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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our top story tonight. Jailed. A 79-year-old paedophile who abused


boys over two decades. A cunning predator, Peter Holland


used his position at church to groom young boys. When researchers


house, we found a suitcase full of photographs.


Derby City Council announces �20 million of a savings, 500 jobs are


to go. The man at badly injured in a crash


who did not want the man responsible to be jailed. I could


get pretty miserable, but I do not intend to do that.


And on occasion, we get the low- down behind the scenes of the


latest in Jane Eyre film to be made Welcome to Friday's programme.


First tonight. A 79-year-old pensioner has been jailed for six


years for the sexual abuse of children spanning almost two


decades. Peter Holland admitted crimes against 12 schoolboys in


Nottingham. But detectives believe there could


have been hundreds of victims. And it's emerged that Holland had


already been jailed for similar sex offences over 50 years ago. Our


Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports. Justice


finally caught up with Peter Holland today as he was sentenced


for crimes going back to 1970s. Crimes that ruined a string of


young lives. Let me show you some of the photographs. The police


knocked on Holland's doors after a former victim finally came forward


last year. They found thousands of catalogued photographs with details


that helped them trace several others. Men who are now in their


30s and 40s. I was probably the first person they told. There was a


lot of silence. I think there was a lot of relief that it had now come


out. These people had never disclosed to anybody the extent of


the abuse, not even to their wives, to their parents. I think the


victims run into hundreds. The photographs speak for themselves.


Holland groomed some of his victims by volunteering at church and in


Scout groups. Earning their parents' trust and then taking them


on trips to the fair and on holidays. That shows him on holiday


with one of the victims. This other shot here is taken at Center Parcs


and it shows one of the victims swimming in the pool. Holland even


used workmates at the Plessey factory to meet some of his victims.


But to his neighbours, he presented a very different face. He was very


kind. He always comes round if we are not very well or anything and


does shopping, or runs people to the doctors, all that sort of thing.


Detectives say when they came here to arrest Peter Holland last year,


he was not at all surprised. In fact, it was the knock on the door


he had been expecting for decades. That is because he had a long track


record of sexual abuse. These blurry photographs were taken more


than 50 years ago when he was jailed the first time. Church of


England authorities say that conviction would have showed up


with the safeguards now in place. We are deeply sorry that this has


happened in the context of his membership of one of our churches.


We apologise unreservedly to the victims who are out there, some we


know and some we do not know. We would join the police in urging


others to come forward. Detectives say he was a cunning sexual


predator and they say it beggars belief that he got away with it for


so long. Jeremy Ball's with us in the studio.


These crimes happened several years ago. So how did the police find


Peter Holland's victims? A lot of them were traced through


Facebook. By searching for names that Holland had written on the


back of those old photos. He left dates too, so detectives had a good


idea of how old those men would have been now. And they simply


compared the photos with their profile pictures. And if the two


seemed to match, then officers sent them a message, asking them to get


in touch. We heard the police there saying


Holland's victims had kept this abuse quiet. How were they


affected? It's been traumatic for some of


them. The youngest victims were only 8 years old. Three of the boys


were brothers. And one was abused in chuch. Today the judge told


Holland he was a manipulative, predatory paedophile.


We heard the police there saying Derby City Council today announced


it was to make hundreds more staff redundant. It said it was being


forced to make �20 million of savings to balance the budgets.


Unions have called the cuts a tragedy for staff, services and the


city of Derby, as Sarah Teale reports.


These were the scenes earlier this year when Derby City Council


announced the largest cuts in its history. There were widespread


protests them. 465 staff took voluntary redundancy. Unions warned


that more would follow. Today, the council announced it has to make a


further �20 million of savings to balance the budget for next year.


It said the money would be found by losing 500 full-time posts from its


6100 strong workforce. That is a lot of jobs. What the expecting


people to do? They should be creating jobs, not cutting them.


People try very hard, but the often complain that they are the only one


so there. It is the reaction amongst the people of Derby. They


should see this as a tragedy for their services. Staff morale is low.


You have people trying to provide good quality service on a reduced


the workforce and budget. All that creates pressure and unmanageable


workloads. In a statement, the council said it was unfortunate


there had to be job losses, but there was no alternative. The


council said that it was committed to getting as many voluntary


redundancies as possible. So they would be offering an enhanced


packaged to any staff the volunteered to leave. Staffing


costs are only a percentage of the savings which need to be made. More


cuts in services are inevitable. The council has not said where they


will be yet. Still to come on the programme -


going nowhere. Forest boss Steve McClaren tells us frustrations have


been vented by both him and the board. But he's not quitting.


And we have an ex hurricane on the way as we head towards the weekend.


It is skipping the States and crossing the pond and working its


way towards us bringing some strong winds and potentially heavy rain. I


Next tonight, the many thousands of patients rushed to hospital only to


face delays when they get there. East Midlands Today has uncovered


more evidence of the strain that our accident and emergency units


are under. A freedom of information request by


the BBC has revealed huge increases in the number of patients having to


wait longer to be handed over by ambulance staff to hospital medical


teams. Live now to our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons.


