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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Kylie


Pentelow. Our top story tonight: The Government hands out cash to


boost growth, but critics say it's too little, too late. The Labour


leader visiting Derbyshire accusing the government of failing


businesses in this region. And I'm afraid the Cup the money for the


regional growth fund by two-thirds compared to what it was in the past,


that is why we are seeing so many As the Government announces who


gets what from the regional growth fund, one City claims its hopes of


creating thousands of drugs have been shattered. -- thousands of


jobs. Or so, a man killed by Edinburgh's


driver was killed -- AA man at coming back from his mother's


funeral was killed recklessly. And to the 109 year-old organise


his own very well birthday party. will never be 109 again. But I will


be here next year and the hereafter and the hereafter. -- and the year


after, and the year after. Good evening and welcome to


Monday's programme. First tonight: New concerns for the region's


economy. The Labour Party leader Ed Miliband today issued a warning


about our prospects of surviving the downturn. On a visit to the


East Midlands, he said unemployment will rise as more businesses


struggle. And that's despite today's announcement by the


coalition Government of new cash to help some regional businesses. From


Ripley in Derbyshire, here's our Political Editor John Hess.


He toured this factory. It is a type of precision engineering firm


supplying Rolls-Royce and the energy industry that Ed Miliband


says the government needs to encourage. The alternative he


warned was a perfect storm and further economic difficulties ahead.


He heard from senior management of their worries. We have always


invested the profits of the business into taking the business


forward and we won support from the Government to do that. If we want


to do the best, we'd like the Government dipper hops -- to


perhaps make as big a -- help us make it begin this month.


concerns were more personal on the hop floor. Anybody finding it


really tough? Yes, we are. government have not woken up to the


scale of the task. What they need to do in the autumn is to show they


understand it and change course. Let's get the economy moving and


let's get a younger people back to work because that is what people


It today's visit is to kick-start the economy. �6 billion have been


allocated for the regional growth fund, safeguarding 9,000 jobs.


have cut the money for the regional growth fund by two-thirds compared


to what it was in the past. That is why we are seeing so many companies


missing out. Rising energy bills, increases in VAT, the struggle to


obtain bank loans. That is why, in the Perfect Storm, says the Labour


leader, so many more of us are missing out.


As John said in his report, �67 million is coming to the East


Midlands in the second and final round of the regional growth fund.


But the announcement has sparked disappointment as well as delight.


Derby's done well. Leicester's convinced its project has a bright


future, but at Boots in Nottingham, plans for an enterprise zone have


been dealt a blow. Mike O'Sullivan's there now.


Good evening. Good evening. Boots wanted �200 million to help


decontaminate an area here that's already been declared an enterprise


zone by David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Roads and a bridge are


needed, too. But today the Government turned down Boots'


application for cash from the regional growth fund. Whether or


not thousands of jobs can now be created here seems uncertain. Hopes


were high at Our Plaice earlier this year when David Karan and Nick


Clegg paid a visit. They announced an enterprise zone would be set up


at they Our Plaice in Beeston. There is disappointment now. A --


they say they could have created and safeguarded up to 5,000 jobs.


Well, I feel very sorry for Boots. It is a massive missed opportunity


on the part of the government. If they are looking for growth, this


scheme would have created an enormous amount of high quality


growth. In Leicester, better news. �1 million promised for a vibration


testing plant to serve the car and aerospace industries. A


collaboration between the university and the private sector


that could bring 260 jobs to the science park site. What we have


done here it is created something that is unique, Nis. That is


something that is attractive. Also the park -- also the fact that Mr


has not been seen an area for a hi- tech jobs and all those things have


come together to make this a success full bid. The biggest


winner has been Derby. But only because it is losing thousands of


jobs. To offset the job losses at some of them major employers,


Dobbie is getting �40 million. have got a range of projects within


the programme bit. The most important being the technology


plaster, a business park, are going to be built adjacent Rolls Royce.


