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This is East Midlands today. Tonight, a �30 million windfall as


Trent Bridge bags the Ashes. Not just one clash with the


Australians but two. Great for the fans, the club and the economy.


Police are called to a score after a boy is seriously hurt in a


classroom fight. -- a school. And as unemployment rises,


thousands turn out for a jobs fair in Nottingham.


Plus wine there is a storm here in Good evening. The Australians


really are coming. Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club have been


awarded not one but two Ashes Test matches over the next few years.


The result of a long and detailed bidding prices was announced today.


And of all the cricket grounds around the country, Trent Bridge


was undoubtedly the big winner. Our reporter is there now.


Yes, here at Trent Bridge they have spent months, if not years, working


towards this. They always said an Ashes Test in 2013 was crucial to


their finances. They have that and much more. The chief executive is


with me. We are really delighted. What happens if you do not care


about cricket? This still matters to you because matches here bring


in an awful lot of spectators and they spend money. Our reporter has


been out and about to meet the businesses that benefit just as


much from today. Last month's match against India


was a showcase for what Trent Bridge offers as a venue in cricket.


The 2020 World Cup two years ago boosted the local economy by up to


�12 million over the three weeks matches were played at the ground.


But his package of matches awarded by the ECB is even more lucrative.


-- of this package. In total it includes three Test matches and


four one-day internationals, worth an estimated that �2 million to the


wider East Midlands economy. Colin Gray runs a hotel. He already knows


the value of a Test match. The solid green lines on his screen


showed he is almost sold out for next May's match against the West


Indies. We fully expect to see inquiries are coming in over the


next few weeks and I expect we will be free sold out within a year of


the match. So it will be paid premium rate weekend where we can


increase rates. The South Bank are is just around the corner from the


ground. In 2005, they laid on special Ashes breakfasts and


lunches and takings always go up when the Aussies are in town.


Brilliant news but it is by far the busiest time of the summer and to


get an Ashes Test, you cannot put it into words what it means to the


business. Five days of solid trade from 8:00am to whenever you close


at night. You are looking at doubling your takings. So during


the Ashes was vital for Trent Bridge's Business Plan. -- securing


the Ashes. It is just brilliant news. More


reflections from me and Derek later in the programme.


Next, detectives are investigating after a 13-year-old boy was


seriously injured in a fight in a school classroom. This afternoon he


was transferred from Nottinghamshire's Kingsmill


Hospital de Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. Another teenager is


being questioned by the police. Our reporter has been at the National


Church of England Academy in Hucknall.


Police have been here since just before 10 am after they received


reports of a fight in a classroom between two 13-year-old boys. One


of the boys is being questioned by police. The other is in hospital


with serious head injuries although doctors say his condition is now


stable. The county council have confirmed they are also


investigating what has been a serious incident at the school.


They said that after an initial lockdown in the classrooms where


children were told to stay inside, lessons did begin again as normal.


A number of parents came up to the school, obviously concerned about


what had gone on. They too had been turned away as the school has tried


its best to go about its business, but this has been a serious


incident which both the police and the county council will continue to


investigate. Witnesses will be questioned and we are told that a


number of teachers have also been helping the police with their


inquiries. Still to come, rogue traders and


the man who is intent on driving them out. We meet the motor biking


Matt Allwright. The energy firm E.ON is cutting up


to 500 jobs and some could go in Nottinghamshire. The company sold


its distribution arm central networks in March and is looking to


reduce numbers in the UK. While most of the impact will be felt in


Coventry, those working at the Annesley his side could also be


affected. E.ON says it hopes to achieve the reductions through


voluntary redundancy. Still with employment, today 5,000


people flocked to a giant jobs fair in Nottinghamshire and there were


some big opportunities on offer. Among them, 600 construction jobs


building two new tram lines in the city. The contract as are targeting


up to 10% of the vacancies to be filled by local people. The city


council, though, is hoping for a lot more than that.


