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Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's programme.


First tonight: news on the future of RAF Cottersmore.


The Ministry of Defence has announced which regiments will move


onto the RAF base when the RAF move out.


What is your ideal weight? Researchers say it depends on your


ethnic origin. It is a question of putting your mind to it.


Plus: a special remembrance service for the children of serving


soldiers. And the tattoos tell the tale. Is


Good evening. First tonight news on the future of RAF Cottersmore. The


Ministry of Defence has announced which regiments will move onto the


RAF base when the RAF move out. There had been concerns that the


base would be shut as part of the review of the armed forces but


instead of closing it's been given a new lease of life. Live now to


our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner. Just remind us what's being


proposed for the base. Good evening. In July the


Government announced that it was bringing back the Army from Germany


and forming the Army into Five Multi-Role Brigades. Cottesmore


will be the HQ for the East of England Brigade split between 4


sites. These Brigades could have up to 6,000 troops and include a


regiment of Challenger two tanks and four Infantry Battalions.


Today we heard the 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment will be


the first to move in. What's the expected timeline?


The whole move's been brought forward by a year. On 31st March


next year Cottesmore will formally close as an RAF base after 73 years


of operating out of here. In July 2012 the Royal Anglians will arrive


from Cyprus rather than returning to their base in Germany. There'll


bring 620 troops. The following July, 450 troops from 7 Regiment


Royal Logistics Corps will move in direct from their base in Germany.


Smaller army units may arrive in future years. It has got health


units, education, road and transport around it so it is wary -


- very well found. It has accommodation, technical


accommodation. It makes sense to use it for an army moved.


Two Royal Anglians have strong connections with the East Midlands,


don't they? They certainly do, they are


Leicestershire's Infantry regiment. Here they are training last year in


preparation for Afghanistan. They are currently based in Cyprus and


are the regiment on standby to be deployed anywhere in the Middle


East on 48 hours notice. Roughly half the regiment is recruited in


the East Midlands, mainly from Leicestershire and Lincolnshire,


and once they're here it'll be unusual for a regiment to be based


so close to its recruiting area. So while thoughts of the Royal


Anglians can turn to a homecoming, the children of soldiers from


Nottingham have been thinking of their fathers. Youngsters from


local schools were invited to Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell for a


special service of rememberance. It's the first time this has been


done and was especially poignant for those with fathers serving in


If they've laid down their lives, that we might live. -- they laid


The lest we forget, the children remembering the fallen. For some of


them, it is very close to home. dad is in the army and Remembrance


Day means a lot to me because it reminds me of all the people who


have died, and those who've been to Afghanistan and Iraq. It reminds me


of all the soldiers who gave up their lives for as. It makes me


remember when my dad was a way. Afghanistan? Yes. It is important


to you? Yes. My father is going to Afghanistan in about two weeks and


I'm worried in my tummy about quite a lot of people. Remembrance Day


means to me all the people in the army that have fought for our


country and it means a lot. means a lot to me because my dad


goes to Afghanistan. It's a little bit sad. It reminds me of my dad


and all the people who have fought for us. Is the first time they've


done this but it will not be the last. It -- it is. It's a new


tradition to keep old memories What lovely children. We wish them


all the best. Still to come on the programme: fans and enthusiasts bid


a fond farewell to a champion sidecar racer.


David Wells died in a crash at Mallory Park in Leicester. His


A man who tried to rape a student as she walked home has been given


an indefinite prison sentence. 20- year-old Chris Noble from


Nottingham was told he could only be released when he's considered to


no longer be a danger to the public. He'd admitted attacking the 21-


year-old woman in the Lace Market area in June. Our reporter James


Roberson was in court as Noble was jailed. It was in June this year


that the woman university student went out with friends in Nottingham


city centre. Nottingham Crown Court heard she'd had a fair amount to


drink which clouded her judgment. She decided to walk home alone. Her


voice has been altered to protect her identity. I thought I'm tired,


I'm just going to walk home. I know you should not call Co Monaghan but


I did it anyway. As she made her way through the city's streets, she


was unaware she was being trailed by Chris no ball. As she reached


her flat in a secluded area of the city, he grabbed her from behind.


He had been in a loch around the neck. I just had no control at all.


