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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Our top story tonight - the soccer thugs who won't be at tomorrow's


big local derby. Police arrest a number of suspected


hooligans to prevent a repeat of scenes like this. The message is


that if you go to football and are involved in disorder, expect to be


arrested on the day. Is the Bombardier factory acquit to


save itself? You may think it is made with


grapes from South Australia, but who knows what is in this fake wine


from North Nottinghamshire? I know what I like, and I really


like these Damien Hirsts in the starting sculpture exhibition in


the gardens of Chatsworth House. Good evening. Welcome to Friday's


programme. First tonight - police are cracking down on football-


related violence ahead of this weekend's big game between


Nottingham Forest and Derby County. This week, several people were


arrested after violence broke out in Nottingham city centre at the


start of the season. Sarah Teale is at the City Ground now. Sarah.


Yes, I'm here in the control room behind the scenes at Nottingham


Forest where staff and police can monitor the crowds. Inside the


ground genuine fans are determined to enjoy the game peacefully. But


it's outside the ground where a small number of so-called fans are


intent on causing trouble. It's that kind of behaviour which the


police say they won't tolerate. Officers have been out on dawn


raids this week rounding up the troublemakers ahead of tomorrow's


big game. Paul Bradshaw was with 1pm. Nottingham city centre on a


Saturday afternoon. As families shop, a group of thugs attack rival


fans in a pub. It is the first day of the football season and the


Forest casual contingent are intent on causing trouble. They can


clearly be seen goading Barnsley supporters inside, before one of


them picks up the billboard, and hurls it. One month later, those


same fans are being rounded up by police. This week, police are


carrying out a series of dawn raids on homes of the trouble makers.


When they are not at home, they tracked them down to their


workplace. This is organised disorder. We also saw problems


during the game with Leicester. While the game was going on at 4


o'clock in the afternoon, a few miles away from the ground, 20


Forest and 20 Leicester fans were involved in disorder in the eastern


town centre. This is organised disorder. We do not have many


problems and that is why we want to keep on top of it and make arrests.


This follows weeks of intelligence gathering. Police officers are


given details of the 11 suspects during an early-morning briefing.


Hours later they are in custody. Also recovered, books, calling


cards and badges, carrying the name of the Forest casual contingent.


The police say they are determined to track down anyone involved in


football-related disorder and they say this is where they will end up.


So it's been a busy week ahead of tomorrow's game. 14 people have now


been arrested in total. And the police stress that more arrests


will follow. Well, with me now is Superintendant Mark Holland, who we


saw in that report. Mark tell me more about the Forest casual


contingent. They seem like a very well organised gang. We are trying


to make sure they do not become more organised. We have less than


one arrest per game throughout all of the Games in Nottinghamshire. We


have been on the front for it in this fixture. This disorder occurs


away from the ground, so we want to nip it in the bud. That is why we


have gathered the evidence after the Barnsley game and these people


have been arrested. They are on bail conditions and they cannot


attend the game. We will be seeking to prosecute them and get them on


lengthy banning orders. At this time of budget cuts, having to


police games like this costs time and money and you probably want to


avoid it. It has always been our overall strategy to reduce policing


at football and we are succeeding. Every year we have fewer police


officers at games. About half do not have any police. We are making


sure that we are on the front for it, and having police officers out


with family liaison, meeting the fans on the day, then we can put


police officers into the community and on the street, where the


taxpayer wants them to be. Fans have been banned from the vicinity,


the people you have arrested. Have you done enough to prevent violence


this weekend? We still have reasonable numbers of police


officers on. Derby police officers are coming across, and we have a


reciprocal agreement when Forest play Derby. It will be a passionate


game and people need to enjoy it and not get too excited. If people


want to get involved in disorder and organised disorder, away from


the ground and at the ground, we will get them on the day or we will


prosecute them afterwards. The club itself has said that they will


assist the police in everything that they need to do to make sure


that this game is peaceful for genuine fans. They will ban anyone


caught up in the disorder. All of that aside, the only thing that the


real football fans worry about is the match itself. Full analysis of


that is coming up in the sport with Colin. We can see him down by the


pitch. It is the kind of game that makes headlines on the pitch. Two


teams with different form coming into this game, but you can check


that out of the window when it comes to Forest against Derby. All


of the build up in a few minutes, right here.


