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This is East Midlands Today with Kylie Pentelow and me Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight - the taxi ride home that ended in terror.


These pictures show just how close he was to the scene of the blast in


Leicester. Debris flying everywhere. I was screaming and I put my hands


over my head and hoped for the best. Or so, another quarter appearance


for a man accused of the murder of Caroline Coyne -- also.


And in the running for a big new rail contract, but is it too late


for Bombardier? And graduating at Grace Road,


India's cricket captain gets an Welcome to Tuesday's programme.


First tonight, the dramatic explosion at a kebab shop in


Leicester. The police have just confirmed it's now a murder inquiry.


In another development, a taxi driver and his passengers have told


us they're thankful to be alive. The cab they were in was just yards


from the shop when the building exploded, killing a man inside.


Speaking exclusively to the BBC, the pair described the terrifying


moment when they heard the blast and saw a ball of fire light up


Narborough Road in Leicester, from Good evening, this explosion has


now turned into a murder enquiry. It was not the dog unit that found


the body buried here under the rubble but the demolition workers


brought in to clear the site. I spent the day with the taxi driver


and his passenger who have told me their exclusive story about having


narrowly avoided becoming victims of this explosion.


As we came round the corner, we heard a loud bang and the street


lit up Orange with massive flames. And there were bricks and glass and


I put my hands over my head, I did not know what was happening. I


thought, that is it, not, what is happening? I thought, this is the


end. It was terrible. Danielle Johnson were on their way home from


Leicester when the taxi drove past a kebab shop just as it exploded.


It was horrible, like something on a film. We were screaming and the


taxi driver slammed his brakes and did not know what was happening. I


feel really lucky to be here today. Had it been two seconds different,


it might have been different. Hafeji had been driving a taxi and


described his frightening experience. Before I crossed the


junction of Narborough Road, I saw a flame coming from the takeaway


and before I knew it, it just exploded and debris was flying


everywhere. A large a bit I believe was a metal shutter flew over the


car -- a large object. It hit a building. I feel lucky to be here


today. A passer-by filmed the intensity of the fire on a mobile


phone. People are gathering to watch, seemingly unaware of the


dangers. A day on and investigators have been meticulously examining


the rubble where the body was found. Neighbouring businesses have also


been clearing up. Because of the explosion, the restaurant window


was blown in and destroyed the restaurant upstairs, so we have to


close the restaurant for a month. Nobody is coming here because they


are frightened of what is going on. I think it will affect every


business in the neighbourhood. evening, police are still


questioning four women and two men. The clear-up operation is still


going on here. The latest update from the police is that a post-


mortem examination has been carried out on the man who was killed here,


but police are not revealing his identity until they have contacted


his family. Regarding the four women and two men arrested,


detectives have been granted extra time from magistrates. In terms of


the police investigation, interviews are continuing today, --


today, tomorrow and over the coming days, but they are appealing for


anyone in the area around 2:20pm yesterday to contact them or


Crimestoppers confidentially. Next - dramatic pictures caught by


our cameras on the streets of Leicester within the last hour.


These were the scenes in the St Nicholas Circle area as armed


police moved in to make an arrest. It is understood they took away a


man near the Bar Gaudi. More on that incident as we get it.


A man accused of the murder of Caroline Coyne has been remanded in


custody. Carl Powell, from Nottingham, appeared via a video


link at the city's Crown Court to make a bail application. He also


denies two separate charges under the Sexual Offences Act. Mike


O'Sullivan has this report. On a video link, 23-year-old Carl


Powell from Calton in Nottingham appeared at the City's Crown Court,


charged with the murder of 28-year- old Caroline Coyne. She was found


dead with head injuries in the front garden of a house in four new


would mount in Nottingham on July the 23rd. Today, the application


for bail of Carl Powell was refused and he was remanded in custody


until December. At times, Carl Powell rested his chin on his hands


as he listened. He has not entered a formal plea yet but contests the


allegation of murder. He also faces two separate charges at Nottingham


magistrates' court under the Sexual Offences Act. It is alleged they


were committed against a female on August 24th. He has pleaded not


guilty and is you -- and will face those matters on September 5th.


This is East Midlands Today. Still to come.


All the bank holiday weekend sport, with a very special piece of


silverware! And the weather statistics for August. Find out why


the East Midlands were shining above other parts of the UK later.


-- was shining. The government has announced it is


to delay a decision on who will win a new multi-billion pound rail


contract. That decision is of course keenly anticipated in Derby.


There was anger and disappointment in the city - and across the


country - when local trainmaker Bombardier missed out on the


Thameslink contract, leading to huge job cuts. So could the order


for new trains for London Crossrail provide a lifeline for Bombardier's


workforce? Here's our political editor, John Hess.


