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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies. And me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight: The dole queue just got longer.


11,000 people joined the East Midlands drops unemployment total


last month. A gang's Hama raid on a gold shop


but the jeweller fought back. got out the shop, they took a few


items. On the Alps say it -- outside, I started to smash their


car. Copper thieves will be caught after


a mile-and-a-half of valuable cable like this was stolen from


underground. From Belfast to Brisbane, find out


wind -- why one Nottingham's artist Good evening. Welcome to


Wednesday's programme. First tonight unemployment on the rise


and more gloom in the housing market. New figures on the economy,


published today, show a big rise in the jobless total in this region.


The East Midlands alone accounts for nearly 14% of today's rise in


the national jobless figures. Our reporter Mike O'Sullivan's in Derby


where people facing redundancy have today been looking for new jobs.


Good evening. Good evening. Egg Bank has been


here for 11 years, and it was a major financial employer moving


into Derby but now 650 redundancies are being made at a time when


unemployment is rising. Many workers feel they have got the


skills that employers want. Recruiting now. A hopeful sign for


650 workers that are being made redundant at the Egg Bank in Derby.


It follows the takeover of their credit card business by Barclays.


Today, a recruitment fair at Pride Park. I would prefer to stay local.


I think there are some companies locally I would look for


opportunities that are available. You need to make sure you are a


competitive and cellular skills and the people here have got a lot of


skill. But it is a challenging time to be looking for a job. Figures


out today showed unemployment in East Midlands now stands at 186,000.


That is an increase of 11,000 on the previous quarter. An


unemployment rate of 8%. Around 30 employers turned out at the Egg


Bank recruitment fair. 1,000 jobs on offer. One firm came up from


Brighton. He we have seen people here complaining about payment


insurance. It is worth it for us to see those people. The 650


redundancies at Egg Bank mean that some of the customer calls answered


that Derby will be handled by Barclay's staff abroad. Some will


be answered in the UK, some in India, some in the Philippines. We


have a diverse operating model. After November, they -- there will


be 550 workers on site, but with the Yorkshire Building Society


buying the savings and mortgage business, it is not clear what the


long-term future of the site will So, Mike, some gloomy news for the


region's housing market tonight. That's right. A survey out today


said the economic gloom is impacting on the housing market.


This from the asked -- RICS, the property surveyors. It is a measure


of how confident they are with the market. The market continues to be


subdued. 91% felt it was because of the uncertainty in the economy. 45%


more expected prices to fall. I am joined by George coucher from the


Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce. What is your


reaction today to the rise in unemployment? Obviously, it is not


unexpected. We thought it would rise in the autumn, so it has risen


stronger than we had hoped. It puts great pressure on the private


sector to generate more jobs. would you describe the situation at


the minute? Patchy, fat lining? have just come from a meeting at


the Chamber of horrors in Derby and employers are optimistic. --


Chamber of Commerce. They are concerned about the long-term


prospects. Egg Bank is a number of employers in Derby or making job


losses. Still to come on the programme:


A massive new forest in the heart of the East Midlands. Millions of


trees are to be planted on 460 acres of Leicestershire countryside.


Next tonight, dramatic pictures showing how a jewellery shop owner


tried to fight off thieves armed with hammers. The four men went


into the shop in Leicester at midday yesterday and escaped with


around �30,000 of gold. But as Kylie Pentelow reports, it was all


caught on CCTV. Kuala the sudden, my wife rushed


into the back-office screenings. Seeing these four lads come in with


hammers and smashing all of the tulip counters. At the same time, I


got something in my hands, a baseball bat and started to use --


started to fight with these guys. It is the second time the shop has


been targeted and this time the owner did not want to let the


thieves escaped. I was a bit more wary and I knew that at the end I


had to protect my jury. And eyes get them out. That is what I did.


Human instinct. And just started to fight with them. He followed them


outside but the men did it away. Police say the increase in these


robberies is because of the soaring price of gold. It is something


nationally we are seeing an increase in that jewellery is being


targeted. It is a worry for the owners of his jaw will restore that


their livelihood has been attacked but I would like to reassure


everybody in this community we are trying to do everything to tackle


the problem. The police warn people that where large amounts of gold


not make themselves a target. Now the owner is left with the clean-up


but will not let the fear of being attacked again affect his business.


Are a scary time and we do get scared, but we do have security in


place in our jewellery shop, and it is something we will fight against.


The police and electricity companies are warning metal thieves


and disreputable scrap dealers that they are employing new technology


to catch them. The authorities are seeing an epidemic of cable thefts


as the world price of copper hovers close to an all-time high. More


than a mile of heavy cable was stolen more -- before it could be


switched on. A whole wind farm was put out of action today.