He was pretty strong. Luckily, he was disturbed by a passer-by and


ran off. The victim says it all still seems unreal. I was really


scared and confused because it felt so surreal. Obviously you hear


about things like this happening and you just... Even at the time,


you ask is this really happening? When arrested, the man who has a


history of self-harm, was found to have in his flown pictures of women


he has taken in the Victoria Centre. The Riddick -- the recorder told


him, this event was truly horrific. Mercifully it is also rare which


makes it all the more terrifying. But for the intervention of a


passer-by, you would have raped her. What happened will affect her


always. There was only one person for this attack. I'm pleased today


that he will not be released until the Parole Board deemed that he is


faced -- saved to be released into the community. The sentencing judge


said it was essential he was sentenced indefinitely for the


public protection. Next tonight: A major medical study


carried out in Leicester suggests that levels of obesity among some


Asians needs to be recalculated. Your Body Mass Index or BMI is the


way most GPs determine your ideal weight. But researchers say the


point at which patients who have links to the Indian sub-continent


are classed as obese should change because of their increased risk of


diabetes and heart disease. Body Mass Index is a way of seeing


if your weight is appropriate for your height. All you need to do is


get your weight in kilograms and then divide it by your height


multiplied by itself or height squared. That gives you a number


your BMI. For white Europeans, a BMI of 20-25 is seen as normal


ideal weight. 25-30 overweight and BMI 30 and above classified as


obese. For some Asian people the numbers should be lower.


However you look at it, the BMI index is widely used. Increasing


awareness has arisen that different figure should be used for people of


South Asian origin. South Asians until now, the World Health


Organisation had recommended a BMI of 27.5 as being obese. However,


our study shows that we need to reduce that drastically, to around


23. The team analysed data from 6000 people in the Leicester area


who have been screened for diabetes. We know south Asians have a much


higher risk of type 2 diabetes than white Europeans but so far we don't


really know why that is and even at healthy levels, south Asians need


to be upping their game to prevent tired to do a bit too. This person


has had it for 25 years. Under the current score, he would be normal


weight. The new scale would class him as obese. He is convinced the


new proposals could save lives. would suggest that anybody with a


BMI of over 23 should get their blood-sugar level tested. And not


such -- I'm not saying they should government but, every year.


word on the street is that PMI is confusing. Body mass index. I don't


know much about it though. Body Mass Index has do with your weight


as the height. To reduce it, they suggest healthy eating and you


might know what is coming next, more exercise.


Some people argue fat round our middle our waist circumference is a


better guide to obesity. Once again the research team suggests what


counts as overweight and obese needs to vary depending on people's


ethnic origin. In other news tonight: Police are


issuing a warning after a number of gas pipe thefts in part of


Leicester. In the past three weeks there have been 11 incidents in the


Hinckley Road area. Officers say thefts of this kind are extremely


dangerous. In one case several households were affected. Someone


has gone down the side of these properties and taken the copper


piping. It caused a serious gas leak and resulted in British Gas


being called out and a number of houses being evacuated.


Inmates at a Nottinghamshire prison, accused of trying to smuggle in


vast amounts of cocaine from Columbia, have admitted there was a


plan to import drugs. But they say it was hypothetical and was never


meant to be followed through. It's claimed at least six men were


involved in a multi-million pound plot hatched at Lowdham Grange jail.


They deny the charges. Our reporter Carolyn Moses has been following


the case and joins now. Carolyn, what's happened today?


Good evening. The trial at Birmingham Crown Court's already


heard claims that there was a complex plot to smuggle five tonnes


of cocaine into Britain, all organised from behind the walls of


the Nottinghamshire jail. These are the six men on trial. Three were


inmates at the time and today the court heard from the alleged


ringleader 38-year-old Russell Knaggs, seen here in the glasses.


Today he admitted there had been a blueprint drawn up to import drugs


but he said it had been designed simply as a scam, to try to raise


money by securing a down-payment from anyone interested. There was


never any intention, he said of going through with it.


Why does he claimed he is being charged? He claims there's a plan


by the police and the authorites to get him, to cherry pick the


evidence against him, after he spent a lot of time in Lowdham


Grange helping other inmates with their legal appeals. He helped a


convicted drugs lord, serving a 25- year sentence, avoid having �100


million in assets confiscated. The legal work, he said, kept him busy


behind bars. What happens next? Knaggs is


expected to give more evidence tomorrow. Then another former


inmate, the alleged paymaster, will take to the stand. The others are


expected to follow. This trial which started in September is


likely to last for another six weeks.


