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top story tonight: Arrested at gunpoint. The innocent


passer-by mistaken for a bank robber. Neil Evans spent 16 hours


and a cell after being held by armed police. They handcuffed me,


dropped into my knees, went through my pockets. Then there taser, a


policeman shuddered, if you move again, I will put 10,000 volts


through your body. Also tonight, law and disorder.


Young people debate the cause of the riots. You talking about


engaging with young people and asking them to give you the answers.


But you're the ones that want �80,000 a year driving about with


your four-by-fours. Deal with the problem.


A last weekend at home as our soldiers head back to Helmand.


nervous and worried. You can't say you're not worried because you've


got the chance of dying. What about that for an entrance?


Joined the later one of the live from the Chatsworth show. -- joined


me later from the live Chatsworth show.


Welcome to Friday's programme. I'm Dominic Heale. And first tonight, a


man who was wrongfully arrested at gunpoint on a city street has been


talking about his ordeal. Neil Evans was surrounded by armed


police, threatened with a taser and spent 16 hours in a cell. Police in


Leicester thought Mr Evans had robbed a bank. He's been speaking


to Helen Astle. This was the moment when Neil Evans


was arrested by armed officers on Tuesday. Neil, from Wales, had been


taking a break from working in Leicester. Two police cars were


parked down the bottom, drove up towards me and parked right by the


side of me. So I stood there and looked. It must have been 30


seconds before they got out. They got out of the van. They started


screaming, hands on your head. I took one look around, to see if it


was me they were dropping to. They handcuffed me, dropped me to my


knees, went through my pockets. Then a police officer with a taser


shouted, if you move again, I will put 10,000 volts through your body,


so by that time I was starting to get really worried. I just thought


it was a big joke. I was expecting Jeremy Beadle to come out! Go was


down on my knees asking them what I have done. -- I was dominies. They


were shouting at me, you have rocked the National Building


Society. That is when it started. - - you have dropped. Neil spent 16


hours in a sale. They opened the cell door. They said pick up your


stuff. They gave me a lift back to the hotel, but there wasn't an


apology. Neil is now looking to go back home to recover from the


experience. And tonight Leicestershire Police


have told us they have since apologised to Mr Evans and say no


further action will be taken against him.


Last month's riots were a sign of 'moral collapse', according to


David Cameron. He told the BBC this morning that those responsible need


to be shown some 'tough love'. But in Nottingham, there's a different


approach. There, young people have been invited to put officials on


the spot to talk about the cause of the troubles and to question the


opportunities available to teenagers and young adults. Simon


Rhetoric was replaced with a rapid not to impose my council chamber


today. Young people aged 13-25 came to question major decision-makers.


And make their voice -- and make their voice heard about the debate


about the riots. There is not a lot to do. People are not being


listened to. It is a number of things that have come together.


people that I saw in the riots felt powerless before. I got quite a few


messages on Facebook being invited down to it. Those people are still


walking about free on the streets. I was on Victoria Centre. I shook


my friends hand. I was accused of try to sell him drugs. If you don't


know about hip-hop, you're not gonna get access. Martin Glynn is a


criminologist who has worked with one of the world's toughest games.


Listen to the voices of these young people, whether right or wrong.


There is not the issue. The voice is -- the issue is they must be


The PM repeated his view that of the riots were pure criminality but


this debate as says that many people in Nottingham believe that


cuts in education and youth services and a sense of social


inequality also played a role. are hoping that decision-makers


will make pledges as a result of today's event. They will promise to


make even a small change in relation to how they work with or


involve young people in the decisions made.


A man will appear in court tomorrow morning, accused of murdering a


three-year-old boy in Leicestershire. Dylan Crean from


Albert Village near Swadlincote was airlifted to hospital with serious


injuries, but died on Wednesday. The man, who's 21, also faces two


counts of actual bodily harm. He'll appear before Loughborough


Magistrates. Police civilian staff in


Nottinghamshire walked out today for the second time this week. The


24-hour strike by some Unison members follows a row about how


redundancies are being handled. Police managers say Tuesday's


action had a minimal effect on services. But the union disputes


this and says it's had more support today. Several hundred East


Midlands soldiers are heading off to Afghanistan from next week. The


Mercian regiment 1st Battalion The Rifles is beat gaining its 4th tour


of duty -- is beginning his 4th tour of duty in a country are


reporting of the, is have died. For many of their soldiers this is


their last weekend at home with friends and family. Our social


affairs correspondent reports. In towns and villages across the


East Midlands, boys next door are heading off to war. Pat Ford is


taking a secret weapon. Pat's guitar is being sent to hell man to


help boost morale. He was training as a music teacher before joining


the Army. I will see change if there are schools opening. I will


Of course I'm worried. I'm worried when he goes out on a night out in


Leicester! But, you know, I'm bound to be worried. I'm his mother.


man will be one of the younger soldiers in Helmand, he has just


turned 18. He is preparing to leave his little brother and sister in


Derbyshire. We have done pash to language. I know how to say what's


your name? And how to say my name. I am excited but worried. You can't


say you're not worried. Because you've got the chance of dying.