Crossrail will link West and East London, and will initially need 60


new trains. The decision has been delayed to early 2012. Crossrail


says that is to "allow the conclusions of the government's


review of public procurement to be taken into account." Bombardier


said today the news was "welcome and understandable." After


Bombardier lost out to Siemens on the last big contract, Conservative


MP Pauline Latham led local MPs to see the Prime Minister.


I think it gives them more of a chance because before, we have not


been able to look at the social context of the bids. This time,


because the government have listened, I think they will look at


that, and that is much more positive for companies generally in


this country, particularly for Bombardier. So there are now four


contenders for the Crossrail contract. Bombardier of Derby, the


Spanish -based multi-national CAF, Hitachi Rail Europe and Siemens.


But Labour MP Chris Williamson insists the original Thameslink


contract remains the priority. It is good news and bad news. It is


good the government is reviewing the specification. The bad news is


it could be too late. Unless they change the decision over Thameslink,


vital to the future of Bombardier, the company could collapse in the


UK altogether. Well, the way these huge rail contracts are awarded


will be scrutinised in Parliament next Wednesday, when Bombardier and


Siemens, and the government's Transport Secretary Philip Hammond,


all give evidence to MPs. The Red Arrows have resumed


training from their base in Lincolnshire after the death of one


of their pilots. Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, from Morcott near


Oakham, was killed in a crash shortly after performing at the


Bournemouth Air Festival just over a week ago. The whole fleet was


grounded for a time. Now they will resume flying with a formation of


eight planes instead of nine. Children starting secondary school


are being warned they are most at risk of being killed on the roads.


The Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership says 11 to 16 year olds


are more likely to be killed or injured than any other age group.


They are urging pupils not to listen to music or use their mobile


phones while crossing the road. Consultants have been brought in to


one of our biggest hospital trusts to help slash millions of pounds


from spending. At the end of July, the University


Hospitals of Leicester had been overspending to the tune of nearly


�3 million a month. But managers predict they'll soon be breaking


even. Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons, reports.


They serve a population of around 1 million, so talk about the running


costs of Leicester's NHS hospitals and the numbers of big, �2 million


a day. Figures showed the Trust was overspent by more than �11 million


in the first four months of the financial year. Consultants will


look at savings, but this campaigner says this strategy is


not without risk. It is good to have fresh eyes looking at problems,


which you have to count -- to take account the effect on morale of


those people who stay. What messages the sending to messengers


-- to managers? There is a cost improvement programme involving


taking out three -- taking out the GAA �0.3 million. It was on track


in July to deliver two thirds of what is needed. The focus is on


modernising services that cost too much and there is pressure not to


rely so heavily on agency staff. And there is a question of raising


car-parking charges. One manager recently reminded colleagues, which


are the National Health Service, not the National car-parks.


A judge has warned a former police officer that he may be jailed after


being found guilty of assaulting a man he was trying to arrest.


The court heard that Timothy Allatt, who's 33, hit Jake Bramley, threw


him against a wall and kicked him during the incident in Nottingham


last year. Angelina Socci reports. Timothy Allatt had served with


Nottinghamshire police for 11 years. In July last year, he was called to


reports of a stolen car. The court was told the suspect, Jake Bramley,


jumped out of the vehicle and ran off. Timothy Allatt chased and


attempted to arrest him and hit Jake Bramley, threw him against a


wall and dragged him to the floor before kicking him in the chest.


Timothy Allatt admitted hitting him but said he used a recognised


arrest techniques. The judge said she believed Timothy Allatt had


struck Jake Bramley in the face with forced which was not just or


reasonable. And she did not believe Jake Bramley had acted aggressively


or Timothy Allatt would have felt under threat. She said a sustained


assault had taken place on a member of the public by a serving police


officer and it was a gross breach of trust. She found Timothy Allatt


guilty and said a custodial sentence would have to be


considered. He will be sentenced on 20th September. He was dismissed


from the forced following a misconduct hearing involving a


separate incident, that he assaulted a man walking home drunk


in 2010. The CPS did not bring a criminal charge but the Independent


Police Complaints Commission said today the level of force used by


Timothy Allatt on both occasions was unjustifiable and excessive.


Figures from the Department of Health show 19% of people in the


East Midlands smoke. That's compared with 21% across England as


a whole. Research suggests one in two smokers will die of a smoking-


related disease. Health experts are trying to encourage more people to


quit by using their local NHS Stop Smoking Service. Digital switchover


is completed in this region tonight and the old analogue signal will be


switched off for good at midnight. It will mean retuning to the new


digital channels tomorrow. There is help for anyone who's having


trouble. There is the phone number. And we'll be repeating that number


before the end of the programme. Hundreds of staff at


Nottinghamshire Police have been on strike today in a dispute


redundancies at the force. The force says the first eight hours of


strike action had no impact on services. Anthony Bartram reports.


