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Welcome to the programme. Our top story tonight: criminals without a


conscience - targeting the elderly and the vulnerable.


A disabled woman, driven to a cash point, is forced to hand over money.


I couldn't believe it, I wanted to die. I had this sinking feeling.


Since then, I have been feeling physically sick.


Or so, treating cancer in hours. Why lasers are leading the way.


Plus, preparing for the worst. How the East Midlands is bracing itself


for winter. And join me later to find out why a


bright spring and a soggy summer has been such good news for apple


Good evening. Welcome to Tuesday's programme.


First tonight, a warning about door-step conmen. In the latest


incident, they forced a disabled woman to hand over money for work


on her garden that wasn't needed. The woman, who wants to be known as


Frances, is now in debt and she doesn't know when she'll be able to


pay it off. Sadly, Trading Standards officers say her case is


only the tip of the iceberg. Helen Astle reports.


CCTV captures the moment a woman hands over hundreds of pounds to a


rogue trader. The woman was pressurised into having gardening


work done at her home. She didn't want it and she didn't need it, but


the bill quickly rose. I said, this is a huge amount of money. I said


you will have to come back for this, I thought, should I even be paying


this? He said, no, we needed the money now. Frances was driven here,


where she withdrew the maximum amount possible from her account.


�250. The rogue trader told her that he would be back the next day


for the rest of the money. The man did come back, but Frances didn't


give him any more money. The impact on her has been immense. Really, I


just wanted to die, I really did. I couldn't believe it. I had this


sinking feeling, and since then, I have been feeling physically sick


about it, really sick in the stomach. It has made me feel so low,


so depressed. Adapting there are words to describe them, from our


perspective they are rogues, they're not bad businessman, they


are not businessmen in any sense at all, they are criminals. Criminals


to rip people off. The man trading standards are looking for is


described as white, in his thirties, very short, with an Irish accent.


The money Frances gave him has put him -- her into debt. The high was


managing my bank account well, it is now so far in an overdraft that


I feel totally devastated. I feel I will never get it back on a level


now. Frances does not feel confident to lead her home now.


Trading standards are appealing for anyone with information to contact


them. Police in Australia have arrested a


50-year-old man in connection with the death of a woman from


Nottingham. 48-year old Sally Brooks died on the day she was due


to return permanently to Nottinghamshire. The mother-of-


three was found with severe head injuries at her home in Melbourne


in July. She'd been struggling as a single mother after a divorce two


year ago, and wanted to start a new life with her family in the UK.


The bill for policing last month's disturbances in Leicester has


reached more than half a million pounds - and could rise further.


The figures have been collated for the Home Office. Leicestershire


Police has covered the cost by drawing on a �1 million emergency


fund. More than 90 people were arrested during the trouble. Still


to come: Crime and punishment - we meet the convicted drug dealer


trying to stop teenagers making the Big changes to the region's


parliamentary map could see some of our best-known politicians


scrambling for a new seat. Both the Justice Secretary Ken


Clarke and Labour's Vernon Coaker are among many MPs now facing an


uncertain future. It's because, under new proposals,


their constituencies will be abolished. Here's our Political


Editor John Hess. The number of constituencies in the East Midlands


Derbyshire loses a seat as two constituencies - Amber Valley and


Mid-Derbyshire, are merged. That's means the current MPs - Pauline


Latham and Nigel Mills - both Conservatives and elected for the


first time in the last election, will have to compete for the new


seat. In Nottinghamshire, Ken Clarke's Rushcliffe vanish off the


parliamentary map. Altogether with his area parcelled out three ways


to Newark, Nottingham South and a new constituency of Keyworth and


Personally, I would regret the banishing of the area, I have


always represented it, but what I'm going to do is wait for it to see


how the consultation goes up, see if anything comes up that is any


better, and not rush to any decisions. In due course a will


have to decide what I am going to do. I have faced this before. This


time, the thing to do is not to instantly react, but wait and see


Vernon Coaker's Gedling is also abolished, with most of his wards


going into a wider Nottingham East. I am happy where I am as Gedling,


we will have to wait and see, see what the Boundary Commission


finally come up with, but at present time, I am the MP for


The city also gets a new constituency - Nottingham West.


