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This is East Midlands Today, our top stories tonight: The new


Transport Minister signals no change on Bombardier. Theresa


Villiers visits the Derby works but came empty handed. What is the


point of her coming? She made that statement, they are just playing


with people's emotions, people's livelihoods. Also tonight, a city


calls a halt to high rise student flats like this. I think it does


profound damage, it is poorly designed as a building which is far


too tall and is visible for miles around.


Plus... ARCHIVE FOOTAGE: The cargoes of our


bombers shattered military objectives in the City and start


hundreds of fires. The campaign to honour those who died on Bomber


Command duties. After 125,000 volunteers, 55.573 died. And the


row over flying the Union Jack, it is flying again over Gamston


Good evening, welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, bitter


disappointment. Their reaction there of union leaders today after


a meeting with the Transport Minister Theresa Villiers at


Bombardier in Derby. They have been hoping that she would announce some


new work for the factory. She did not. But she did is express


confidence and the company's future. -- but she did express.


Facing the cameras, the Transport Minister spoke to the media after


facing Bombardier and their supporters in Derby today. Without


new work, it could be the end of the factory.


Are you prepared to see this plant closed down? I will be fighting to


keep this plant healthy and flourishing and that is why I am


here, talking about the opportunities which I hope they


will have in the months and years to come. Union leaders were hoping


for announcements about new orders in the wake of the loss of the


Thameslink contract and 1,400 jobs in Derby. None came. What is the


point of her coming? They are just play with people's emotions and


livelihoods. To go back in there now until -- and tell people she


has got things, it is wasted. everything she has spoken about, we


have heard before. She has done nothing to allay any fears for


losses for our members at all. two coming contract I especially --


are especially important. They are a �200 million contract from


Southern Rail and a �120 million contract from cross country. It is


claimed decisions have to be made on those contracts and quick. The


club is ticking as far as Bombardier is concerned.


Government must understand the urgency of dealing with these


contracts and getting them out to tender as quickly as possible.


Virtually all our engineers today are doing work that Bombardier has


brought in to write the rest of the world. We cannot sustain that for


much longer. No hope of reopening the Thameslink contract, too costly


and too much delay, the minister said. Leaving behind an uncertain


factory future. Next, a jury has heard how a


householder who was attacked by an armed gang stabbed one of them to


death. Napoleon Sharman said they came to his flat armed with


baseball bats, and two people have gone on trial accused of aggravated


The court heard this was all fronted by a domestic dispute that


got completely out of hand. Napoleon Sharman had a turbulent


relationship with his ex-girlfriend, so much that they both complained


to the police and both wanted custody of their younger son. It


all came to a head, the court was told, last Christmas after Napoleon


Sharman sent an abusive text message. Three weeks later, he got


a knock on the door at his flat. The court heard three men burst in


and use baseball bat to give him a terrifying vicious beating so he


used a knife to fend them off. Shortly afterwards, a man called


Dean Lloyd was found bleeding to death outside. Today, two of


delight's friends were accused of aggravated burglary. These are


cousins of Mr Sharman's ex- girlfriends and both deny attacking


him. Napoleon Sharman gave evidence but we were told he was initially


arrested as well and questioned with regard to Dean Lloyd's death


but the court was told he was never charged because it happened inside


his property and that meant his Still to come on the programme, two


boat, one bike, three continent. Adventurer Sarah Outen makes it to


Japan for the hardest part which is still get to come.


And a distinct lack of sunshine over the past week, what do we have


in store this week, any sunshine? City councillors in Leicester have


ordered a ban on new student housing developments in the city.


Thousands of student flats have been built there in the past few


Love it or hate it, this is one of the latest student housing blocks


going up in Leicester and this is what it will look like when it has


finished. 22 storeys high and home to hundreds of students. For a


while at least, it will be one of the loft developments in the City


as the council has temporarily stopped any planning applications


for student development. We have a lot of people living in these areas


who have lived there many years and we want to get a proper balance


between the needs of those residents and the needs of this did


and. Leicester is home to around 30,000 students and over the past


few years, demand for housing has soared. In 2009/10, 987 flats were


granted planning permission. Each one can house up to four students.