On a windy day, wind turbine is not turning because thieves have stolen


cables from this wind farm on all five turbines. This is not the only


Nottinghamshire's site thieves have targeted. Today in a


Nottinghamshire ward, engineers were putting in a mile of cabled


back underground. The original wiring, capable of carrying


electricity at 33,000 volts, was stolen in May just before it went


live. They dragged it out using a 4x4 or which type equipment. They


had six tons of material. The cost us is into several hundreds of


thousands of pounds. You can see the valuable metal in the centre of


this cable. This piece alone, the copper is worth �20 and the thieves


got away with the equivalent of six drums of it which is about 2.4


kilometres. Distribution companies go to extensive lengths to protect


the cable. This has been sprayed with smart water before it goes


underground but it is selected urban sites in the Midland,


tripwires have been set up. It also -- spray thieves with Smartwater


which can be seen for weeks afterwards. If criminals are


cutting metal, their tours, clothing, home will be infected and


contaminated with that Smartwater. And they will be identified with


the crime scene. Thieves are targeting copper because after


dropping in price three years ago, it has ridden -- risen again at.


This time, this cable will be guarded until it goes live and the


police are working with the wind farm owners to improve their


security, too. Police in Australia have charged a


man in connection with the death of a Nottinghamshire woman. Sally


Brooks, who was 48 and originally from Stapleford, was found with


severe head injuries at her home in Melbourne in July. She died in


hospital on the day she had been due to return permanently to the


East Midlands, along with her three children. Robert Meade has appeared


in court in Melbourne charged with her murder.


The parents of Madeleine McCann are to take part in the inquiry into


the phone hacking scandal. They're among a number of high profile


names invited to be what are called "core participants." They'll have


the right to make statements and cross examine witnesses in the


Leveson Inquiry into press ethics. A man from Nottingham has been


scammed out of �300 by a telephone caller claiming to be from the


Ministry of Justice. Trevor Richardson says the caller knew his


bank details, passwords and even his mother's maiden name. He was


told he was entitled to �3,000 in compensation. Police are warning


people to check the details of any suspicious callers.


Nottinghamshire County Council has announced that six of its


residential care homes are to be sold off for just under �2 million.


The authority is planning to re- invest the money in care for older


people. But, today, UNISON called on the council to scrap the idea.


A petition containing two-and-half 1,000 signatures. That wasn't the


only opposition to the County Council's plans to sell off its 12


care homes. Rival political candidates ditched their


differences and turned their fire on the Conservative controlled


authority. This is one of the homes. Bramwell. It provides specialist


care for up to 22 elderly people. The council's proposing it and five


others should be taken over which it says has a fine track record. --


taken over by a company. They are rare quality company with a good


name with the Quality Care Commission and with our own Vizards,


they have excellent quality and they will put further development


in and infrastructure into the homes in Nottinghamshire and they


shouldn't be worried. Today, the Nottinghamshire branch of Unison


called on the council to abandon the proposed sale of the six care


homes, saying it would be a bad deal for the residents, their


carers and the staff working in homes.


England's green and pleasant land is about good greener. The Woodland


Trust wants to plant -- plant one million trees. A 460 acre public


would in Leicestershire will be the centrepiece which is being created


to mark the Queen's diamond jubilee next year.


62 trees form the New Grove. Though first is planted by Her Majesty...


Tree planting and royalty. The two are firmly linked and in February


Princess Anne kicked off the UK's largest-ever native tree planting


project. This was to commemorate the Queen's diamond jubilee in 2012.


The idea is that 6 million trees will be planted across the UK to


create 16 new diamond woods. The Woodland Trust also wanted want to


be bigger than all the rest. A flagship. And this is where it will


be. In Leicestershire. Near to Ashby de la Zouch. It is near to


people, and by Derby, Leicester, lots of population, lots of people


can use it. The first thing we need to do is to buy the land so,


clearly, before you start planting, there is lots of work to do as an


organisation. We need to raise �3.3 million to buy this side. Moderate


this land was not always pleasant although it is green. This was an


active operational site three years ago which was removing coal and


taking it out of the ground. Negotiations have taken place and


we hope to be party to this Reddy tremendous project. Some people


assume they would will take decades to read properly. Is there? Mare.


This Asher's about 10 years old so you can see that people will be


walking through a beautiful woodland soon. Sumptuous relations


will be short-lived but not the creation of this would. Its impact


will be felt for centuries. -- this wood.


Workers at British Sugar in Nottinghamshire are to be balloted


on strike action. It's part of a dispute over pay. Staff at four UK


sites, including the company's factory in Newark, rejected a 3.5%


pay offer. Union leaders are calling for a rise of nearly 6%.


