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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me Quentin Rayner.


Tonight, silent remembrance. Armistice Day is marred by


communities across the East Midlands. It is moving to see.


tonight: farewell to a mother and her two children, found dead in


their home. Plus the number of people homeless


in a Nottingham is rising. Find out how I cope to sleeping rough for a


night. And his nickname, the matchstick


man painter, the new exhibition is Good evening, welcome to Friday's


programme. On this day the guns fell silent as


the Great War finally ended, and silence was observed today, 93


years on. Armistice Day was made all the more


memorable this year because the date is 11/11/11. Thousands of


people across the East Midlands came together to commemorate it,


young and old to remember those who For some, today was especially


poignant. At Nottinghamshire's Chetwynd Barracks they remembered a


former comrade who was killed in Afghanistan just two days ago.


And at the same time hundreds of soldiers from the East Midlands


fell silent at their bases in Helmand Province. Our Social


Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, is at Nottingham's Victoria


Embankmant. Yes, most of us grew up in the days


when remembrance was all about two historical world wars. A tribute to


the fading names on these old war memorials. But the recent conflicts


in Iraq and Afghanistan have changed all that. Now, for some,


it's about remembering close friends.


At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, they stopped and


Today, there was a new name on the war memorial at Jutland barracks.


Matthew Thornton lost his life just two days ago. Private Thornton was


an army reservist who trained at this camp. He was killed by an


improvised bomb. There are colleagues of hours. It is a


personal day for us and we can pay tribute to those who made the


ultimate sacrifice. Of high seas are made people processing through


our organisation. -- I see so many. Many of the soldiers here have


served in Afghanistan or Iraq and some have lost several friends.


when people are losing lives and you are there, you see grown men


cry. It really is moving to see. I've lost friends and colleagues,


who I have served with, and it is that time way you go and reflect


upon these guys and say they deserve at least two minutes to


remember them. A several hundred soldiers from the East Midlands


have just gone back out to the Helmand province. Today, they were


remembering a young private shot dead on patrol just last week.


the comrades who have fallen, we always feel for the family and


friends. We hope that they are coping as well as they can through


these bad times. But also keeping their chins up. We are remembering


them ourselves. These two short minutes of silence mean so much


when you have been to war, a tribute to fallen friends who will


never be forgotten. There'll be more remembrance events


on Sunday. Here and at towns and villages across the East Midlands.


To remember those who lost their lives in the two world wars and in


conflicts that are still going on today.


Train services between London and Nottinghamshire are slowly getting


back to normal after major problems earlier. A signalling problem at


Hendon had halted all services between St Pancras and Luton.


Engineers have now repaired the fault. But East Midlands Trains


says some delays are still likely tonight.


Thieves have stolen Derby's Christmas lights which were due to


be switched on next week. They were being kept in storage at Markeaton


Park, together with cabling and tools worth more than �20,000. The


city council says its desperately trying to find replacements lights.


Still to come: we look forward to the weekend's sport.


A and the big countdown is on. It will be Children in Need a week


today but will we be shivering with cold temperatures or is it going to


be mild like the weekend? I'll have the weather at the end of the


The funerals have taken place of a mother and her two children who


were found dead at their home in Leicester.


The congregation was told that the lives of Joy Wathall and her young


son and daughter, had ended too early. The BBC was specifically


asked to attend. United in death as they were in


life. Under a grey overcast skies, family and friends came together to


remember them. The three were found dead at their home in Leicester in


February. Police believe the children's father killed Joy and


the children before taking his own life. The family were due to return


to their home city of Sheffield but never made it. Disputes within the


family have meant the funerals have only now taken place. Flowers,


photographs and teddies were placed on top of the three coffins. During


the emotional service, tributes were paid to the three. Eric


Clapton's Tears in Heaven was played. Family and friends were


told their lives ended too early. They are an outrage. She was a


lovely person, always there for us. They are up there. A if you look at


the worst day in your life and magnified by 110, that is how bad


it has been. It has been a constant nightmare. It is in my mind all the


time. I did not expect to bury my daughter and grand kids. Inquests


into the deaths are due to be held in January.


Next tonight, unravelling the mysterious death in a river.


Detectives are trying to trace a shotgun that was used to inflict


fatal wounds on a man found dead in the River Trent in Nottinghamshire.