The following year, that rose to just over 1,100 and November this


year up to that date, 739 flats have been granted. For Stuart


Bailey, the step is one step too far. It does profound damage. It is


a poorly designed building that is far too tall and visible for miles.


The developers believe the architect has created a fantastic


design after that the consultation which will greatly enhance the area.


Meanwhile in the city centre, there is a need for student housing to


compete with the best. Students are expecting a higher quality of


accommodation. Therefore it is important we have the right balance


here in the City to offer to those students. We also must recognise


that universities are in competition with each other.


Ultimately, the city council hope that the moratorium will give it


more control over the future of Leicester's landscape.


In other news, a man has been arrested on suspicion of the


attempted murder of a special constable. The woman had gone to


deal with an incident on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham in


the early hours of Sunday when she was hit by a car which was later


found abandoned. She has undergone surgery for leg fractures and is in


a stable condition. The 24-year-old man was arrested in Linby last


night. Rolls-Royce have received engine


orders of over �500 million, the Derby engine maker has celebrated


after they bring its 1,000th Severn And the charity says there has been


an unprecedented response for a recall for small bone marrow donors.


Almost 2000 people queued around the Welford Road stadium, more than


ever before. It came as an appeal to help Bethany Mickleburgh and Rik


Basra. Thank you to everybody who did that.


It is not often that parish politics hit the headlines but not


often the issue of flying the Union Jacks but a British village either.


Last week, we told to help residents of Gamston heard that


some were offended by a flag flying all the time in the centre of the


village. However, one councillor is threatening to resign if it is


taken down. Our correspondent is there.


The meeting has just started and is promising to sort out this issue


once and for all. As you can see, the wood is flying tonight and that


is because it is the Prince of Wales's birthday an official flag


day-to-day. Let me remind you how this argument started. It was


raised for the Royal Wedding earlier this year and flew until


September. The council resolved to only fly it on special days.


Towards the end of October, it was raised again to mark the death of a


retired council and the intention was to keep it in place until today.


But defence has been taken on both sides. One of those who object to


it flying all the time is a villager called Roger Henry here


with us tonight. Residue each label for joining us. Your heart


opponents say they have received people supporting them from all


over the word -- some people who are your opponents. It unnerved me


to live in this area and have the Union Jack being flown all year


round. Why does it unnerve you? Because a lot of extreme groups


have hijacked the Union Jack and they have made it become something


which they kind of own themselves. It has made it offensive to people


of different cultures and ethnicities. Lots of people say


this has nothing to do with far- right politics, everything due to


do with patriotism, it is the British black. I totally appreciate


that -- it is the British flag. I totally appreciate that but over


the complete year, it is quite offensive. It is not a government


building, which has the right to fly the flag and I feel strongly


having the flag up all the time. will be back here tonight with our


late bulletin when I will be talking to Mr Henry's main


opponents and finding out about the result of the meeting. His main


opponent has threatened to resign immediately if the flag does not


fly all the time. A college has played host to


another will visitor today. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent


this opening a creative art centre known as Create at Vision West


Notts in Mansfield. It opened to September students in September.


Three years ago, Prince Charles visited the college.


And now for a company car with a difference, for one of, the Mayor


of Leicester and his deputy are trialling and electric car as part


of a pledge to make Leicester a low carbon City. They want to see how


electric vehicles could be used as alternatives before the council and


other local organisations. A team of Street Ambassadors is


being introduced in Nottingham to welcome visitors to the city. They


are able to give directions and recommend restaurants. The scheme


is funded by local retail and leisure businesses and aimed to get


more people shopping and eating out. Nice blue uniforms as well! As we


reflect on remembrance for our and services, a former air man is


campaigning for a memorial to thousands who died on bombing


missions in World War II. Ted Cachart from Derbyshire says it is


a disgrace that there is still not one for Bomber Command. 67 years


after the war's end. The sales of a memoir I hope to put that right.


