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This is East Midlands Today. Out of story, the deaf in prison and a


child killer. Paul Hutchins and was serving life for the murder of


schoolgirl Collete Arram. A breakthrough on breast cancer.


was like a eureka moment. It was quite exciting. Find out why the


residents of this day 10 -- residents of this day centre might


actually be good. Fund or frightening? With only one week to


Hallowe'en, would you answer the A very good evening to you, welcome


to the programme. The notorious killer found dead in his prison


cell after his wife decided to divorce him. 52-year-old Paul


Hutchison was beginning a life sentence for the murder of Collete


Arram. Our correspondent has followed the inquest. This council


chamber became as a courtroom today, with a jury sitting over here, and


watching. There were relatives of a killer, and relatives of a victim.


It goes back to a crime almost or three decades ago. The body of


Collette Aaron was found in a field near her home in Keyworth. It was


almost 17 years since -- until Paul Hutchison was captured. The


evidence heard here that he became depressed because his divorce


papers came through. He asked his wife to come to prison so you could


say goodbye. That visit was cancelled, he was found dead the


next day. So how did he die? Essentially it was an overdose of


prescription drugs. They found almost twice the legal dose of


anti-depressants in his bloodstream. That prompted a lot of questioning


about whether he should have those drugs. The staff at Nottingham


prison decided it was safe to give up him his medication in seven day


box-set. That was despite the fact he was on suicide watch, and he was


previously caught holding dozens of pills in a sock. The deputy coroner


said that his conviction was not relevant to the care that he had


been entitled to. Tomorrow the jury will be back here to decide what is


to be made of all this. Thank you very much.


Residents and friends are they Derby Day Care Centre took their


protest to the city council offices today. They handed in a 650 strong


petition in the hope that the plans to close Whitaker Day Centre may be


reconsidered. For 73-year-old John Wallace, the


Whitaker Day Centre is more than just a service. In his words, he


wakes up in his house, and then he comes home. When I come here I get


made very welcome. The atmosphere when you walk in here is beautiful.


For him and the people that use the centre, they may be forced to look


elsewhere. The council wants to move it to a day centre or another


street. The council says the number of people abusing both centres is


decline, the savings could be as much as �300,000. It is a saving


that is opposed by the Labour group. They handed in a petition to the


city council. We do not agree with this proposal to close Whitaker Day


Centre. Most of the service users are in their late Eighties and 90s.


We are very disappointed that they are not listening. Earlier this


year the city council designed personal budgets enabling lb people


to stay at home for longer. The council saying -- the council says


that getting people out of their homes is important. I was they were


ramifies closes. My doctor would not like that. -- if this closes. I


may try and take my own life again. The council says that if the plans


to close the centre go-ahead, all these services will be still on


offer, that at a different location. Medical experts have done research


to see whether drugs can reduce the chance of breast cancer. The team


at the Queen's Medical Centre have shown that it is possible taking


beta-blockers. We will be marking breast cancer awareness month with


a special report. We look at how this research could save lives.


It is this drug which is a beta- blocker that researchers here are


most interested in. It is used sometimes to treat anxiety, their


research says it could help in the fight against cancer. At the


Queen's Medical Centre this expert saw that patients taking beta-


blockers were less likely to develop secondary cancer. They were


more likely to survive. He analysed thousands of patients results.


sit down and do the statistics, it was like a way you -- it was like a


eureka moment. It was quite exciting. Women given beta-blockers


had a fewer secondary cancers. They live longer. In the first study the


records show that 466 patients who took beta-blockers saw a 76%


reduction in death rates. The plan is now to look up to -- the plan is


to now look at two 40,000 cases. The research has been welcomed by


this campaign in Derbyshire. She is the first women the wake it -- in


the UK to have a visit to the sector middles she runs a national


helpline. Breast cancer the women, it is their biggest fear. This will


help give treatment for a lot of people. Anything caught at an early


stage will be helpful. They could be a clinical trial next year.