At the moment, officers don't believe Peter Nuttall was murdered,


but they desperately want to trace the weapon.


The superintendent winter leads me to the sport in Nottinghamshire


where Peter Nuttall was discovered last month. The 44 year-old roofer


from tax food had been missing for three days. His car was found in a


nearby car park. Some fishermen saw something in the water, they were


not sure what it was. We were called and the police came along


and we found his body at this spot. Mr Nuttall had suffered a shotgun


wound to the head. He had previously held a shotgun licence.


Officers say at the moment, there is nothing to suggest any foul play.


But searches of the riverbank and river bed have failed to find the


shotgun used. A for full facts are not explained and we need to be


able to explain those. -- the full facts. We need to be able to


explain them to the coroner, the family and the public because we


don't want people to be worried, thinking they could come to some


harm. We need to get to the bottom of where this fire Amis. Mr Nuttall


was known to the police but not the subject of any ongoing


investigation. Anyone with information about the gun for his


movement's leading up to his death, is urged to contact police.


A 14-year-old girl from Leicester, who's fighting leukaemia for the


third time, is appealing for a bone marrow donor to save her life.


Bethany Mickelburgh is urging people to attend a special clinic


her family has organised at the Leicester Tigers stadium tomorrow.


A lot of people have been very kind. Supportive. A Bethany has been


overwhelmed by support. Her message is simple. Come to Leicester Tigers


tomorrow and you might save her life. It is so simple, or you've


got to do is spit in a spot. It would be a privilege if you could


be a donor. It is a simple, for our procedure with no operation


required. TV personalities are among those keeping her spirits up.


Her sister has been instrumental in setting up social networks sides as


her family campaign to find a match. Have we got enough coming in?


need more. Since finding out one month ago that Bethany had elapsed


for a second time, the family have organised a special clinic for


anyone aged between 18 and 40 to register as a possible donor at


Welford Road. She is a quiet young girl but has an inner determination.


That is why people have taken her to their hearts. This event on


Saturday, if they come along, and they are a match for her, it is a


simple procedure. It is just like donating blood. There is one little


girl that would very much appreciate that. About 100 family


and friends have been kept busy distributing thousands of the


floods. Team that Bethany was out in force at the Leicester City home


games last week -- last weekend. The family is all too aware that


time is of the essence but remain ever hopeful.


Don't forget, it could be you who is the match!


It's grim - the reaction of one of our Euro MPs to describe the latest


crisis in the eurozone. Today Glenis Willmott met Italians


living in the East Midlands to discuss the economic whirlwind


that's engulfed their country. It is lunchtime for this Italian


family in Derby but it is the economic crisis in Italy that is


proving difficult to stomach. Everybody is against Berlusconi so


now I say, he has gone, and we will see what the others do, if they are


better or worse. Arriving in Derby, you're MP Dennis Willmott has just


returned from Brussels. -- Glenys. She is heading for an Italian


restaurant, aptly-named the European. She asked restaurant


staff about their reaction. Many young people cannot find a job. It


is like that are everywhere. A it has dominated the ITV News all week


but what is the reaction from non- Italians? -- it has dominated.


we make clothes for the Italians, it is the knock-on effect for our


people. It is scary, really scary because there are 1 million people


from aged 16 to 24 without jobs. asked the Euro MP why the Italian


crisis matters so much to us. is one of our biggest markets, the


eurozone is a big market. Anything that impacts on the euro as an


impact on us. If Italy fails, then we will have massive problems in


the UK. We've already got rising unemployment. We don't want to make


it any worse. The restaurant manager catches up on of the latest


news. His verdict? Don't worry. Italians always find something, an


idea. They will get through it. They can do it if they want. With


political change under way in Italy, these Italians in Derby have


something to drink too. And there will be more political


news from the region in the Politics Show this Sunday. Here's


Marie Ashby. A Tory leader attacks Labour and


Conservative councils for diverting government money meant for housing.


And the lawyer who is taking the government to court over its


decision to half what consumers get for selling renewable energy to the


National Grid. So that's the Politics Show at the


later time of3.10pm this Sunday. Now, imagine replacing your brick


walls and central heating with a sleeping bag and a cardboard box.


The Nottingham charity Framework deals with 8,000 homeless people


every year and says the number of people sleeping rough in the city


has almost doubled since June. Last night those figures went sky


high as 300 people slept out in the city to raise money for the charity.