Once a poor man, always a barman. 1:falsified his age to enter the


RAF. He now regularly returns to Lincolnshire airfields from which


his Lancaster bomber set off for its final mission in 1944. His


plane collided with another Lancaster's, all tied's crew


survived, none of the other crew did.


Next weekend, he will again but at a bookshop in Ashbourne in


Derbyshire to sign copies of his wartime memoir. The proceeds of the


book will go towards the national memorial to all those bomber crews


who died. In all, 55.573 lost their lives on


Bomber Command. Out of 125,000 volunteers.


The RAF's destruction of Dresden in Germany cast a long shadow over


Bomber Command. A stigma attached to us but when people say why did


you plummet to a close to the end of the war, but then you say, how


do we know when the war would end? My own squadron alone, if you


reverse the figures, you get 851, that is the number of people killed


on my squadron alone. People do not realise the lives we have lost.


the moment, fallen friends are remembered where they can, until


the memorial is finally dedicated Still to come on the programme. The


Power of Pudsey. How the money you donated to Children in Need last


year made a difference to youngsters like Amar. Next tonight:


great news from adventurer Sarah Outen. The 26 year old has


completed the tricky first leg of her record-breaking human-powered


loop of the globe. Two years ago Sarah was awarded an MBE after


becoming the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean. Today


she arrived in Tokyo after an epic expedition across land and sea.


Sarah is trying to lead the globe. London to London. It has been full


of highs and lows, and I suppose, there were times when I wondered if


others going to make it this far. I it was going through the heat of


the Gobi desert and bits of equipment going wrong in Russia. It


has been brilliant. Sarah, from Rutland, has enjoyed the high


wildlife. We up watching the bet. They have definitely been moments


when I thought it was going to be when I thought it was going to be


Since leaving London Sarah has cycled 11 thousand miles, travelled


through 12 countries, and kayaked 300 nautical miles to reach Japan.


But the most challenging stretch is still to come. Next spring she'll


attempt to row the north Pacific Ocean - a feat never completed by a


woman. After that she still has to cycle from Canada to New York and


row the Atlantic Ocean to get back But right now, she gets a well


deserved rest. London to Japan - Dick! She is extraordinary, that


Notts County have been drawn away to non-league Sutton United in the


second round of the FA Cup. That's after they thumped Accrington 4-1


at the weekend. And Hinckley United will need to beat Tamworth in a


replay, if they're to make it to a second round tie at Gateshead. Ross


Fletcher reports. It was pretty easy for Notts County. Cole Holly


scored twice. Alan Judge got the second. Alan Sheehan also got on


the scoresheet. Hinckley survive their goalkeeper being sent off. A


misjudgment from the keeper allowed an equaliser by Tamworth. Alfreton


In Rugby, Leicester Tigers kicked off their Heineken Cup campaign


with a solid win in Italy. First half tries from Tom Croft and


Alesana Tuilangi set the platform for Tigers over Aironi and


Leicester maintained their lead throughout. It was always hard work,


though, and Tigers only really made the scoreline reflect the game with


Niall Morris' try near the end. It's Ulster at home next - a very


tough test indeed. Much more tense for Nottingham Rugby who needed a


drop goal deep into injury time for their 23-20 cup win over Pontypridd.


In ice hockey, the build up to the Panthers versus Steelers clash on


Saturday night was totally justified by a storming game. Only


one goal scored all night - and this was it - the second period, on


the powerplay. Jordan Fox with a great setup. David Clarke with the


goal. But it was the defence and goaltending that really won it -


the highlight of Craig Kowalski's shutout seeing off a two man


Sheffield advantage during the first period. Boxing, and Ovill


McKenzie become commonwealth light- heavyweight champion over the


weekend. The 31-year-old fighter from Derby knocked out Jeff Evans


in fifteen seconds. Yes, winning the title took him about as long as


it has taken me to tell the story. It's almost that time again - the


BBC East Midlands Sports Awards are this Thursday night. Amongst the


possible winners, three amazing people who could be our unsung hero


of 2011. You'll get to find out what makes them so special this


week and tonight we start in Newark. Move your boats slowly! Don't!