The ballot by the union Unite will close on October 12th.


Managers of the Peak District National Park are to be directly


elected by the public. It's one of two areas to try out the elections


from next year. The Government's announced the move, calling it part


of its 'big society'. At the moment, the Peak District's run by a


National Park Authority, made up of appointed members, mainly local


councillors. If you ever get burgled, you'll


probably want the person who did it to get punished. But, for some,


prison is nothing more than a university of crime. Here in the


East Midlands, thousands of convicted criminals were caught re-


offending last year. So now the government's looking for ways to


break that cycle. In the final part of this week's series on Crime and


Punishment, our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports


from Nottingham Prison. If you'd been the victim of a


serious crime, there is a fair chance the person that did it has


been locked up here. For some inmates, the prison system isn't


revolving door. Look at these reoffending figures in the region.


Well over 3,000 criminals committed another offence within three months


of being sentenced. That is a reoffending rate of 9%. So, how do


you break that cycle? Just up the road in show would, we found a wide


range of views. Don't make it so easy inside prisons. You can


inflict ever more severe penalties costing the taxpayer more and more


but it doesn't work. I think it is linked to poverty and deprivation.


They commit a crime, they are in prison, out in six weeks and going


to do it again. As a barrister, this woman has seen this first hand.


She used to represent criminals but now she is a local MP. I had a


number of clients that I had a lot of time for. They had terrible drug


addictions and they had to have a radical change of their morality,


approach to live, how they live, get up in the morning, attend


appointments, how they want to work etc. Ken Clarke's the


Nottinghamshire MP in charge of the justice system and now he is


planning radical reforms, among the new Troke recovery wings in several


prisons, meaningful work for criminals in jail and payment by


results for independent providers that stop criminals reoffending.


There are plans that a controversial. These can be very


damaging because it is likely to reduce professional standards in


terms of how these community penalties are delivered. If they


are delivered by private companies seeking profits. That is going to


lead to more reoffending and more victimisation in the community.


This Nottingham MP thinks tackling the cycle of crime needs much more


long-term solutions. Graham Allen's idea has caught early and event


from. The best way to stop reoffending is to raise kids and


the right way, give them the right values, a purpose in life. You can


spend billions of pounds when things have gone wrong and when


they are deep-rooted with drink and drug abuse and all those other


things. Why not spend a few pounds early on to stop those things from


happening in the first place? Reoffending is an age-old problem


and the one thing everyone agrees on is there are no easy solutions.


Still to come on the programme: The Nottingham artist who's


changing the skyline of cities around the world. He's the


curiously named Wolfgang Buttress. His sculptures are rather eye-


Talking of eye-catching... We know what is coming. Here is the


sport. First, Derby County manager Nigel


Clough told us today emotions won't come in to it when deciding whether


or not to play Nathan Tyson at the City Ground on Saturday. Tyson


controversially left Nottingham Forest for bitter rivals Derby


County in the summer. He's been injured for the last six weeks so,


ironically, he could make his debut against his old team. Tyson will


always be remembered for his flag waving antics while at Forest in a


grudge match against Derby, and Clough is well aware Tyson possible


debut is what many fans are talking about.


I think Derby fans will want know if he is going to make his first


start for us and the Forest fans might be thinking up songs for him.


He has only played an hour behind closed doors at Leicester on


Tuesday afternoon. He has had 1.5 training sessions as well so we


will see how he goes and we will make it is session on Friday. --


make a decision on Friday. At Leicester City, Yann


Kermorgant's contract has been cancelled and he has left the club.


Kermogant came to prominence when he missed this penalty in a crucial


play-off game for Leicester two seasons ago. Former Foxes coach


Chris Powell is now manager at Charlton Athletic and he has signed


the striker on a two-year deal. In League One, Notts County moved


to joint sixth in the table last night after winning a point at


Exeter. The real Magpies were playing at real St James Park! Mark


Shardlow reports. Last week at Turin, last night


Exeter. A crazy week included with a -- concluded with a crazy goal,


an own goal. With just eight minutes gone, a mistake from the


left back was not what they needed. They were playing well and there


was a welcome equaliser. County, in the blue, or dominating. Geoff


Hughes came close. And he was again in a good position. He went down,


but claims for a penalty were waved away. In the second half, the


goalkeeper made a decent save from a free-kick and then Exeter's


striker stumbled with a goal. So, just like with trim, it finished 1-


1. -- just like in Turin. Rugby now, and Nottingham are


hoping regular Friday night rugby will be the key to their success


this season. They take on Esher at Meadow Lane on Friday looking to


boost their attendance. Jeremy Nicholas reports.