Those delays are not just act at the un -- the queue and see, right


across the region. -- QM see. The fear is that hold-ups are reducing


the fire poor power of ambulance crews our A&E units are under


strain. After being stretchered and, the handover to the hospital team


typically involves a brief consultation and the transfer of


information. The target is to do this within 15 minutes of arrival.


Increasingly, it is being missed. We have a spike in demand, activity


increases and lots of patience, do the hospital at the same time.


we can reveal the extent of the handover hold ups. Last year,


across the East Midlands, over 98,000 patients had to wait longer


than the target time of 15 minutes. And Nottingham's QMC had the


biggest delays. Leicester's handover doubled. The ambulance


service say improvements are needed. We are under strain, but for the


vast majority of the time, the system works very well. It is when


they get peaks in demand, and they are often unpredictable, that we


struggle. This patient was taken in with chest pains. His handover was


up two minutes. He was impressed, but it was quiet. It is good when


it has been like that. They do a lot here. The hospital stresses


that that the more seriously ill patients are always prioritise.


Hospitals across the East Midlands are putting together action plans


to sort this out. The problems, if they carry on, may get worse over


the winter. Maybe the fact that this barrier spiralling demand and


finite resources, solutions may be more competent


British detectives who are reviewing the search for Madeleine


McCann have travelled to Portugal for formal meetings with the


authorities there. Scotland Yard says its officers have conducted


face-to-face discussions with police who led the massive hunt


when Madeleine disappeared. She was nearly four when she went missing


from Praia da Luz in the Algarve in 2007. The Metropolitan Police has


begun to review the original investigation after a request from


the Home Secretary. A 45-year-old man who was assaulted


in Nottingham just over a week ago has died. Rajkumar Thurairajah was


found with serious injuries on Lawson Street in Radford. A man has


been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent and actual


bodily harm. A man seriously injured in a road


crash involving a drunk driver says he wishes the motorist had not been


sent to prison. 69-year-old Peter Small from Sileby in Leicestershire


suffered head injuries and now uses a wheelchair. But he asked the


courts to order the driver and passenger to carry out voluntary


service instead of going to jail. Helen Astle reports.


Peter Small is still recovering from the crash which happened in


October last year. He suffered multiple injuries including a


smashed leg which may still have to be amputated. He had a fractured


pelvis, a broken arm and cracked ribs. It hit a had happened when I


was 40, I might have had a different attitude because of my


responsibilities. But it did not. Peter was travelling along here


when he was involved in a head-on clash. The driver of the other car


was drunk, was not insured and did not have a driving licence. After


the accident, Peter road to the Crown Prosecution Service asking


for the drunk driver and his passenger not to be sent to prison.


These two las Arab the beginning of their lives, they are both young. I


would hate to think that something, for me which is not as bad as all


that would turn into something very unfortunate for them. Despite his


pleas, the pair were jailed yesterday. I do not want this to


last on my conscience too long. If they wish to see be, I would be


very happy to talk to them about it. What do you hope to achieve?


would hope that they can continue their lives and rebuild their lives.


The sad thing is I think that prison sentences I'll of Richard


plot and I do not think it is appropriate. -- our are Richard


The mother of a 3-year-old boy has spoken about the support she has


received since he was killed just over a week ago. Dylan Crean from


Albert Village near Swadlincote was airlifted to hospital but died from


his injuries. A 21-year-old man has been charged with his murder.


Consultation on a review of school terms in Nottinghamshire has closed.


The city council is deciding whether to bring in a five-term


school year with four weeks holiday in the summer. The authority


believes this would enable pupils to achieve higher standards. Next


month the council will start considering the opinions it has


gathered. Next tonight, police in parts of


Leicester have begun a crackdown on muggers. Operation Harvest has been


prompted by a rise in burglaries and street robberies in the east of


the city. Paul Bradshaw has been to meet one of the victims who says


she will never get over it. Mary Adams was mobbed at a bus-stop


earlier this year. Her thieves stole and necklace bought by her


has been the day before he died. She says she will never get over it.


It was dreadful. Her story is not unique. Police are now taking form


were action. There were two a muggings in the area. Two remember


were robbed by the same man. Both burglaries and muggings have shot


up in the first six months of this year compared with the same period


Police and are spending �50,000 to put more officers on the streets to


try to make communities feel safer. Every victim of a crime, it causes


distress and upset. If we can prevent attacks from taking place,


it is better for everybody. We are trying to help people from becoming


victims of that type of crime and also to identify offenders.


Really's family have replace the net result was storeman, but the


memories that -- me the's family have replaced them reckless up was


stolen, but the memories of what happened will never go away.


Coming up. Notts County's big night at Juventus, but first Nottingham


Forest manager Steve McClaren insists he is bemused about stories


he wants to quit. McClaren was speaking publically for the first


time today since headlines were plastered all over the tabloids and


broadsheets about his desire to leave the the club.


Steve McClaren was all smiles here at training today, but it has been


a turbulent few weeks at the city Ground. What happened last Friday?


That is a good question. I was away went all that was going on back


home. Frustrations were vented and points were made. Things have


settled down. We know the parameters we are working with them.


