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I am Kylie Pentelow. It there are claims tonight's that a body has


been found at the scene of an explosion that destroyed a fast-


food shop in Leicester. It had been thought no one was hurt. CCTV


pictures of the blast in Narborough Road Show a car driver narrowly


escaping injury. Police say they are treating it as suspicious.


A car sweeps into view on CCTV, and then this happens. As debris flies


across the road, and incredibly lucky escape for whoever is in the


car. The explosion destroyed a Kam's Kebab Shop on the Narborough


Road in Leicester at around 2:20am this morning.


It had been thought that no one had been injured, but things took a


turn for the worst round about 4:40pm, with one eyewitness


claiming he saw a body in the rubble being taken out.


It looks like a rubber doll. I do not know what they will say.


The man who CCTV camera took police footage has been saddened there has


potentially been a death. It is terrible, and to think I have got


it on video. It has really affected me. The it is not good at all, not


good for the community, and it is not what we want to happen. It is


believed to the kebab shop was closed at the time. Earlier today,


gas and electricity workers were brought in. Today, forensic


officers were at the scene. Some roads were closed off again. The


police were describing the blast as suspicious. The four women and two


men have been arrested. But the police still wants to hear from


witnesses. Leicestershire police have just


confirmed that a body has been found in the rubble.


Next, a man is in hospital with serious injuries after being


attacked in Nottingham. It happened in the centre of the city near to


the Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub. Police were called to Castle Road


at about 1:30am. The 23-year-old man was found with head injuries


and was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre. He is in a critical


condition. The AA man has appeared in court charged with the murder of


a young mother and two further charges of sexual assault.


It is five weeks since Caroline Coyne was found dead. The 28-year-


old's body was found in the Thorney Wood area of Nottingham. Detectives


made appeals for information, and on Saturday arrested a 23-year-old


man in connection with the death. Last night, they charged Carl


Michael Powell from Carlton in Nottingham with her murder. He is


also accused of two sexual assault on a woman on Calton Road last


Wednesday. He spoke only to confirm his name


and date of birth. He denies the two charges of sexual assault and


common assault with intent to commit sexual assault. They will be


dealt with in September. He was remanded in custody, and will


appear before Nottingham Crown Court tomorrow, charged with the


murder of Caroline Coyne. 800 people a year are diagnosed


with skin cancer in the East Midlands. The figures come from


Cancer Research UK, which says 90% of adults admit to getting sunburnt.


The charity also says less than half of men are used medium factor


sunscreen or above. There has been a crackdown on metal


theft, and just after the first day, four people have been prosecuted


and 22 warned. Nottinghamshire Police have launched Operation


Metallica following a surge in metal thefts prompt homes, churches


and other buildings. Travellers from France have


returned to Leicester for their summer holidays. It is the second


year running that the group have pitched their camp in the middle of


the Redhill roundabout in the city. They plan to spend at least five


days at the site, but say they will go earlier it served with a court


order. In cricket, the touring India side


played Leicestershire in a Twenty20 match. It was the first chance for


the public to celebrate Leicestershire's Twenty20 Cup


winner. India won by 15 runs, but the day was really about the


spectacle. We will have a full We have had one or two showers


around the day. A little bit chilly We have got clear spells overnight,


it looks like all areas will turn a drive. Temperatures will be down to


10 Celsius. We start on a chilly note, but we will get a variable


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