It's here and in Derbyshire that That level of change is happening


throughout the country. Derbyshire, the whole East Midlands, is not


unique in that respect, the rest of England is undergoing the same


Many constituencies aren't affected, but can you imagine election night


without hearing those familiar names of Charnwood, Leicestershire


North West, Amber Valley, Gedling and Rushcliffe. It won't be quite


Next, the fight to deliver a massive rail contract to Derby.


Today, at the TUC conference, union delegates called on the Government


to overturn its decision on Thameslink.


And last night Derby City Council voted unanimously to provide


financial support to the unions in legal action over Bombardier's lost


contract. In a moment we'll be speaking to


Philip Hickson, the leader of Derby City Council but first, Kylie


Pentelow reports. The message has been clear. From


Derby, they have taken their fight to London, where workers gathered


outside Parliament, determined that the debate will go on. And now this


morning, the Labour leader Ed Miliband joined in the campaign.


Speaking at the TUC's annual conference, he made clear what he


thought the government role should be. The government has to work in


partnership with business and the workforce. To understand what


technologies and skills we need for the future. To provide the


certainty they need to invest. To look at what government buys. So


that innovative companies, and British companies, can succeed. And


that includes companies like Bombardier, being cruelly sold down


the river by the government. This afternoon the conference approved a


motion calling on the government to overturn its decision. This motion


is about saving UK rail manufacturers, it is about Derby


and the East Midlands economy, it is about skills and the future for


young people and workers across the country, about implementing social


clauses and fighting for better, and keeping UK rail manufacturing


on track. I support it. The 1400 people back in Derby who face


losing their jobs are hoping that his backing will convince the


government it has made the wrong choice.


Let's talk to the leader of the city council in Derby. Good evening.


Plenty of support last night for this legal review into the


Bombardier decision. Indeed, the motion that will support funding


very judicial review of the unions decide to take that was unanimously


approved by every member present last night. In financial terms,


what degree of backing would you give to the unions? It is not a


blank cheque, is it? Indeed, it is difficult to say. As I understand


it, the judicial review is in two stages. It will go before a judge,


and then go to a full hearing in court. The cost of the first part


of fairly modest, between 12 and �15,000. But the costs then begin


to escalate if it goes to a full hearing. I don't know at this stage


what that might be. Report today that not one Conservative MP has


signed a Commons motion backing the plan to save Bombardier. I don't


think it is lack of will on members's Park, I think what they


did was so did the early day motions are rather meaningless,


their gestures rather than doing anything practical. But MPs have


been extremely supportive, so I don't read anything into battles


top thank you for that. Police investigating the death of a Derby


man have arrested three more men on suspicion of murder. 43-year-old


Johnny Assani was assaulted in the city in July. He died at the


Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. Three other men have


already been charged with his murder. This morning officers


arrested two 19-year-olds and a 20- year-old.


Dozens of sites across Nottingham have been earmarked for new homes.


The Government wants more than 16,500 new homes built in the city


by 2026. City councillors will be discussing the proposed sites over


the coming weeks. Some of the housing developments will also


include shops and other businesses. A director at Leicester City


Council has been suspended on full pay whilst an internal


investigation takes place. It's understood Kim Curry, the Strategic


Director for Adults and Communities was relieved of her duties


yesterday. East Midlands Today has learnt that


the investigation centres on allegations made by senior members


of staff within her team. Victoria Hicks joins us now from our


newsroom in Leicester. What more can you tell us? Well, this evening


I've learnt that the complaints centre on Kim Curry's management


style and have been made by senior members within her team. The


council says that this will be in - - independent investigation. Whilst


it is under way, it means another member of the senior management


team at Leicester City Council will take over Kim's key


responsibilities in the short term. This is a neutral investigation, it


does not imply guilt. That is why she is suspended on full pay. She


is one of six so-called strategic directors, work under the de --


chief executive, and her department provides adult social services for


carers and older people in Leicester. She has been in post for


more than 2 1/2 years. The council have -- want to deal with this


situation within weeks. It is keen to look avoid a situation like De


They are rare first-hand insight into the dangerous world of dance


culture now. This man went to jail for dealing drugs and carrying a


gun. Now he has been recruited by a youth project in Derby.


Our social affairs correspondent reports from the Enthusiasm Centre.