Next tonight - there could be further bad news for workers at


Derby-based Bombardier. The BBC has learned that the company isn't


currently capable of carrying out an upgrade on cross-country trains.


And that's work which the Government had suggested could save


jobs there. Angelina Socci reports. It has already been a long fight to


try to save up to 1400 jobs at this site in Derby. This week, a glimmer


of hope, after the Government announced there may be a potential


contract to upgrade existing cross- country trains. But there is a


catch. The carriages would need to be made out of steel, which the


Derby factory is not currently equipped to build. The trains


running out of this plant of aluminium. Instead, the design


could be carried out in the city, but manufactured in Belgium. It is


possible that the bodies could be built up their basic level. They


would be shiny, not painted, welded together, they could come across


the North Sea and go to Derby for most of the work to be done on them


there. That is the fitting out, the painting, the equipment, the wheels


underneath being fitted. That is the majority of the work and it


could come to Derby. But Bombardier are not promising that could be the


case. The Department of Transport anticipates that if the book


proceeds, it could largely be delivered in the UK and would


safeguard jobs at Bombardier if they won. They said that how that


happens is a matter for Bombardier. They say they have not decided how


the work would be done if they won the contract.


In other news tonight, an internal investigation by Leicestershire


Police after the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter has


found that misconduct was not proven in the cases of four of its


officers. In May, the Independent Police Complaints Commission


recommended there was a case to answer. But the force's Misconduct


Panels have concluded that failings on an organisational level were to


blame. A man's pleaded guilty to the


manslaughter of a cricket fan who was in Nottingham to watch a Test


match at Trent Bridge. The city's Crown Court heard that Jacob Dunne,


who's 19 and from The Meadows, punched James Hodgkinson during an


unprovoked attack in the Old Market Square. He fell and sustained


serious head injuries. Dunne will be sentenced in November.


Another batch of fake booze has been found in the East Midlands.


This time it was at a convenience store in North Nottinghamshire


where counterfeit wine was seized. The bottles of fake Jacob's Creek


have now been sent away for testing. As Kylie Pentelow reports it was


the labels which helped raise the alarm.


It is a wine is synonymous with Australia, cultivated in the


sunshine. But it is not likely that the contents of this bottle of


Jacob's Creek ever touched the vines of South Australia. In fact,


there may be no great sin it at all. The clue is on the back. -- no


grapes in it. Can you see the mistake? The quality of the


labelling. They might seem white, yellowed, put on wonky. There are


some typing mistakes, including the misspelling of the word Australia.


That is a bigger giveaway. genuine bottle of Jacob's Creek


cost about �8, and the duty on that his two pounds 50. If you see a


bottle in the shop for less than that, who knows what might be in it.


This shop has got it right. But fake wines are still costing the


owner. Most of the time, illegal products are being sold below what


we can retail at. That is damaging to our business and it detracts


from what we are trying to do, which is sell a genuine product at


a genuine price. This is the first time trading standards officers


have found dodgy wine in this area. Spirits like what they are normally


the favourites with fakers. -- vodka or. Devizes to check the


label and make sure you are buying the genuine product. -- is the


advice is. Earlier, I spoke to Gavin Partington, from the Wine and


Spirits Trade Association, who explained that fake booze is not


only cheap - it can be dangerous. There is a risk to people's health,


potentially, because the product is not being properly produced in most


cases, and is probably sub-standard and could have a health risk. This


is where the Food Standards Agency step in and should be concerned,


quite rightly. Trading standards will report the matter to them and


ask them to tested. The legitimate companies that produce these


products often stop in end help the authorities identify the nature of


the products that have been seized. We should be concerned about this.


I can assure you that it is a major concern for the trade and the trade


is doing everything it can to work with the authorities to stamp it


out. You can get fake everything these days. Criminals become ever


more inventive. Can the authorities ever wipe it out? You can never get


rid of it completely. There has been criminal activity in the


alcohol area for some years. One of the factors has to be the levels of


taxation, which in this country have made it an attractive area for


criminals. They believe that they can make quite a lot of money by


avoiding duty and selling counterfeit products to retailers


that will take it. We urge retailers not to buy into this


because it is no good for them and their customers in the long run. It


is better to deal with legitimate producers and suppliers and we urge


customers to be vigilant. If the offer looks too good to be true, it


probably is. Thank you. Next tonight, the multi-million-


pound decontamination plant designed to ensure the safe


cleaning and sterilisation of millions of surgical instruments.