A former mayor of Derby has been describing the moment he was almost


killed by a huge wave while swimming on holiday in Portugal.


Robin Turner now wants to return to the spot where he nearly died, to


thank the men who saved him. I reckon it was two-and-a-half


hours' drive... Back at home with holiday memories of a far from


happy time. Robin and Janet had been in Portugal at the end of such


tender when he was knocked unconscious by a large wave. There


was a wave come along and I pulled her will get through this and


quickly go forward again. I was bracing myself for it but it threw


me over. I remember my mouth opening and sea water going into it.


That is absolutely the last thing I remember. I heard the first whistle


of the Life Guards and didn't respond. The second whistle, I


thought that is a bit odd. I looked up, everybody on the beach was


standing up, making it a small group of people and then I thought,


oh, No. He was saved by the Local Life Guards and a German doctor who


happens to be on the beach. But Robin had been hailed a lot of


water and was airlifted from the coast to a hospital further afield


before being flown back to intensive care in Derby. Is only


just been released from hospital but already has plans to go back


and thank the man who brought him back to life. These are young men,


like young men anywhere. They can easily be misjudged but they knew


how to do it and they did it. The company which owns the Victoria


Shopping centre in Nottingham is to take over the city's other major


retail complex. Capital Shopping Centres have bought a seventy five


percent stake in the Broadmarsh centre from Westfield. The deal


went through last night. The Broadmarsh centre is currently


undergoing a multi million-pound refurbishment.


An East Midlands Euro MP has stepped into the row over the


Thameslink rail contract. The Government gave the work to a


German firm rather than Bombardier who are based in Derby. Glenis


Willmott wrote to the EU Commission asking if the UK Government would


face any penalties if it restarted the bidding process. The reply


states there wouldn't be any problems if it was reopened. Mrs


Willmott said the Government can't use the EU as an excuse anymore.


The funeral's taken place of a sidecar racer who died last month.


Dave Wells had been involved in the sport for over 30 years winning


many competitions. He died while racing at Mallory


Park in Leicestershire. This afternoon hundreds of people paid


their respects to him. Around 1000 people gathered at the


village church as family, friends and side car enthusiasts came


together to remember Dave Wells. lived life to the full. I must


commend him for that. It was amazing. He will be sadly, badly


missed. Dave died last month while taking part in a sidecar race at


Mallory Park in Leicestershire. He was a passenger. The driver


suffered minor injuries. An investigation is now under way into


the cause of his death. Racing was his world. He loved it. I guess he


was never going to stop, I suppose. We talked about it so many times.


No, I can go for on for ever, I can. He would jump about and was... It


was in him, part of him. Everyone seems so lost with him not being


around the. Dave's family say he will be sadly missed and that a


bright light has gone out of the racing world. Still to come on the


programme: a boy band's biggest fan. Jane Fogg's devotion to the band


knows no bounds. We'll be talking First, Leicester City may have to


pay Hull City �1 million to get Nigel Pearson out of his contract


in order to join the Foxes. Sources in Hull are tonight saying Pearson


burnt his bridges with the Tigers, so he could be left with little


other choice but to resign. Meanwhile Derby County manager


Nigel Clough has until 4pm tomorrow to respond to an FA charge of


misconduct. It relates to an incident during their defeat to


Peterborough at the weekend. The Rams were 2-0 up but eventually


lost 3-2 after a goal deep into injury time. One more football line


from me. Forest striker Dexter Blackstock's return to match action


after a year out has been put on hold again but we don't think he'll


mind. He had been due to play a behind the doors friendly at the


City ground today but had to dash to hospital instead. All down to


the arrival of his new daughter, Sureya. We wish them both well.


Rugby now and the Leicester Tigers have a big European cup game this


weekend in Italy against Aironi. This Heineken Cup is the biggest


competition in Europe. It kicks off on Saturday and Tigers have a tough


group including Ulster but for a club like Leicester the season


starts here. I think so. We had 12 guys away at the World Cup. We've


had a few injuries as well. We cannot concentrate to worry about


what has happened in the past. We need to build the momentum to make


it to Europe. If you think of a top athlete, one


aiming for a medal at London 2012, you think of someone whose total


dedication means they deny themselves all sorts of pleasures.


