritage. The council says a


decision will be made in due course. Plans to introduce charges for


street parking in an East Midlands city on Sundays have infuriated


Church leaders. They have warned it could cost regular worshippers up


to 1000 year -- �1,000 per year. The council says it needs the cash,


and dismissed claims that the charges are a tax on worship.


The cost it -- the cost of parking is getting pricey, and in


Nottingham on Sunday it will not be free. You will need a parking


ticket, �3 for two hours. That is unfair, says this priest.


For the city centre shops do not open till 11 am, as they close at


5pm. I cannot understand why we here, our parishioners and


worshippers, are being asked to pay to come to Mass on a Sunday morning


and on a Sunday evening. The parking generates �7 million for


the city, Sunday charges will bring in a much needed extra cash, and


less the Church's pull off a minor miracle.


It is not any more a tax on its shopping than worship. It is


something we feel we have to do it. There are some shopkeepers who sate


some days there are people blocking the spaces, so there is no turnover.


Also, the council does need money. A new evening parking chances --


charges will also need Africa will also affect audiences.


I thought they were try to encourage people into the City,


during the day and that night. This will drive them out. I am not sure


it will be terribly good. I think people will see it as a kick in the


face. I think it will make life very difficult indeed for


churchgoers. The Nottingham is not the only council that has angered


the churches by considering introducing street parking charges


on the Sabbath. It says it will go to consultation, but on this issue,


the politicians may wants to consult higher. Without divine


intervention, the changes come into A dog owner whose pact nearly died


twice after walking in woods in Nottinghamshire says there should


be more warnings about the risks of a visiting such areas.


This comes after at least 10 dogs have died after walking in woodland.


Further research has been promised but one mother says action must be


far reaching to protect families as well.


6-year-old dog is full of energy now but last week she nearly died


after a family trip to Sherwood Forest. Her own that had not taken


her there for years because the last time she did, exactly the same


thing had happened. She just began to have difficulty breathing and


she collapsed and stopped breathing. Had tongue turned black. We were


screaming and it was such a horrific moment and people came to


arrested. There was a veterinary nurse who helped us revive have. We


had left it three years before we visited again. They deja-vu moment,


at exactly the same happened. She believes her dogs are by up price


because there was immediate medical treatment to hand. The advice to


dog-walkers it is to keep your animal under control way you can


see them and monitor them if their health deteriorates and get help


quickly. Here they are testing for a cause of the illness, blue-green


algae in water. There is not enough here to do any harm. Even so, they


are cautious. The overall cause of these incidents is a mystery. But


we have posted notices advising people of the potential harm


associated with blue-green algae. Warnings like this are what some


people want in areas affected by the mysterious dog illness. They


need to look to see if there are other links. My worry is that


something might happen to a child and then we will start to


investigate. I think we need to be more proactive. Until there are


some answers, they intend to stay Coming up, we will have sports.


Leicestershire wicketkeeper Paul Nixon prepares to hang up his


gloves after 24 years in the Games. A I have got Mike helmet on and my


bike at the ready, because Sally Goes Wild expedition there is a


wild with a little bit of pedal A college student from Leicester


has come up with a new fashion idea which she is hoping will be worth a


packet or two. Rebekah Kirkland has designed a


How about this for a fashion statement? This striking press made


from crisp bags is turning heads in the centre of Leicester. Amazing


fast up I have never seen anything like it. Really unique. I think it


is unique. I think it shows initiative. They are nice bright


colours. As there are a girl wearing a chocolate packed the


other day! Had did it come about? Things that you use every day by


you would throw away, we can use them and make something completely


different. It does not have to be thrown away. Does she smell of


crisps? No, she does not. They were all washed with washing up liquid.


Her efforts were so impressive she won the college's sustainable


design award for 2011. Anything can be used within fashion. We would


probably take his objects from grunted and throw it away. You can


look at other things that probably have more used than just being a


vehicle to eat something out of and then get rid of. I am pleased and I


was not expecting to win. It is very interesting. I like the


textures and the pattern. It is different, very unique. If I saw


that on their women, I would want to taste every single flavour on


her! Rebekah Kirkland's taste in fashion and crisps could be turning


more heads in the High Street in future.


You could call it a prawn cocktail dress!


It took me a minute but I got it in the end.


Now the sport. Coming up, who is coming and going


at the Foxes? We start with cricket. It is the Twenty20 finals and


Leicestershire have booked their place in the season's finale. Of


one player it will be an emotional few days. After an incredible 24


year playing career, Paul Nixon is finally retiring and the fans'


favourite is determined to bow out in style.


He is one of the great characters of the game and his career has


featured 2020 Cup wins and a call up to the England team. He still


seems to love the game. Why do? always said that if I could not


keep getting better, it is time to retire. I would rather have people


said to me, why retire? I have had a great Dennis. It is time for the


young ones now and there are a plethora of great youngsters coming


through and if I can play a part in their development...