In other news, a man has admitted causing death by dangerous driving


following a crash on the A46 this month. Two cars and a lorry were


involved in the collision in the work. Martin Casey has pleaded


guilty to the charges. He has been remanded in custody. Sentencing is


next week. Three people in Derbyshire had been


charged as parties they -- as part of a police crackdown on fuel theft.


It follows a series of incidents where drivers have build up their


cars and driven away about paying. The number of so-called dry bobs


has increased by a quarter. You are watching East Midlands Today.


He was tortured and murdered in his own home in a quite Lincolnshire


visage -- village. It has been two years is the killing of Alan Wood.


Police are searching for new information. There have been a


handful of arrests, a DNA profile, and CCTV footage. No charges have -


may no charges have been brought. Described as gentle, kind and well-


liked, it is two a year since 52- year-old Allen would was murdered.


-- Alan Wood was murdered. He was bound and Tait, and suffered


repeating to knife wins. They have the attempt made to decapitate him.


They have done this Jerez -- horrific thing. They are walking


around. What else are they going to do? They could add not have done


this without having done something before. They tortured someone in


their own home for a few hundred pounds. It is completely


bewildering. Police released CCTV pictures that show a suspect using


his credit card to withdraw money in Stamford. Despite an appeal on


the BBC earlier this year, the case remains unsolved. At this incident


room, more than 10 detectives are working full-time on the


investigation. They have collected almost 3,000 pieces of evidence,


and investigated 16,000 possible suspect both in the UK, and abroad.


This is one of the biggest investigations we have ever carried


out. Thousands upon thousands of staff hours have been used. We have


lobbied details of almost 60,000 people. 16,000 telephones, a huge


investigation over here, and elsewhere. Police are urging anyone


who has information to contact them. They are adamant that this case


remains very much open. Creeper residents from


Nottinghamshire may have to spend a second night away from their homes


because they fear of exploding gas cylinders. They became CB heated in


a fire in the early hours. It meant a rude awakening for the people of


Selston, they were taken to the emergency centre for their safety.


Fire officers have been keeping a close eye on the gas cylinders,


after they were heated by a fire on some outbuildings. We could not go


within 200 yards of the cylinders, they were being sprayed to prevent


an exploding. We are taking regular temperature readings, so they'd be


can monitor the status. We have a thermal in it -- thermal imaging


camera. Families were evacuated at 2am. This woman spotted the blaze.


I bought a neighbour's kitchen was on fire. When I actually looked, it


was a garden shed. My husband said ring in 999, I did that, and left


the house. The exclusion zone meant traffic into Selston was diverted.


The authorities were prepared for a 24 hour cooling. What we have got


to do is look at hotel accommodation if necessary. We were


the cat bringing food to people, they will remain comfortable here.


Despite the exclusion Grote -- exclusion zone been reduced, some


residents have gone to hotels for the night. It will continue until 2


am this morning. For thousands of youngsters, it is


a night of fun, a night to dress up. There are some people Halim, along


with trick or treating can be a frightening experience. A new


poster campaign hopes that they will be fewer nasty surprises.


For these two it is their first time trick or treating. They are


two years old. They are more sweet and scary. Here is a slightly


different situation. Would you answer the door to these two? This


Hallowe'en, with help from a new poster, Cliff is hoping that


trickled treatise will stay away. It is worrying with young teenagers


coming in. They go over the top. They throw stones at the window. We


have a spree of the window. We have had incidents of people having


fireworks per pre-let the box. I'm sure the young people do not


realise how tragic, and how worried they can make the old people feel.


Last year Leicestershire police received hundreds of calls from


members of the public. Often the cause is a great deal of upset,


people want to cower and hide behind their lines. -- blinds. If


someone has his poster in the window, we asked people to respect


that. Youngsters do not worry me, that young teenagers do. I think,


are they going to do anything nasty? Will they try any injured


knee. If they behave themselves, it is all right. Are they going to


behave themselves? If there is a problem, we are being urged to call


the police. Officers are hoping that trick or treaters will take


notice of the posters, or else the Still to come on the programme: A


vivid description from schoolchildren. But of WHAT


exactly? And the trees, and then he tried to find this were all!


