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Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Our top story tonight: don't call


them riots. Aid chief constable tells MPs this was a violent


disturbance. -- a chief constable. It is about accuracy and making


sure that we are proportion it. Also tonight: I am with the police


operation targeting matter of theft in Nottinghamshire.


Plus the 999 calls that have got the police spitting feathers.


your partner has gone missing? my parrot. Your parrot?!


And meet the Super potatoes from Welcome to Thursday's programme.


First tonight, Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable has told MP's that


last month's disorder in Nottingham shouldn't be referred to as a riot.


Julia Hodson denied she was downplaying what happened in order


to protect the city's reputation. She said it was more accurate to


describe it as a violent disturbance.


In a moment some surprising facts about the people arrested during


the violence but first from Westminster here's our Chief News


On its own figures, Nottinghamshire police estimated a group of up to


40 police station -- 40 people attack this police station with a


petrol bombs. So it was on this basis that the chief constable told


the owner says select committee it should not be called a riot but a


violent disturbance. terminology and the description


riot can be Dommett -- damaging for many years. The confidence of the


community... It is a presentation issue? It is about accuracy and


making sure that we are proportion it. Her a gold commander took issue


with the premises criticism that across the country they should have


been more officers on the streets, insisting the rioters were


contained in Nottingham. If we did not half -- we did not have people


at the end of the road wishing to vent their anger which dictated


different tactic. At the time, social media networks had been


blamed for allowing the rioters to mobilise. Representatives from


Twitter, Facebook and others argued they were a force for good. Several


chief constables agreed. Did they accept any responsibility? The use


of social media was used for malicious purposes. Our demographic


range is from FTSE 100 companies to 30 % of 20 euros and below. That


means for mobile phone of choice is a blackberry for youthful stop


Julian Hodgson told the MPs that of the 125 arrested so far, 71 % had


previous convictions. She said policing the riots had coursed --


cost �1.2 million. At a time of cuts, she called for the government


to meet those costs. Well, today it emerged that around half of those


arrested for the trouble in Nottingham have already appeared in


court. New figures from the Ministry of


Justice show about a third of them were children. Kylie Pentelow can


tell us more. This is the most notorious case


they've dealt with so far. An 11- year-old girl who was charged with


criminal damage offences. We can't name her because she is so young.


And this is Amed Pell, the teenager admitted that he used Facebook to


encourage others to join the riots in Nottingham. He sent messages via


the social networking site to more than 2,000 people. It earned him


almost three years in jail. The trouble only went on for a couple


of nights. So far 64 people have appeared in Nottingham's courts. 54


of them are charged with violent disorder. Four others are accused


of burglaries that were linked to last month's trouble. Most of them


are still going through the legal system. We are now in the position


where we are dealing with a more complex cases, which are being


committed to the Crown Court, where we are preparing the evidence,


cases, and getting ready for trials. They will take place in and course


of the next few months. -- in the course of the next few months. And


today more details emerged about Nottingham's suspected


troublemakers. The 64 who've appeared in court so far are all


under 40 years of age. Almost three quarters of them had previous


convictions. And more than 20 were children.


A Muslim student who was arrested as a terror suspect, has received


an apology from Nottinghamshire police and a payout of �20,000.


Rizwaan Sabir had downloaded the Al Qaeda Training Manual for a PhD


study into counter-terrorism. Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. It was the terrorism inquiry that


prompted these protests at the University of Nottingham. It all


started when the man downloaded the manual, US website and e-mail it to


a friend who was helping him to draft his PhD proposal. They were


both arrested but never charged with any terrorist offences.


supervisors were insisting quite categorically that I was a


legitimate academic research. It was disproportionate and over-


zealous action taken by the university and the police and now I


can proudly and happily say that some form of vindication has been


achieved and my name has been cleared. Nottinghamshire police


have agreed to pay him �20,000 in an out-of-court settlement. They


don't accept his claim that it amounted to false imprisonment. The


force has apologised for unlawfully stopping and searching him outside


his home nine months later. misinformation was that I had a


terrorist conviction which is frankly far from the truth. It had


a damaging impact, especially when I was travelling. I hope that now


the police have agreed to take office incorrect information, I can


stop being of the subject of police harassment and can carry on with my


life. Now he has moved away to another university after what he


has described as a frightening experience here. But it is a


personal experience that will form a valuable part of his dissertation


on counter-terrorism. Still to come on the programme: midwives deliver


some worrying news. Their association claims there's a


midwife shortage and the safety of Last night we reported on the


growing problem of electricity cable thefts, as the price of


copper hovers near an all time high. We looked at a wind farm that had


been targeted, as well as how a mile and a half of cable buried


underground had been dug up and stolen.