Let's see them get on to the end. Julie works tirelessly with


disabled children and their families. She runs canoeing and


kayaking sessions. Well done guys! Don't fall behind. That's excellent.


Many of the people she helps are wheelchair-bound, but when they are


I am in awe of some other people who come canoeing. Amount of


commitment she gives is awe- inspiring. She works full-time as a


paediatric physiotherapist. But at weekends, she is encouraging these


children. They have a lovely lifestyle, which will keep them fit


and healthy for as long as possible. Julie's were does not stop in the


water. She has even built a gym in her back garden. The idea is that


we keep them fit as possible, so when they get back out on the water,


they will be fit and ready for next season. Without Julie, I would not


have got into sport. It has helped me get to a high level. She has


helped me so much in my life, and I thank her so much. Julie's hard


work and dedication has inspired This Friday it's Children in Need


day and as usual we're hosting our very own Pudsey Party - this time


at Loughborough University And, as usual, we're hoping to raise as


much money as possible because it makes such a huge difference to all


sorts of charities here in the East Midlands. Karen Winchester has been


to one such project in Leicester where they're helping boost the


confidence and social skills of children with special needs. Meet


Amar and his support worker Surbjit. This is good great adventure


playground in Leicester. It is for special needs children. It is a


place where they can come and play. I do want to ones with the children.


To one this boy it was very timid. She never -- he never used to speak


to anyone. His favourite word was no. I tried to help him, with


socialising with the other children. He got a bit more confidence. First,


when he came, he would only go on the baby slide. Now he goes on


I think it is important for the children, not just those who have


additional needs. It does not matter if you do not have the same


ability. You can still play in the same way. A lot of the children


come to the playground and come from parents not working and low


income parents. They cannot access Now, he is confident. They notice


at home that he is talking more, and he is happier, and he is not


always on the laptop, because frequently, before he was on the


laptops. He is not getting angry at all now. Do you like coming here?


Yes. What do you like doing? I like the swings. What else do you do?


play with play do it in -- playgoer in the nursery. People don't


realise what difference the sort of thing makes. People might think it


does not make a difference. I have It is your money that helps.


Beautiful blue sky in the report. Beautiful blue sky in the report.


Sorry, it is not metre of plain! -- need to blame! It has been a cloudy,


dull day. This is what it is been like over the weekend. For now, it


has been cloudy and damp. Even with the cloudy skies, the autumn


colours still look gorgeous. Here are leaves which have fallen on to


a bridleway. Thank you for that We take a look at the satellite


picture, and the cloud is starting to increase, thickening up as we go


through. Already, we are starting to see some drizzly L-plate. That


will continue for much of the night. Temperature wise, it is going to be


dipping down to six Celsius. Rural spots, you can nick -- knock


another degree or so off. Tomorrow, we start on a cloudy note. That


should fizzle out. But tickly the further east you go, you may see


the odd glimpse of sunshine. Generally cloudy skies. A little


bit of a brighter feel to the day. Tempted down to nine or ten Celsius.


A gradual improvement as we go through the rest of the week.


Wednesday looks even drier, and again, a chance of seeing brighter


spells. A better chance on Thursday, but staying largely dry, and by the


time we get to Children In Need day, it will have passed. Now do you


remember "On the Buses", the sitcom from the 1970s? Well, tonight on


Inside Out, actress Anna Karen, who played Olive, is back on the buses


to investigate cuts to rural bus services in the East Midlands. You


can find out what happened when she took a bus load of disgruntled


passengers to Westminster to confront the politicians. You can


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