A survey released today suggests nearly two-thirds of sixth formers


would consider an apprenticeship as an alternative to a degree. The


survey was commissioned by BBC Inside Out to test the likely


impact of the tripling of university tuition fees next year.


Tonight Marie Ashby follows 17- year-old Tom James as he tries to


decide between going to university and an apprenticeship in accounting.


And you can find out what Tom decides on Inside Out tonight at


7:30 on BBC One. What we're doing this week is continuing with the


personal statements. At this college in Nottingham, most of


Tom's friends are filling in their application forms. He wants to


study accounting, so will a university degree guarantee him a


job? The published figures show 40% of students who studied accounting


at demand for it went on to graduate level employment, compared


to 90% at Loughborough University. What is everyone around you telling


you to do? Everyone is telling me to get University, because


everybody thinks I am quite clever. I don't think they know too much


about the whole tuition fees, the extent of it. It is unbelievable,


the amount of stress it is causing for student at this time, they have


really never have to think so much about it, not only if they are


going to university, which university, but what are the other


options. So, Tom is trying an alternative. He has given a part of


his summer holiday to attend a four-day taster course in


accounting,. It is definitely helping. I have always been quite


narrow-minded, I always wanted to be an accountant, go into business.


This has strengthened my view. take on the dead they had to take


on the Good University, it will cost them over �100,000 to pay it


back. You're not going to take any of that debt on if you start


earning. You can find out what he decides, tonight at 7:30pm. Lots of


activity, all of a sudden, and the sports office. It was a fairly


normal Monday, then we have at some breaking news, it is beginning to


look as if Sven Goran Eriksson might have left Leicester City. It


follows that the 3-0 home defeat to Millwall, which left fans booing


the team. What do we know? Lots of rumours in the last hour.


Unconfirmed by both the club, and by Sven Goran Eriksson himself, but


we are led to believe that he has left Leicester City this evening.


He is meeting with the chairman at the Walkers Stadium, and his


performance against Millwall at the weekend, when they lost 3-0,


appears to have been the final straw. Sven Goran Eriksson, after


just over 12 months in charge, becomes the second former England


manager inside a fortnight to lose their job at an East Midlands club.


What has his record a bit like? has been mixed, and that has been


the problem. The owners want promotion to stop the have made an


awful lot of money available, about �10 million. They beat Derby County


4-0, but also some aloes of. He has won 24 out of 55, but of the last


27 games, only nine winter. They were going backwards on Saturday,


and it seems to have been the final straw for the Leicester City owners.


We understand he will be confirmed as an ex-manager of Leicester City


within the next hour or so. First, what a difference a week


makes in football. Last Monday, Nottingham Forest boss Steve


Cotterill had only just been appointed. But in just seven days,


he's worked some sort of magic. Two games, two wins - the perfect start.


So this afternoon Natalie got the Tactics Truck out of the garage to


find out what's changed at the City Well, there is certainly a


different atmosphere around the training ground here today. Their


goalkeeper says their team have their mojos are back, and that is


down to their new manager. He says the new Steve has been totally


supportive to the back four, unlike the old Steve. I think there was a


perception around the old manager, I think myself, Chambers, we all


came under a bit of criticism. I think behind the scenes as well,


which was a bit unjust. A little bit unfair as well. For somebody to


criticise them, I find it hard to criticise him, because he always


gives you everything he has got. he was delighted to see centre-back


Wes Morgan score the first goal on Saturday. It was a great ball in by


Lewis. He is up early, it is a great header. That was the area we


were looking to hit. But Kevin Phillips soon got an equaliser.


shot crept in under my hands, I am a bit disappointed by it, but


thankfully, he digs me out a bit! Yes, Radoslaw Majewski's goal was a


beauty. So they won 2-1, even with 10 men, for the new manager. He is


enthusiastic, full of beans, there is don't negativity, everything is


positive. At the minute, it is a good environment to come in and


work in. I wouldn't say it in a didn't believe it, I think he will


Where Forest were delighted, Derby were left frustrated, and Leicester


shocked by the way the weekend worked out.


