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This is East Midlands Today. Our top story tonight. Police bring in


a mobile video screen to help catch a killer. It will display images of


a man detectives need to talk to about the murder of a mother of two.


I will look at any method that will make sure the public have seen


these images sthraind the ability to ring in and give us the name of


the person who killed Caroline Coyne. Also tonight the supermarket


plans that market traders fear could put them out of business.


Plus on song at the airport as 90,000 board bank holiday flights.


And so long summer. Why do our Good evening. Welcome to Friday's


programme. And first tonight, detectives have released fresh CCTV


pictures of a suspect they want to identify in the Caroline Coyne


murder investigation. The pictures are being shown on a large mobile


screen in Nottingham tonight. Let us go straight to our reporter Mike


O'Sullivan for the latest in Mapperley. Yes, tonight the police


showing CCTV pictures of the man they are trying to trace in this


murder inquiry. On a mobile screen that will be touring parts of the


city tonight, that is the vehicle behind me. It is believed it's the


first time that this technique has been used in the Midlands. I think


we can get a closer look at those CCTV pictures that the detectives


are showing to the public on the streets. This white male was seen


on the CCTV footage in the Thorneywood area of Nottingham. The


area where Caroline was found dead five weeks ago. The police want to


speak to anyone who knows hip. Let us look now at some of the key


dates in this murder inquiry. On Saturday July 23rd Caroline's body


was found in mount, which is a road in Nottingham. She has earlier left


a family party in Arnold town centre some time after midnight.


Some days later the police irshued the CCTV footage of the last known


sighting of Caroline alive. She was trying to flag down a bus on


Portchester Road. On July 27th, the police spoke about the immediate to


find Caroline's missing pink and white size three Nike trainer, and


they showed one similar to that. On August 3rd, they released the first


CCTV images of the man they are currently trying to trace in the


Thorneywood Mount area, and on August 15th, a �20,000 reward from


Crimestoppers were announced for information leading to the


conviction of her killer. The police have been stopping cars at


night, in other parts of their investigation. Let us speak to


Detective Chief Inspector Tony Haydon, who is leading this inquiry.


What difference will showing this image of this screen tonight make


do you? It is our intention that somebody that may have seen


Caroline on the night of her death, as she passed through this area, so


it is vital that we use every opportunity to bring these images


to the public's attention. Public response has been fantastic so far,


but somebody has that extra piece of information we need. You are


using Facebook and Twitter, how you going to use that during the night?


At key points tonights at key times where Caroline was, during the


evening, we will release certain messages to the followers we have


on Twitter and Facebook, in order they might give us information, but


also bring their attention to the images as well bl. You say the


response has been good but you need more people to come forward. The


response has been fantastic. We have had lots of information. We


need that extra piece that we haven't got. Who is this man?


you very much. The police will be touring the area tonight we will


have an update on the late news. Thank you P Next, a union says a


council's decision to re-employ a senior officer, just after he has


been made redundant and paid redundancy sends out the wrong


message. That is what has happened at Leicester City council. Where


the former chief finance officer is being brought back on a short-term


contract, but Leicester's mayor says the move is the best practical


and financial solution to an urgent problem. James Roberson is in our


Leicester news room. What is the background to this? Good evening.