Kyle Smith from Nottinghamshire lost one of his best friends and


Afghanistan. Last year, Prince Charles awarded him a top military


honour for braving heavy gunfire to rescue two injured comrades. And he


was second-in-command at this team as they trained for the latest


deployment. Just having a conversation with the lads helps a


lot, it takes it off your mind and it changed me. I look at things in


a different way. Perspectives, you realise what you've got at home,


and how they live and what you've got. You respect everything you've


got and you grow up a lot as well. I got back home more of a man.


Jamie Mumby is preparing for his first tour of duty. His mum is


supporting the Mercian regiment, too, by selling these wristbands


for charity. Anyone can work in a shop, pull a pint behind the bar.


But they don't really experience the thrill and adrenalin pumping


through you. Friends come to me and says to me, were you devastated


he's going to Afghanistan? SA, no, this is what he wants to do. This


is positive, he wants to be a soldier. These are the faces behind


the uniform. Neighbours, schoolmates and sons, young men


putting their lives on the line. Still to come on the programme.


Five games into the new season and there's high drama at the City


ground. The word is Forest boss Steve McClaren will quit this


weekend. Our sports team will have the very latest on that, so don't


It's one of the biggest events in the Chatsworth calendar. This


weekend's Country Fair will attract thousands of people to the heart of


Derbyshire, including our very own Kylie Pentelow.


Hello! You join me at this, the 30th Chatsworth Country Fair and as


you can see there are plenty of people enjoying the evening


sunshine. For many, the highlight of the show was the first public


display by the Red Arrows. That is since the death of Flight


Lieutenant Jon Egging. He died in a crash in Bournemouth. The team paid


tribute to their fellow pilot and friend. It was a fantastic display


and an emotional one, too, not only for those watching, but, of course,


those remaining eight pilots. Earlier, I spoke to their squadron


leader, red Ed 10 of the Red Arrows. It was extremely moving and more so


than I thought was going to be because the crowd were amazing. It


is significant for us because this is our way to honour Flight


Lieutenant Jon Egging. We were eager to do this display. It seemed


to me that people were emotional to see you as well. What has the


response be Micras make the response has been overwhelming and


we could not have imagined the outpouring of support and


condolence. We are all bowled over at the Red Arrows in many ways by


the support we have had but just from the British community, but


also the international community. And the squadron leader was


inundated with people asking for his autograph or simply wanting to


shake his hand. They have been thousands of people here today. So,


is this a good sign for the tourism industry here in the East Midlands?


People are apparently staying at home rather than going abroad and


campsite owners are trying to attract people by combining camping


with a bit of glamour. They call it glamping.


Camping never used to be like this. Welcome to glamping, the glamour


end of the camping market. There are proper beds with duvets. Over


here, there is almost a fitted kitchen. Decking on the floor as


well. All aimed at people who just fancy a little bit more... Luxury.


The tents already waiting for you and it is aimed at people who do do


do it don't want the hassle of bringing their tent putting up,


taking it home words, bringing all the gear with them. They can shove


their duvet in the car and off they go. This site in Nottinghamshire


car part of the camping and caravanning Club, has been busy all


year. And figures suggest more of us are holidaying in England, but


spending less. In 2010, nearly 8 million people holidayed here.


400,000 up on 2008. Spending was around �1 billion. That is down by


around �31 million in two years. At this B&B in Leicestershire, last


year was its best ever for guest numbers. We fit the bill. We are


less expensive but provide all the lovely facilities that they would


expect from a country house hotel. Back here, it is thought glamping


in safari tents could make the great outdoors even more attractive.


The safari tents offer floor beds, it is a bit more luxury, and you


don't have to pack everything. people that want to test it out and


see if they like it, it is great facilities. Fantastic. And if you


are a glamping, what about this why five-star toilet block? Black


marble on the walls, and even underfloor heating. Thousands of


people have come to the Country Fair and they are still here.