Despite the setback, Nottingham City Council says it will be


returning to the government to try to win cash to were kick-start the


enterprise zone. Believe it or not, there is a Plan B. Boots were asked


to come up with a contingency plan in case they were turned down by


the regional growth fund. Other funding streams are being


considered including from the government, so it may just be the


cash will come from another part within the government, but it is


unclear at the moment and the Department for business told me


tonight they are not ruling out putting even more money into the


regional growth fund. Let's face it - jobs and growth are a top


priority. Still to come on tonight's


programme, we find out how the Rams are packing them in when others


clubs are struggling to fill the Enquiries are continuing this


evening into the death of a seven- month-old baby in Leicester.


Officers were called to an incident on Netherhall Road in the city on


Sunday morning. The mother and baby were admitted to hospital where the


child died. A woman's been arrested. A post mortem examination will be


carried out. A teenage girl who died in a hang-


gliding accident in the Peak District at the weekend has been


named as Lois Preston. It's understood that the 16-year-old


from Warrington in Cheshire was making her first solo flight. She


was training as a glider pilot with her father and brother. The Air


Accidents Investigation Branch are looking into the cause of the crash.


Next tonight, Major Rich Angove was driving home from his mother's


funeral when he was involved in a crash. He was killed. That crash on


the A46 in Nottinghamshire was described today by a judge as


utterly avoidable. It was caused by Martin Casey. He was sentenced to


eight-and-half years in prison for dangerous driving. Geeta Pendse


reports. It was a crash that brought the


Belgrave flyover twins standstill earlier this month. Martin Casey


had been fleeing from the police. The driver of the car was major


rich and Gove, returning to his home in Gloucestershire after


attending his mother's funeral. He died at the scene. The pursued


started in Leicestershire and ended an hour later. The driving was


described as reckless with a blatant disregard for those around


him and when he collided with the car, he was thought to be driving


at 80 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone. A husband and father of two


young children, his family were too traumatised to be in court but in a


statement his widowed describe the unbearable loss. She makes


reference correctly to this senseless loss of her husband. And


that is how I feel. This didn't need to happen. It was callous,


reckless and outrageous driving on Nottinghamshire's roads. The man


pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and before sentencing he stood up


and apologised for what he had done. In summing up, the judge told the


man he had shown a deliberate and conscious decision not to stop. As


a result, a decent, honourable man had been taken away from his wife


and two young children. He said, there is no justice in the world


when you survive and he dies. The country's leading expert on flu


viruses is warning of the dangers of moving a specialist unit out of


the East Midlands. Glenfield Hospital in Leicester is one of ten


child heart surgery units being reviewed by the Government. But if


it goes, the ECMO unit there would go too. Marie Ashby reports.


This hospital has more than 20 years of experience in a life-


support system known as ECMO which oxygen makes the blood outside the


body. In May last swine flu outbreak, they, ordinated how


hospitals in the UK treated the critically ill, a role of the


country's leading expert on flu viruses says was vital. We have a


lot of experience with ECMO and that is what we rely on. Every


clinical person in my hospital and everywhere else, when they had very


ill young children and young adults, and moving into the intensive care


unit, they need are the speciality, and second, they had the ECMO.


Under plans in the current review of the child's heart units, if


Glenfield's surgical status is removed, ECMO would relocate to


another unit but experts fear it would be just X -- stuff they will


lose. Any dramatic change in ECMO, it is likely to have UN for scenes


consequences. What do you mean? Deaths. But his boss a ball. As the


country prepares for winter, it is feared that the changes will mean


we will not be ready for the next pandemic. If another pandemic comes


along in the next six years, which is quite possible, we are not as


prepared as the last one. That would be awful. A decision on the


future of the heart surgery and its ECMO service is due later this year.


And you can see more on this on tonight's Inside Out. Marie goes


behind the scenes on intensive care with the patients and parents


who'll be affected by changes at Glenfield. That's at 7:30pm tonight


on BBC One. Some households will see changes to their bin collection


days as councils mac efficiency savings. Bins will be emptied on a


fortnightly rotation but the roots which the lorries take have been


altered. Nottingham City and North West Leicestershire councils are


making the changes. It is hoped it will save them hundreds of


thousands of pounds over the next few years.


A volunteer group from Nottinghamshire has won a


prestigious award. The friends of Presley Pitt have been honoured for


their work transforming the former mine into a museum. They won the


title of best rescue of an Next tonight - what links


Staythorpe Power station with a farm that produces milk to make


Stilton? Today they both played host to the most reverend and right


honourable Dr John Sentamu. The Archbishop of York, one of the


Church of England's most senior clerics, is on a two day tour of


Nottinghamshire. Carol Hinds caught up with him at a charity that helps


young people. It is not every day that the people of Sutton in


Ashfield found themselves having a chat with the Archbishop of York.