Civilian staff are striking over cost-cutting measures up by the


Nottinghamshire force. Unison members have voted for the walkout,


claiming some staff are being made needlessly redundant. By the nature


of the work they do and their loyalty and surface, they are not


militant people. The fact so many of voting in frame-up -- in favour


of industrial action and strike action indicate real concerns.


Nottinghamshire police employees 750 civilian staff and has already


made many redundant as it plans to save �45 million by 2015. The


action involves staff working in support roles across the force,


from from line to forensics, cell blocks to 999 control rooms.


public will notice a different because we value our staff and the


work they do. And when people go on strike, it services will be


affected. The critical functions will be staffed and we will make


sure people are kept safe and well. You have to look at what is


happening to police forces not only here but across the country and the


region, they are faced with 20% of cuts in real terms in their central


government grant and that is putting chief constables in an


impossible situation. We are seeing reductions in police staff numbers


across the region, and I think the people will find that


incomprehensible. We have asked the government to think again and they


should do. There is a plan to deal with this strike and a second


walkout on Friday, and 999 calls will still be answered, it has been


promised. Now time for the sport!


And a giant paperweight! Yes, it looks fantastic, doesn't


it? From rank outsiders to t20 Champions, Leicestershire have


brought the Cup in dramatic fashion at the weekend. Talisman Paul Nixon


is with us very soon. He's not the only one celebrating though,


because the Derby County goalkeeper Frank Fielding has earned his


second England call-up. He's replaced the injured Rob Green for


the Euro 2012 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Wales. His club,


though, go into the international break off the back of their first


defeat of the season. Here's Ross Fletcher.


Fly has been brilliant for Derby. Well let's hope England manager


Fabio Capello was not watching the home defeat by Burnley. -- Frank


Fielding has been brilliant. An uncharacteristic mistake from the


usually unflappable Rams keeper. Burnley had already hit the post


before they took the lead through Charlie Austin. It really was not


Derby's day. Twice they had chances cleared off the line and after four


straight wins, manager Nigel Clough did not want to criticise his team.


Robinson scoring what proved to be a consolation. And just to reassure


you, Frank Fielding kept the score down with a couple of top-drawer


saves. His England call-up is richly deserved.


There was welcome first for Leicester here over leaders


Southampton. The foxes were two up and cruising. De Riaz Purcell and


Richie Wellins with the goals. Rickie Lambert put through his own


net to restore Leicester's chances. David Connolly made things tight,


but it was relief full Sven Goran Eriksson whose transfer spending


has not stopped yet with a Bristol City striker, and Nicky Maynard,


back on the agenda. And Nicky Maynard's presence could


be because Leicester have just had eight 6.5 million bit turned down


by Scottish giants Rangers. Nottingham Forest's season will be


decided over the next 28 hours, according to manager Steve McClaren.


He says Sunday's humiliation at the hands of West Ham exposed the


club's need for new players before the transfer window shuts tomorrow


night. The defending, Steve McLaren said,


it was like nothing he had seen for years as Forest conceded an own


goal, gave Kevin Nolan freedom and the penalty area, the lesson was


clear. It is nothing we have not known and we have to do work in the


next few days to redress what we have been saying. We will know the


ambitions of this club and the next few days. They have been good sides,


Miller is a good acquisition and then that was found as a


consolation on Sunday. But if reinforcement is needed, isn't --


is Steve McLaren confident are getting them? That is a good


question. We will see. And as I say, I think for two years, a lot of


people have been frustrated. Now I understand why. Just one question


remains. If you do not get what you want? It is going to be a long


season. That is interesting. There was an


extraordinary goal in Notts County's two-nil defeat at Preston


- the goalkeeper scored. Yes, the keeper. This is Iain Turner's


clearance which turned into so much more - embarrassment for the Notts


keeper Stuart Nelson and no doubt the drinks were on his opposite


number on Saturday night. So, back to that Friends Provident


t20 Trophy - here it is - and the victorious Leicestershire Foxes.


They were the outsiders to win on Finals Day, but came through a


dramatic one over eliminator in the semi and then crushed Somerset in


the final. With me is Foxes' veteran Paul Nixon, who might just


have to delay his retirement again now. What a day, Paul, how do you


feel now looking back on it? It is almost like a dream, it was surreal.