Well, sometimes, they're allowed to embrace them. Today I went to meet


Lisa Dobriskey, a middle distance runner, recovering from an


operation, and enjoying her own special form of stress relief.


Not an easy few months for Liza Dobriskey. She's working hard to


reach for fitness. Being laid up and then stuck in the gym has been


astonishingly frustrating for a woman who is only really happy on


the truck.. And get a sense of freedom about love being outside


and just running. It is my favourite thing to do. I wouldn't


want to do anything else. To have that taken away and not be able to


do that has been very difficult. You were in rehab, you've been on


the sofa. What is a deal to do? This is the business that Lisa and


her husband are invested in. They used to come here to relax but now


they are in mint... Do you really think chocolate and being an


athlete go together? I was very grateful to my nutritionist who


told me that part chocolate, over 70 %, is really beneficial for a


year. She told me I've got to eat dark chocolate. This place actually


plays an important role for Lisa in a world where mental strength can


be everything. Even when you are resting at home, you are thinking


things through. This is something completely different and if there


is no relationship to running at all. The question is, can chocolate


help Lisa get further than her 4th at the Olympics last time out?


might think I got it wrong tactically. This is the biggest


opportunity I'll ever have in front of me and I intend to make the rest


of her it. You have to remember that unlike most of us, however


much chocolate she eats or drinks, Lisa will be back in the gym


running it off. Ice hockey and Nottingham Panthers


report they are now down to the last few hundred of ticket for


Saturday's clash with Sheffield Steelers at the National Ice Centre.


Now how big a pop fan are you? Are your walls covered with pictures of


your favourite stars? Have you queued through the night just to


get a glimpse of your icon? Well, Jane Fogg from Nottingham is


such a huge fan of the band Westlife, she's seen them 60 times


and spent thousands on tattoos. Earlier Jane came in to the studio.


We asked her why? I love them so much, and passionate


about them, their music, everything. How long has this been a passion?


Since 2001. Have you ever met them in the flesh? No. And no, never.


is an unrequited passion. What you like to meet the? Got, you have.


How much of your life does it take up? This so that. It has affected


your private life. My husband gave me the ultimatum, my second husband.


They are solitary the biggest thing in your life. They us. Tell us


about your tattoos. What will you have done the next? I would like my


portraits autographed by the boys. They would do it in pen and I would


get it touted over the top. They are splitting up, aren't they?


are, after the tour next Giff. will you do then? I will still love


them. I shall always love them. said you will spend time at cellar


records of. Yes, I am. In Manchester, a week on Sunday, I


will come out all night because they are signing their record. It


is when their greatest hits comes out. There are 400 wristbands and I


want from. When it comes to the final gig, are you hoping to be


there? I am. I've spoken to a radio station this morning in Dublin and


they have actually given me a two free VIP tickets. I really hope and


I am sure that they will sign your tattoos. Your dreams will come true,


I'm convinced of it. If those boys don't know of your name by now,


there is something wrong. Remembrance Sunday is not looking


too bad. We will start to see the skies brightening before this


evening, it is going to turn down overnight. The lovely autumnal


picture to shave. Thank you to Simon. Gorgeous autumnal colours.


We've had a lot of cloud. There was the odd glimmer of sunshine at


times. The cloud will increase again overnight and we will have


mist and fog as well. It will turn drizzly as the night goes on. A


small amount of drizzle coming in through the early part of the


evening. Night-time temperatures dropping to a minimum of nine


Celsius. Thread the night time and early hours of tomorrow morning, it


will stay quite damp. Who will hold on to a lot of that cloud. A murky


starts to Friday. We will still probably hold on to some health fog


across parts of Derbyshire. The further south we are, still very


cloudy but drying out a little bit into the afternoon. A breeze which


is just starting to pick up towards the afternoon as well. Daytime


temperatures tomorrow reaching a maximum of 13 Celsius. Behind me,


there is a band of rain which will cross a so that night. There will


be a cold front coming through. In behind it, there could be a few


showers around. That is how a Saturday morning is likely to sharp


-- start. On Sunday morning, it will be a dry day and it will be


mild as well. This weekend should be quite bright, dry and a little


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