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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Kylie


Pentelow. Our top story tonight: the cities


scrambling for Government cash. Nottingham, Derby and Leicester all


want money to promote growth but how big is the pot? �1.3 billion


for the whole of the country which has one third of what used to be


given. Also: other parents pleading for


help to solve the mystery of their son's death. It absolute nightmare.


I never thought I would lose my baby boy. He should not die before


your kids. Six months after the tsunami, how


students are helping to rebuild Japan.


And a man down and a goal behind. Derby celebrate a remarkable big


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight,


the race to bring in the investment millions that'll create thousands


of jobs in our region. Nottingham, Derby and Leicester are


all chasing private and public sector cash to kick-start the


economy. All three are putting in bids for help, to the Government's


regional growth fund. Today though there was a warning


that the fund isn't big enough and more taxpayers' cash is needed.


Mike O'Sullivan's in Nottingham to tell us more.


Good evening. This is what's called the island site in Nottingham.


Parts of it derelict for years. Supposed to be used for homes and


commercial use. And this site was one of around a dozen or so


showcased to potential investors in Nottingham today. Nottingham trying


to convince them they should come here instead of elsewhere in our


region. It is not every day you meet a


passenger on a bus tour of Nottingham with �25 million to


spend. But this tour is taking potential investors around key


sites like the Broad Marsh Centre which could create 6000 jobs. And


the birds Enterprise Zone, creating �10,000. More investors are still


needed. We are looking to provide about 250 homes, associated shops


and restaurants. You are probably looking at a build cost of �25


million, which we would have to raise in that the City and possibly


as many as 200 jobs. They even named a train. All three of our big


cities are trying to win backing from the public and private sectors.


Government cash is on offer from the regional growth fund. Not him


once �200 million for the Brits enterprise zone. -- Boots. Derby


once around �50 million for things like a hi-tech business park near


Rolls-Royce and and Innovation Centre. There is a lot of


investment... Even as the Tour showed off Nottingham's highlights,


there was a warning that there is not enough government cash for


everybody. We will get something out of it but it is not to kick --


not enough to kick-start the economy. The other towns named miss


out, we will not all be winners of stop Leicester's high cross centre


is part of investment in the City over the last 10 years. In at the


fight for investments in jobs, you can never stand still.


Well, the government has defended the �1.4 billion in its regional


growth fund, due to last until 2014/15, saying it ensures that


some private sector cash comes in as well. Economic development and


jobs have been the key themes of the Liberal Democrats' annual


conference. Over to the International Convention Centre in


Birmingham and our Political Editor John Hess.


The conference today heard the Business Secretary Vince Cable talk


of the need for investment to boost exports, green technology and


manufacturing. Then this afternoon, the reality for one of our


struggling manufacturers, train makers Bombardier of Derby. In a


question and answer session with delegates, the Lib Dems' leader


Nick Clegg was put on the spot. am very annoyed that we were


totally tied up, tied in knots by the legal requirements of the


tendering process drafted by the previous government. We could not


get out of it. Philip Hammond and Vince Cable are working to make


sure that doesn't happen again, that British companies had given a


fair crack of the whip. But it was a Nottingham delegate who earlier


told the conference the quickest way to boost the economy and the


infrastructure was to build new homes. I cannot stress enough how


many people in this city of Nottingham and elsewhere in the


country find themselves trapped in sub-standard housing that they


cannot afford to get themselves out of. But new housing, roads,


industrial estates, key ingredients of local infrastructure projects


are not cheap. I asked the leader of the Liberal Democrats on


Leicestershire county council Simon Galton, how much money we're


talking about. Leicester identified a shortfall of �2 billion. If there


is a huge gap to fill. Can it be filled? That depends upon whether


the government is going to make some more money available to kick-


start those sorts of projects. Clegg said today, the Department


for Transport alone has �8 billion to spend on infrastructure projects


and he's determined, in his words, to get the money out of doors of


Whitehall and spent. Well, the East Midlands Development


Agency is on the island site. The organisation that used to hand out


lots of development cash being wound up by the Government and


replaced by the regional growth fund. And to discuss the chances


for investment in the region, I'm joined by Professor Baback Yazdani,


from Nottingham Trent University and regional chairman of the CBI.


