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Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's programme.


The family left hanging from a fairground ride. A fun day out at


Skegness turned into Tero. It's only went down and everyone was


screaming and crying. Also tonight - moving patient admin to India. G


A -- GPs say Outsourcing is not saving money. The cost of sorting


out problems that have arisen must be considerable. And more shops


than ever are empty on our high street but one market town is


bucking the trend. And curtain-up for the King of


Good evening. An East Midlands family have been talking for the


moment they became trapped on a fairground ride. The Patels from


a day out, but the trip turned to terror when a ride broke. It left


six members of the family hanging, injured, in their seats waiting for


rescue. James Roberson reports. Back at home in Leicester and now


became trapped on the ride in Skegness look back at how some


national papers covered it. The day - last Thursday - had


started innocently enough as an enjoyable family day out in the


Lincolnshire seaside town. At about 3pm, six of the family


decided to try a ride called Surf rider. But within seconds of


getting on, something went wrong. It was just when we get to the top


of my uncle heard a noise and then it just collapsed. It happened so


quickly. I thought it was a part of the ride. But the whole thing was


on the floor and then I realised what had happened. It took around


40 minutes to rescue everyone on head and gone unconscious. She


Pilgrim hospital, but all needed treatment for brusing, spinal and


back injuries. I was thinking about my daughter and husband and my


family, what would happen next. Then I just passed out. There was a


funfair the other week at Victoria Park and I could not even look at


it when I was driving past. sometimes get flashbacks. I get bad


headaches. It is hard sometimes for Investigation into how the ride


came to fail with passengers on it. The Patels who were hurt hope


from their injuries. But the mental scars may take longer to heal.


catalogue of problems, according to a group representing GPs.


Patients' records and payments to doctors are now handled by fewer


admin centres. Some of the work is out sourced to India. But instead


of efficiencies, it's led to delays. Quentin Rayner reports.


A year ago, all PCTs in the East Midlands signed up to the plan to


save �9m over six years. Certain administration is now outsourced to


a company called NHS Shared Business Services, including in


India. Under the shake-up five, admin centres across the East


handling a range of services on behalf of GPs and patients. Some of


the work is now done thousands of miles away in Pune and up to a


hundred jobs have been lost over here. But an organisation


practices getting paid, and hold- ups in the transfer of medical


notes, potentially puting patients at risk. Clearly if it is delayed


in transferring notes it can cause problems from the point of view of


patients' safety. A G P could have seen a patient a couple of times in


that period but without having access to important information


about their medications and pass a medical history. NHS SBS says it


has an almost 100% record in reaching its targets and has dealt


was to save money, it hasn't convinced everyone. It has been a


false economy. The actual cost of sorting out the problems that have


arisen must be considerable. say they'll know in a few months if


improvements have worked. A 21-year-old man has denied


murdering a Thorntons worker near to her Derbyshire workplace.


Jia Ashton, who was 25, disappeared after leaving the Swanwick factory


in March. Her body was found three days later in woods nearby. David


appeared via video link at Nottingham Crown Court today, and


pleaded not guilty to her murder. He'll remain in custody until a


trial in November. Figures out today show that almost


200 members of teaching staff were assaulted in Derbyshire last year.


There were 138 assaults on teaching assistants in the county and 57 on


teachers. Between January and June this year there were 51 assaults on


teaching staff. Fans with tickets to see a dealt in


concert in Leicester next week are being warned to check that they


have genuine tickets. The singer will be performing on Tuesday night.


It is thought a number of pans -- of fans have bought tickets from a


fate website. -- a fake website. Still to come tonight - white


actors are posing as conmen. working on behalf of the council.


New figures released today reveal just how much the high street is


suffering from the effects of the recession. The number of empty


shops has increased in the last year from 10% up to 13%. In


Nottingham city centre nearly a quarter of units are vacant. But


while many cities and towns are suffering, some are doing better.


Sarah Teale reports from one market town where business is booming.


Riding out the recession is tough going for retailers. Too tough for


some. In the past year as many businesses will do it, shop vacancy


rates rose from 10% to 13%. Grantham was hit hardest in the


East Midlands. It was recently labelled a ghost town. With the


supermarkets blamed for sacking the shoppers out of the centre. Just


under 20 miles away, things could not be more different. Melton


Mowbray has just 22 of its 443 shops empty. We recognise that the


recession has come in and it was going to be hard on the High Street.


