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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a hospital sacks workers for serious breaches of patient


confidentiality. I'm at the Queen's Medical Centre where a nurse was


dismissed for posting a picture of a patient on Facebook.


Also tonight... Hey, stop! A row over rights of way shatters the


peace of the countryside. Most of the people that I know despise you


lot. You're nothing, mate. You're nothing. There's millions of


walkers and they are dedicated against you lot. Plus... Childline


under pressure as the number of children seeking help trebles.


Children are calling us all through the day and all through the night


on their smart phones. Leicester's fans will have to be


patient, but who will be king and First tonight, an investigation has


revealed that our biggest NHS hospital trust has one of the worst


records for breaching patient confidentiality. In one of the


worst cases, an NHS worker was sacked for putting a patient's


picture on Facebook. But tonight, the boss of the Nottingham


Hospitals NHS Trust says the findings show how seriously it


takes the issue of transparency and openness. Over to the Queen's


Medical Centre and our political editor, John Hess. Good evening.


Good evening. These findings are the result of a massive trawl of


around 152 NHS hospital trusts. It has been carried out by Big Brother


Watch, a campaign group seeking greater data protection for all us.


This report covers a three-year period. Altogether there were 800


cases of NHS staff breaching patient confidentiality. The


surprise here is that Nottingham Up anyone going into hospital


expects their condition to remain private. But what if your hospital


is one of the busiest in the country? Today, the Nottingham


Hospitals NHS Trust found itself at the top of a table of breaches of


confidentiality. I think it is particularly heavy weight in this


case to see so many post a photo, medical personnel. This should be


taken at a serious level and they have posted it on a very public


forum. That's staff member was sacked. There are 29 reports of


this type. Also a worker resigned for releasing patients details and


damaging NHS property. A of the 29 bridges we reported, and each were


investigated very thoroughly, nine were found to be unfounded, and


nine members of staff left our staff, but we take it very


seriously. That is 90 many. This is the latest example of Freedom of


Information the desolation in action. Our cancelled and NHS --


our councils and the NHS are expected to be more transparent.


must make sure that it NHS Trust prove that actually they have got


systems in place to prove confidentiality. We are placed


emphasis on all staff to report in the slightest concern they may have


for patient confidentiality. Befit has been breached. A sign of how a


series to hospital management regard this.


So John, how did our other NHS trusts rate? Derby and Derbyshire


hospitals are in the all-clear. But many declined to provide


information, and one of those is the Leicester Hospital Trust. The


background to the Freedom of Information legislation introduced


by Tony Blair's government is it allows public information people to


lift information on what other organisations may not want to


disclose. This puts public bodies open to scrutiny and makes them


more accountable. Still to come, how is the weather looking? The


best way to describe it is cloudy, breezy and a bit damp but the best


thing about it will be the fact we get an extra hour in bed! More


weather towards the end of the A man who's serving a life sentence


for shooting a teenager in a Nottingham street has failed to


have his murder conviction overturned. Renee Roger Sarpong


from St Anns was ordered to serve at least 22 years in prison for


killing Brendan Lawrence who was 16. Sarpong's lawyers said the evidence


of a key witness couldn't be believed. But judges said Sarpong


had received a fair trial and the conviction was "safe".


Three men have been remanded in custody today accused of murder.


The body of 42-year-old John-Paul Johnson was found at a house in


Mansfield on Tuesday. He died from chest injuries. Three men who're


aged 19, 24 and 29 have been charged with his murder. They'll


appear at Nottingham Crown Court next week.


Fake designer clothing seized by Trading Standards officers in


Leicestershire is being donated to good causes. The National Police


Aid Convoys, a charity founded in Nottinghamshire, is collecting the


items worth �200,000 and will distribute them to the poor in


Counterfeiting is a rotten trade and we want to get something good


out of it. A lot of people have not got close to wear, and this will


make a great difference to their lives. It is going to very remote


places where things like this take on a value beyond understanding.


pair of shoes is the world to a lot of people.