Did you ever think of quitting? do not know with a story has come


from. My commitment is to the players, to the players in that


dressing room. But it was not all paper talk. Three months after


joining, he the board were at loggerheads. It is frustrating, the


players we have not been able to get. It must all seem it so


familiar to Forest fans. Another transfer window has come and gone


Ambleside names. -- and no signings. Steve McClaren is now building


bridges with the board. It is something that does take time. If


it had come straight away, everybody would have been delighted,


but it has to be expected. It has been put to bed. McLaren is moving


What an evening yesterday for Notts County. What an honour. At Italian


giants Juventus to help them open their new stadium with the first


game ever played there. A massive reward for the decision by one man


over 100 ago to send Juve an old Notts kit.


The replacement for the old and and loved Stadium of Juventus is


magnificent. Any team could have been chosen for the ceremony, but


instead Notts County for the cells flying out to them. -- found


themselves flying out to Italy. had to pinch myself that we were


going there. It feels like Christmas Day. For me to be taking


the team to Juventus is surreal. Why the honour? It is black and


white stripes. Gifted do Juventus in 19 of three by John Savage. --


Make one Notts County against A penalty in the second half. The


Italians played their national stereotype by becoming robust. But


as a Notts County substitutes help to balance the sides, the Magpies


started to irritate. The first visitor to score a goal at


Juventus' new stadium was a Notts County player. It was fantastic, I


will enjoy it while it lasts. banter with their will not -- the


fans who where there will not forget it.


All our Championship sides are away this weekend. Leicester are off to


Barnsley and Derby to Coventry as the season gets a bit of a restart


after the international break. The characters that came in during


the summer have proved it on and off the pitch. We have a good


camaraderie. It is a very important moment now. There are five games


before the next international break. I think it is important that those


five of one. And, as ever, all four clubs have


full live coverage on your BBC local radio stations. Brilliant


commentators bringing you the games. What more could you want?


Before we leave football, I would like to mention Ilkeston FC. They


missed out on non-league day last weekend. So they're offering Derby


and Forest season ticket holders half price entry to tomorrow's game


with Quorn. Just 3.50. Got to be worth a punt.


In rugby, it is away games for Leicester Tigers, off to old


sparring partners Wasps, and for Nottingham who go to Moseley.


Results and action here on Monday. Meanwhile Martin Johnson's England


take on Argentina in the World Cup in New Zealand. Good luck to all


the Tigers in the squad against the Pumas tomorrow morning. But there's


already been an East Midlands player in action. Nottingham


Rugby's Sione Kalamafoni played for Tonga in the opening game of the


tournament earlier today. He was on the wrong end of a 41-10 defeat to


the All Blacks. Finally cricket, and all three of


our counties in action. Notts in all sorts of trouble, following on


at Edgbaston. An intriguing last day in prospect in Derby. Kent


chasing 198 to win. And Leicestershire's collapsed this


morning. They're following on too. Football Focus have a full report


from the Juventus game, make sure to watch it.


Next, a tale of romance and forbidden passion. No, it's not


Celebrity Big Brother. It's a real classic.


The latest film version of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre is in


cinemas tonight and it's the third screen version to be filmed at


Haddon Hall near Bakewell in just over 15 years. James Roberson went


to see what impact these films have on Haddon Hall and the area.


This is the banqueting hall. Janet is that manager at Haddon


Hall and shows the behind-the- In this courtyard, they had horses


will stop to get a horses into this, they had to bring them air through


the House. Jane Eyre has almost become an industry here. Thank God


Zeffirelli made his film version here was stop the BBC made their TV


series. Glastir, another film was It was very important that we did


not try to employ wins the director about which rooms would be used for


each scene. The films are good for local business. Local hotels have


been full of actors and production staff. The Peacock Hotel was


delighted to accommodate Dame Judi Dench. People want to stay with the


stars stayed. It is good for Everyone involved in this version


of Jane Eyre is hoping it will be great for the box office and for


It is passionate! Yes. Come down, dear. There is some wind


Come down, dear. There is some wind Yes, we have had a lovely day, but


things are set to change. We have a hurricanes heading our way. This is


a great portal. It is a Category 1 hurricanes at the moment. It is


dragging his way across the Atlantic. By the time we get to


Sunday night, those are winds will be really strong, up to storm-force


and part of the UK. We have got a yellow alert issue across the East


Midlands for these potentially strong winds. That is the key thing


for our region. Just be aware of that. I will be here over the


weekend to keep you posted. For now, we had some lovely warm and sunny


spells it through the course of the afternoon. The cloud is gradually


increasing now as we go through the evening. It is bring him one or two


showers. But you might miss them altogether. Those temperatures,


very warm. A minimum temperatures of 17 Celsius. For September, that


is quite surprising. Quite humid as well. We will see cloudy skies for


the start of the weekend. Patchy outbreaks of rain. That cold blood


is working his way through, but it will not hang around for too long.


-- that cold front. Temperatures tomorrow, still quite good. 21


Celsius. But that breeze will start to increase. That really is the


theme as we go through the weekend. On Sunday, quite a blustery day.


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