The police are concerned that the copper from thefts like these is


being bought and sold by disreputable scrap dealers. So


today Nottinghamshire Police raided one dealer to check if stolen


metals were being processed. On the hunt for a pile of old junk


but these officers are actually looking for valuables stolen goods


in this scrapyard. New technology has made their job much easier.


This is a piece of lead we have just recovered. As you can see, it


is very bright, fluorescent under a month UV light. It makes metal


identifiable. Her very fingerprint is unique. There are no two which


are ever the same again. -- every from the print. We can trace this


piece of metal back to where it came from cost stop the operation


involved partner agencies such as BT and the Department of works and


pensions. It is in response to a disturbing new trend in the county.


In the past three years, metal theft has risen -- risen by 17 %.


In the past 12 months, that has risen to 46 %, with a copper and


lead being targeted the most. is a lot of cable here, a lot of it


is clearly Network Rail property. It is identified as signalling


which, when stolen, causes major delays that we have been suffering


over the last few years. With not around the scrapyard and there are


a number of items we suspect have been stolen. -- we have looked


around. We have arrested the owner on suspicion of possession of


criminal -- proper to. With new measures in place, people risk


being caught and prosecuted. Mine rescue specialists from


Nottinghamshire have travelled to South Wales to help free four


trapped miners. The men are trapped beneath the


surface of the Gleision Colliery near Swansea. Their would-be


rescuers are from MRSL, a company based at Mansfield Woodhouse.


Andrew Watson is a spokesman for the company. What's the latest news


from your team at the mine? information we have got, there are


four pumps operating in of the mind. We are beginning to see water


levels dropping, allowing us to get people in. Are you going to get a


mad? -- get them out. Yes, we hope to get into their pocket of air and


bring them Mineworkers out. What are the main dangers facing your


team? To be honest, we have trained for this repeatedly. We are very


experienced and doing this. We have long duration apparatus which has


the best available in the world. We have environmental monitors with


every individual who needs it underground. We minimise the risk


in that way. Our priority is actually to get to where the


workers are and to do that we need to get the water out. We need to be


careful what we are doing but potentially, we can move as quick


as the water now. We will leave it there but the best of luck to your


team. A man's in hospital following an


attack in Derby. The 50-year-old was taken to the Royal Derby


Hospital after being assaulted by four men. He'd been using his phone


after his car broke down on Osmaston Road, not far from the


Spider Bridge island. He sustained cuts and bruises after being beaten


about the body and head. Emergency, which service? Now it's


a message we've heard many times before, people who make hoax or


just plain ridiculous 999 calls to the emergency services, are putting


lives at risk. Now, Leicestershire Police say


they're pleased that a man who made over 1,400 nuisance calls to them


over three years has been brought before the courts.


But the emergency services say people still need to be educated


that they should not ring 999 if their toenail is falling off or


because they've lost their parrot! Another emergency call, it could be


life-or-death. But many of these real calls the emergency services


take, are blocked by nuisance calls. Shares Cotterell Tote -- told me


about a man calling himself Captain chaos who made many calls are.


individuals like him, they will be seen by the courts. He served a


week imprisoned. But the emergency services also receive thousands of


downright daft calls. You are free to Leicestershire police emergency.


By Parrott has gone missing. -- my East Midlands Ambulance Service


also receives inappropriate calls. Somebody who has injured their


ankle and called two weeks after that asking for an ambulance, or a


patient who stabbed their toe and then Mail has fallen off. We


occasionally get ridiculous ones such as the individual who ran up


wanting to perform resuscitation on his kitchen. The service is free.