It doesn't sound like a lot for the entire country but it is unlikely


to change. Perhaps we need to concentrate our efforts to give the


project that are going to have the biggest impact. How difficult is it


to get the private sector to invest in places like the East Midlands?


The private sector requires a good planning and tax environment to


want to invest. In that regard, the little things to matter. The


Investment announced today in Wolverhampton and the �10 million


investment in the regional growth fund has brought in �350 million


from Jaguar Land-Rover into that region. This is the second round of


birds in the regional growth fund and the results will be announced


later in the autumn. -- bids. Still to come on the programme: the big


clean up in Japan. Six months after the Tsunami a student from


Derbyshire returns from a country that's slowly re-building its


The parents of a Leicester man who died after collapsing with serious


head injuries say they're living an absolute nightmare as they try to


find out how he died. Jason Jelley was married with five


children. How he got his injuries is a mystery. His family are


appealing for anyone with information to help them. In


morning and struggling to accept the death of their son. The parents


of the father of five say they are utterly devastated. Absolute


nightmare. Never thought I would be losing My baby boy. Here he was,


captured on CCTV on Wednesday morning in Leicester. Just an hour


later, he arrived home with terrible head injuries. Police say


they do not know whether he felt or if he was assaulted. His family


there are certain he was attacked. He told his wife when he got him


that he had been attacked from behind. Somebody saw him holding


his face with blood coming out of his face. Officers have been


carrying out house-to-house inquiries in the area to try to


find anyone who might have seen something. Police particularly want


to trace a man who may have helped him across Strasbourg drive, a


round the corner from his home. Based say he is described as black,


between 5 ft 6 and 6 ft 4 -- Paul. Meanwhile, Jason's family say they


are desperately waiting for someone to come forward with information


which might help them solve the mystery of their son's death.


appeal to people who are parents themselves, how would you feel if


you had lost your son? The pain we feel is unbearable.


Firefighters have been dealing with a large blaze at a Transport Yard


in Sutton in Ashfield. Officers have set up a 200-metre exclusion


zone around the site on Prospect Close. Local businesses have been


affected. The Fire Service says it's expected to be on site for 24


hours. Officers are concerned about the danger from gas cylinders on


the site. Network Rail is to monitor the


timing of barriers at a level crossing in Nottinghamshire after


two people were trapped on the tracks. The incidents happened at


the crossing on Carey Road in Bulwell. On two occasions people


with mobility problems were trapped between the barriers because they


closed too quickly. Network Rail is also upgrading the monitors used by


signallers to observe the crossing. This is East Midlands Today. Coming


up in sport: a tale of two cities. At one end of the A52, jubilation.


At the other, disbelief. All the highlights of an epic local derby


The police say they're becoming increasingly concerned for the


well-being of a vulnerable woman who's been missing for more than


four days. Janet Bacon was last seen when she


was dropped off for a bus in Mansfield. But she left home


without her bank cards and has switched her mobile off. At her


Mansfield bungalow where she lives with one of her sons, a police


search team was looking for clues. They were going through her


belongings in the hope that a piece of paper, a receipt or note might


tell them where she was heading and what he plans were four days ago.


74 year-old Janet became a great great grandmother six weeks ago but


last weekend was the 9th anniversary of her husband's death.


Her sons and daughter described their mother as sociable but are


concerned about the pain she is in a former water disability. She has


taken a large quantity of painkillers with her and her family


is worried about her frame of mind. Very worried. There is only so much


pain people can take. We are very concerned as regards the number of


tablets she has with her. Passengers at Mansfield bus station


are also being asked if they've seen Janet. She enjoys using her


bus pass and regularly travels around the East Midlands. She was


dropped off by taxi at 1:30pm last Thursday. For Janet to catch a bus


was not unusual but for her not to be in contact with her family for


so long is out of character. At the time she went missing, she was


wearing a blue top and carrying a red metal walking-stick and a black


leather handbag. We are not saw -- we are not sure of what is state of


minders. We are really concerned. Jags family is pleading with her to


get in touch and tell them she is safe. -- Janet says family.


