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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, the horrifying failings of


a police force which did not protect a victim of domestic


violence. Casey Brittle contacted the


Nottinghamshire force 11 times but was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.


There is no excuse for an up-to- date policy not been in existence


at all times. They first bought first-time buyers,


5% deposits courtesy of a council. Hopefully next year we could have


our own house. Plus a cut begets the two-star


Michelin treatment in a top restaurant. This is the sort of


place I always hoped I would get an opportunity to work in.


And at Steve Cotterill will be here taking charge of Forest for the


first time tonight. I will be back Good evening.


First tonight, Nottinghamshire Police have apologised for failing


to protect a woman who had made a string of complaints about domestic


violence. Casey Brittle was beaten to death by her violence ex-


boyfriend last October. Today the IPCC released a damning


report on the case. From this happy smiling photo you


would never guess that Casey Brittle was terrified. The police


knew how badly she was being abused because they had been asked to help


her 11 times. It is two years since she made her first 999 call to


report a number of assaults. She told the police she was too


frightened to take it further. Other people have also made


complaints about her ex-boyfriend and the police got one report that


he had head-butted Casey in public and was heard threatening to kill


her and shook her mother and grandmother. Tragically, it was not


enough to protect her and she was murdered on 6th October last year.


A horrific crime but hardly a surprise. It was shocking to the


extreme. So traumatic. It was almost unreal. For that, I am


deeply sorry because dealing with domestic abuse probably his murder


prevention. Today those mistakes prompted stinging criticism in this


official report. The Independent police plaints -- Independent


Police Complaints Commission said that the officers should have


blocked abuse and that there were systemic failings in the way they


dealt with the abuse and most stopping the of all, the force had


not made changes recommended a whole year before Casey's death.


That was after they looked into a similar case involving a victim


called Gail Hadhili. This force fully accepts that the policy they


had was not fit for purpose. Bowe was identified to them as a result


of our Gail Hadhili investigation. They wear in the process of


updating the policy and the recommendations we have made have


not been implemented. There is no excuse for an up-to-date advice


policy not been in existence at all times. Nottinghamshire Police are


determined to learn the lessons from the tragedy. These officers


were watching a graphic film about domestic abuse to date as part of a


hard hitting training programme that is being given to everyone who


works for the force. What we have got to remember is that two to


three women are killed each week by domestic violence and until it


happens we do not realise the risks that some women and families living


in domestic violence are in. Casey Brittle's mother is helping to


train the police took spot domestic violence. She described her


daughter as beautiful, ambitious and front. She says Casey's mother


-- she says Casey's death has left her with a lingering sense of loss.


Paul Broadbent is with us now. Sister and -- systemic and


horrifying failures, it does not get much worse than this. No, it


doesn't. At a conduct and behaviour collectively is completely


inexcusable and I have made public and private apologies. Casey's mum


has been an inspiration to us in the way she has handled it and is


working with our officers. Do you think Nottinghamshire Police could


have saved her life? We will never know and the IPCC report also


pointed out that we will never know if actions we could have taken


could have saved Casey's life. What we do know is that we should have


done much more than we did. IPCC also said that there were no


excuses that -- no excuses for the recommendations after the Gail


Hadhili's case not being implemented. We were incredibly


slow to learn from past experience. We have now put processes, policies


and procedures in place that are robust in the extreme as you and


the public would expect to make sure that nothing like this ever


happens again. But, there was nothing in place, was there?


Nothing in place between those two cases that was fit for purpose?


Why? As I said, we were slow to react to the situation and the way


things had gone and had been allowed to meander along. That is


no longer the case. There is a firm grip in the organisation about what


should be done to prevent domestic abuse and to investigate it once it


has happened. Precisely what has been done? What is in place? There


is an extensive training package which includes the DVD that has


been referred to earlier. There is a strong policy. There is


governance in place from top to bottom which includes personal


accountability on a day basis for risk assessment of incidents


attended that goes right through the organisation to make sure there


is a strong and relentless grip on managing effectively and preventing


domestic abuse, which is murder prevention. You have publicly


declared that you want to be the best performing force in the


country by 2015. That is a major setback? It is indeed but what we


need to do and what we have done is learnt better, hard and long


lessons from this to make sure it never happens again -- learn a


bitter lessons. Later in the programme, claims that


thousands of homes are being rushed through on green belt land. It is


crazy that they should build on land that is absolutely superbly


A man has been charged with murdering a 29-year-old Richard


Ziemacki in Derby city centre. Richard Ziemacki who was fund had a


son died after being assaulted outside Greggs on the Cornmarket in


the early hours of Sunday. Dozens of floral tributes have been left


at the scene. Karl Wayte who is from a but the Burton area and his


23 has been remanded in custody until Thursday.