For example, we get people wanting directory inquiries. The police


hope the new and much -- non- emergency number available next she


will cut the number of unnecessary calls. -- which will be available


next year. Detectives have released CCTV footage of a man which shows


him in the minutes before he was found with life threatening


injuries. Yesterday morning, Jason Jelley,


who's 30, suffered injuries to his head and face in Beaumont Leys in


Leicester. Captured on CCTV yesterday morning


at his garage, but an hour later, the man arrived home with a life


threatening injuries. Police have not worked out how he ended up in


this condition. Having left home at 7:45am, he arrives at the garage 20


minutes later. It is believed he then made his way back, possibly


using a Strasbourg drive, before arriving at his house just after


9am. This is where police believe Jason may have been injured. It is


a cut through used by many people on their way to work of school.


Officers hope that members of the public will be able to help them


piece together exactly what happened. All day, officers have


been carrying out house-to-house inquiries. We are treating it as an


isolated incident and as I say, he may have fallen, he may have been


assaulted. We really don't know. I would like to reassure the public


not to be frightened by what has happened here. A 26 year-old woman


who was arrested in connection with the incident has been released with


no further action. So far, police have not been able to speak to


Jason, who remains in a serious condition in hospital. Officers are


now hoping this footage would encourage any witnesses to come


forward. Plans by the government to cut


legal aid are to be opposed by Nottingham City Council. The


Nottingham Law Centre, which provides free legal advice to


thousands of people every year, faces closure as a result of the


cuts. But the council say losing the service would mean more


problems for the region in the long term. It is a form of early


intervention. It says state money. It is not a dead weight on the


state in any way. It is safe -- self-defeating way to save money to


cut legal aid in this way. It will harm these people and quite


significantly. The Peak District National Park


Authority says that action is needed now to prevent more


wildfires in Derbyshire. Climate experts are warning that moorland


in the Peak District is in real danger due to the hotter, drier


weather being predicted for future years. Firefighters from across the


UK and Europe have gathered at a conference in Buxton today to


examine ways to reduce the risk. Nottingham has won a Gold Award in


the East Midlands in Bloom competition. It took top honours in


the best large city category, getting a special award for the


city centre floral sculpture trail. The judges also admired the


renovation of the cascade at Highfields Park carried out by


offenders. The win was Nottingham's first in the competition after a


four year absence. If you're having a baby in the East


Midlands are you at risk? There are claims tonight that the region has


one of the worst shortages of midwives in the country.


The Royal College of Midwives says 600 more are needed to ensure women


here get the care they need. But the NHS insists safety always comes


first. More than 55,000 babies were born


in our region last year, up nearly a quarter since 2001. The Royal


College of midwives argues 600 more midwives are needed. We have been


lobbying health ministers to invest in maternity services, so that


women have true choice, access to midwives and one-to-one care.


college says the ratio should be one or two every 2830. -- one or


two every 28 births. You can end up with a poor continuity of


information and Paul individualised care. Nancy is one day old. Nine


months after Christmas and the New Year, September has the highest


number of birds. Even in these tough times, maternity has been


prioritised. With the birth rate going up, they are taking on the


equivalent of an extra 20 full-time midwives in Leicester. They will


start work next month. For more people of Iraq to help, the better.


-- the more people there are to help, the better. We have only


close to three times and that has been for short periods, when


activity is very, very bad. Otherwise, so we have two sides and


they are not always busy together, so we can transfer activity.


Department of Health says a record numbers of people entered training


less Gia and says women should expect and always get safe care. --


entered training last year. Still to come on the programme: that


condor moment. No, not a cigar, but a huge Condor


potato grown by a man who's a giant There is no way of following that


really! Starting with an interesting bit of to and fro


between Derby and Leicester over the Foxes former captain Matt


Oakley. There had been strong suggestions that Oakley would be


leaving Leicester to go back to Derby on loan. But Foxes manager


Sven Goran Eriksson says that's not happening, yet.


A it has been talked about for a long time. -- it has been talked


about. I'm sure he has had some offers and when he wants to leave,


he will come to us quickly. He hasn't done so. I don't think it is


for the moment serious. They have signed off their


miserable four-day season by watching Middlesex win the Second


Division. At Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire crumbled against


Sussex this morning as they hand on the champions' mantle.