If you have any information, call Well, there is only one place to


start tonight, the fall out and analysis after the explosive Forest


Derby game. Team Rams have had the day off today after victory,


meanwhile the Reds have been sweating out defeat on the training


field. In a moment we'll be looking at what's going wrong at the City


Ground but first Natalie Jackson reports on a Derby day win for


Derby. The East Midlands derby is all


about the fans, about pride and These players have experienced


games like this before. But they will need strong hearts and minds


in this game today. The fixture is always dramatic but few expected


this! 66 seconds gone, Derby down to 10 men. The goalie sent-off, his


stand-in had barely taken his seat. Was it a minute or something like


that? I was eating my banana, getting ready for the game. Read


funded in the penalty. -- thundered in a. It did not take long before


there was more controversy. He has lost his footing and there is the


referee, no foul. Off we go, carry on. Nigel Clough is telling derby


to carry on. Carry on, he says, it It is a great run and he has


Derby showed incredible character and team spirit. Hendrick missed a


sitter and then at the 19 year-old turned from a villain to hero.


knew it was going in. I didn't know what to do and all the lads came


over and jumped on me. It was a great feeling. We have huge belief


in their character and spirit. We hope that when we look back in six


months, it will BAA season defining moment. He is probably the proudest


manager in the season at the moment. -- in the the lead at the moment.


So the Forest fans are angry not just because of the defeat, but


also because they haven't won at home yet and are now in the


relegation zone. It is early days but why were Forest so bad in such


a landmark game for the supporters? Last season, Nottingham Forest's


defence was one of the best in the championship but Derby's first goal


was barely -- with a daily the hint of a challenge finally shattered


that repetition. Steve McLaren admitted the defending was


unacceptable but he reckons the problems run deeper. There are a


lot of changes gone on in this football club with management, with


players and to get teething problems. Sometimes, failure to


adapt to each other... That is the problem. We've not found the


balance. The defence is a puzzle, four of the current back five


helped create a record. They have now conceded nine goals in three


games. So, could confidence be an issue? I'm not too sure about lack


of confidence. I think it is because we made so individual -- so


many individual next -- mistakes since the start of the season. Each


mistake keeps costing a sand gets highlighted. And the frustrations


of the fans are growing. There were chants of sack the board. A banner


also directed at the chief executive of stop the board didn't


lose the game, we did. Nigel puts a lot of money into this football


club and how he wants to run it is how he wants to run it. We have to


work within those parameters. We accept that now. We fight it and we


try for things and he can see the fans frighted as well. But at the


end of the day, he has put his hard-earned money into this


football club and it is still going because of him. The season has a


long way to run. Forest are notoriously slow starters. Still,


there is plenty to chew on. If you want to see it again, it is


all on the BBC website. Over at Leicester City the pressure isn't


exactly off but a good performance and a victory over league leaders


Brighton makes the Foxes start to the season suddenly look a whole


lot better. All smiles at the King Power Stadium.


It was a victory built on a storming first half. They were


having fun with their pace up front. The fox is even had the ball in the


back of the net. -- the Foxes. Any frustration was blown away by the


goal and if second half. -- in the second half. No one was getting


carried away. Least of all the manager. A couple of weeks ago,


Southampton... They were the better team. Today, Brighton were top of


the league. We must build on this. The game could have ended up as a


draw. Smith was a Leicester target in the summer. He did the club he


Neelie joined a massive favour by missing. -- Neelie joined. Notts


County have gone one better than Leicester. Their recent record in


League One is three wins and a draw. A trip to Turin clearly a tonic.


They had a few things to survive to win at Stevenage. This penalty, for


example. A great save. Then, this challenge by Charlie Allen. Hard to


argue that it should have been a red card. But Nottingham County


survived and thrived. When Ben Burgess headed in to seal the win,


it was a model of simplicity. Good news and bad news for


Leicester Tigers. The bad is that number eight Thomas Waldrom has


been called up by England as cover for Nick Easter. His flight to New


Zealand leaves the Tigers with precisely no players dedicated to


that position. The good was a dramatic come from behind win at


Newcastle. Tigers first win of the season featured three players


scoring their first try in Leicester colours, starting with Ed


Slater. Then, 15 minutes into the second half, it was Julian Salvi's


turn. All before the Steve Mafi late late show stole a one point


victory. Off and running. Two other triumphs to mention:


Nottingham Panthers did a Scottish double on the road. Demolishing


Fife 6-2 and then Edinburgh 8-0. And golfer Mel Reid warmed up


wonderfully for the Solheim Cup by winning the Spanish Open. A full


report on Mel's progress later in the week.