Research by missing Derby woman is back on in Italy. Glenys Turner


from Mackworth went on holiday to Lake Como but she has not been seen


for more than a week. The search of a was called off for a time because


the police ran out of resources. Now divers are searching the late


to try to find a. Nottingham City Council has agreed


to change its academic year from three testified. Summer holidays


will be reduced to four weeks. They believe it will improve educational


standards and attendance. The change will be introduced from


September the 2013. It has been claimed that plans to


build thousands of new homes on green belt land in East Midlands


are being deliberately rushed through to beat a change in the law.


One of our MPs Broxtowe's Anna Soubry has warned of a danger of


urban sprawl. It has been raised in Parliament.


Is this the green belt under threat?


The green belt was one of those great twentieth-century ideas after


the Second World War to protect our green and pleasant land. Now in the


East Midlands, is that I deal about to be consigned the to the history


books? This land is part of the green belt


to prevent urban sprawl between the cities of Nottingham and Derby. It


is protected land to safeguard communities from losing their


identity to over-development. But it has now been earmarked for some


of the 4000 new homes that Broxtowe council wants to build on green


belt to meet growing demand. It is controversial. We are very worried


that we are going to lose our last bit of green belt. That is the


first thing. Lots of other issues, the road is extremely busy now. 800


homes will add about 1600 cars extract. Plus the triumph over the


other side. There will be �1.400 car park spaces there. Not only is


it green belt but it is very good quality agricultural land, probably


the best agricultural land in Broxtowe. It is just crazy that


they should build on land that is absolutely superb agricultural land.


Today, MP Anna Soubry secured a parliamentary debate to raise her


concerns about the threat to the green belt in Nottinghamshire.


doing what Broxtowe is unfortunately doing, there is a


real danger of their presumption in favour of development on our green


belt which will mean that it will be completely wrong Wrobel to over-


keen that developers -- vulnerable. The government values the green


belt highly and it is an essential planning to will to prevent urban


sprawl and its retention is a coalition agreement essential.


The government says that 30 green- belt sites are now under threat,


many of them in the East Midlands. Why would some councils want to


rush through some of these developments? Let us take Broxtowe


and as an example. It says it needs to build over the next 15 up to 18


years, over 6000 homes. To meet that local demand, if it would


prefer to build those houses on so- called brownfield sites but there


are not enough available. That is why it is having to look at its


green belt. Another factor too is that from next April the


government's localism Bill becomes law. That gives local communities


much bigger power over where these housing developments it should be


and how many houses should be built. Some of our local councils are very


sceptical about this new piece of legislation. They think it will act


as a block on some of the housing developments that they say we need


on the next -- over the next few years. They say we need this house


in more than ever before. More homes could be built on green


belt land but will people be able to afford them? First-time buyers


have complained for years that they cannot get onto the property ladder


because the size of the deposit required is too big. Help is now on


the way. A councillor Leicestershire has become the first


in the country to join forces with their high street bank to offer


cut-price deposits. Instead of relying on the Bank of mum and dad,


first-time buyers and Blaby can get support from the district council.


This lady's situation is simple. She is 32, has a full-time job and


wants to buy her first house. She moved back came to start saving and


her boyfriend did the same. Now one year on, bat first house is still a


long way away. It is frustrating. We have worked out that we can


afford to run a house and afford the bills and mortgage. The initial


problem is getting off the starting block, the deposit that they ask


for. That is the main stumbling block. It is rarely stopping us


from moving forward. Now the local council hearing Blaby wants to help.


They have teamed up with Lloyds to cut deposits in half from 10% to 5%.


Suddenly their first home may become a lot more affordable.


a win-win situation. It helps first-time buyers, gets the


pressure off the affordable housing market and helps to get the housing


market moving again. We already friends can help out with


increasing deposits, however this is for the local council and they


will step in and help with those of such deposits, giving the first-


time buyer a bigger chance to get on the ladder.