He had come to meet staff and John people supported by the Notting


Shop Charlotte -- Nottinghamshire charity, Framework. What is being


done here, is not simply making young Pippa dependent, but is


giving them support so that they can stand on their two feet and get


out into the world. The young people found it Archbishop very


easy to talk to. A I was not expecting it, but yes, alright.


was a very nice guy, very down-to- earth and genuine. Framework is


celebrating 10 years of helping young people turn their lives


around. The they want to go back to college, and finish their courses.


To get on in life. I hope that nobody cuts the subsidies, because


of the subsidies are cut they will not be out of the system, they will


appear in another system of some kind. Tomorrow, the Archbishop of


York will make hundreds more people, as he continues his tour of


Nottinghamshire. -- will meet. Still to come on the programme.


Cake and a choir - for a 109 year old. The Reverend Reg Dean


celebrated his birthday in style, being entertained by a choir he


Let's see if Colin is on song, with the sports news. A couple of weeks


ago, they had the fourth biggest crowd anywhere in England and Derby


County's support continues to surprise. Pride Park is one of only


two Championship grounds to have seen an increase in average crowds


this year. I went along to see why. It is the run up to kick-off, and


Pride Park is filling up nicely. No change, there. Derby County are the


best supported club, the second best in the championship. Only


Derby County and Middlesbrough have increased their support. Derby


County are 10,000 a of the championship average - but why?


There is heritage, and a little bit of history can go a long way.


can go back to the 50s, 60s, we have always been strong supporters.


Derby County is far from the chippers, but they are obviously


doing something right. facilities are top class. It is


down to the atmosphere, really. lot of the matters to the fans on


what goes on there -- is what goes on behind this white line. We just


want to see them win. We want to see them do well and continue to do


well. I was wondering how many people there was going to be?


many did you think? So then billion! It was a relatively small


crowd, but they got to enjoy themselves. Greg Bryson got the


first goal. I got to see the moment they could have changed the game.


What happens to have his head or goes in rather than smacking off


the bar? The first goal for Chris Maguire, and 24,000 happy people,


followed by a pinpoint finished by Jamie Waugh. Derby County retain


control, with a late goal injecting a spark of tension. In a tight


championship, Derby County needed this, their first victory in six


games, and the fans deserve that. And absolutely mad to this and, the


crowd, they are here, a week in, week out, with Christmas coming up.


At Leicester the speculation rumbles on as to who will be the


new manager at the King Power Stadium. Elvis, Lord Lucan and,


well, Dom and Kylie, are about the only people who have not been


linked with the job! So today we decided to ignore all the rumours


and talk about the football instead as Natalie - who's a 30-1 shot -


took the Tactics Truck to Leicester. MUSIC: The Professionals Theme.


There is a Hallowe'en theme to the tactics struck. The grim Reaper of


Leicester City is inside. I am sorry to call you the grim Reaper,


but you have seen of 22 managers in your time. Shall we see how the


latest two have gone? We can have a look. There is the head of the


youth academy. And there is a goalkeeping coach. He is probably


waving to the next manager. You never know! We were poor and the


first half. They ran rampant and got in far too easy, against us.


The second one came a minute after the first, and I thought we might


be about to get a bit of hiding. But the boys got together in the


second half and looked like a different Leicester City side. We


were unfortunate not to come away with something. He got himself in


advanced positions, more than he has done recently. That is his game.