The queue at the jobs fair in Nottingham. With unemployment on


the increase, many were looking for the opportunity that could


transform their lives. It is tough. And I have been applying for jobs


for six months. I have been out of work for two years. I have


qualifications as long as my arm. I think and 45 I have been thrown to


the kerb. I have applied to loads of places. Last year Nottingham


held its first job spec at a much smaller venue across town. On that


occasion, 3,000 people turned up. Now it has moved to the much bigger


Every now and it is filled with more than -- filled with more


people looking for work. Around 6% of the working population is


claiming jobseeker's allowance in Nottingham. The jobs fair offered


many jobs and apprenticeships. One construction firm hiring for its


contract on Nottingham's two new tramlines. Their target is that up


to 10% of the 600 jobs will go to people from the city. Overall, the


opportunity we will be providing, we do hope the people in Nottingham


will take at these opportunities and we can increase the percentage


that are actually employed. REPORTER: 25 % or something like


that? That might be stretching it. The city council has what is called


an aspirational target that 70 % of jobs will stay local. -- of tram


jobs. It is our main priority. Jobs. More than 5,300 people came along.


In a city where it seems there is no shortage of people who want to


work. The Government's Education


Secretary has today officially opened one of the biggest schools


in the country right here in the East Midlands. Nottingham academy


teaches more than 3,500 children from the ages of three to 18.


Michael Gove said it was inspirational.


State of the art, brand new and now officially open for business.


Nottingham academy was opened by the Secretary of State for


Education, Michael Gove, who described it as one of the best


schools in the country. The building programme cost a massive


�58 million, much of the money coming from the building schools


for the future programme, a scheme which ironically Michael Gove


scrapped. But he said today the Government has now found billions


of pounds to pay for improving school buildings. I am going to


work with Nottingham MPs to make sure we prioritise those schools


most in need. There are hundreds of schools across the country that


need money. Are you saying that all of those that were promised some


initially will get it? We will give money to all of these schools in a


neat -- most in need. But not all of them? One of the problems with


the scheme was that they did not target schools. There were schools


it promised money to but actually the money was not available. It is


vital that we make sure the schools most in need get money. The Academy


brings together three former schools in inner-city Nottingham.


The Nottingham academy now boasts a bee on of being one of the biggest


schools in Britain. It will teach 3,600 pupils from the age of three


all the way up to 19. Police have arrested a total of six


men and found the parts from several suspected stolen cars in a


rate this afternoon. Officers swooped on a garage at Coronation


Street in Derby. Five men were arrested on the scene in suspicion


of handling stolen property. Police say a large sum of money was also


recovered and another man was arrested at a house in the city.


A permanent memorial is to be created for a pilot who died


following a display with the Lincolnshire-based Red Arrows last


month. Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging was killed when his jet crashed


near Bournemouth. A memorial, which will be chosen by his family, is


now planned for the town. Union leaders say two new


superhospitals should never have been built using the controversial


Private Finance Initiative. Unison says Nottinghamshire's Kingsmill


Hospital and the Royal Derby are locked into long-term deals which


could prove hugely costly in the long term. But tonight both health


trusts insisted that for patients it is worth the money.


The �320 million a new Kingsmill Hospital. It is a PFI project. That


means the building costs were break -- raised by the private sector.


For the NHS is it a case of having now, pay later. Payments will be


spread over 37 years. Other trusts have warned they are being crippled


by PFI. To Unison Kingsmill is a sitting duck target. We could have


built the same hospital more cost effectively if we had done it in


the traditional way and we would not be lumbered with guaranteeing


share profits to the shareholders over the next 30 years. This


permission would not be drawn on the issue but says patients and


staff are winners. Not only do we have brilliant state-of-the-art


facilities but we have new and expanded facilities. A brilliant


place to provide high quality care. No PFI hospital is complete without


gleaning walkways, a gleaming atrium and coffee bars. Do visitors


think it is a winner? I think there is a lot of space wasted. It is


quite impressive. The car parking facilities are dreadful. More money


should be spent on nursing and equipment. Derby Hospital says PFI


has been generally positive. Leicester hospital's building


project collapsed because it was judged an affordable. PFI now seems


less attractive to the Government but as Leicester's hospitals


discover, the alternative that seems to be being left with ageing


facilities. Still to come, the stage


spectacular where the audience always expects the unexpected. And


they certainly were not disappointed at this performance.


Join us at the Slava Snow Show later.