The Association of Residential letting Agents says that the UK's


private rental sector is nearing capacity. Being able to buy your


own home may never have been more important. Thanks to a new -- Union


scheme in Blaby, was something they become a reality. It is becoming


closer now. Hopefully by next year we can have our own house and will


be living together. Fingers crossed. Next tonight, a BBC investigation


has revealed that hundreds of children may have been physically


abused in Britain's mosques and religious schools called madrasas.


There have been more than 400 allegation since 2009, 36 of them


where Leicester. Young people at prep at a madrasas.


Supplementary classes like this one are attended by thousands of Muslim


children every week across the East Midlands. They provide religious


guidance and teachings from the Koran. Figures obtained by the BBC


have highlighted a number wrote -- worrying number of cases of alleged


abuse at madrasas, some of which are in Leicester. It is absolutely


terrible. I think that even a one- shot not being protected, it should


be a matter of concern for the whole community. They are


vulnerable young people. It happens in all sections of society but that


does not excuse anyone. We need to do our utmost to ensure those who


are vulnerable are given maximum protection. While there are no


allegations of wrongdoing against this madrasa, 36 are alleged to


have taken place within Leicester. Muslim leaders say steps are being


taken to ensure that children are being protected. Some madrasas have


signed up to the safeguarding project and work closely with the


police. And with the local authority and even with the Crown


Prosecution Service so that went places come forward, we make sure


that we have an input so that we can learn from what has happened


and try to translate this into our future training for other madrasas


so we do take it extremely seriously. In the light of these


revelations, it is hoped that other There will be more on the story


tonight. In other news: Police have named the man who was murdered in


Matlock this weekend. 42 year-old Alexander Blick lived in Matlock


Bath and died from head injuries. His body was discovered in the


grounds of the library at Steep Turnpike on Sunday morning. A 43


year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


A new recycling service has been introduced across Leicester. Orange


bags are being delivered to houses in the city. They can be used to


recycle glass, bottles, tins, paper, cardboard and are being collected


by orange coloured lorries. The decision is expected on where


Derby's new 50 metres swimming pool will be built. The choice is


between the Razorlight site and the sight of the former Derbyshire


Royal Infirmary. Rivera lights is thought to be the front runner.


Still plenty more. Including Sara. We will be keeping a chill in the


air for the next few days, but the strong winds tonight will keep the


frost at bay, although tomorrow it might be a different story.


were cut off in your prime. That always happens.


I just keep going regardless. Starting with Nottingham Forest,


they begin life under new manager Steve Cotterill. They take on


Middlesbrough having lost all but one of their last eight games.


Kirsty Edwards is at the City Ground. A tough task ahead for the


new man in charge? It seems that way. Nobody could


have predicted just how bad things were going to be this season. It is


all change at the City Ground. Steve Cotterill was introduced to


the media yesterday. He seemed up for the challenge and he will have


to be. Forest start the game just two points off the bottom of the


league. Middlesbrough are just two points off the top. One man who has


been through all the lows is a former captain, John McGovern. A


big job ahead by Steve Cotterill. Not ideal to be taking over a team


at the wrong end of the league. But the supporters and everyone at the


club know a lot of the players played in the side last season when


we got to the play offs. Maybe a few little tweets, a few little


changes in the side and maybe they can get back to the form they


showed last season. There is no reason why they should not. Would


you say his first priority is the defence? That has been the main


talking point this season. Last season it was watertight and this


season the floodgates have been opened. That is an area weather has


to be a massive improvement. The manager's job is to get all the


players focus on the job and pulling in the same direction. With


the ability that they have got, he might have a little bit of luck by


getting a result tonight. If he has that, that will set him in good


stead for the rest of the season. It is a little bit cold at the


ground tonight, although if Forest get a win, the cold will soon be


forgotten. Another new face in charge at Forest, but at Derby


County things are much more settled. They play at Reading tonight


following the news of a new contract for their manager.


Now Nigel Clough and his coaching staff are committed until 2000 and


fitting, where anything change? is business as usual. I do not


think it matters how long, we would just keep on trying to do the job


in the same way. His years at the Ram has so far have not always been


easy, but this year things are looking up. We have worked our


socks off so far and the boys have done very well and the gaffer has


to take a lot of credit. But Derby start tonight and face the next


three months without the leading scorer Steven Davis. We have been


so unlucky with injuries in the last few years. It was very


innocuous when you saw it, but there was no intent or malice. He


ends up with a partial, fractured skull and will be out for 12 weeks.