The charity Childline says it's struggling to cope after facing


unprecedented demands for help here in the East Midlands. Since the


start of a new online service last year, it says the number of


children seeking help has almost You can talk to Childline online as


well as talk to them. It has been existing for 25 years but with the


new generation of children comes a new way to get in touch. It is


bringing some challenges. You are through to somebody you can talk to.


This Childline office was the first set up outside London. The new


online service launched one year ago and has seen its workload


treble. We have had a really big rise in on-line contact from people


concerned about depression, self- harm and suicide and we are


concerned that that is people feeling much more comfortable in it


using that medium for talking. of those trying to help his


volunteer, Lorraine, a former teacher and mother of three, she


travels in from Derbyshire and says it is worthwhile. When they say


thank you, you have helped me, Childline, you feel you may have


made some difference and made their life better at that point entire.


But the charity says more like her are needed. It takes its toll.


there are calling us through the day and night on their smart phones


and computers so we need volunteers available at challenging times of


day and night. We are not answering all the contacts that come through


at that time. We are struggling to have people here on the end of the


phone and the computer to take those calls but when they can be it


there, the online feedback is proof We're joined now by the founder of


Childline, Esther Rantzen. Good evening, thank you for speaking to


us. Firstly a happy 25th anniversary to Childline. What a


fantastic achievement. Particularly in Nottingham, one of my favourite


places. Something interesting about the city of Nottingham because you


are good volunteers in all kinds of different agencies including our


own. Good wishes to everybody helping out. They are having


problems as we saw in the film because now they are online, three


times as many children are calling and they are saying they are having


problems filling the place is for people to take the phone calls or


operate the computers. From the childrens' point of view, if you


want to get through to the number it is free and confidential and it


is easier for a child to get through a speech to a councillor


than it ever has been. We have bases all over the country so if


you want to ring us and you need help, you will get through to us.


It is the on line contact which is getting very much more popular.


That is why we need more volunteers that they can give us the time to


answer more children who want to contact us that way. Interesting as


well, I understand that sexual abuse now is not the most common


problem any more. Do you think Childline has had a part to play?


certainly do because the NSPCC has done a prevalence study asking


young adults if they were sexually abused as children and there are


fewer who report that now than there were 25 years ago. I think


the fact that Childline has been at there is a real deterrent. Also the


people who ring us about it do so much sooner so that whereas in the


early days we were talking to children who had been suffering for


10 years, 15 years, now half the children who ring us about this


kind of abuse do so within about a month of its darting. Sorry for


interrupting you. The bullying is it right up there as one of the


most common problems. That and very serious problems within the family.


Are you going to be OK for another 25 years? No question. I meeting


the spinach, drinking whatever beer Nottingham produces, I will be here


in 25 years' time! I may go on to spinet and beer myself.


I can recommend it. Next tonight, a fly-on-the-wall


documentary has captured the drama and passion of a debate which has


been raging in the normally tranquil Peak District. Film-maker


Richard Macer spent a year filming with villagers who are determined


to get off-roaders banned from riding their 4x4s and trail bikes


along the local byways. Sarah Teale has had a preview.


The beauty of the Peak District is breathtaking. Home to 40,000 people


and enjoyed by millions of tourists every year. But the serenity of the


scenery does not always reflect real life. You nearly knocked me


down. There's a conflict between the villagers who want to protect


their peace and the off-roaders who want to drive their vehicles across


the challenging terrain. What do you feel about the use of green


lanes? They are a pain in the backside. The film-maker Richard


Macer spent a year filming the debate. That your activity destroys


the pleasure of the vast majority of people who are part of the


National Park. Most of the people I know despise you lot. There's


millions of walkers and we are dead against you lot. Off-roaders are


legally entitled to drive the road but local residents want the law


changed to get them banned. They are trying for a peaceful


resolution but it has not worked. To simply say nobody should be


allowed to drive vehicles in the national parks on roads would be a


draconian response which would cause more problems than it would


resolve. The full programme goes out on BBC Four at 9 o'clock this


Business experts are warning of serious trouble ahead for people


trying to set up a new enterprise. It's because the organisation,


Business Link, which offers advice and mentoring, is being scrapped as


part of Government cuts. Critics say it will mean that East Midlands


workers facing redundancy will have no-one to help them set up a


business and become self-employed. Early morning in Derby, and


Philippa, Liam is arriving at her next customer -- Philippa


Cunningham. She set up Pink Plumbing and could not have done it


without the help of Business Link. When I presented my business idea


to the men talk, he was so enthusiastic about it it gave me


the extra enthusiasm that it would work and without him I might not


have got quite as far as I have got. Her mentor was Ken Horn, a


consultant from Business Link who has helped 5,000 start-ups. He is


worried that many others will suffer from comedy's demise.