We took the initiative to do an empty shops scheme and start to


fill up the vacant units with short-term leases are. That


attracted shoppers, which attracted a new and permanent businesses. The


town is now flying the flag for independent, niche retailers.


chose Melton Mowbray because of the cast. In the larger cities it is


much higher. The at Duke family set up their gift shop in February.


is just a lovely traditional market town. There are so many things to


attract people in. And the amount of coaches coming in is amazing. It


has really helped us. But Melton Mowbray does seem to be bucking the


trend. Are three main city centres are not faring so well. With much


higher vacancy rates. Nottingham tops the list with 23% of its shops


standing empty. Derby is next with 19.4% of its units vacant. And


Leicester has 17% of its shops empty. The economic pinch is being


felt. But back in Melton Mowbray the retailers are sure that trade


in their town is on the up. It's almost a month now since


violence broke out on a number of our city streets following the


London riots. In Nottingham alone, more than 120 people were


subsequently arrested. But police say they still need more help in


tracking down those involved in one of the worst attacks. That attack


was the firebombing of Canning Street police station. It's also


emerged that the building wasn't the only thing to be targeted that


night. Our reporter, Carolyn Moses, is there now.


It all looks fairly normal now but this is Canning circus with the new


lick of paint. But it does still show the scars of what happened a


month ago. Here you can see where the window was hit. The glass has


been replaced but four weeks ago, this was a building under attack.


As these dramatic pictures show, they were captured by a mobile


phone, fire bombs and incendiary devices were thrown at the police


station while staff were inside. It is thought 40 people were involved


in that action but so far only around 15 have been traced and


charge. Luckily no one was hurt in the attack but there was smoke


damage and damage to the windows. And it was not just the police


station, on that night the number of cars coming down the street


opposite were also targeted. Some were hit and a taxi in particular


he was attacked by members of the mob. Detective Sergeant Mike Allen


is with me now. This has to beat one of the worst nights of street


violence that Nottingham has seen. seen for many years. But it did not


mirror the level of disorder seen elsewhere in cities across the UK.


Because we were prepared for it that evening. The level of policing


was such an the strength of policing was such that they were


denied the right to cause the serious violence seemed elsewhere


for stock there are arrests going in tracing those responsible for


this attack. How can people help? 15 people have been charged so far.


Clearly there are offenders outstanding. So I appeal to members


of the public, if they know flute was responsible then please contact


Nottinghamshire police or contact Crimestoppers anonymously. If these


people are confident enough to petrol bomb a police station I'm


sure they would Prague to it -- Bragg about it to their friends.


And a specific appeal - we you the station that was hit by a petrol


bomb? You want to trace those who were also hit? They have been


arrests made and are still going on. We should hear shortly about the


backgrounds of the people involved in the hope that it could shed some


light as to why it happened in the first place.


Next tonight, more affordable housing needs to be built across


the East Midlands. Some councils have been given money to get


the leader of Leicestershire County Council, the cash isn't been spent


on houses. Helen Astle reports. Rebecca Laing plays with her


daughter Maisie in their new home. They moved in a few months ago and


pay rent to a social housing company. It means so much. We have


lots of friends and family in the Village. And both sets of our


parents live here. Rebecca is one of the lucky ones. At the moment


over a quarter of a million people in the East Midlands are on his


social housing waiting list and that list is growing daily.


demand is ever-growing because of house price increases. The waiting


lists on most local authorities Money from the Government has been


given to district and borough councils so more social housing can


be built, small scale developments on the edge of villages. But some


councils aren't spending the cash. It can be infuriating. But it is


important, we need to get those houses into villages. They Arsenal


scale developments, they are sustainable. These schemes are a


godsend for the local communities. The people will sustain the Village


and the shops. The children will go to the schools here. They really


help keep the villages alive. interviewed and approved before


they were able to get their home. It means a lot for us to stay in


the Village. So Maisie will follow in her mum's footsteps, the council


is hoping that other families will be given the same opportunities.


Residents in part of Nottingham say they're concerned about the city's


with managers to discuss the the trams will cause parking


remove trees. Tram bosses say they'll keep disruption to a


minimum. Police have released an image of


the man they would like to speak to in connection with a robbery in


Nottinghamshire. Last month a 16 year-old woman had cash stolen from


her handbag by two men he claimed to be from the gas board. That sort


of scam in terribly targets the elderly. Sir Alastair's trading


standards officers have been trying to flag up the kind of tricks used


by con artists. Pensioners were treated to a number of shows today


performed by actors and illustrating a few classic examples


of today's cons and scams. Portraying as serious message. This


play is that theatre with the difference. And it is hoped it will


raise awareness. Bogus callers are distraction burglaries, their


offence is very impacted on the person and also their family. These


despicable people are trying to take advantage of the most


vulnerable in society. performance is part of older


persons month. Leicestershire Trading Standards say this year


they have well received over 400 calls from people needing advice


will stop there are still too many people being taken in by it.


need to get the message across. Do not open your door to strangers and


do not give out any personal information for stopped the show


made a big impact with the audience will stop very good presentation on


an important theme. Powerful messages going out to older people.


I hope many more people come and see it. Looking at that, it goes


further in it and you understand more. It is about the individual


taking control of their own doorsteps.