This is had his first proper job after seven years in jail. He is


determined to show he has turned his back on gang culture but it has


taken a lot of courage to speak about it publicly because he still


have a kind of lifestyle that most of us used to see in the movies.


decided to go into town for a drink and something happened in town. I


ran off and hid the gun and I got caught on camera. It is not worth


it. His prison sentence was not enough to deter a spate of


shootings in Derby. This is where it 15 the-year-old child was killed.


The likelihood of me being involved in it was eight out of 10. I could


have tried to defuse the situation, but I probably would have failed.


Now he is involved in something much more positive. He is one of


five but former gang members who have been given six-month contracts


after passing police checks. His boss knows it is a risk. One of the


other recruits has already been recalled to present to -- for


breaching his licence. So a bit of think that a leopard never changes


his spots. But I think that he admits he has made major mistakes


and is now saying that he wants to do something positive and stop


people making the same mistakes. is convinced that he made those


mistakes because he did not have a father figure and turned do these


breeds for role-models and stared. When I was selling drugs, I knew


people spoke to me with fear because of what they thought I


would do all those I was associated with. Now I can think that people


do respect me. They are happy for me because I am trying to help


their kids and prevent them from going down the same route.


Next tonight, a this far surgeons in the East Midlands who perform


laser surgery. Five key medical organisations have endorsed it as


an alternative to radiotherapy for patients with small throat cancers.


Iraq Derby hospital is the only NHS facility in these rhythms to carry


out the procedure -- the Royal Derby Hospital -- in the East


Midlands. For I prefer to be at home if I can. This man's throat


cancer has left 10 losing his voice. She cannot understand me at times.


I cannot answer the phone because people cannot understand me.


Smoking is probably to blame, a habit started in haste in the 1960s


before he was married and now he can regret it at leisure. I regret


it but you cannot go back. Just have to go forwards to the future.


This could be the future of one of throat cancer patients, laser


surgery. His chin there is only millimetres that long. This is a


picture of the voice box and you can clearly see the cancerous area.


The high frequency laser-beam can effectively cut out to the tumour.


This operation is a potential cure for throat cancer with the patient


typically spending just one night in hospital. New guidelines for


head and neck cancer endorsed by ear nose and throat specialists


from across the UK now recommend for the first time this treatment


for people with small throat cancers as an alternative to


radiotherapy. Take up has been patchy but could improve with more


awareness. A there is a perception among surgeons that with this


report that the rate of laser receptions goes up in time. --


laser wreak section. He cannot speak for 48 hours after surgery


and normal speech may take up to six months to return.


Incredible. It might have been warm and sunny for some of us but turn


your thoughts to the possibility of another harsh winter on the horizon.


Our three main county councils are already preparing for the worst by


a stocking up on their reserves of gritting salt. Reserves ran low at


times last year so this time around do they are taking no chances.


Remember these scenes from last winter? Icy conditions brought


misery and danger to our roads. In mid-September and with the clocks


are yet to go back, steps are being taken to ensure that our region's


Road East stay open. Leicestershire County Council already have 16,500


tonnes of grit sold in their depots. Derbyshire have 14,000 tonnes with


10,000 more on order. Nottinghamshire have 15,000 tonnes


with 4000 more to be delivered. last couple of winters have been


exceptional and we coped extremely well through those. We have the


fault grit that we need for a full winter and should it be extremely


bad, we will be in a position to order more. There is already 3500


tonnes that this rip salt depot in new work. The county council


believe that come the winter, they may need all of it. The last two


winters have been exceptional. The early forecasts are for a cold snap


at the beginning of the winter. We might end up with a mild winter, as


they forecast last year. We have the sole, we have the grifters, the


drivers have been recruited. -- we have the salt, we have the grifters.


They are undergoing training for route familiarisation. All three


county councils are confident that if the treacherous weather does


return in the next few months, they are fully prepared.


Nice to hear! Still to come, the fruit growers enjoying an


unexpected windfall. The big freeze of last winter was


followed by a stunning sprint and that has led to a very fruitful


autumn in how what ought to and -- orchards.


The strong winds have brought most of the apples out of the trees in


my garden but the good news is that things are going to start to calm


down. More weather for you at the end of the programme.


In sport, let us go straight to Jeremy. Nathan Tyson could make his


debut on Saturday. He looked sharp this afternoon in a friendly


against Leicester City. Injury has prevented him playing senses


transfers and he knows all about the emotion of the Derby. He was


involved in a controversial flag- waving incident. Nigel Clough will


decide on Friday whether he will make the squad for the bigger game.


