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This is East Midlands Today with Kylie Pentelow and me, Dominic


Heale. Did doctors leave a father to die?


A family claim they do not resuscitate order was placed


without their permission. Nobody had mentioned the possibility of


the order being put on. I was just absolutely distraught really.


Also tonight: of the kebab house explosion, a witness saw a man


running from the scene. Plus the French travellers enjoying


a holiday in a busy Leicester roundabout. She has come back to


England because they've been here before and they find it very pretty.


And from a blot on the landscape to a beauty spot, an old mining


Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First tonight, the man who was left


to die after doctors decided it wouldn't be right to try to save


him. Bill Bilbie had been admitted to hospital just days beforehand.


His family say they should've been consulted over his treatment. And


in an email sent to them in error, a senior doctor admitted that


mistakes were made. Simon Hare reports.


Cards of empathy for the loss of a much loved husband and father. He


died at the cue MC in Nottingham last week. -- the QMC. Finally, the


doctor admitted that they didn't tried to resuscitate you to the


order. The medical notes had been mocked do not resuscitate. I felt


sick, absolutely physically sick. The fact that it had not been


discussed, nobody had even mentioned the possibility. I was


just absolutely distraught. In a subsequent e-mail, inadvertently


sent to a friend, the medical director said that although it


appeared to be the right clinical decision, we failed to communicate


that proper decision to the daughter. They just said that they


didn't know that I was next of kin because they hadn't looked out the


paperwork. I basically said that I cannot believe that anybody would


make a life-or-death decision without checking the facts first.


Guidelines issued by the British Medical Association and the Royal


College of Nursing say that these orders should only be issued after


discussion with patients or the family. His family has now made a


formal complaint to the hospital. It has launched an investigation


and apologised for the breakdown in communication. Officials say the


man did receive the correct quality of care.


Earlier, I asked Derbyshire GP Dr Ben Lobo to outline the rights that


families and patients have as they near the end of their life. It is


important to acknowledge that this is a complex and sensitive matter,


but patients have like -- rights in law. With patience to have the


ability to make their own decisions, they usually go through a process


with the doctors and nurses about treatment decisions. Patients have


an independent right in law to make an advanced decision to refuse


treatment, even refusing life- sustaining treatment. That can be


legally binding on doctors and nurses. Should their families


always be told, no matter whose decision it was? Should the


relatives be told? It depends upon of the decision and the context of


that decision. Good practice is to include many people in that


decision and the sharing of that decision where it adds to the care


and support the best care for the patient. In certain circumstances,


say, where the patient says I do not want to share that information,


doctors and nurses have to make sure they look after the


confidentiality issues. In most circumstances, doctors and nurses


should make contact and communicate well with the family and friends.


Two doctors, commissions ultimately have the final say? It depends how


that decision is made. In an emergency, when there is no clear


decision being made in advance, doctors are compelled to make their


best interests decision for their patient. Doctors are accountable.


They just cannot make decisions on a whim. There are protections in


place to support patience and the decision-making process. This is an


emotional time for the family but it seems the difficulties are


coming down to communication problems. Communication is the most


powerful to all of getting quality of care better. If you can, take


time to have a conversation in advance, to plan ahead, take time


to talk and doctors and nurses made -- need to make time to listen


effectively and explore expectations and ideas. If that is


done well, it avoids many of the crisis.


-- crises. There are claims tonight that a man


wearing a balaclava mask was seen running from the scene of an


explosion that killed a shop worker at a fast food outlet on


Leicester's Narborough Road. It comes as the police named the


victim as Fiaz Ahmed Ansari. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


This is where the explosion happened at 2:20am on Monday. All


the rubble has been clear the way from what was once a kebab shop. --


clear away. It was thought that no one was injured at first but during


site clearance on Monday, a body was discovered. Today, the police


named the victim. This is his photograph they few days before,


whilst on his way to a contractor who had worked on the job. It has


been a shock. He was genuine, good for the area, he mixed in and was


doing everything right. I've spoken to one eyewitness from the night of


the blast. The eyewitness says a man wearing a balaclava was seen


running from the scene seconds after the explosion. He dropped


some sort of back and got into a car. The police have arrested for


women and two men. They are still being questioned. This is a murder


investigation and they are appealing for anyone who saw any


suspicious activity in the area to get in contact with them.