Some of the worlds best swimmers have begun their road to 2012 by


camping in Derbyshire. From now till next summer we'll be with the


Loughborough squad preparing for the London Games. So we bring you


some of the cream of British swimming, and their dogs, as you've


never seen them before. So, whose idea was it to go camping


in the windiest week of the year? To take some of the best swimmers


away from their comforts? Give me a five-star hotel! Here is the man


responsible. I am questioning my idea right now. But his methods


seem to be working. We will be running, biking, community --


canoeing and so on. They have returned with a string of personal


bests and a gold medal. To actually retain my title was phenomenal for


me. Now it is all about taking those performances to London 20


12th. We are finally in the last year, the last cycle leading up to


it. This camp is a lot of fun but it is putting us in the right


direction. We cannot wait. One of their campaign challenges was raft


of building and racing, a world away from the routine of swimming


up and down a call for hour upon hour. You sometimes get stuck in a


rut so it is good to get away from that within used to them this --


with a new stimulus. Amongst the most competitive is Fran Halsall.


Beside an injury disrupted season, she was a fraction of a second away


from two medals. She once more from London. I came 4th which will give


me extra drive and passion to want to win next year. I've also done a


time that has run to the high enough to get a medal next year.


All in all, I don't think it could have gone better really for me.


is not just the swimmers, lots have dogs. They love them. With a


routine that leaves them free for several hours during the day, they


are unimportant part of their lives. We have loads of time during the


day so it is good to take them out for a walk. They can have a laugh


with you as well. Many years of relentless training are behind them.


The long road is nearing its end. Dogs and babies, I'm sorted! Or


vegetables... Is biggest always best? It is if you're Peter


Glazebrook from Nottinghamshire. His vegetables are enormous.


Onions, cabbages, you name it he can supersize them. But there's one


exhibit he's particularly proud of. A world beating spud that weighs in


at almost a stone. In a suntrap, this is Peters grow


your own dream and he likes to do it in a big way. He has spent the


last 15 years making his vegetables super sized and he has certainly


succeeded with this, a world record-breaking Super aspired.


Weighing a staggering �11, it is heavier than the average baby but


the previous world record holder will not mind. -- 11 pounds. I have


been scratching around, looking at what has grown. I was surprised


just how large it was. You can only see the tops of the potatoes


normally but when I released it, there was a great lump of potato


underneath. When I weighed it I was amazed. Peter knows his onions.


About a very large vegetables, he is an expert. The cut the size of


these cabbages. Having prised vegetables like this can cause a


problem. The big challenge is how to get it to the show because I am


taking it 100 miles tomorrow and have got to get it into the back of


the estate car. As it stands, it is wiser than the car! I stopped


growing pumpkins because I could no longer lift them. What about a hot


potato? What will he do with this colossal variety? At the moment, it


is being kept a lookout. It will not be used again. We may eat it


later. I guess I've got my work cut out. Still, it will make a few


chips! We've not been getting much rain


over the last few weeks but very few showers on their way. First, a


rather nice sunrise picture captured by Kevin, first thing.


Thank you for that, Kevin. We've got a lot of cloud with us now. It


started off well first thing but the cloud has increased this


afternoon. It is starting to break but we will stay mainly cloudy


overnight. We will start to see a few showers coming in by the early


hours of the morning but not as cold as last night. A minimum


temperature of 11 Celsius. It means that tomorrow will be a cloudy


start first thing and we will see further showers on and off


throughout the day on Friday. Maybe the odd little bit of brightness as


well but the wind continues come from the south-east. It will be


reasonable one that comes to their daytime temperatures. A maximum of


20 Celsius for tomorrow afternoon. If you have any plans this weekend,


it will become quite windy once again. Not as windy as last weekend.


Low-pressure is sitting to the north of Scotland but it will make


it blustery at times. A few showers around on Saturday although the


showers for Saturday will be more widely spaced. There will be if


you're on Sunday as well. Those showers will work their way into


the afternoon. We will see their skies brightening on Sunday and the


breeze will ease off. It will still be in general a blustery weekend.


As we start of next week, low- pressure is hanging around. It will


control the weather, giving us a showery start to Monday with


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