It goes back earlier this year, when some staff took redundancy


from lessster City Council, and in mayor one of those with the former


chief finance officer, Mark Noble. And he was one of the council's


most senior officers. But no now, because of the tough financial


climate facing the council and all East Midlands council, Leicester


has decided to re-employ Mr Noble, on a temporary contract, to help


plan for the next few financial years. But one union believes that


sends out the wrong signals. message it sends is that while lots


of people are worried about their future, whether they will have jobs


with the council, it seems on the surface that senior managers can


leave and then return at a later date. I think it send the wrong


message to the work force as a whole. So will this cost local


council taxpayers a fortune? according to the city's mayor. He


says that Mr Noble's agreed to come back on a contract, and he will be


paid 25% less than the one he left on. But the mayor believes though,


it wasn't the wisest decision in the first place, to let Mr Noble go,


back in May. I think if this particular very valuable finance


officer were to be coming back as a consultant or enhanced salary,


people would be doing more than raising eyebrow, they would be


outraged. I believe, in fact what aim getting represents excellent


value for the council, ensures I get the advice and the support I


need, and puts right what I found an astonishing decision which is


the decision to make him redundant in first place. Mr Noble will be


working full-time on a six month contract. The council hopes that in


that time, he will be able to lay the basis for significant savings


in the finances of Leicester for the next few years P We will leave


you there, thank you. A mother whose daughter was killed in a


crash on the A6 in Leicestershire is welcoming news of an extra speed


camera. It is exactly three years since Julie Holwell's daughter


Becki died close to their home in Mountsorrel. Julie has been


campaigning for a speed camera, and now the Leicestershire Road Safety


Partnership says one will be installed in the area. The thought


of it being three years ago since I last spoke to Becki, saw her, it is


just heartbreaking, it is, it is a horrible life. I life an existence


now. I haven't got a life any more. The night she was killed my life


ended as well. You are watching East Midlands Today. Coming up


later in our programme. The bank holiday break away. Thousands pack


their bags and fly off from East Midlands Airport. Next tonight, the


on ward march of supermarkets. This week we have reported on Oakham's


determination to stay supermarket free, and on claims that Grantham's


already lost the battle. Tonight, we look at Derby, the City Council


there is currently considering a number of planning applications for


new stores. Local market trader says that could be the final straw.


This Grade-II listed building in Derby has been derelict for year,


but now plans are Mr Place to improve the area by building a


large supermarket, leisure facilities and residential


properties. If you look at the site behind me known would say the area


should not be regenerated. We have to make call. If we want it


regenerated, the only offer on the table at the moment would involve a


large supermarket. And that is where we are. We have to accept


that. Already, there are almost 40 supermarkets in Derby, and planning


applications are in place for another six. It may claim to be


Britain's largest indoor market, but many of the stores stalls here


are empty and a rise in the number of supermarkets will only make


things worse. Pete has been trading here at the centre for 35 years. He


is worried about the future. We are in direct competition. Once you


shop under one roof and get everything you need there, why


bother coming anywhere else? It is driving people out of the city


centre, because the issue that when they go to supermarket, they find


most thing, clothes, food and there is no parking fees. The council in


its report says shops could lose out on �50 million a year if the


supermarkets are built. What we need to recognise is the majority


of the impact won't be taking away revenue from the city centre, what


it will be doing is churning it between the supermarkets themselves,


so they are competitive, and it will swap between the different


supermarkets. But it is little consolation for these traders who,


who fear it is only a matter of time before the shutters come down


or more businesses. Two men have been arrested in connection with


the death of a cricket fan who was attacked in knot city centre last


month. 28-year-old James Hodgkinson was attacked outside Yates's Wine


Lodge on 31st July. He had travelled from London to watch the


Test Match between England and India. A man who woke up on a beach


in Kent saying he couldn't remember anything has been identified as


being from Derbyshire. The 59-year- old man told police he thinks his


name is Frank but couldn't remember any other details. His family have


confirm who had he is. He is still being cared for at a hospital in


Kent. Now, more than 40 children have followed in the footsteps of a


boy from the East Midlands who travelled to America for cancer


treatment. You may remember three years ago Alex Baan's family had to


raise tens of thousands of pounds for his proton therapy. Now the NHS


is funding more cases, and sending record numbers of children overseas.


Our health correspondent reports P Alive and kicking. Alex has


overcome cancer twice. Three years ago his brain tumour was removed in


America, and weeks of proton therapy in Florida seem to have


worked. Have a drink please. Alex. Now mum's enjoying living, rather


than worrying about him dying. is a perfect little boy. He is


fully recovered, with no side effects. God was good to us and


answered our prayers and he is perfect. Proton therapy is designed


to kill remaining cancer cells. It is aimed at the Nuer. With some


cancers the extra degree of accuracy over radiotherapy can make


a difference, sparing healthy tissue. Now the NHS has budgeted to


send 400 patients abroad every year but there are plans too for three


yuebg proton centres. We paid �110,000 all together but it was


worth every penny. When we went back to floor dat Christmas we went


to say hell throw the people tat proton therapy centre and say thank


you. When we were there there were three or four familys from the UK.


I like playing on my book bike. I have to go into hospital, I don't


like going there though, but I have to. Alex still needs check ups, but


so far it is so good. Brilliant news P of You have noticed it has


been raining nearly all day for many of us. But some lucky ones are


jetting off to sunnier climbs. Not us sadly but more than 90,000


people are expected to travel through East Midlands Airport this


bank holiday weekend alone. We went to chat too the jet set. Coming in


out of the wet, and hoping for warm weather abroad. Thousands of people


were arriving at the airport today, the destination, anywhere with some


sun, the aim, to have a well earned rest. I need a break. I've worked


all year, and I have had odd days off, but, not a week. So I am


looking forward to it. Relaxing by the beach, and I can't wait. It is


our first holiday together. We are going to Tenerife and they are


excited. They didn't sleep all night and they were up at five


clock this morning. For some it was a chance for a last minute get away.