A work across the East Midlands -- from Business Link's demise. It is


clear that there are a number of people interested in this and I


fear they will be without the support that people were benefiting


from six months ago. Workers from Bombardier wanting to start small


firms have been hit twice by the Government. It is like trying to


run 100 metres with your legs tied. The help is no longer available.


The business is going through a similar situation have received


help. It is a double whammy, no support for the individuals and no


Business Link. But there will be new help services to replace


Business Link and also mentoring through the British Banking


Association and a business coaching service will start next year.


People like Philippa however say none of these will fully replace


the personal service that Business Link provided.


Before all that, an inspirational story. We meet the woman who,


having recovered from breast cancer herself, now spends a huge amount


of her time helping others affected by the disease. It's almost ten


years to the day since Lu Wright from Derby was diagnosed with


breast cancer. In the last of our cancer series, our health


correspondent Rob Sissons looks at how a bit of pampering can go a


You get your little powder mitten. This person knows a bit about


breast cancer. Are we ready for a eyeshadow? These women are fighting


different forms of cancer. The charity Look Good...Feel Better


aims to help out and is designed as a confidence booster. Women do not


naturally... They sometimes forget to look after themselves.


Place the parts on your eye area. This woman says her skin has


suffered from her treatment. have got big, brown eyes so alike


the way it has defined them especially the lining I used to put


Eyeliner can open a eye and shut it. I was once told by somebody that I


had small eyes like a pig. Now, Lu Wright has bought the free service


to Derbyshire as if women can be surprised to learn that she once


had cancer. It is something I see in their faces, they go, she is OK.


And they don't know how many years. It is really good. She is aiming to


give the women some make-up tips and if they have forgotten about


their illness through the session, An inspiring series, we should say


thank you to all the ladies who took part. And a busy weekend in


First tonight, the shortlist is getting shorter at the King Power


Stadium. Leicester City want nothing less than automatic


promotion, so the man who steps into Sven's shoes needs to hit the


ground running. But who's likely to take over? As Natalie explains, the


Thai owners are keeping their cards Leicester City are yet to show


their hand when it comes to deciding the new manager at the


King Power Stadium so tonight, myself and BBC 5 Live football


experts Darren Fletcher are going to make sure they play their cards


Lee Clark, what do you think? cannot argue with his record. 39


games unbeaten, the only game they have lost is the play-off. That has


spurred him on for this year. next one in the pack, Billy Davies.


At all the candidates, I think he is the best one. He fits all the


criteria that Leicester City 1, ambitious, knows the leak, wants to


get back into football, knows the area. And he has got the track


record -- he knows the Football League.


The wild card, the man people are talking about, or maybe they should


not be? If you feel that you are forced out of a football club


because you cannot get on with the chairman, if you get the


opportunity to go back and finish what you started, that is something


that they might want to do. He does not inspire. To go from Sven to


Dave Jones regardless of the record he has got with the championship, I


am not sure that his aim is that Leicester would make.


The king of hearts, the fans' favourite. Who would not want


Martin O'Neill to manage them? But I feel that there is a feeling


within him that it is difficult to go back. I do not think there is a


chance that any of those three become the next that the City


manager. My top two would be these two. Pick yours. I would agree with


that one, for my top two, I would turn that one over and I will bring


him back into it. A bright young guy, and you have got to bring him


Nottingham Forest know all too well what it's like to see changes at


the top. It's been two weeks since Steve Cotterill took over the hot


seat at the City Ground. And he's certainly got off to a flying start.