The club are based at Lady Bay, playing home games over the river


at Meadow Lane. They did not get on with the previous owners of the


Football Club but they became part of Notts County plc last year and


now the future is looking good, if they could get bigger crowds.


target is two and a half 1,000 and we are averaging about 1,800 and


beyond, but the crowds are improving. We would like more


people to come because what we do, we believe, is worth seeing.


Playing on a Friday night they hope will bring large attendances,


targeting people that want to stop the weekend and a. They can come


after work, have a beer, some more wine, spend a few hours and go home


and still have the weekend. If you have had a hard week, there is


nothing better than watching a physic contested game of rugby and


have a pint. After training, they meet up with their footballing


neighbours. While imagining the rugby guys eat more than the


footballers. We try. We tried to eat their food. But we stay over


each other's sides. One win this season. Nottingham hungry for


success. The season started with defeat with Bedford in a tightly


fought game. They lost 28-26, but then won 20-10 at Moseley. It


looked like an uphill struggle, but that might be the camera and goal.


It is not a bad start. The home game should be much easier.


In cricket, Nottinghamshire's Graeme Swann will captain England


for the first time. It was announced this morning that he's


been put in charge of the Twenty20 team for the series with the West


Indies. His Notts colleagues Alex Hales and Samit Patel are also in


the squad. Well, in the County Championship


today, Nottinghamshire's season is drawing to a close. In Division Two,


Derbyshire were well beaten by Surrey at the Oval to bring to an


end their season. Whilst Leicestershire's miserable year in


the Championship ended with a win at Grace Road against Middlesex.


That is all the sport from me tonight.


From Brisbane to Belfast, a Nottingham artist's rather larger


than life sculptures are attracting global attention. Looming as high


as 120 feet, Wolfgang Buttress's works form a distinct part of the


landscape. This week, one of them will be unveiled in Northern


Ireland. We sent Geeta Pendse to see him at work.


His first sculpture were created in this garage but 20 years on and art


is mac's work on a much bigger scale. In Nottingham, his mammoth


sculptures are pieced together. This one will eventually end up in


Brisbane, at the Grand Hyatt of 75 feet. -- big height of 75 feet.


did on the computer, and you have the sense of the scale, but it


isn't until you start making it you think, oh, my goodness. What have I


done? This week, his mistress and sculpture will be unveiled in


Belfast. It took three years to create. It straddles the two


communities. The Protestants and Catholics. So what I wanted to do


for that sculpture was so that it would be seen around, so it


wouldn't turn its back on any community. It is the scale of his


projects that are quite mind- blowing. For the sculpture, there


are currently seven people working in Nottingham, then shipped over to


Australia in three pieces and welded over there, and, eventually


placed in a park, and all that would have taken two years. Venus


rising will be placed in an area once used for worship by Aborigines,


linking the ground with the heavens. Wolfgang Buttress hopes his work


will echo that tant he wants the public to walk inside did. It is


nice. It is good to do things in Nottingham. And then in four


months's time to think this will be the other side of the world. It is


crazy. He says he often feels like a big hit with a giant Meccano set.


Though it should be a giant set -- giant Challenge round the corner


soon. And they look different up close,


don't they? Beautiful. We will go from Venus to


Yes, you could see it last night. It is the brightest star and quite


prominent. We have got a bit of cloud at the


moment, but yesterday we mentioned on Twitter that we had a rainbow


over the BBC building. David Cross managed to capture a double rainbow


so please keep your pictures coming in. We always look forward to


seeing your weather related pictures. We have got a small


amount of cloud sitting over us. There is a small and weak weather


front working over us which fizzles out as the night goes on, leaving a


very small amount of cloud across the South of the region but the


further North you are across those clear skies, it will turn chilly.


We are down to single figures. In rural areas, it could go down to


about four or 5. This will give us a cold start tomorrow morning. A


bit of a September morning in store for Thursday, but it'll be a dry


and bright start. The day not doing badly at all with some small cloud


developing and daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of 19. The winds


as well very light because the high pressure is virtually sitting over


the top of us. It will be quite transient and doesn't stay around


long. It moves away on Friday, allowing this weather front to come


in from the West. We have a few showers into the afternoon on


Friday and Saturday, too, a deep area of low pressure cuts across


the country although the winds are not on this chart, they will


strengthen. Although it eases on Sunday, it is a blustery day with a


chance of a few thunderstorms. If you would like one of the


weather team to visit your school, get in touch. We'll bring a mini


weather studio, show the pupils how we forecast the weather and each of


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