We booked it about four weeks' ago, just last minute thing really. We


are off to Turkey. We have never been there before. Today and this


weekend, it is set to be the busiest in the year for East


Midlands Airport and travel agents say there is a rise in last minute


bookings and people get away for summer sun. They are leaving it


late. People are coming in haven't been away so they are thinking we


want to get away. We want to escape for the summer. This is our last


opportunity, one day less holiday, and we can can can can can book


anything a, as long as the plane hasn't departed. For others they


were still working. This band is off to Italy to sing at a wedding.


# Lady hear me tonight # Because my feeling is just so


right # As we dance by the moonlight


# Can't you see, you're my delight. To weather might not look great but


it is a bank holiday and there All afternoon, we have been keeping


an eye on the state of the roads and railways. We can report that


nothing so far. Back in the East Midlands, you could be forgiven for


thinking that summer is over today. But is it really time for autumn.


Some of our trees are starting to turn, and Leeds have already fallen.


Express one per help to find out if autumn has really got in ahead of


itself. -- experts want our help. If you opened your curtains to a


downpour, you would be forgiven for thinking that water was on its way.


Weise turning brown and cream, surely signs that it is time to go


back to school. The normal pattern suggests that autumn does not


usually start until next tell a late September. We have had a


really dry summer, and that may affect autumn. Normally, the


shorter days and Cologne next of September triggered changes in the


leaves. We have asked this woman whether temperatures have been


normal. During August, the temperatures have been a little


below August. What we have seen, is that of body temperatures have been


around the 20 Celsius mark, there has been a drastic drop into the


next time temperatures, with many places dipping into single figures.


The Woodland Trust is encouraging all of us to encourage -- to visit


our it needed points. To find signs of autumn and let them know our


findings. They say they need as much evidence as possible to work


series changing colour. It may be a factor that because it has been so


dry, the trees have been wilting and it is almost like a false


bottom. A lot of leaves are falling off the tree, and people may


confuse that with true autumn, when it is not in fact often itself.


Whatever the reason, there is no escaping the fact that we are now


enjoying typical August Bank Holiday weather.


You are watching East Midlands today, still to come. It is Horst -


- its horse trials first started 50 years ago, but we have discovered a


there is a lot more to Bali. With almost 200 rooms, join me as I take


a look inside one of our greatest Elizabethan homes.


It looks nice. Do not miss it. for the sport.


Can Leicestershire become the key 20 cricket King's? We start with


football, because pride Park will be packed tomorrow, as Derby County


look to equal their best ever start to a Football League season. To do


it, they need to win five in a row and beat Burnley.


For much of last season, it is fair to say that the Derby fans did not


have much to cheer about. It could have gone better. Dismal. The one


before that, as well. We were expecting a lot, and we got nothing.


How times have changed. Tomorrow, Derby are looking to make it five


wins a bid of five. -- fibre wings at out of five. It has been an


amazing August so far for Derby. are going to enjoy it. We have been


on the other side of it, it makes it more worthwhile. Then makes you


appreciate it even more. Tomorrow, Derby will come Burnley to pride


Park. But what would they have got a someone had told them a few weeks


ago that they would be going into that game with four wins out of


force will? I would have probably applies to put them in a not house


somewhere. Getting four games and getting 12 points, and the chances


of making it 15 hours of five, that is something that no one could have


thought. The players have enjoyed being on the right side of the


results. There is a great atmosphere. When you are doing well


and people are revved up, it is nice to get that feeling.


Tomorrow's game is the last before a two-week international break. How


derby would love to go into that break with their perfect record


still intact. Next, Nottingham Forest manager


Steve McLaren says his team have some way to go before their


promotion favourites. But they are a healthy work in progress. The


Forest boss says he learned a lot watching last weekend's game


against Leicester, but says that the coming game against West Ham


will be his toughest test yet. The transfer window closes on Wednesday,


and he would like one or two new players. Will he get their? I hope


so. I want some. But a lot of things have to happen before that


is it. All we are ambitious, and we know we need one or two players. We


are trying our damned hard just to make sure it happens. Elsewhere in


the championship, Leicester City are looking for a their first home


win in the league at the King Power Stadium tomorrow. Meanwhile, in


week one, there has been confirmation of Great West are's


news -- move to testify will tomorrow. There will be full mast,


Terry of all the big games on the local BBC radio station.