He may have scored but Derby went down to Leicester 3-2.


Great news far a young Derby for a bowler whose career was threatened


by a heart problems. This is the moment when 18-year-old Mark


O'Brien could not believe it when he signed a new four-year contract.


He has spent nearly a year out after major surgery but has played


in every game so far this season. England's cricketers are riding


high at the moment and nothing to stay at the top of world cricket. I


donned up with a form of willow -- former world champion Pat Willows


Sports Centre. Mike Gatting is here to see how the


investment is being made in cricket at grassroots level. They have put


about the dirty dozen pounds in two best to make it a nice experience


for people -- �30,000. We have got new nets, likes, scoreboard, are


changing whims completely modernised postop after a brilliant


summer, England are now ranked No. 1 in Test cricket and they now aim


to be ranked at number one at all levels of the game. It is about


getting the young kids playing and getting the best coaches. They are


at the top of the world in the men's and women's games. We were a


number one first and it is always nice when we do something first and


they catch up. We are still trying to get better and hopefully be


number one again next year. Then a football-mad country, it is good to


see youngsters who now dream of being Graeme Swann or Stewart broad.


When you have got heroes like that, more kids come and play. It is so


good to see how many children are playing now days. Stuart Broad is


out of the start -- start of the tour of India with a torn shoulder


injury. Very talented, you do not want to lose Stuart Broad, but it


is a good situation for England. Are we going to see you in action?


We will have to wait and see! I am a bit rusty at the moment. Have you


got a fitness test to pass? I am unfit, I know that!


The last games of the season of the outdoor cricket are taking place


this evening. At Grace Road, Middlesex have overtaken


Leicestershire. At the Oval, Surrey are looking a long way off at


Derbyshire. We was show the Gulf -- goals tomorrow if they are any.


It has been an unusually the air for farmers and growers in the East


Midlands. A stunning sprint followed by his soggy summer has


meant some challenging growing conditions.


For one section of the agricultural community, the topsy-turvy weather


has been pretty good news. The freak conditions mean it has been a


bumper year for apples. Is it is a beautiful September


morning with just a hint of autumn in the air here at Calke Abbey


which means it is a perfect time for gathering up apples.


That is exactly what to be a volunteer team has been doing


rather earlier than usual. Particularly yesterday, apples were


flying all over the place and we were trying to gather the windfalls


and keep them by variety but you could not because they had


travelled so far and they have all got muddled up. Autumn storms a


part, it has been a superb summer apple growing. April and May worked


really nice and warm said that got everything moving early. The


harvest is fantastic. It might not be as welcome, but the unusual


weather has meant another bumper crop as well, spiders. Fritz and


apples have done really well but also insects have done really well.


-- Fritz and apples. It has not been too hot nor too wet and has


been great for insects including spiders. It is not always a bad


thing. A hundred years ago, the housemaids app Calke Abbey would


have been flat at with the cobwebs. You can do anything with apples,


sups with it, starters, main course, you can make chutney, sweeps. You


name it, you can do it. Whether you take the healthy option of


something slightly less good for you, the weather this summer has


meant a bumper crop. Are we clear because this is too


That is the happiest he has looked for weeks!


It has fantastic gathering the apples from the trees. Some good


news when it comes to the winds, it is going to die down. Thank you for


this photo from Melton Mowbray. We have seen a few showers through the


afternoon and we still have the odd one or two with us at the moment.


This evening, we will gradually see the showers diminishing. There is


more rain on the way. It is weakening as it works its way down


the country. It is just reaching parts of Derbyshire and the North


Nottinghamshire. It could produce the odd shower by the early hours


of the morning. Minimum temperatures of 11 degrees. First


thing tomorrow morning, the best of any sunshine in the south and east.


The weather front is trying to work its way southwards, increasing the


cloud cover and producing the odd shower in the north. Maximum


temperature of 18 degrees tomorrow. In the afternoon, the winds will


start to ease. A choir tonight tomorrow night but the downside


will be that the temperatures are soon going to drop. Minimum of six


degrees tomorrow night, much colder feel to the night. A cold September


morning on Thursday. It should be a mainly dry day and there will be


some sunshine. By Friday, it will be changing a bit with some more


rain in the north. That will increase the cloud over us. By the


weekend, it will be quite showery and windy.


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