This is East Midlands Today, later in the programme: it's transfer


deadline day and Natalie's got news from Leicester city.


A crowd has gathered at Leicester City. A Premier League player is


expected any minute now. Find out In other news tonight: Fire crews


have evacuated homes in a village in Leicestershire after a gas main


caught fire. It happened this lunchtime on Riverside Walk in


Ashfordby. Fire crews evacuated homes within a 100 metres of the


fire which spread to a house and a caravan.


A little girl, who prompted a huge police search when she was reported


wandering alone in a city street at dusk yesterday night, has been


found safe and well. 60 officers started searches and house to house


inquiries in Arnold in Nottingham, after a concerned woman told the


police the little girl was out alone. Today, it was confirmed the


girl had in fact returned home last night, soon after being spotted


here on Coppice Road. The police had this advice for anyone finding


a vulnerable child. Our advice is don't be afraid to get involved.


However, don't take the child away from the area. Find out from the


child with a need to be in contact with and then seek assistance.


Phone as an seek assistance from people near by.


-- phone us and seek assistance.The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Councillor


Robert Wann, is at the centre of allegations that he was able to


dodge fines for parking near the council's headquarters, while other


motorists had to pay up. Now there are calls for an


independent investigation by the Standards Board of England. Let's


get more from our Political Editor, John Hess. John, what's the


background to this? The allegation is that he had


parking tickets with fines totalling up to �450, when he


parked his car outside the city council's New Walk administrative


offices. But after he alerted council officials, the parking


tickets were either cancelled or written off. Rob Wann is one of


Leicester's most senior Labour politicians and a former chairman


of Leicestershire's police authority. He took over the


ceremonial role of Lord Mayor in May, the same time that Sir Peter


Soulsby was elected Leicester's first City Mayor. It's Mayor


Soulsby, now its most powerful politician, who lodged a formal


complaint. I understand leaked documents reveal that Councillor


Wann, the current Lord Mayor, had allegedly evaded fines on five to


seven occasions. So, will there be an inquiry?


An internal inquiry by a small committee of city councillors,


described to me as far too cosy, ruled out referring the Lord Mayor


to the powerful Standards Board of England. That's the organisation


that investigates complaints of misconduct in local government.


Instead, it's been left to the council's chief legal officer to


consider the next move. But that's angered Mayor Soulsby. He says


given the prominence of the councillor involved, the issue


needs to be dealt with independently and transparently. As


for Rob Wann, he told me he's making no public comment while any


investigation continues. Tonight, as Lord Mayor, he'll carry out his


civic duties as normal. He's due to attend a reception at Oadby on


Anglo-Indian trade. Around a dozen French travellers


who set up their home on a roundabout in Leicester have been


given notice to leave the site. It's the second time the group have


come to the city. Helen Astle reports.


I have a notice from the council... The travellers have been on the


roundabout for four days. The police and the council are worried.


We have no stopping of places in Leicestershire for them to go to,


any transit sites. There are very few throughout the country. We try


to tolerate travellers and a lot of areas. Unfortunately, in this area,


it is a busy road and a distraction to drivers. It is dangerous for the


children. This is what they wanted to do. They have always moved


around and they continue to do so. Their lives are not particularly


sad. They are living at the life they want to live. Rebecca told me,


through a translator, why she is in Leicester. She has come back to


England because they've been here before and they find it pretty.


They wanted to come back here and see it again. How does she feel


about being asked to leave the side? Because we are travelling


people, we are used to that and so when the police come, we play our


role and removal long. All of the travellers here have now been


served a notice to quit the site. The ones I've spoken to have told


me that they will leave by tomorrow night. If they don't, the council


will take them to court to have them evicted.


Derbyshire's air ambulance helped in a dramatic rescue of 22 people


stuck on a fairground ride in Skegness yesterday. One woman was


left with serious head injuries, others suffered minor injuries. Air


ambulance staff have described it as an unusual scenario, with the


ride on its side with people stuck inside and others trapped high up.


A shoplifter with a history of violent and racially abusive


behaviour has been banned from the Sneinton area of Nottingham for two


years. James Anderson, who's 50, subjected staff and customers to


abuse over a six month period. He was seen intimidating staff on 13


different occasions, including threatening to set his dog on them.