Still to come - the dancer who moves Madonna. We meet the King Of


Contemporary Dance ahead of a world premiere in Leicester next week.


Time to get excited about Olympic ticket sales again! This time it's


Paralympic tickets which go on offer tomorrow. Those games are


also expected to sell out. And round here, we have plenty of


Sam and Ollie Hynd go for Gold. And Henshaw. She was part of a grand


Square today. And when I caught up with her, it sounded like she was


having fun. We have met some really nice people who have shown a lot of


interest in the Paralympics which is always great. We were shown some


demonstrations from the wheelchair basketball guys. It has been great.


Just tell us what you are expecting from your games. Because you have


this enormous rivalry with Liz Johnson in the pool. Well we have


not qualified yet, we still have to do the trials in March. Assuming we


both qualified than I think it will be a really good challenge to try


to beat her. And then also the American in the mix there as well


and other Australian girl. So it is claimed to be really exciting race


between the four of us. It is important to say that the


Paralympics are not at all second class, you will be able to generate


just as much excitement as any at the Olympics will stop absolutely.


The more people become aware of Paralympics swimming the more


people will start to see that there are races that are so close, just


as close as those that use the in the Olympic Games. The pattern is


exactly the same and everyone wants to win that gold medal. There are


some really exciting races to come in London. Are you going to bring


the gold medal back to Mansfield's? I hope so. I have had some great


success in the past couple of years. But it is never going to be easy to


win a gold medal at the Paralympics. Good luck to Charlotte. Well, all


across the region, people have been marking a year to go to the opening


of the Paralympics. And it's not met a group of blind footballers.


Well, this is Paul Gallagher of course, of Leicester City. And


Matts Rahmen, who is a blind footballer for the England


development squad. Today we are taking part in a very special


soccer shoot out. To mark a year to go to the


Paralympics, five visually impared players came up against five


Leicester City first teamers. And to make it a level playing


If they get their take legal right there will be all right. It is just


getting used to not being able to see where you are. I usually get


the call from the caller behind the post. And when the whistle goes I


take the penalty. How was that? It is a totally


different thing. You have to take your hat off to them because it is


really difficult. The Leicester City team won 2 - nil. It is an


opportunity to raise awareness of the sport and the chance to meet


some famous people and hopefully we can it recruits are more players


and improve the standard of the football is there for everyone to


enjoy. Staying with football, all the best


boys are in Turin for their own Italian Job, helping European


giants Juventus open their shiny new stadium. We've got a reporter


there - and a full report tomorrow. Panthers last night in the


Challenge Cup. They demolished close rivals and former Champions,


Coventry Blaze, 10-1 at the Nottingham Arena. A very old school


hockey scoreline, that. Might live long in the memory. Certainly


Civic Reception the club are currently enjoying to celebrate


last year's success. Cricket and will creep up our


counties are in action. -- all Final preparations are underway at


the Curve theatre in Leicester for a world dance premiere which opens


next week. Almost 20 years ago, Akram Khan arrived in Leicester as


a student. Now he's back with an international reputation as a


dancer and choreographer, staring in his first solo show for five


years. Geoff Maskell has been to meet him.


The stars of contemporary dance may not be household names, but let me


put it like this - if Akram can play football, he would be Wayne


Rooney. It is really about Bangladesh, my relationship with


Bangladesh. It is a relationship of father and son and also first-


generation and second generation and the complications there are.


You have a repetition it from a king with great artists such as pop


princess Kylie Minogue. At the team here are going all-out to make sure


that this latest production is a real spectacle. It is so potent for


has given that we have this amazing facility with every technological


gadgets you could float at it. And the show certainly does that.


fantasy based. Everything is out of proportion. You have a huge share


that when I stand next to it, I do not have to play being the child, I


become a child will stop this show is an opportunity for us to relate


to beat Bangladesh community in Leicester. I have a friend who grew


up here and I ate most telling him about the piece and he said, I have


to come. He never comes to my shows, ever. But it was the first time he


was interested in my work. He thought, it may be contemporary


dance but there is a narrative there with him that and it is about


me. It does look amazing. You could me. It does look amazing. You could


take me there! Good evening. We have a chance to


night other see him he's supernova. It will be the first time in 20


years that astronomers will have seen one so close to the air. If


you look up, it is basically a dying star. And if we have the


clear skies we should be able to see it. But we're not going to keep


those Clear skies and for very long because of this area and bringing


it ranges some parts of the UK. But for now we are going to keep those


sunny spells for a time giving us a bright end to the day. The cloud is


increasing and bringing with it the risk of some light outbreaks of


rain. Quite a mild night with temperatures around 14 degrees.


Temperatures tomorrow afternoon of around 22 degrees. So a taste of


some or returns for one day only. But make the most of it because it


turns rather wild as it goes through the weekend. For Saturday


it turns breezy and this cold front works its way through. It is this


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