His name is Mason Bennett, he is 15, and the youngest ever Derby player.


During the game against Middlesbrough, he forced a really


smart near-post save, and more spectacularly, hit the bar. I think


it was a good debut. If he had been 22 and played like that, you would


have said, that is OK, but to do it at 15, very encouraging. We are


very excited about his future. fact that Ben Knight couldn't quite


caught summed up Derby's day. They will play worse than this and win.


Derby and their fans never gave up. The final tally showed they hit the


woodwork and astonishing four times. The goal just never came.


In League One there was a bizarre incident at Notts County, which saw


Brentford's manager get sent off. It should have been a simple free


kick, but just watch Brentford manager Uwe Rosler, as Brentford


attempt to take it. Protestations of innocence, tempers flaring. More


playground than touchline. But he was sent to the naughty corner,


forced to watch the game away from the dug-out, safely seated in the


stands. I studied my technical area, I stood still. -- stood in my take


the goal area. The person who did the free-kick was probably not very


happy, but I was a bit. I have done this sort of thing in the past,


perhaps the ref could have said, don't do it again to stop a bit


harsh, really. Uwe Rosler's frustrations grew. But honours were


even went just 10 seconds into the second half, Bradford equalised to


leave the feisty game with a final score of 1-1.


In ice hockey Nottingham Panthers have booked their place in the


Challenge Cup semi-final - and they did it by crushing old rivals


Sheffield. In front of a packed arena, Brandon Benedict and Marc


Levers both found in the net in the second period - goals which put


Panthers well in control of the match. In the end, Sheffield had to


pull their goaltender to try and avoid being shut out - and that


left the empty net at Matthew Myers' mercy. An excellent win.


That was Saturday. Not quite so good yesterday - a 4-3 defeat at


Coventry in the League. A reminder of our main story, Sven Goran


Eriksson has left the Walkers Stadium without comment, but he has


been sacked, we are told. Diwali celebrations are underway


across the East Midlands - a time when families get together to enjoy


each other's company, and of course, lots of fabulous food.


Teresa Mikula went along to Abbey Primary School in Leicester to find


out more about the what the festival means. But we're not


entirely sure she came out any the wiser!


It lasts five days. It is a festival of light, just like


Christmas. We get happy, because it is really happy and fun. We go to


our temple and go and pray. celebrate by doing fireworks.


get some small fireworks. Diwali is about the 14 year exile. Once upon


a time, he was the king... No, a person named... She was the king's


second wife, she was banished from the kingdom. For 14 years. Then


there was this evil demon who came to kidnap her. So they went and


called the monkey got. -- board. He saw a flying saucer, he was going


really fast. He had his own army of monkeys. He would swing his finger


around and the music starts. remember that. And the trees, then


he tried to bang the drum so. that was a snake. They saw her in


the palace, and that they had a fight. All the people danced, the


lights came on. It is really... they don't get lost in the forest.


We came home in a flying chariot. That is so lovely! We could watch


it again and again! A start in the making, that little boy.


Let's see if the weather is equally We have had quite a windy day


across the East Midlands, but first thing this morning, this incredible


sunrise. Thank you for that, please keep your pictures coming in. We


have got quite a lot of cloud is starting to increase, coming in


from the West. This band of rain has been causing a lot of problems,


starting to work its way across, but it will not affect us in quite


the same way. That will be heavy, persistent rain, the cloud


increasing as well. It is going to keep us very mild. First thing


tomorrow morning, as that band clears the way eastwards towards


the North Sea, will see the skies brightening up a little bit, always


the chance of a few showers, though. In the sunny a moment, temperatures


reaching a maximum of 15 Celsius. The mild air is going to start


leaving us, we have got a bit of a divide on Wednesday. Some sunshine


around across Leicestershire, but what we are going to start to see


is the cloud increasing across the south. A wet day in store for


Thursday, low-pressure sitting to the south of the country, a band of


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