He has gone into double figures and the last couple of seasons. And he


has scored at crucial times. West Ham Academy of Football - hold


on. Is that the West Ham academy? If you can get a result amply great


football it is a bonus, but you have to do what needs must. The


ball up into the box, the flick on, then gnawed down, and it is a great


volley. But that was route-one football. There was nothing secret


build up and this is what we have to get in her locker. We have got


quality players, but we have got digitalise what we have got, a bit


more. So Dick or treat in the legendary tactics struck? With you,


Natalie, with a slightly evil laugh of her on! At Nottingham Forest,


the players say manager Steve Cotterill has restored unity


despite defeat on Saturday while at Notts County they are recovering


from their heaviest defeat of the season. Here's Nat again. Forest


play Reading tomorrow, after a defeat at the hands of Nigel


Pearson's Hall city. This goal from Alan Maclean put an end to Steve


Cotterell's winning start. A we have not got carried away with two


victories, and you will not get carried away with this defeat and


go the other way, but we will be OK, for sure. We might not be in the


top six just yet, but we will work hard to try to get there. Notts


County lost 4-2 at Colchester. Stuart Nelson made some fantastic


saves, but it was their worst defeat of the season. It was a bad


day at the Office for Notts County, but they have been in fine form,


and Martin Allen's side are still sitting pretty, at six place in the


table. In rugby, the Leicester Tigers are promising more fireworks


- literally - in their next home game this weekend. Any display of


roman candles will have to go some to match the dramatic 12 minutes in


Friday's second half at Sale, which saw Tigers claim a bonus point win.


Second half drama at Nottingham as well - Although that involved the


pink-clad Green and Whites clinging on. Tries like this gave them a 23-


6 half time lead - but in the end the margin of victory was just two


points. But no victory for Nottingham Panthers in their big


game - a win over Belfast could have sent them top of the League.


But the visiting Giants were already two goals up by the time


Guy Lepine got the Panthers' first. And Belfast struck back inside a


minute to restore the gap. Jordan Fox made it a thriller of a final


period with this one. But no fairytale drama here, I'm afraid.


That's all the sport. I love those pink rugby shirts! Now, what do you


do to celebrate your 109th birthday? The answer? Take more


than 100 people out to lunch. And that's exactly what the Reverend


Reg Dean, thought to be Britain's oldest man, did this weekend. The


year Reg was born - 1902 - saw Edward VII crowned king, Marmite


went into production at Burton on Trent, and Beatrix Potter's first


book ,"Peter Rabbit", was published! James Roberson


gatecrashed Reg's special and very musical, birthday party. When you


are 109, you can be forgiven for having to use a wheelchair, so in


the estuary, the Reverend Reg Dean arrived at the but the party he had


organised themselves. A founder member of the Dalesman male voice


choir, he paid for every existing member and their partners to have


lunch. It is a pleasure to have him. He comes along with a few choice


anecdotes, witticisms and criticisms. In his long life, Reg


has seen the growth of the motor car, he was in his late thirties


when he served as an army chaplain in the Far East during World War


Two, and afterwards caught at the Herbert start school in Bilborough,


where the actor, Alan Bates, was his pupil. He puts his longevity


down to a regime of idleness. a member of that august Biddle ship


-- Fellowship, known as lazy bones. Lazy Bones, sleeping in the sun,


how do you expect to get your day's work done? I knew him when he was


93, and that was when I joined the choir. He was an inspiration to me


as the youngest chap joining a male voice choir, who had never sung


before. I may never be 109 Again! But I will be here, next year, and


the Year after that, and the year after that, you never know. Happy


birthday dear Reg, happy birthday to you! That is lovely. I would


like to say that he looks good for 109, but I have never seen anyone


who has 109 before! I have shared the stage with him on a couple of


occasions. Now the weather with It is officially Hallowe'en, across


the East Midlands. If you are taking the kids about to ditch it a


treat, do it early on because we have been pushing in later. We have


agree appropriate shot sent in by Paul. I have to say that the public


looks lot better than the one I did. We have fairly cloudy skies across


the East Midlands. That cloud has been increasing. We can see that


band of rain setting out to the West. The cloud will thicken and


you will see some drizzle over night, and then this band of rain


will start to work his way in. If you're driving Over Night tonight,


there could be some standing water, creating some road surface issues.


The good news is, that rain clears early on, particularly across


Derbyshire. We'll see some sunshine in Derbyshire and then the rest of


us will follow suit. Temperatures, not quite as good as today, may be


about 14 or 15 Celsius. It will feel quite a bit better than today


because it will be more sunshine and rain. It will be a decent day


to be out and about. We will see cloud increasing through the day.


This rain works its way through, by the early evening. A company buys


some pretty strong and winds, as well, -- accompanied by. Those


isobars stay with us through Thursday, again, bringing showers


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