Amongst them our reporter Tom Brown. First is the Big Sleep Out, an


annual fund-raising event for a couple give up their home comforts


and spend the night in a cardboard box on the streets of Nottingham.


And tonight, I'm going to be one of them. People care about the welfare


of others and third come together tonight to demonstrate that. He can


see people who are participating, building their shelters, joining in.


Words cannot describe how fantastic that feels. I am excited. Anxious


and excited actually. 12 hours, it's not much, is it? And it is


people like this that tonight's event aims to help. Andy spent two


weeks sleeping rough in Nottingham before being found by framework.


Now he has a new home and a new job but the memories of what it is like


to have to speak on the streets will stay with him forever.


worst part about it is feeling like a total at cast from society. It is


horrible, lonely, it gets depressing, you are having to fight


with depression yourself and keep It is coming up to 1am and the mood


up to feed Big Sleep Out has changed. The bans have stopped


playing, even my cameraman has left me behind and people are trying to


get some sleep. It will be interesting. Within the


organisation facing serious cuts, events like this have never been


more important. The charity wants to make �35,000 from tonight. This


could pay for two new employees or provide numerous training courses


to help get people off the streets and into work. The sea about is not


just about raising money. It is also about raising awareness. --


the sleep out. People have to sleep on the streets every night and it


is a big shock. It is cold, windy, the cardboard managed to fence it


off. I couldn't do it again. That was the sleep out. I've had two


hours' sleep and World Cup shivering in my sleeping bag. There


are people in Nottingham you have to do this every single night. It


is an awareness of that fact that tonight has all been about. Now it


is time for me to leave my cardboard box and get a cup of tea.


If you are homeless, you don't necessarily get a cup of tea.


Plenty more to look forward to in the programme: including a new side


to LS Lowry. The match-stick man painter was also a dab hand at


portraits as well as impressive Happier homes and a better future,


that's what experts say parenting classes are giving to families in


Nottinghamshire. Early intervention by a super nanny


is really helping parents who're struggling to cope with their


For year-old Harrison is letting us know he is here. Being a parent can


be a tough job for anyone but relationship break-ups and other


problems adds to the pressure. because he wants to get the praise


as well because he is hearing you've praising their full. Anna


has been labelled a super nanny. The advice is making life easier.


Hopefully they will calm down. Things will get better. I've


noticed coming here I've learnt a lot and used that at home. I am


finding things are getting better. We are picking families up now that


initially may have been on a parenting protection plan from


social care. Instead of... They make good progress but they still


need support. The sessions involve discussion, videos and tips like


ignoring bad behaviour and tantrums when it is safe to do so. They come


to be and they say, can I have it? Then I ignore the problem and then


he will come down. The hope is that these children will grow up in


happier homes and have a better future as a result.


They look like happy bunnies, most of them.


Time for sport and it is a big weekend for rugby.


Yes, it is Heineken Cup time. The most prestigious competition in


European club rugby and it gets underway tonight. The Heineken Cup


is a tournament that has propelled rugby onto a entirely different


plane. So earlier Angela was with the Leicester Tigers as they jetted


off to Italy. A chance for the Tigers to put


their Premiership woes to one side for the weekend and focus instead


on the biggest prize in European rugby, the opposition this weekend


from Italy. Nobody from Leicester is taking anything for granted.


got nothing to lose, they will throw everything at us. They are a


very difficult side, they have got some good international players.


They have some very good foreign South Africa us. They will be a


tough test and if we are not accurate and committed, they will


cause us problems. The Tigers have had a difficult start to the


domestic campaign. Leicester rewrote Heineken Cup history with


back-to-back titles. How they would love to do that again. We have not


been as successful as we would have liked over the last few years. We


will start afresh. It is probably a little bit refreshing from what has


been a disappointing start to the domestic season. We know we've got


a good squad, a good team. Everyone's in a positive frame of


mind. We must do our best. Eight to one of the odds for the Tigers to


lift the trophy again this season. The team and they are legion of


travelling fans will certainly hope the campaign gets off to his flying


start. -- a flying start. Onto football and it must be make or


break this weekend for Leicester in their battle to bring back manager


Nigel Pearson. It is day seven of the saga and it seems Leicester can


just not agree compensation with Pearson's current club Hull.