The team from the BBC consumer programme Rogue Traders have been


getting on their bike and heading to Derby. In tonight's show,


presenter Matt Allwright is on the trail of two brothers from the city.


They run a damp-proofing firm, Cathedral Damp, a company which


customers say does not live up to its saintly name. The Rogue Traders


team took over a house in Derby - a house with absolutely no problem


with damp. They then invited Cathedral Damp director Martin


Harrison round for an inspection. You know this room is damned


because you only have to look at the condensation on these windows.


It is not unusual to find condensation within a room. It is


just the warm air meeting a cool surface. Martin finds more evidence


of non-existent damp. The company says they have thousands of


satisfied customers and that they gave reasonable advice in the


circumstances. You can watch that programme at 8pm. Well, a little


earlier, I spoke to the man on the bike, Matt Allwright, who seems to


think that this sort of scam might just be on the increase. Some


people may be working very hard to squeeze the last drop of money out


of their clients, and sometimes they go too far. It seems like


there are more scams going on but I wondered if it is just because we


hear more about it because of people like you. From my side, it


feels like there are more and more ways now to scam people and more


ways people can get into your home or use the internet, and use that


as a way to get your first and then get money and of you. People have


to be more on their guard than ever before. Does anything surprise you


any more? I am constantly surprised. We have been making this programme


for over ten years. It is like a game of cat and mouse when just way


you think you have got the rogue traders and understand what you do,


they go off in a new direction. A couple of years back, we had a real


problem with solar panels, where people were starting to look into


them as a genuine economic idea and a way to save the planet, and then


they found at the rogue traders have got in there. They were


selling them and promising more than they could give. That was a


totally new area. I am sure that any work done on your house must be


a day! Not if I have done it! you.


Sport takes us back to our top story and the news that


Nottinghamshire's bid to once again host Ashes Tests has been a


stunning success. Colin is at a very happy Trent Bridge.


The champagne, I am told, has been flowing here. And no wonder. Not


just the Ashes Test in 2013, which was crucial to the financial plans


here at Trent Bridge, but a second one two years later, too. Only


Lords and the Oval in London have a deal like that and they did not


have to fight for it this time. The Tests are actually part of an


overall package, called Gold A, which means loads of brilliant


together with New Zealand for a one-day game. Then it is the


Indians in 2014, for a Test and a one-dayer. It is another Ashes


match and New Zealand one-dayer in 2015, and two very attractive one-


day games in 2016. It literally Chief executive, you must be


delighted. Really pleased. It is a great thrill to have his


achievement. I have a brilliant team of people who work really hard


behind the scenes. We will -- we produced a significant document to


be it. We have been bombarded by press releases from local bodies


saying how pleased they are. I suspect that is because they worked


really hard as well. They did, and we had over 100 letters of support


for our bid. We went down to College Green, Westminster, just


outside the Houses of Parliament and nine of our MPs from


Nottinghamshire took the trouble to join us and talk to camera. We


appreciate that. The fans are absolutely going to love this! Two


chances in three years to come and watch Australia. It is a strangely


silent evening this evening but we had a hat-trick against India last


summer, all these Ashes heroes who will be playing here both in true


1013 and 2015. And are we going to produce a pitch on which we are


going to expand the Aussies? One of the helpful factors was a


magnificent surfers being produced for the matches against India and


Sri Lanka. -- surface. We have a track record of delivery of really


good pitches. Congratulations. I am really pleased to see these games


coming here to Trent Bridge. On to football and it took 13 goals


in the end to decide it but Leicester City are out of the


Carling Cup. They were defeated by could separate these two sides in


what was a very evenly matched encounter. It was Don Cowie who


headed the home side in front. Veteran Steve Howard with the


Foxes' equaliser. Lloyd Dyer gave Leicester the lead for the first


time in the game but Rudy Gestede took the match into extra time.


Still no resolution so it came down to spot kicks. Penalty after


penalty was swatted away until the 13th proved unlucky for Leicester's


Gelson Fernandes, his miss enough to set Cardiff up for the winner.