The court order lasts until August 2013.


Now the clever people who are in charge of making all our TVs


digital have spent the whole day helping those who are a little


confused about the big switchover that happened last night.


Yes, they've been at a roadshow in Nottingham answering your questions


after the analogue signal from the Waltham transmitter was turned off.


If your TV, or in fact your brain, is still a little fuzzy, don't


worry. We have an expert on our sofa, Megan Lewis from Digital UK.


So, Megan what are the common issues today? The switch-over has


gone well and the questions we've been getting are the sort of things


we would expect. People are wanting help with retuning. There is an


overlap area which is not unusual. Sometimes, people will put up a


different news service. We have been helping people to get their


preferred news service back. Other than that, people seem to have


dealt with it well and there is still lots of help available if


people want to contact us all look at our website. People might be


tempted to hire a TV repair man or woman. Would you advise against


that? I would advise against it. Virtually all the issues can be


resolved by having a chat with the staff on our advice line all


looking at our website. Hopefully by this time, all your viewers will


be switched. They can guide you through, can't they? The person on


the phone so as to push different buttons. They chat whilst she was


sacked by the television and will talk you through the process, until


you are happy that it is sought a. A so double say that some of the


channels are fuzzy... -- some of the people I have spoken to say the


channels are fuzzy. People tried to retuned too early and may have not


had the full strength at that point. If people retune at teatime, all


the TV channels should be there. There is a helpline as well.


You're watching East Midlands Today. Still to come: she normally fixes


up houses, now Sarah Beeny helps Food companies here are being


offered help to export their goods to Asia. And it could make them


millions. Top of the list, selling curry made


in the East Midlands to India. It may sound strange but experts says


the opportunities are not to be sniffed at. Paul Bradshaw reports.


Lifting the lid on a global market worth billions. Food manufacturers


in the East Midlands know how to make good Indian food. Now they are


learning how to export that expertise back to India. The global


economy and the world is changing. India is now a major power base. I


think we in Britain or, even though our parents came from India, we


need to tap into that huge growth that India is having now and will


continue to have. Halle region is not short of big name food


manufacturers. -- our region. Companies like us recognise the


enormous growth potential of building export markets with India.


It is a great opportunity for the East Midlands and companies based


in the East Midlands to export and create more employment, more


businesses and also the employment in the supply chain. A last year,


trade between the two countries was worth �10 billion. Whilst imports


from India grew by 27 %, the export market has increased by almost 40 %.


Anything that raises the appreciation and understanding of


the need to export our products and services around the world has to be


a good thing. In this part of the world, we have a particular benefit


of having an Asian community producing Asian products which are


eminently exportable. Whilst these curries are bound for supermarket


shelves, further down the line, they could be heading much further


afield. The Nottingham chef Sat Bains is


encouraging people to host coffee mornings to help raise money for


charity. The Michelin-starred chef is backing a national campaign by


Macmillan Cancer Support. The idea is to get people across the country


to hold coffee mornings on the 30th September. Sat Bains says Macmillan


nurses were invaluable when his own grandmother was ill. I remember


them this is coming. They used to support her. I didn't know who they


were but they used to stay with her through the night. It was


incredible. They were like angels. I was 20 years of age and it was an


emotional time. We are in a position now where we can support


it as much as we can. There was talk of a new signing for


Leicester City! It is... This is the last chance this year for clubs


to buy players. A small crowd had gathered here tonight because we


are expecting at Premier League player to arrive. We understand


that Everton striker Jermaine Beckford could be joining Leicester


City. The club have been linked with a number of strikers today. We


must say that but Beckford has apparently accepted a bid, Everton


have accepted a bid. Beckford is a highly rated striker and it is a


big deal because it would be a cool if Leicester attracted him here. --


-- a coup. We understand that Jermaine Beckford will be coming


here this evening and will be in talks with the club. Let's have a


look at the rest of the activity today.