It officially opened today in Leicester to serve the city's NHS


hospitals. It follows the increasing focus in the health


service on infection control and the need to bring ageing facilities


up to modern day standards. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


has been taking a look. They can go through 15,000 reusable


surgical incidents every day at Leicestershire's NHS hospitals.


That is a lot of washing up. The decontamination process is


complicated, tightly regulated, and now based at Synergy's state-of-


the-art plant. Dirty items can be washed by hand, but there it gets


high tech. We have specialist equipment which washes and cleans


the instruments. Then the instruments are put into this


purpose-built clean room, where we have technicians, they reassemble


the trays, put them back into the right set, make sure they are fit


for purpose for the surgeons. clean over 100,000 surgical


instruments every week here. Nothing leaves this room until it


has been sterilised. And that involves steam temperatures of one


and 30 degrees Celsius. What is happening here is that the surgical


plays are being wrapped and inserted into trollies. This is all


part of organisation following concerns from scientists that the


human form of mad cow disease could have been passed by surgical


instruments to humans. Provision of health care is a moving story.


Increasingly, the evidence began to suggest that we needed to spend


more time focusing on quality assurance of repairing instruments


for surgery. People are uneasy about involvement of the private


sector in the NHS, but supporters say this brings the best of both


worlds together. International, specialist expertise, and one of


the busiest acute hospital trusts. Five new cases of a mystery bug


which affects pets have been reported in Nottinghamshire in the


past fortnight. Ten dogs have died over the past two years in areas


including Sherwood Forest, Clumber Park and Blidworth Woods. Dog


owners are being asked to keep a close eye on their pets as the


county council intensifies its efforts to find the cause.


The Lincolnshire Echo newspaper is to go from a daily to a weekly


publication. The change will take place next month and the paper will


be published every Thursday. It's been a daily for the past 118 years.


The management says reading habits have changed and it needs to secure


the paper's long term future. 118 years? Nearly as long as we have


been here! Let's go back to the City ground.


Here I am in the rain. It is coming down hard. That will do nothing to


dampen the anticipation. For the fans of Forest and Derby this is


the game of the season. The rivalry is so fierce it is the kind of


fixture which splits families, friends and neighbours. East


Midlands bragging rights are at stake and over the last few season


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


these matches have been SO It's Derby Day. Nigel Clough has


been there and done it. But as a manager, Nottingham Forest's Steve


McClaren's getting his first experience of the game that means


so much to both sets of supporters. Earlier today Angela went to find


out how he feels just ahead of kick-off.


Less than impressive start for the Reds this season with just one win


in six games. But Derby Day could be the perfect pick me up for the


fans. Last season's 5-2 drubbing can carry on and can restore some


pride as well because results have not gone away. We always like to


beat Derby. We are getting used to it now, anyway. Plenty of talking


recent weeks about events of the pitch. Today are firm focus about


what needs to happen on it. Expectations are that. We are at


home. The fans expect and you have to deliver. Nothing but a


wholehearted 110% performance will do. Steve McClaren knows about the


rivalry with the Rams and he is relishing the game. Derby games are


special. I can't really remember but I did play in a Nottingham


Forest derby games at the Baseball Ground. I don't remember it but I


do remember the atmosphere, electric. The importance of who


wins and who gets the bragging rights. You spoke about playing for


Derby and two assistant manager for some time. No problem with the


losers? We want to win. It is about time we started winning. There will


be a packed house at the city Ground for this eagerly-awaited


fixture. The red end are hoping for something to kick-start their


season. I know you can throw the form book


out but the teams have had very different starts to the season.


Just one victory in six for Forest but at Derby the team has won four


out of the first six and there is a feeling of real togetherness.


Inevitable, really, that Forest v Sailing, trips to the races, even


bowling could be keen if Derby beat Forest tomorrow. We are constantly


trying to do more things together as a team, as his squad. Not


necessarily football-related. Anything we can do with the players


to nurture team spirit. So team Derby are team bonding. It is one


of the reasons why they are in the top six. Every single one of the


lads get on with each other. Not anybody feels like they don't fit


in. The team spirit is fantastic in every one of the lads and it is


pulling in the right direction that keeps us at the top of the league.