Paul Quinn duly obliged. So the team that beat Leicester on


penalties in the play-offs did it again in the Cup. But a chance for


revenge is just days away when the two teams meet again in the


And one other bit of football news - Nottingham Forest have signed QPR


defender Clint Hill on loan. He arrives in time to play in


Saturday's game with Watford. Derby golfer Melissa Reid is


getting ready for the be his match of her life so far. -- biggest


matches. She is preparing for the Solheim Cup between the top


professionals from Europe and America. Jeremy Nicholas has been


to meet her. The 2004 and a 17-year-old from


Derby carries the Ryder Cup on to stage at the Sports Awards. Now she


is about to compete for the female Twice English girls' champion, the


winner of our Brian Clough break through a board has established


herself on the European tour with wins in Turkey and the Netherlands


and is now in the European team to take on the Americans at the


Solheim Cup in Ireland. This is massive and I have only members of


the cup as well. In 2002, I remember watching it. I remember


when we had the Sports Awards one year and you came on the stage


holding the Ryder Cup. Shivering, yes! Can you remember that night?


Yes, I was with my dad. Were you worried about dropping the Ryder


Cup? Yes, I was not looking forward to that moment at all! Now you have


the chance, you might be lifting the female equivalent of the real


thing. Yes, and it is about time we won. Tell me about this fellow.


he gets a bit of attention. I have had him for a few years now. That


is the biggest one I have ever seen! Yes! We all get on really


well and everyone is playing well at the minute which is really good


and I think we have a fantastic chance. I think I have an amazing


chance to bring the trophy back home. Melissa Reid has this but now


We will of course follow her all the way. Nottingham Panthers'


cracking start to the season continues. Five wins on the trot


now for them. Their latest victory a 6-2 win over Hull means they are


unbeaten so far this season. They sit at the top of the Elite League


table. Here is a taster of how well they are performing. Next up,


second placed Belfast who they meet in Northern Ireland on Saturday


night. A victory for Nottingham Rugby last


night. They won their British and Irish Cup game against Doncaster


last night by 33-29. We are reminded of cricketing


history here at Trent Bridge. Alex Hales, I am sure, is relishing the


chance of those two Test matches in 2012 and 2015.


Weather time in a moment but first, reports of snow in the East


Midlands. "Snow in September?" I hear you asking. Well, as Anna


Church found out, the snow is falling in just one area, all over


theatregoers! With the autumn equinox this week,


it is time to embrace the changing seasons. The golden colours, the


shorter days and the cooler temperatures. But step inside the


theatre world this week and you could easily think it was the


middle of winter. The Slava's Snow Show has been capturing the


imagination of its audiences for nearly 20 years, taking them on a


quirky, comical, in chanting journey where anticipation is the


key and they wonder what could possibly come next. This measure is


the creation of a Russian clown, rated by many as the most


accomplished of all time. The Slava clowns have the ability to portray


a wide range of emotions. A small step, a gesture or even the flicker


of an eye has the ability to speak a 1000 words. For Slava, the vision


and was simple, to give us an escape isn't from the daily chores


and stresses of adulthood, to take us back to our childhood days, to


the boys and girls we once were, and from the reaction of the


audience, I think he succeeded. Three words, snow, magic and


brilliant. It was just amazing! Beautiful. It was absolutely


fantastic. Bubbles, snow, everything. So next time it is


snowing in Nottingham, why not take inspiration from Slava. Put on a


big coat, a hat, maybe leave the make-up behind, but go and tape --


take a step back to your childhood and really just have fun.


That is like you leaving the No snow on the horizon in the next


few days. We could be warming up We have clouded over a little bit


from first thing this morning, when it started off lovely like our


photograph. The cloud will be in and break again through the evening.


The weather changing but remaining dry overnight. The opportunity for


a small amount of mist and the art fog patch as well. The minimum


temperature tonight of ten Celsius. Tomorrow morning starting of dry. A


good start to Friday. It will just changed again into the afternoon. A


small amount of cloud developing. A dry day. The wind continuing to


come from the South West and just a light moderate breeze. We have got


a weather front trying to work its way towards the -- towards us over


the weekend. A ridge of high pressure in the South East. It is


keeping it away from us in these Midlands. Saturday turning into a


quite nice day. Sunday, the Bad weather is still trying to get


closer to us. Temperatures will be affected. Cloud increasing into the


afternoon but even under the cloud we could reach 18 Celsius or 19


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