The busiest club today has been Leicester City. Sven Goran Eriksson


boss macro phone has been hot all day. 1:00pm and the Swede was coy


about so -- signing Jermaine Beckford. It is enough to look at


his goalscoring record. There is a suggestion that it has been


accepted. Is that not true? comment. But by mid-afternoon,


Everton had accepted a bid from It is all quite at Derby County but


Nottingham Forest striker Joe Vagana should sign for Watford. No


one was available to comment today but at the weekend, Steve McLaren


showed his frustration. This continues the season... There are


reasons which we have been talking about for two years and have


continued this year. We have to do some work in the next few days to


address what we have been saying all along. And Notts County...


Nothing to report for Martin Allen with the bulk of his business


having been done in the beginning of the window.


Back here, no sign of Jermaine Beckford yet but the club's


officials and hierarchy are working very hard this evening to try to


bring in a striker. 12 Cricket -- on to cricket, and England are


playing India in the T20 match at Old Trafford. Nottinghamshire's


Alex Hales is making his debut in the side. He's one of four Notts


players in the team - captain Stuart Broad, Samit Patel and


Graeme Swann are the others. Leicestershire have let go a player


today. They are in action this evening against Middlesex. They are


about 303 runs behind so not a good day for Leicestershire. At


Leicester City, we are hoping for the arrival of a new player this


evening and will bring you the latest in our late bulletin.


Up until the late '80s, the Nottinghamshire village of Newstead


was lively and bustling. The local coal mine brought money into the


area and created jobs. 20 years on though the villagers


thought it needed some TLC. So they called in the BBC programme Village


SOS with presenter Sarah Beeney and in turn received a Lottery grant of


more than �400,000. With that they've transformed old


pit tips into a thriving country park as Jonathan Cecil found out.


Newstead was a thriving mining community with social clubs,


doctors' surgeries and shops, all paid for by mining. On the edge of


the village is a 220 acre site, once used to dump mining waste, and


that is where the community are to build a country park. Where do you


start? When everyone is out of work, it is a struggle. Michael runs a


charity which helps young people by teaching them fishing. We were very


interested in engaging them in the local community as well as


education because it is important having young people on board if you


are going to do anything in the village. He wants to transform the


pond into a fishing lake with a state-of-the-art visitors' centre


which could be a helpful local activities and possesses. But he


has not been alone. The BBC's village SOS has been filming for


the last year and they were successful in getting money from


the lottery fund. 20 year-old Ashley works for the charity and


will be heavily involved in the project. He is eager to see his


mates help out. It has had a positive impact and we are just at


the start. This is not just going to last a year, it will be an


ongoing project. There will be opportunities for work within the


park. They also had help from a business mentor to take their


vision forward. You cannot create a country park from scratch within a


year but we have laid 10,000 hedgers, created hundreds of acres


of fencing, you can probably see the building behind me that has the


largest single tower wall in the world. That was built with over 100


members of the local community hand building and packing those tyres.


We've done an amazing job and have engaged well over 50 % of the


community in this project in some way. The community is celebrating


their success so far with a festival, featuring big-name bands


at the side from the 9th to 11th September. The profits will further


We have had a cloudy wheat so far but we are hopeful of things


becoming brighter as we head towards the end of the week.


Tonight, cloudy and mostly dry. The small chance they are clad will


thicken. -- the crowd will thicken. Temperatures will drop down to 11


Celsius for most of us. Colder in some rural spots. Tomorrow, the


cloud will thin during the day and it will brighten up into the


afternoon. Temperatures still quite cold at around 18 on 19 Celsius.


That is 66 Fahrenheit. On Thursday, as we going to Friday, we will see


an unsubtle day. It will be a dry day with quite a bit of sunshine


expected. That will be reflected in the temperatures. They will creep


up a little bit, a high of 22-23 Celsius. Into Saturday, the cold


front will slowly move its weight in during the day so Saturday will


start of dry but the cloud will increase and the rain will push in


later on into the afternoon. The warm weather stays with us across


the weekend. Saturday is looking at around 22 degrees. Sunday, some dry


and settled conditions around but we are expecting some rain.


Temperatures will drop off a little bit. Not doing too bad for


September which it will be by the News Justin, a man has been


arrested over the death of a three- year-old boy in Derbyshire. The


child was taken to hospital in Derby a serious injuries on Tuesday


afternoon. He was later transferred to


Nottingham where he died this afternoon. A 21 year-old man has


been arrested and remains in custody. Police say they are


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