Leicestershire are triumphant in their 4th Twenty20 appearance,


expected to be moving. The sadness comes when you have a moment, it


flicks a switch and you think this is the last time I am walking on


and the last time you are going to do it. But you get your cricket


head on and enjoy it. There is time for everything. It is making sure


that you put things in the right place. As we sit watching the


younger lads play, he says the future will be sharing what he has


learnt of. I have seen their development and I know I am getting


to cold. I held up hour as opening batsmen are about six hours after


he was born. Make sure your head is over your front for it! They may be


plenty of time left in the games for Paul Nixon.


A lovely man. One of those Leicestershire youngsters made his


debut -- England debut today. England beat Ireland but it was not


one of the easiest start spot James Taylor.


In football, Sven-Goran Eriksson says that striker Martyn Waghorn


can leave the club. He wants at because of the lack of opportunity


and it is well known that Derby County would like to sign him. Will


Waggy be joining the Rams? Today Leicester City manager Sven-


Goran Eriksson was clear about the future of Martyn Waghorn. If the


youngster I tell can find a new club, he can go. He needs to play


football, for his career, he is young and he is playing little with


us at the moment. There is speculation that he could be used


as bait as part of an improved offer from Bristol City striker. It


is that Leicester will make a 4th bed for the player would �6 million.


Call spend would say today is that he does want another striker -- or


Sven-Goran Eriksson would say. will see. Martyn Waghorn cost less


debt �2 million from Sunderland last summer. Can Derby meet


Leicester's valuation? What we know just now is that it is nothing...


From what we understand. Southampton are also interested in


signing Martyn Waghorn and they play Leicester at the King Power


Stadium on Saturday. Comings and goings at Notts County


too. Martin Allen has signed the tumour -- former QPR midfielder


Gavin Marn. Craig Westcarr is being linked with a move to Chesterfield.


He has treated that the Magpies have accepted a bid and will now


discuss terms with the club. Cricket scores. Derbyshire are in


the lead in their game against Essex and it is all over at Grace


Road. Surrey beat best -- Surrey beat Leicestershire by 10 wickets.


Earlier this year, you may remember experts were predicting that this


summer could be the best in a generation's for butterflies.


You are in the predictions business, allegedly false start where they


are right? On my latest Sally Goes Wild expedition I thought I would


goat hunting for butterflies and In the series so far, we have


established there are loads of amazing havens across the East


Midlands. Now we will look at a Valley Trail. A keen cyclist and


wildlife expert is coming along for the ride. We start our route from


the Nature Centre which connects the -- which connects Attenborough


and Langley Mill. On the way we will be passing some local


landmarks. On a group like this, it is not about the speeding along, it


is about the joy of a leisurely walk or bike ride and stopping for


a good look around. This is where we start to pick up the Nottingham


Canal section of the trail. It is safe havens of dragonflies and


damselflies at this time of year. Figure now was disused from about


1936 and it is now a major local -- local nature reserve. It is a


credit to the quality of the wildlife that you can see. We have


been cycling for about an hour-and- a-half. We have seen a little grebe


in the pond. A damselfly, which I have never seen before. The now we


will meet up with our butterfly expert. So far, we have never been


away from civilisation. It but it is amazing what you can senior the


roads. This is Redworth -- well caught. The caterpillar it is


poisonous to birds. And the plant is poisonous to us as well. At his


wild flower meadow, we catch up with the bus and fire expert. He is


recounting recorder for Derbyshire's butterflies and tells


us why this wildlife corridor is so important. We have had six dishes


come into the area and this is one of the main ways they can get here,


by these corridors, not just butterflies, wildlife generally. We


get just over half of the British species but what we get is good.


They are out there for people to enjoy. We that we would take a


breather down by the viaduct. We have seen about a quarter of the 30


miles circuit of the valley trail. In the course of the trial, we have


seen so many fabulous wildlife species. You do not have to do much


of the trail to see a lot of wildlife.


If you want to find out more about had to attract butterflies into


your garden, it you can see the full version of Sally Goes Wild


expedition on our website. We are now starting to see one or


two showers poking their way in. We have done the best across the UK


with the sunny spells. A lovely sunset. Orange sky. It only


happened for about 10 minutes. Do keep the photos coming in to us.


The low pressure is still lurking, that is creating the showery


conditions. It will continue as we go through much of the evening.


Taking a closer look, the radar picture shows that we have been


missing some of the showers that we are starting to see them work their


way in. You may well get away with no showers at all. Generally dry.


The rain will work its way in from the south-east. Temperatures


overnight dipping down to around 11 degrees. Tomorrow morning, the


further east you are, the more likely you will see the outbreaks


of rain first thing. To the West, it is dry and cloudy to start. The


rain will gradually progressed northwards so it does look like to


the West you will see some drier spells although you are likely to


feel a bit of damp at times. In the east, you will be under the rain


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