To win tomorrow they will need big characters like little striker


Jamie Ward. He is passionate, and outspoken. I think a lot of people


fall out with him. And he cannot wait for tomorrow. Hopefully we


will go there and show our fans how good we are and we will give them a


seeing to. That is fighting talk! Well, it has to be done before this


game, really. Nathan Tyson will probably start on the bench. It is


all about restoring pride after last season's 55 into defeat.


Certainly very hurt and a bit embarrassed. -- 5-2 defeat.


would be nice for the team to get a Inevitable that Forest against


Derby would overshadow Leicester city but they have a huge game of


their own. Manager Sven-Goran Eriksson told me he wasn't reading


the papers that were speculating about his future. In any case,


victory at home to unbeaten league leaders Brighton has the potential


to completely transform how the football world sees the start to


Leicester's season. They are rebuilding the inside of


Leicester City's training venue. Like the team, the guards are being


ripped out in the name of improvement. At least bits of


buildings do not have to learn to work with each other. Players that


have stormed one of the toughest and most competitive leagues in the


world, it may be a bit naive. is the issue, a ropey start to say


the least. Already, extraordinarily paper talk about the manager's


position. It is football, isn't it? It is not the first time and it


will not be the last time and you have to live with it. If you are


not up to expectation, the manager is always the big question point.


They are managing to have fun here and Sol Bamba is not getting


anything not his confidence. I like to play and it will be an open game


and we had to get some points. could be two wins and two draws by


tomorrow afternoon, which would be promotion form.


Don't forget that also playing this weekend are Notts County, looking


for a fourth game unbeaten at Stevenage. Leicester Tigers travel


to Newcastle Falcons and hope to kick-start their season there.


Nottingham Rugby actually play tonight, just across the Trent from


here at Meadow Lane. Still time to get there. And the Panthers have an


away road trip - two games in Scotland.


Back here at the City Ground, it's all about one fixture. For many


fans on both sides it's all important. And if you haven't got a


ticket we can offer you the next best thing to being here - full


live commentary on both BBC Radio Derby and BBC Radio Nottingham.


It's not to be missed. As we pointed out at the start, there is


always drama. Indeed! And sometimes rain.


Fantastic. Now, what do you know about


sculpture? If the answer's not a lot, then Chatsworth House may be


the place for you. A striking new exhibition in the gardens has just


opened featuring the work of leading European, American and


Asian artists including the controversial Damian Hirst. James


Roberson has been for a look round. From a distance, they look like


conventional sculptures, but these two horses are by Damien Hirst, so


close inspection reveals, yes, the muscles inside, to show how wings


really fit on a horse and horns on unicorns. This one is amazing. It


is made out of one piece of marble. The whole perception distorts.


the head is really narrow! really looks like there is a giant


buried in the ground. It looks like they have jumped into the pond


behind. We have 26 pieces of sculpture, more than ever before.


It is fantastic again this year. They are so fascinating, the detail.


I also like the Sculpture behind us, the Queen of polka-dot. And it is


so vibrant. We have got Sculpture tours twice a day with our guides


which are free of charge. Visitors can walk round and get really


inspired. The show was put in by Sotheby's


and takes one year to organise. Many of these pieces have not been


seen before. They range, like Chatsworth's own statues, from the


realistic, to the representational, to the frankly abstract. They may


be by a world famous artists like The show is included within the


normal garden of mission and runs Very impressive. Quite a few


buttons are sprinkled around! must make our way there


immediately! -- bottoms. Colin is soaked up the football ground


tonight! We should pay for his dry cleaning. We have had lots of


showers but also a nice sunset. It was captured by Steve, thank you


for that. Lot of nice colours. Tonight we have some showers with


us but they will start to fizzle out. The rain in the North will


pull a way to the North and we will see rain coming in. The cloud


increases in the early hours of the morning and then the rain will put


up from the South West. Light and temperature is not over the cold.


10 to 11 will be the minimum. -- overnight temperatures not overly


cold. Tomorrow will be showery. The majority of the showers will be


confined to the North of the region. The further South, there will be


sunshine but the odd shower as well. Daytime temperatures about 17, so


temperatures come down a bit over the weekend. By the time we get to


the early hours of Sunday morning, more rain to come. This band of


rain will become showery and work towards the South East corner on


Sunday. We also have a breezy weekend as well. Some of the


showers will turn blustery as the weekend goes on and it will feel


cool. There will be quite a change compared to what we have been used


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