Nobody wants to go home. It is a critical show in the Chatsworth


diary and, earlier, I asked the Duke of Devonshire just how


important it really is. Well, it is the biggest event we have in a year.


So to see the sunshine, it was great. How does it seem to you in


terms of visitor numbers? This has been the busiest Friday we have had.


It is exciting. The highlight for many people will have been the Red


Arrows show. How was that for you? I think the Red Arrows have been


unbelievably professional, not surprisingly, because that is what


they are. It was a very moving performance, as always.


Particularly moving today, for obvious and. Reasons. It seemed to


me that the crowd, although they enjoyed it, there was an element of


people being emotional about it. did want to have a thing, and we


wanted complete silence over the Showground. Tell me about the next


few days of the show. I am looking forward to it. It is non-stop fun.


That was the Duke of Devonshire. That is all from need for now, but


later I will be back with a real flavour of the country fair and,


Dominic, I might get close to one of those balloons over there...


You take care. Time for sport with Colin. Winnie


the transfer date had been dramatic in its inactivity. But it was a


shock what appeared on the back pages. Only one place to start. The


club have released a set -- statement saying that Steve McLaren


will not be leaving after that widespread speculation that he was


to quit. We have been far in their day's events.


It has been an eventful day at the city Ground. These are the stories


that fans were cut too. They say, Steve McClaren is to quit. We


understand they are not without foundation. Apparently, the


manager's agent leaked the stories to the paper's.


McLaren had gone up North to consider his future and today,


sources told us that he's -- his representatives were in a meeting


with the board. The problem seemed McLaren was disappointed with the


club's refusal to provide him with the tools he was promised when he


arrived. After Sunday's defeat, he even hinted at this. We will know


the ambitions of this club over the next few days. I think for to make


years a lot of people have been frustrated. I now understand why.


His complaints were not unfamiliar to fans who voiced their concerns


on the message boards all day. criticised Billy Davies for the way


he used to say about the lack of signings, but there might be some


truth in that. Then, this afternoon, the club released a statement.


Steve McClaren says it has never been my intention to consider


leaving. The chief executive went on to say, as with all new


relationships, there are teething problems. What this highlights is


there has been internal wranglings and problems at the city Ground.


Would the fans will now be hoping is that this draws a line under a


tall and the club can go on to have a good season in the Championship.


Much less drama at Notts County. For once. They play host to


Bournemouth at Meadow Lane tomorrow afternoon. If you can't make it,


there's full commentary on BBC Radio Nottingham.


Rather more harmony at Leicester Tigers who will get their season


underway on Saturday without 11 of their biggest names. They're


heading to the World Cup, away for eight weeks. It means the Tigers


face a real challenge to win back the Premiership title, starting


with Exeter at home. Here's Ross Fletcher.


There are one of the most powerful rugby clubs in Europe. Even


Leicester Tigers will find it hard to cope without a battery of their


best players. The World Cup has claimed the likes of a rising


England start to a L&G. Ben Youngs and Tony Flood. And even the


Italian maestro. We're used to having goes away. It is hard at the


start of the year when you want points on the board and the


majority of your best players are missing, but that is life. We don't


say we need to win 22 games and that's it. That is not how it works.


The reality is we have to deal with it. Seven new signings have soften


the blow, including England international Matthew Tait. After


losing in last year's Premiership final, the pressure is on to


deliver, and deliver only. You've got either retain or win something.


I don't think that changes. That is driven by the players, the coaches,


and expectations of the supporters as well. Those players have to be


at our standard. We need to be good. They have to be up to our level. We


are not dropping to their level for. So, 11 Tigers players missing


because of the World Cup. The pressure to wrestle back the


Premiership title remains. Not just the Tigers whose season is


starting tomorrow. Nottingham Panthers are hitting their first


pucks in anger too. And for two of the Nottingham new boys, the game


which is a historic family affair. They like to say they are a family


but the two of the lads getting out, it really is true. Jordan Fox and


Brock Williams are cousins. These North American boys have a family


and in Nottingham connection. This is the team at 58 and amongst this


cheery bunch is Jordan and Brock's granddad. He loves the fact we are


here. He likes to get in touch with his alumni. He is a little more


excited about it than we are. is not a lot of players can say


that they have what we have. never had these sorts of gym


workouts but he and his family is certainly knew their hockey and not


just through their grandson's. On the right is broke's dad. He is an


NHL legend. You are born with skids in your crib and if you're not a


guy in the family, you're not really spoken to. Is it ostracism?