It was great that there's been a turn in results which we thoroughly


needed. Living in the right direction, six out of six, knotted


and Barcelona have got that. smiles at the City Ground and


little wonder, back-to-back wins and a clean sheet and a new signing,


Cotterill couldn't have asked for a better start. Settling in and if


you get a couple of good results, that is perfect for you. You have


got to keep it going. All before, confidence was thin on the ground


so what has he changed? The gaffer coming in and he has got us working


hard and doing things he wants to do. He is teaching us the way he


wants to play and it is working at COMMENTATOR: Forest have scored!


Working indeed, but the man is not It would be fantastic, two great


results but you will not get any more. From Middlesbrough at home or


Blackpool away this season -- any more points from Middlesbrough.


stern test tomorrow against a Hull side who were unbeaten in their


last eight games but Cottrell believes they can roll on.


Also in action this weekend are Derby County. They go to Portsmouth


knowing that just three points separate them from second in the


table, but also that there's only two points between the Rams and


Leicester in 14th. So it's as tight as you like. I'll


be in amongst it tomorrow at Pride Park. If you see me, come and tell


me what you think of the season so far.


As for Notts County, they take their record of only losing once in


ten matches to Colchester United. All the best to them, and to all


our clubs. You can follow their fortunes on your local BBC radio


station for full match commentary and fantastic analysis.


In rugby, Leicester Tigers play tonight away at Sale. And there's


definitely a sense that, for them, the season starts here. Without


their international players, Tigers have one just one of six


Premiership games. Now they're back, things really have to improve. The


quickfire sacking of Sven-Goran Eriksson is a stark reminder that


sport is a results business. shows how ruthless sport is an


thankfully at this point, rugby is more patient than that. Leicester


are doing a good job, a relatively successful season but the standards


there are pretty good and ruthless and that his professional sport, it


will come to all of us at some point.


Nottingham Panthers meanwhile have a massive game tomorrow night. A


home win over Belfast would see them leapfrog the Northern Irish


side and go top of the Elite League table.


What do you think we get up to when we're not here in the studio? You


don't have to answer that! We're about to spill the beans in a short


film. We hope it will inspire you to make your own special video. In


a nutshell, the BBC would like you to film yourself on Saturday 12th


November and then post your video online. The aim is to capture a


snapshot of life in the UK over a single 24 hour period. To get you


thinking about your film, here's This is rosy, she is a retired


greyhound. We have had her for about one year and she is fantastic.


We have got a busy life and I love coming for walks with her, it is so


peaceful round here. This is an Egyptian Arab so he has his tail up


in a plume shape and is a real show off. We have got the frizzy look


I think we will put these on for 10 minutes because they are only baby


I love gardening because it get me out and about every day and you


walk into the garden every day with something different, something


flowering, changing shape or colour. Always something to look at.


flu jab campaign started in October and the main worry is that people


put it off... Police officers investigating the theft of a


vehicle... Thank you very much, but the day job begin. One minute to go.


Stand by. The metal thieves who plundered a nursery and special


thanks to the policeman... Cat! -- If you're wondering, I was ill!


And for more information and tips on film-making, go to the website


bbc.co.uk/britaininaday. Peter Snow found that. And now for


We will see a bit of a mixture with some cloud, rain and a bit of


sunshine as well. This is how it started, thank you to Philip for


sending this picture in, a very foggy start for some. It will turn


quite foggy overnight with the clearer skies with us and that will


not help things when it comes to the mist and fog starting to form.


Also quite chilly and in the north of the region down to around seven


Celsius but the cloud coming in and it will fit in enough to produce a


small amount of patchy, light rain, certainly across the south-east


corner. The breeze picks up tomorrow and we will start to see


things brightening up as well as the weather front coming in from


the north-west and parts of Derbyshire and the Peak District


will lose the sunshine and start to see the first signs of the band of


rain. Towards the south, quite a pleasant day and not but


temperatures for the time of day, 15 self is the maximum for Saturday.


That goes through overnight and the remnants of it still hanging round


on Sunday. More weather front pushing up from the south-west and


it will become quite breezy on Sunday and also staying quite mild


as well but we will probably be under a blanket of cloud at times


which will still produce a small amounts of rain and Monday as well,


quite a mild day when it comes to the temperatures. Windows still


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