We could not have written the script more perfectly. Everybody


came to the party at the right time and played tremendous cricket,


handled the pressure. We deserved to win. Quite some celebrations!


went on until about 6am! Amazing for you all, really,


because you were complete outsiders throughout. Which is strange,


because we have been to four finals and we have won two and last two,


we proved them wrong! What was the difference? We had more guys that


could clear the boundary, and two good spinners. And everybody was


ranked high. What about you? You say your body's


not quite up to it any more, but you took at least one spectacular


catch. I really enjoyed that moment! The form of Matthew voice


was in, I am sure he would have caught it! -- a voice. You work


hard and strain hard for those catches and to pull that out


against the make man -- against the big man, one of the biggest hitters


been that the world, that is great. He looks even better in slow


motion! Now you get to go to the Champions


League in India. Great for the club, yes? A great pay-day for the club.


It is first phase, so hopefully we will qualify. You were supposed to


have your game -- your last game three weeks ago.


And you, are you going to wear the gloves for one last tournament?


will rinse the champagne out of my gloves and take them over, we


really excited. Is your future with Leicestershire? Yes, I will do some


coaching with the guys. And a few other projects away from the game,


so plenty going on. This victory will have made a great final


chapter. And a fantastic trophy, find you for bringing it in. Take


that away and keep it safe before anyone knocks it over!


So, back to that Friends Provident t20 Trophy - here it is - and the


victorious Leicestershire Foxes. Thanks, Paul. Leicestershire


actually paraded their trophy at the match with the touring Indian


side at Grace Road yesterday. Lots of great pictures from a great day


to come before the end of the programme.


Two well dones to finish with - one is to Hurdler Andy Turner, who took


bronze in bizarre fashion at the World Championships in South Korea.


He finished fourth, but the winner - Cuban Dayron Robles - was


disqualified for accidentally catching hold of the runner in the


lane next to him. A medal for Turner - a huge pre-2012 boost.


The other well done is also to bronze medallists - both the men's


and women's England hockey sides took third place in the Euro Hockey


Championships. Five East Midlanders were in the men's team - who might


actually have been hoping for gold at these games, but picked


themselves up to win the third place play-off. And there were


eight Leicester Ladies in the Women's side, but it was actually a


Nottinghamshire girl who scored the goals. West Bridgford's Helen


Richardson getting both in the bronze medal match. Bravo.


Nice to have a sport full of congratulations! I hope it carries


A truly outstanding weekend of cricket in Leicester - and to see


just what it meant to the city, our reporter, Sumeer Kalyani, joined


thousands of fans at Grace Road watching India take on


Leicestershire. Not quite the stadium of Calcutta,


but still plenty of home support for the Indian cricket team.


Despite being beaten by England, thousands of fans still turned up


to see their heroes. Great to see we can come here and see the


players, families together, amazing. It is cracking! Having a great time,


a fantastic feeling, everyone is in a great mood, family and friends,


top date X Mack the visit to Grace Road has also been made more


memorable for the Indian captain who has been made an honorary


doctorate of Letters, and this was a first for de Montfort University.


Be so is a national and international first, to confer an


honorary degree on someone who is a winning captain, but to do it here


is marvellous stuff like it was supposed to be a practice game for


the Indians but has been a chance for the Foxes to check out their


opponents ahead of their tournament in the sub-continent this year.


Leicestershire lying down after their exertions over the weekend


They apparently only had a few hours' sleep!


They did well! Time for the weather. Not cricketing weather but things


For August, it has been drier than average so not good for farmers,


but also warmer than normal for the East Midlands despite the rest of


the UK having a chilly August. And the sum of 2011 has been the


cruellest since 1993. -- the summer. It will stay dry and cloudy


overnight. Thank you to Nicola for this beautiful sunset taken over


the weekend. Thank you for everybody's pictures. We are


dominated by this area of high pressure. Despite that, it has been


fairly cloudy today and that will continue through this evening and


overnight. The cloud could bring light rain for a time before it


gets drier overnight. Are a few clear spells towards Wednesday


morning, temperatures down to a minimum of 11 Celsius. Tomorrow


will start dry, you might see bright spells first thing. Clouding


over again but hopeful of back- breaking a bit into the afternoon.


Temperatures, quite cool for this time of the year tomorrow, at a


maximum of 17 Celsius. That high pressure has moved towards the


north-east of the UK, it was state into Thursday, but it will stay


cloudy. Into Friday, we should start to see more sunshine,


temperatures also starting to recover. 20, 21 degrees. And into


the weekend, it dry and settled on Saturday. Temperatures of 21


degrees, so perfect weather for Chatsworth on Friday and Saturday,


so say hello to was! Just a reminder - retune the telly


tomorrow, as digital switchover in this region completes tonight. Here


is the number in case of problems. And we'll be looking at common


switchover problems here on East Midlands Today - that's tomorrow at


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