If you don't skate, you're not part of the family. Some of the younger


ones, they are a lot better than we were at their age. As for the boys,


well, they've now seen the support of over 1,500 people turning out to


see them train. They know what is expected. The fans have always


expected a lot. We know. We need a big one. Granddad will be coming to


visit, they promise. Maybe he will see a new Championship.


Cricket finally, and, as expected, Leicestershire soundly beaten at


Lords by Middlesex. Thanks, Colin. Apart from the sport, there are two


other big events on this weekend. I'll be presenting prizes for the


best vegetables at the Sutton Bonnington show on Sunday. And, of


course, on a slightly grander scale, we have the Chatsworth Country Fair


which started today. Time to go back to Kylie.


Hello. We are in the main ring now and with some lovely hot-air


balloons. It is very hard, which is nice. We have seen all sorts today.


Thuggery, parachute jumps and, of course, the BBC's Midlands Today


team are also here, too. But to give you a real flavour of the show,


we sent our correspondent to have a look a round.


You can't escape them. Dogs in the country there are inseparable. The


dog displays attract canine and human fans. This is the 30th


Country Fair and it all goes like clockwork. There is an electric


point there... You can spot the organiser and the other stewards by


their trademark red socks. Chris told me it has two weeks of frenzy


to set the fare up right up to this morning's open ing. It is the 4th


road bridge. We never stop. We are preparing bits and bobs of work for


next year. Thousands of people are getting the traditional country


look. And not so traditional. Getting those old-fashioned


fairground experiences. Whatever their age. The Fair draws people


into Derbyshire from all the surrounding counties. I am from


Manchester. Just come down to see it. See what it is about. We are


from Solihull. It is not busier. I've come to see the Red Arrows and


the Household Cavalry. With all those thousands, you need the


emergency services on hand. Police, ambulance, fire... We tell it!


is a serious one fire engine. I go to schools, big shows... And big


It is impressive when they do that, isn't it? Earlier today, I stumbled


over cricketer Michael Vaughan who has some involvement with


Chatsworth. I asked him why he is here. I live in the village. I


would have been here anyway. Mostly in the wine-tasting tent. I have


got official duties like cooking. Do like being in -- involve? I like


it. It is a good thing for the area. I generally spend my time with my


mates in the wine tasting table... No drinks yet? Later on. 5 o'clock.


In here, what have you got? Talk me through it. This is my up 10. I am


patron of the Children's Hospital. The art is produced by cricket


balls being hit, skimmed across the canvas, creating these images.


slightly unusual change of profession. Once I retired, I


wanted to kind of continue to hit the oddball. People would have


thought I would have taken up a game of cricket on a charity


occasion, but I went into a studio and smashed balls that canvases and


caused chaos. Who buys them? They have been bought for around the


country. A lot of people in London. A lot of cricket fans. The news --


the new stuff, the splats and skims, and not a great deal to do with


cricket, they are becoming trendy with modern art collectors. What


else have had planned this weekend? I am here today and I've got to do


a cricket match for England tomorrow at Durham car to


commentate on that, but I am back on Sunday, which should be more


relaxed. So, that was Michael Vaughan. As you can see, I am in


this hot air balloon, and I have to say, don't try to get him a hot air


balloon in a summer dress! But I am in here now. Now it is time for the


Thanks. We have had a beautiful day here at Chatsworth. In fairness,


the cloud was stubborn this morning. Eventually, I'd cleared. Perfect


timing for the Red Arrows. We are in for a fine but September evening,


right across the East Midlands. Tomorrow, on a whole will be dry


with rain pushing and later on into the evening. First, thank you very


much to fill up for sending and Looking at the pressure chart, we


have got a weather front in the Atlantic expecting to bring the


rain Sunday evening, Sunday morning. Before that, a nice end to our


Friday. Temperatures down to 13 set -- 13. A milder light than usual.


Most of the cloud will always be across the West. The best of any


sunshine during Saturday or whizz across the East. Where we see the


sunshine, it is going to be another one day, reaching 22, maybe even 23.


We have also got pleasant, light winds. Saturday evening, that


weather front routes through into Derbyshire first whiff some rain


getting heavy into Sunday morning. Sunday morning, the afternoon


especially, will be dry. Always a fair amount of cloud. It will be a


cooler Sunday afternoon. As we go into the new week, you see it will


turn unsettled with heavy rain on Tuesday. It will get windy and


chilly. It is time to go back to kylie. How is she getting on with


those balloons? Well, it has been a fantastic day


here. I was hoping to go up and the Berlin but it is windy. I am trying


to keep my feet on the ground as much as they can. It has been a


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