There is also Carling Cup action this week. It's all very busy!


15,000 people were killed, 130,000 are still homeless. The earthquake


and tsunami in Japan six months ago had a devastating impact both on


Japan, its population and global markets.


It even affected car production here in the East Midlands. Well,


this week one of our universities has offered a helping hand by


inviting over a group of students directly affected by the disaster.


Lives lost, homes destroyed, family livelihoods devastated. These


smiles high personal tragedy. Each student here was affected by the


earthquake and tsunami in Japan six months ago. TRANSLATION: My house


was completely washed away by the tsunami. My house is only seven


kilometres away from the nuclear site. My family has to live apart


and I have to worry about when I can move back. TRANSLATION: There


are still many people who live in temporary housing, who do not have


normal lives. I really wish that those people who are suffering will


be recovering physically and mentally as soon as possible.


students go to university in the north-east of Japan. They've come


to De Montfort University to share their experiences and learn about


quirky English traditions. It has been inspirational to have them


here. We took them to Leicester City on Saturday and to our great


delight, the Japanese international scored the winning goal. Yesterday,


we took them to the whole of our archivist and they took them to an


allotment which may not sound impressive until you learn that


many of them live near toothy Fukushima nuclear site. There have


been telling us that they will not be able to grow food there for


another 50 years. They were very touched with how people in England


think about them. They realise they are not forgotten for loss of


light-hearted fun here, imagers different to the ones we saw six


months ago of the ones we saw six months ago. One woman from


Derbyshire has been helping out with the clean-up operation. All of


this used to be houses and it is now rubble of. At home in


Derbyshire, a cat tells her father about her voluntary work in Japan.


The 19 year-old is just back from a city 125 miles north of Fukushima,


which suffered in the earthquake and tsunami. I was based in a city


but we also did satellite projects to other places. I distributed food


and temporary homes, dug a lot of pictures, cleared a lot of drains


and did some other things. She says a voluntary work has been an


unusual but rewarding way to end a gap year. Now she is heading off to


Cardiff University to study medicine. The students here are a


testimony to how quickly people can recover from such devastating


disasters. The effects of the tsunami were far-reaching, even


being felt here in Derbyshire. At Toyota's Burnaston plant, staff had


to go on reduced hours because of a shortage of car parts but the


company is now back on track and they put that down to the


extraordinary efforts of their staff. We have returned to normal


production, that is since June. We started the recovery of lost


production since September. We will have fully recovered all the


vehicles which were delayed before the end of the year. In fact, we


will finish 2011 with slightly more production than we had originally


plan. The production lines are back to normal but for these young


people, the past six months have been quite literally a roller-


coaster ride. They are certainly optimistic about the future but


their messages, they don't want us to forget about the disaster


because its effects could be felt for generations to come.


Great spirit there, isn't there? I went to Melton Mowbray and a


charity car wash, where some firefighters did a good job on my


car. Thank you. It was hard work. We have a creative shot tonight of


one of the statues we showed on a Friday night at Chatsworth. Thank


you to Michael for capturing this. The cloud is starting to increase


overnight. We have lost our sunshine this afternoon and that is


due to weigh whether fund which is slowly going to be working its way


down the country. -- D to a weather front. A small amount of rain is


coming across the north-west corner. Quite mild and it has been breezy


as well so that temperatures dropping to 13 Celsius. It means


that front will be with us first thing tomorrow morning. It depends


how much rain is likely to come from it. It will pay a pub during


the early part of the morning and again into the afternoon as it


works its way southwards. Coming in behind, although still a lot of


cloud staying with us, you might as a model -- a bit of pride does


coming back to the Peak District. The winds should not be as brisk


yesterday. Temperatures not doing too bad either, around what they


should be for the time of year at 18 Celsius. That band clears to the


site from Wednesday so we've got low-pressure controlling the


weather still and the breeze starts to pick up again by the time we get


to one said. We are sandwiched between two whether funds. Ones


sitting further south and the other coming down from the north.


Wednesday should be a day which will remain bright but it will be


breezy. Thursday as well, the remnants of a front around on


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