Tonight we are even hearing a whisper that Leicester may be


forced to look elsewhere. Meanwhile at Derby County manager


Nigel Clough has been fined �2,000 after he admitted an FA charge of


improper conduct. It was in relation to an incident during


Derby's match at Peterborough last weekend.


Well, no Championship football tomorrow because of the


International break but it is an important weekend for our teams in


the first round proper of the FA Cup. A special mention for Alfreton


Town who play League One opponents Carlisle and of course Hinckley


United who have a good record in the cup. They're at home to


Tamworth. Notts County host Accrington Stanley.


Well, we started with a big match in rugby, we finish with a big


match in ice hockey. The biggest rivalry in the sport will play out


in front of what's expected to be a sell out crowd at the National Ice


Centre. A little earlier Colin went to get a preview.


It is all pretty quiet class act -- at the National Ice Centre at


minute. Tomorrow, the place will be packed for the Panthers against the


Sheffield Steelers. It is the big rivalry in the ice hockey. You know


what this means. It is going to be extremely lively. Sheffield and


Nottingham are totally intense. Am looking forward to it. Brandon, you


one utility in for this season but you've been around. You've been in


Belfast. He must have picked up stories around the league as to how


intense the scan been forced to definitely. I've played in the


league for the last couple tears. You hear about the rivalry and have


experienced the place now. I can imagine now how much it will


escalate. Do you pick up divide? Definitely. You feed off the farms.


-- the fans. You get the feeling this is going to get the season


going. Definitely. It is time to get the league going and there is


no better time than tomorrow to do that. There are refused tickets


left. -- a few tickets left. It will be intense.


Good luck to the Panthers and for Tigers this weekend.


Now did you know that despite his huge success as a painter, LS Lowry


stuck at his job as a debt- collector all his working life?


And although he'll always be associated with his match-stick men


and industrial scenes, a new exhibition in Nottingham aims to


From the Lancashire mills to the stylised images of workers, many of


the paintings in this new exhibition depict the industrial


world that became his hallmark. As the team at the Arts Centre and


pack 90 of his works of art, they are hoping to show another side to


the painter, one who was drawn to landscapes and striking portraits.


There was an incredible variety of subject matter. He is more than the


artist at the Lancashire mills. We are hoping people will come and go


away with a much broader idea of what his work is. The exhibition


spans the 1920s to the post-war era when his popularity rose. Despite


this, many critics dubbed him an amateur. An image which Neil is


hoping to is a spell. While some of these works have been loaned by


galleries like the Tate, many have come from private collections which


means they will not have been seen by the public for years. It is like


Christmas. It always is, it is very exciting when you've just been


working with things. Some of these pictures I will have seen in it the


usual homes but a lot I have not seen before. The excitement of


taking things out of their crates and out of their wrapping and


seeing them for the first time is incredible force of the exhibition


will open to the public next Wednesday and the gallery hopes it


will please enthusiasts and shared a new light on this well known


artist. And beautiful, aren't they? I had


no idea they were so huge. Lots of bark at -- around at the


moment, Leonardo da Vinci at the I think we will get to see a little


bit of sunshine as well and hopefully it will feel milder


because it did feel quite raw today with all the cloud. This picture


really does depict the weather today. At Rutland Water, you can


hardly see the water. Please keep your pictures coming in depicting


the weather. It is always great to see them. We've got a lot of cloud


with us at the moment. It was drizzling this afternoon as I drove


into work. The card will increase further because we've got a band of


rain working its way in from the West. That will cross us overnight,


becoming heavy and persistent for a time. Leaving us with a lot of


cloud tonight and a few showers following on behind as well. A


minimum temperature of nine Celsius. Saturday morning is going to start


off quite cloudy. We will still see a few showers for the early morning


on Saturday. Gradually into the afternoon, the skies to start to


brighten again. Daytime temperatures tomorrow just a very


gentle breeze, should reach 15 Celsius. Feeling better but we do


cloud over through the evening on Saturday. There is a warm friend


working its way northwards overnight. That will produce some


drizzle and also quite a bit of clout on Sunday morning. If you are


going to a service on Remembrance Sunday, the cloud will take its


time to clear forced to pick it clear that all on Sunday. We hope


to see an improvement into the afternoon. It will become windy you.


-- windy. On Monday, there is high pressure to the east and low


pressure to the West. The cloud will continue to increase again,


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