The Rams play this evening on the back of an impressive draw with


Southampton. Leicester Tigers' England stars are


back with their club and despite falling out of the World Cup at the


quarter-finals, they are upbeat. We spoke to Toby Flood and Tom Croft,


both of whom want to put the on and off the field business in New


Zealand behind them. It still hurts and you feel as though it was an


opportunity missed. There were facets that were not quite right on


the field. Excuse me. The big thing is to have dealt with it and to put


it to bed. If you are selected for the Six Nations, whatever changes


may happen, you have to get on with it and put your hand up again.


was not due to lack of effort. Up until the last minute I was not


sure what was going on because I was knocked out. They thought until


the last minute. That is a testament to the team we have got.


In four years time we will still be there. -- they fought. We tried our


best as a group of individuals. I know there are issues to sort out.


But in nine weeks' time we will be back inside that squad. We have


always been the same it with England with Stubbs said in the


papers or on TV, but the most important thing is what the coach


is saying and what the players are saying. That is the most important


thing. The whole media thing was bound to happen and the boys are


ready and prepared to ignore that. Briefly back to the football I am


off to the City Ground and will bring you a report on this event's


late news. If it is commentary you are after, Radio Nottingham or


Radio Derby is the place to be for some sharp analysis. A full report


on both games tomorrow evening. We have everything right here.


Now, it is a real-life Masterchef story. A cook, hand picked from an


East Midlands kitchen to work with no less than a double Michelin-


starred chef, which is quite something, at his restaurant in


Mayfair. That is what has happened to


Corporal Jason Wood. He is usually serving hungry airmen and women at


RAF Cottesmore in Rutland. A taste of the highlight. Little


did Jason would no that when he entered a contest to create a


pudding it would prove so sweet. He is working with top London chef


Richard Corrigan who spotted him in the competition and offered him a


place in his kitchen for the day. only decided to be a real chef


about 15 years ago and it has been a long, steady road. This is the


sort of place I hoped I would get an opportunity to work in. This


time, it was salmon and meat on the menu and as in any kitchen the


temperature can rise. I want you to do what I want. He is thinking how


busy it all is. He has not let himself down. Most people come in


here and hide in the corner. Bomber got completely stuck in. It is the


same sort of atmosphere, the banter is the same. It is very good.


while Jason has shown he can stand the heat, he got out of the kitchen


for a while. As part of his prize he went the other side of the


serving hatch for his own Michelin- starred dinner with a message for


those left behind. I am having a lovely day, guys, thank you very


much. It is just like our canteen! If only we had one false start we


have got a kitchen and you have never seen anything like it.


We have got a microwave. It is a wonderful story. It was hot


in the kitchen, but it is not hot outside. You can see where I am


This is a lovely picture of a cause first thing this morning in the


early morning mist. Andy must have been feeling the cold first thing


today. Please keep your pictures coming in. We always love to see


them. We have got some fairly strong winds with us and it will


remain that way overnight. There are still showers across the north


of the region will stop the further south you are, they are starting to


die away. They could continue into the early parts of the morning


across the Peak District. It will turn very chilly overnight and it


will be colder in rural areas. But the strength of that north-westerly


wind it should prevent a frost unless it is very sheltered way you


are. It means tomorrow morning is going to be a nippy start first


then, but that cloud will increase and there are quite a few showers


around tomorrow as well. They will be clearing towards the south as


the day goes on. It will have an impact on the overnight


temperatures tomorrow night. It will still be a breezy day. Daytime


temperatures reach a maximum of ten Celsius tomorrow. Under the clear


skies and the high pressure, the winds will start to ease off on


Thursday. Thursday night will be very cold. It will change again by


Friday. That cloud will increase again and it is going to change


direction of the wind. They will be more south-westerly and they will


strengthen on Friday as well. It will have an impact on the


temperatures. We will stay mainly cloudy and there will be further


bands of rain on Friday and Saturday, but it will lift the


temperatures at night time. Only just clinging on to double


figures. You are back for the late bulletin. It is busy.


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