Now, it has become one of the showpieces of the cricket calendar.


It is the key 20 finals at Edgbaston tomorrow, and


Leicestershire will be there. Four teams are batting it out for the


title, and the foxes are hoping to salvage their season with some


silverware. Warming up for what is going to be


quite a weekend for the foxes, it is now or never. It will be a great


day out for county cricket. The atmosphere will be amazing. For a


small club like Leicestershire, it will be a way to prove that they


can get to the final and possibly go on to win it. There has been


little to celebrate this season, the T 20 has been an exception.


have been superb in Mid T 20, so if we want to rest here, we have


arrested a little bit of the season by getting to the finals. All fully


can continue playing of the brand of cricket we have been to get us


here. Leicestershire are the only county to twice when Lady T 20


titles. The history is there, we obviously have the experience in


the changing room. What we -- there are a lot of young lads wear this


will be the biggest game they have played. They are determined to


prove their doubters are wrong. want to put things right, not


having a great season in the other formats. That gives her supporters


something to cheer for. Staying with cricket, we say


congratulations to Stuart prod and Graeme Swann, both have been named


in the ICC Test team this year. Derbyshire have been playing Essex


today, the game has been washed out so the match has been drawn.


Finally to rugby, not simply will Leicester tonight in a friendly


ahead of the new season. Kick-off at 7:45pm.


Whether any moment, all eyes on the Bank Holiday forecast.


For this week's what on gate, I have been to Burghley House in


Lincolnshire. It is best known for its Horse trials, celebrating 50


years in September. But there is more to it than just forces.


We all know it for the Horse trials, but today I am not interested in


the grounds. I am going inside the house, one of the greatest of the


This is known as the old kitchen. This is the oldest part of the


house, which dates past -- back to the 1500s. The chef used to good


schools on the wall as a warning to staff not to linger too long in


detention. And it is a weekend of culinary delights. There is a fair


at the cathedral in Leicester. He and Burghley this weekend, they are


always a fine supermarket in the grounds. That will all be cleared


away in time for the legendary horse trials from the 1st September.


Back in the house, will be head to the most spectacular run. This is


the heaven room. The Earl of Exeter appointed Antonio pareo to paint


the ceiling ser at Burghley. This is his masterpiece. -- and Claudio


by rail. This is known as hell. The ceiling - that the ceiling was


painted in the 11 sensory and when it came time to restore it, it's


too many years. If you prefer to be outdoors, there is plenty to do


this bank holiday weekend. I have arrived on a train at Stafford


manager: -- knows the railway, or marvel at these Cold War jets.


There is the would fare at Leicestershire, which showcases


some of the best wood crafts and sculpture. A sculpture to add a


burly, do not must these installations tottered around the


grounds. You never know what surprises you might find. I always


knew you could walk on water. Now then, will see fellas with joy


Now then, will see fellas with joy Debate has been a damp, soggy and


awful day. We have needed that train, so plenty of gardeners and


farmers will will be happy. We will see things drying out and turning


more sunny during the weekend. Very cloudy side - that very cloudy


skies. ENT whether pecks at her website. We can see on the pressure


truck, this is the area of low pressure which has been tracking


offers. It has brought a fair amount of rain. Very cloudy skies


over most of the UK. Clear skies to the south. That trend will continue


later on into the night, but for now though -- the outbreaks of rain


will continue. Turning more showery through the evening. And turning


mainly dry in most places during the night. Tomorrow morning,


restarts the bank holiday weekend of probably on a much brighter not.


Sunny spells through the day, but still have this chance of the


scattered showers. People through quite quickly so quite a windy day.


Temperatures up to 18 Celsius. We will see the showers are drying out


overnight on Saturday night, and then on Sunday, I pressure is


building. They are much more settled look to the bank holiday


weekend. Sunny spells, mainly dry. The temperatures still in the high


teens. We could do better with the temperatures, but at least he can


get out and about. The high pressure is over the duty on Bank


Holiday Monday. Dry with sunny spells, but it looks like the high


pressure might hang around for much of next week. We may stay on a try


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